2746. Wisdom from Miss Gina #4

Thanks to Miss Gina for amplifying post 2745, When Ladies Reign, Men Pay More Attention. She speaks clearly, so I quote her.

“I totally agree with your comments.

“Ladies, don’t expect other women to cheer you on as you become more feminine and adopt higher standards! In fact, you are likely to see more attempts to bully and stab you in the back. You may be unceremoniously and unkindly dumped by females you thought were friends, as well. Your newfound feminine confidence (and friendship with God) will move you forward, though. Other women are thinking, “Who does she think she is? She’s no better than the rest of us.” And of course, in a sense, you aren’t, but you do recognize the great value that God has placed inside each of us, whereas they don’t. You also have come to realize that having the best in life doesn’t come easily, whereas they want something for nothing. This is just a natural sifting as you change your stature in the world, because you will also notice greater acceptance from those few other women who think and act as you do.

“Once they have seen that they can’t drag you back to their level, you may also eventually notice that the former women start taking better care of themselves and being more feminine, as well, but they probably won’t tell you it’s because of your influence.

“Meanwhile, a high-value lady will notice a definite increase in interest from men of all types, from little boys to elderly men. (More reason for the loser girls to be mad…) Much of this interest will show itself in the form of gentlemanly behavior. Men and boys both just want to talk with a pretty, feminine woman. (OK, other stuff, too…but all men *do* enjoy talking with a clever, kind, and attractive lady–and just doing so can make their day.) Men intrinsically understand work, value, and price. Of course many will try to get something for nothing, but they are very conscious of the concept, nonetheless.”

Thank you, Miss Gina.




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11 responses to “2746. Wisdom from Miss Gina #4

  1. Cocoa

    More Purple Hearts for you Miss Gina. 💜💜💜💜💜
    Every time sir Guy post wisdom from miss Gina I know I am up for a treat!

    Bless you ❤️ – red hearts are ok too.

  2. SUPERB!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Your Highness Holly T. Ashley,
    Welcome aboard! I love it when pretty women join us on this cruise to WhatWomenNeverHear. I appreciate your superb endorsement of Miss Gina too.

  3. back to basics


  4. This has not been my experience in the least. Maybe it’s more an indication of the “friends” with whom you associate?

    • Miss Gina

      Yes, and local culture is a factor. Especially if women generally are more feminine and this is expected/celebrated. I am not saying that this would happen all the time, but we need to be aware that it could happen anytime, anywhere. Where I have lived, groups of Christian women have been generally supportive of femininity and sometimes very much so, but not always. The worst reactions that I’ve ever personally encountered have been in church, as well. Outside of that environment would often be “anything goes.” Some locations don’t offer much opportunity for feminine companionship at all, while others offer it abundantly. So glad to hear you have been spared to this point.

      • Thank you. The fact that your worst treatment you’ve received was within a church is very sad.

        Your Highness Surferkayjun,
        Pastors can’t handle this. It began as feminist politics.
        Escalating with each generation of about seven years, girls are becoming more enamored of sex for pleasure and consequent disregard for morality, religion, and church.

  5. connie

    I loved this! Thanks for sharing.

  6. Amazing Gracee

    This is so true! Thank you so much for sharing and encouraging to see other ladies shine a light on truth we often don’t directly speak of.

  7. Mia

    hm.. my experience confirms this. I recently had lunch with a friend, who is a feminist and one of her colleagues joined us. He is younger than me and I hardly know him. He sat down opposite of me and, trying to be funny, started telling me that he had looked through my Facebook profile and had decided that “my price was too high”. I immediately went into defense mode. Surprised that he had offended me he continued to explain that I simply was the type of girl that you need to marry straight away and that doesn’t tolerate being played with. I was too baffled to comment on that. Somehow from then the conversation veered towards my friend’s recent adventures with men and I did notice that even though he tried to play it cool he did not approve of the things she was telling him. When we left after lunch it took me longer to gather my stuff and I noticed that he waited for me to open the door for me and expected some gesture of appreciation. Before I left he asked me to cheek-kiss (it’s common here, though not done unless you are on very cordial terms) and looked for my reaction as I left. My friend didn’t notice any of this. I don’t know, in this day I don’t really know what to do with what others think. There are those women, who silently approve of my behavior and those (mostly feminists), who just think I’m a prude. Men seem to need little information to piece together what type of person you are, but like to challenge one’s resolve. I find it stressful…

    Your Highness Mia,
    I am preparing an article with this point stressed. Women are born to operate and function with a man as an individual and not as groups. Watch for it as it may explain why you’re apparent confusion but legitimate feminine sense of what’s proper.

    • Tiffani

      This is an article I really look forward to. When in female groups around men I feel drowned out and check out of interactions, there’s this sense of competition so palpable you can taste it. I’ve had women literally cutting in front of me to hijack a conversation with perceived desirable man. It’s so easy to transition to this neurotic ‘sell mode’ when there’s a sense of female peers surveilling your interactions with the opposite sex. With men alone I can be cool and unaffected.

      Your Highness Tiffani,

      Welcome aboard! I love it when pretty women join us on this cruise to WhatWomenNeverHear.

      You’re smarter than other gals to remain in buy mode while they try to sell themselves. Silence reflects your respect of men and accumulates better and faster than having your mouth open. Let those others make your game for you in crowds. Your time will come alone.


    • gonemaverick

      Did I miss the article?

      Your Highness Gonemaverick,
      It grew and morphed into the war and battle of the sexes, 2749 and 2750.

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