2747. Life Made Simpler for Women — 14

  1. Her virtues are the primary influence for keeping husband in her life. He takes advantage of her admirable qualities to support his ambitions, facilitate his accomplishments, and satisfy his agenda with her. If he can’t admire how and what she is and does, his interest wanes.
  2. As they do early in life, women keep their man satisfied in old age with feminine likeability and loyalty. He didn’t back in the day, and he still doesn’t want someone other than he married—or to live by himself. He appreciates her features and habits that remain from her courtship and bridal glory, so he can age with her rather than someone else that she has become.
  3. Older wives, heads up! Men do not change to get what they want with a woman, but they will change to keep what they have.
  4. Younger women will change to please their man; older women will not. Men can’t realize and appreciate all an early wife has to offer him. It takes years before a husband discovers how much he appreciates what his wife delivers through love of him, gratefulness for herself, and dedication to their arrangement for living together.
  5. It’s not obvious, but hormonal changes morph men and women into different roles later in life. A man’s ambitions wane from lack of opportunity or ability to accomplish. His woman’s ambitions rise on prospects of grandchildren and need for new thinking to brighten the future.
  6. A man absorbed with conquering much younger women is a man married to his own adolescent self. An adultolescent or control freak! Such men don’t mate well, permanently that is.
  7. Men don’t compete with their woman. They avoid it or render a dominant decision to prevent or stop it. They do so because it contradicts their dominant nature if they lose to a weaker person, male or female.


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3 responses to “2747. Life Made Simpler for Women — 14

  1. Southern Belle

    Sir Guy
    Regarding #3 It seems to me men do change to get the girl. They change that’s for sure or some do. There are some who say, do or convince the woman they want. As time goes by they are no longer that same man. Whether they were putting on act in the beginning or whether they truly changed later I know lots of these stories. At least that’s the womanly perspective.

  2. maria

    Sir Guy,
    how to make a man respect me if I have a really bad past (i was a prostitute for 2 months)?

    I deeply regret it, it was six years ago but I can’t forgive myself and feel the weight of shame on me everyday and i cry everyday.
    It’s pointless to lie to him because he will find out anyway.

    And how to react if he throws it in my face in an argument to hurt me ?

    I’m sorry for bad english 🙂

    You would illuminate my life if I can have a solution to my problem 🙂

    P.S : I am 24 years old.

    Your Highness Maria,

    Welcome aboard! I love it when pretty women join us on this cruise to WhatWomenNeverHear.

    Your past is your business. Your sexual history is none of his business, even if he finds out about it or keeps bugging you to learn of it. I suggest you study the series Virtual Virginity and those articles with virgin in the title—even tho they may not apply to you personally. You can learn more about how men think.

    You first have to convince yourself that it’s none of his business, and then you can figure out how to get him to see things your way. If unable to convince him, he won’t honor your other expectations either, which means you find out early that he’s not right for you.


    • maria

      Thank you for your response.

      Ok so I understand what i have to do now but i have another question :
      What if i apply everything and find someone i succeed to make him devoted to me, everything is good and we marry, marriage is good etc… and someday he learns about the past from someone or from people in my family who did not apply my wish to never tell him about my past ?

      1. Will it ruin everything and make him lose all the respect i earned ?

      2. Will he think i am a hypocrite who plays the good girl ?

      Your Highness Maria,

      1. Who knows? Every man is different and none are born to know how they would respond. The more good years you have with him, the easier his judgments should be.

      2. If he does, tell him you didn’t like yourself earlier and decided to grow, grow up, and become a better woman.

      Lady Shermy recently offered sound advice for gals in your situation. I suggest you heed the following as best advice for you.

      “To me, and perhaps Sir Guy will agree, it is best to direct your energies elsewhere. You will waste your precious time trying to convince someone to disbelieve what they already believe. Take it as a lesson learned and move forward. Your energies should be directed toward generating greater self restraint, self-respect and perhaps review the advice in the top banner on “Female Blessings at Birth” and “The Path to Victory.” This is the best use of your time, wallowing in painful feelings and trying to change a man’s mind is a GREAT WASTE of time that you cannot get back. Value your time by training yourself to create the best life for yourself.”


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