2745. When Ladies Reign, Men Pay More Attention

Her Highness Lady Penny at post 2744, captivated me with this claim:

“For me, the moment I exert my independence and difference/uniqueness at the office, everyone wants to know why I must be so different from them or so difficult or why I must have an ‘attitude’, as they perceive it. There is big pressure to be the same/equal to everyone else and I find this very disrespectful and annoying. I am constantly in rebel mode, just to protect who I am.”

I’m more grateful than surprised to read what Lady Penny says. Congratulations are due for her operating in rebel mode; it will benefit her in the long run. She gave me this point on which to elaborate; there are two kinds of women.

The lady stands out with a higher level of feminine attractiveness, respect, and desire. She’s different from other gals. Her uniqueness generates masculine curiosity about her feminine mystery, modesty, and self-respect. The imagination of many men stirs with thoughts about how to achieve conquest.

Men want too investigate the lady more than her less unique sister females. Investigation requires investment of time and money, which provides opportunity for a lady to screen and measure a man’s potential for marriage. Longer investigations accrue to her benefit. Thus, the lady manages her life more to her liking than other women are capable.

My major point springs out of the seed Lady Penny plants above. It’s precisely her kind of womanly behavior that civilizes, tames, and domesticates men to act like better men for females; be more circumspect pursuing sex; be more cautious about showing disrespect; and be more reluctant to offend by suggesting fellatio. In short, be more gentlemanly.

Men act that way only when women make themselves appear unconquerable as a matter of duty to themselves. In that way ladylike behavior consistently dampens and slows a man’s conquering urges without killing his interest for lack of progress.

After many years of observation and study, I claim this to be accurate. The more ladylike the woman, the more likely she finds a good man and keeps him as good husband. Of course, describing what turns woman into successful lady is far more complicated than described here. However, I hit some high spots.

A lady stands up for herself as different and not dependent on other women for how to dress, associate, converse, and entertain. Her judgements are infallible, and she’s able to live with her mistakes. If she has a husband, she makes him look good among his friends and associates, aka his competitors. If unmarried, her purposeful attractiveness stirs a man’s curiosity. Many men imagine themselves the beneficiary of what husbands appreciate with a lady wife, and manly ambitions enlarge or shift direction.

A woman can become a lady by being more independent. She stresses her difference from other women and dresses up regularly and modestly with an attractive body, preferably slender and graceful. Acting as a lady subliminally plants seeds that her attractiveness hides a more intriguing female of unknown quality. She challenges men to stimulate manly competition for her attention. She’s willing be dependent on her man, but he first has to measure up to her standards and expectations in order to win her.

Ladies elevate themselves above other women. They govern their sex world by standing out as different among women. Seemingly unconcerned about opinions that differ from their own, ladies appear unique in the eyes of men. All of which adds feminine mystique, modesty, and qualities that invite men to admire as virtues. The purpose of being a lady is to attract, capture, and keep one of the best men available. Other women don’t admire a lady’s ability and so they end up out-competed by more unique females.

Other women, dressed for comfort and erogenous zone exposure more than feminine attractiveness, send a message that they care not a whit for how they look to men in general. They may fix up for a date but little else but church. Their appearance implies that sexual assets are available for little more than the asking. Caring little about appearance generally, they self-identify as round heel, easy-to-conquer women not permanently attractive to men but to whom they are usable and disposable. They find and exploit a boyfriend and expect proposal of marriage through sexual adventuring or living together, but they never learn how to capture a good husband. If they do, they can’t keep him very long.

Such short-sighted women want to be like female associates rather than stand out as individuals. In so doing they easily ignore or bypass their instinct and intuition about human nature. In the final result, they find themselves victimized by lack of special regard, respect, consideration, and as uniquely different in the eyes of men. Moreover, they have to rely on sex just to attract a man.

