2754. Life Made Simpler for Women — 15

  1. Sex bonds a woman but not a man. Their having first sex together does not produce the fallout that women expect, and it can devastate her after she becomes aware of it.
  2. Don’t try to impress a date with a romantic dinner at your place; romantic to you isn’t encouraging to him. Better to feed him in a comfortable atmosphere that encourages his romantic initiative. Men do comfort naturally and do romance to impress or get close to a woman.
  3. Conquest of a woman confirms a man’s self-admiration and reinforces self-satisfaction for goal achievement. It frees and nudges him to locate and move toward another sex target. Before conquest, his mind was made up that she’s a keeper, good for booty, or disposable. (His nature works that way more than it being her fault.)
  4. Men chase women endlessly. They try to spread seed because of an unconditional primal urge to conquer that rivals mother love in intensity, drive, and permanence. His ability expires but thoughts survive; ambitions fade but dreams persist of what might have been.
  5. Getting competitively in husband’s face for wife to win her way causes marital wrecks. Among other advantages possessed by females, cooperation enables wives to keep husband focused on getting his way in the present while she focuses on getting her way in the future.
  6. Men seek sex to admire themselves, while women seek romance to confirm their importance. If women don’t stand up for themselves to reinforce their self-respect, then disrespect of females dominate the social marketplace and frustrate female dreams. Men don’t give respect for no reason; it has to be earned.
  7. Women are born loaded with self-love that enables them to love others. Not so with regard to respect. As born, women lack self-respect, and they can’t give what’s not in their hearts. They earn self-respect as young girls doing chores and other accomplishments that match up with their feminine nature. As they mature, they can show heartfelt respect for boys and men.
  8. Men are born loaded with self-respect but lacking in self-love. They learn to love themselves as young boys doing manly chores and masculine accomplishments that match up and smooth out their unpolished nature. After they develop successfully, they can show heartfelt love for girls and women.


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5 responses to “2754. Life Made Simpler for Women — 15

  1. Sarsbeth

    From a woman’s perspective, what does heartfelt respect for men and boys look like?

    Your Highness Sarsbeth,
    It looks like a woman’s love for the opposite sex. She’s emotionally able to wrap men and boys into a warm regard just because they are males.

  2. Mary Lee

    Hi Sir Guy,

    I like to assume the best in people, including men. Yet, I’m all about taking care of and being accountable of oneself but I just experience something I’ve never experienced before and I’m not sure how I could have been more responsible. Perhaps someone here can help. One day as I was walking home, a guy snuck up behind me and felt me up. I was wearing a dress so he put his hand between my legs and traveled north before he took off running. I stood in shock before I manage to scream. I had just been sexually harassed by a young man. This happened in a neighborhood I’ve walked home from work for a year now. There was still a lot of light outside and the streets just so happened to be empty of cars. What could I have done here to prevent this situation from happening in the first place?

    Your Highness Mary Lee,
    Prevent it in the first place? Probably nothing.
    You’re the victim of a prank by an adventurous punk trying to get away with something. Childish behavior and not likely to be repeated.

    • A.GuyMaligned

      Your Highness Mary Lee/Christine/Ashley/Naomi/whoever,

      I feel cheated but you’re not disqualified.

      In less than one year, I’ve spent many hours responding to 49 of your 58 comments under 25 different screen names. You seem to be hiding that you don’t want to figure things out yourself, so you inquire under another screen name.

      My lengthy responses should supply you with enough detail that you can figure many things out for yourself. I wish you would start doing that; see if you can’t figure a suitable answer before you ask me. Your decisions will strengthen your confidence. So will reading deeper into the articles listed in the CONTENT page.

      This blog offers no rules, and the advice is for readers to use as they see fit for their own lives. IOW, it’s not universal. Each reader has to evaluate the relevance and potential for use in their own life. Only readers can do that, and my work schedule would be shortened if you try harder.


      • Mary Lee/Christine/Ashley/Naomi/whoever

        I disagree Sir Guy. While I have appreciated your thoughtful answers your work schedule would be shortened if you controlled yourself and spent less time responding to 49 of my 58 comments. Let’s kill the blame.

        Your Highness Mary Lee/Christine/Ashley/Naomi et al,
        IOW, You blame me for having answered your multitude of questions disguised as being from different women? Somehow, I have to smarten up I guess.

        • yellowblue

          Sir Guy,a rude woman above i must say.She/they should be thankful you take any of your time at all to answer/help any of them.

          im thankful you answer questions.i learn just as much from the comments asked and the answers you give just like i do your articles.
          I thank you Sir Guy for your blog,i was so lost before i found you

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