2734. Life Made Simpler for Women — 11

  1. The more attractive a man’s wife befitting her age, the more admirable he is among men, his competitors. But if she’s a young trophy, she’s more admired as sex target, which invites cuckolding.
  2. Beauty and sex are connected; beauty and discussion are not. Sexiness enhances beauty. Demanding that your man meet your expectations suppresses your sexiness, which reduces the merit of your beauty. Less merit weakens your likeability, which translates into less keepable. So, demands don’t work too well to keep a man.
  3. A woman should avoid the habit of complaining. Her man either hears that he should fix it or, if he can’t, then she had no need to mention it to him. From the get go, complaining weakens her likeability. She has the ability to avoid complaint and still get her way but it requires patience of which plenty is inborn.
  4. A woman should not explain herself to justify her actions, or seek to impress a guy by disclosing who and what she is in life and can be to him. She’s much more respected by bachelor or husband—and heard later—when she listens rather than the other way around.
  5. When women can’t shut up talking about themselves, men lose interest in them except for beauty, sex, and conquest. When they can’t shut up about trivial matters, men learn to disregard it. Many husbands learn that she’s too good to let her chatter matter.
  6. Young women should learn this. Listen long, hard, and well to a man brag and describe his accomplishments and what he can do for you. It’s the quickest way to win his respect, which is the foundation for his love.
  7. A man’s love arises in phases: attractiveness, respect, devotion, her likeability and loyalty, and his likeability and loyalty. True love emerges with his decision that he can be more satisfied living with her than how he’s currently living. His proposal often follows.

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One response to “2734. Life Made Simpler for Women — 11

  1. Sam

    Sir Guy
    “Listen long, hard, and well to a man brag and describe his accomplishments and what he can do for you.” Brag and describe his accomplishments to others and in his presence so he would know that I listened well. But from what I have seen girls do this bragging about their bf is on social media like instagram and talk about their Bf accomplishments, gifts he bought for her, dates/places he has taken her and etc. is it the same thing letting everyone know (even strangers that follow you ) who you have no idea who they are hear about your bf accomplishments and etc.??

    Your Highness Sam,

    Welcome aboard. I love it when pretty women join us on this cruise to WhatWomenNeverHear.

    You sense that gossip and disclosure about others on social media is bad for the care and preservation of boyfriends. Correct! Right you are. And you hit a hot button.

    Boys and men are very particular about what others know about them. They understand they will be judged and seek greater control over what others know about them. They expect to be judged—as they judge their competitors—and hope to control the inputs better than how social media exposes them.

    Vulnerable to be found either wanting or discouraging of their ambitions and pursuits, oftentimes disrespectfully or harshly, boys and men are very circumspect about what and to whom they divulge info about who they are and what they think. Females have an opposite view on life and thus put the torch to male respect for females. They ignite into ashes what men expect from girls and women. Females, however, seemingly recover by making sex easily available. Responding, boys and men fall into silence so they won’t disturb easy access.

    Social media is an open invitation to say what one thinks before they think. The art of self-development requires that one spend a lot of time figuring out oneself, ones roles, responsibilities, and obligations in society. Social media short circuits the self-development process that produces mature adults. So few build on the base of having figured themselves out. Consequently, younger generations develop from the crap, ashes, and influences they find, read, and contribute in social media. It’s a monument aimed at discouraging individual thinking.


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