They try so often to have boyfriend or husband that sex becomes the currency of relationships. However, sex doesn’t bond a man, too much currency downgrades women into common ordinariness, more and more sex is needed to sustain satisfaction with life, and promiscuity spreads as hard-up women seek more satisfaction with themselves.

When women act like ladies with all the accessories that symbolize their independent power status and influence inside a couple, they reign in the social marketplace and the home. Unfortunately, modern women don’t see it that way. They expect a lot by offering so little. I spot in public so many empty ring fingers in just thirty- and forty-year old women. To this man, it seems both sexes are losing satisfaction with their lives and especially with the opposite sex.

Thank you, Lady Penney, for the opportunity to open the subject. It’s lain dormant in my mind for a long time.


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6 responses to “2745. When Ladies Reign, Men Pay More Attention

  1. Cocoa

    Lovely post sir Guy. So reassuring!

  2. zipporah

    It’s time
    IN fact
    we went from that, to
    ..it’s TIME TO bring the LADY BACK
    complete with wearing SKIRTS /DRESSES…slightly below the knee

    Your Highness Zipporah,
    IMO, yours is the only way for women to recharge the batteries of society so they can develop and drive a new electric version. Ladies don’t act like men. By following their female nature with feminine style, ladies earn more respect and men more easily match the restraint, gentleness, and dignity of ladies.

  3. Hello Sir Guy, Thank you for your wisdom. What I would like to know is if I am responding properly to men as a quite feminine and ladylike divorced woman in her 40s. ( ex was a serial cheater and I was naive until I discovered his adultery and promptly divorced him). I am approached regularly by friendly men and I am always cheerfully pleasant but I remain – I guess the proper way to describe it – intentionally oblivious to their attention. I haven’t met one yet that strikes me as a potential suitor and I don’t feel the need to practice on ones that I’m not attracted to. The ones that seem very alpha – I occasionally catch them staring at me but their eyes seem to suggest they are measuring me so while I might smile, I never approach. I am not sure what is going on exactly with all of it. Is this how I should be acting? I am consistent in my appearance and in my friendly behavior. I know I am approachable because men ask me for my opinion about things (and I know that they don’t need me to tell them). Do I just keep on keeping on – showing up, acting friendly and warm and wait? There is one man – an alpha – that I am very attracted to (and I think is attracted to me) and I stay out of his sight because he has a girlfriend and I think I like the idea of him too much to trust my body language around him. Could you write about patience and men? My intuition is to be patience but my worry is that I’m being foolish in this age where women are encouraged to be so proactive about their love lives.

    Your Highness Curlycleo,

    Welcome aboard. I love it when pretty women join us on this cruise to WhatWomenNeverHear.

    I respond in Q and A fashion.

    Q. “What I would like to know is if I am responding properly to men as a quite feminine and ladylike divorced woman in her 40s.”
    A. Yes you are doing well. But don’t be so quick to shut off contact because they don’t appear as potential suitors or you’re not attracted. Observers see you cut off one man and figure you will do it them. By judging and terminating at your discretion, you may be discouraging other men. Let them talk a while. Unless, if one offends, dismiss him immediately.
    Also, don’t focus on alphas as your choice for interest. Be more patient in selecting what’s best for you. If you’re not making the progress you expect, then widen your interests and be slower to judge. It’s not that you don’t deserve the best, you can’t know when he comes along if you discriminate too early in the process.

    Q. “Could you write about patience and men?”
    A. See the answer above.

    Q. “My intuition is to be patience but my worry is that I’m being foolish in this age where women are encouraged to be so proactive about their love lives.”
    A. Your patience is justified. Your worry is not. Women encouraged to be proactive about their love lives don’t understand the nature of men that attracts them for long term arrangements instead of just sex and its inadequate holding power.


  4. Lady Penny

    Dear Sir Guy
    I feel so humbled and encouraged reading this. I admire your ability with words – how you use them to successfully explain, teach, uplift and encourage. I am grateful I found someone like you and this community of great people when I did. Support seems in short supply especially when the Family and Churches are slowly becoming memories of the past.

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