Hello, all. Guy Jr. here with an update on Sir Guy.

Dad asked me to post a quick status update. He has been re-admitted to hospital for a pulmonary condition that relapsed from a few weeks ago. Looks like a bit of surgery tomorrow to try and correct. Please send prayers upward or wishes his way.


Sir Guy and Guy Jr.


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39 responses to “Hello, all. Guy Jr. here with an update on Sir Guy.

  1. Sending up prayers for our precious, Sir Guy! May he know how loved he is and how much we will miss him in his absence.

  2. 1jarofclay

    I’m sending prayers and love. Get well soon! ❤ ❤ ❤

  3. prettybeans

    Praying for our Sir Guy!
    We admire him so much.
    Let him know that.
    Thank you Sir Guy Jnr!

  4. Miss Gina

    Prayers for successful surgery and healing. 😊

  5. Stephanie

    we are all praying………

  6. Angel

    Sending prayers!!

  7. msarianne

    Keeping him in prayer. ❤

  8. My Irish version of English, cf with American English is always getting me into trouble on this blog! Here’s my question, which I hope is understandable… Is there a post box number / ‘an address that isn’t an address’ if you know what I mean, to which we can send cards?

    Your Highness Thankful,
    Not really. Just email and snail mail to 1201 Hunters Ridge Road, Charleston, WV, 25314

    • Cocoa

      Is this Sir Guy, or Guy Jr.??
      Are you back with us sir Guy?

      Your Highness Cocoa,
      I’m back more in spirit than ability, more limited than full duty. Still recovering but I should re-percolate slowly to full duty.

      • Cocoa

        Oh sir Guy! welcome back… 💜
        The spirit is willing but the flesh is weak. It is your heavenly and faithful spirit that thought and influenced me and thousands of other women!

        Take it easy and don’t work too hard (I know women should not advise men, but can’t help myself as usual) that too I learnt from you but I hope you take it as motherly not woman to man.

        Welcome back again 💜💙💚

      • Sharon

        Praying for your continued, restorative rest and healing, dear Sir Guy.

  9. Lady Rose

    Dear Sir Guy, I will pray for you and your family!

  10. Cinnamon

    Lifting Sir Guy up in prayer, as he has continued to lift us all up daily for many years with his wisdom, wit, and gentle loving care. Lord Jesus, be with our beloved Sir Guy during surgery and recovery, as we believe his work here on earth is not yet finished.

  11. Lady Penny

    We appreciate the update, Guy Jr. Was wondering why his posts went quiet.
    Tell him my 4th favorite warrior and his family are in my prayers and thoughts…

  12. Meow Meow

    Prayers for Sir Guy and thanks for all he does here.

  13. Mary Wumths

    Praying that all will go well for you Sir Guy! We miss you 😘

  14. Iwannahear

    We love you, Sir Guy, get well soon. Thanks Guy Jr. for the update.
    P.s. remain strong in faith

  15. AlabamaGirl

    Praying for a speedy recovery, prayers. ❤

  16. Anonymous

    Dropping by to leave more ❤

  17. Mia

    Get well soon!

  18. Cocoa

    I pray that you heal and recover soon sir Guy. We miss you 💚
    Please keep us updated Guy junior …

  19. MLaRowe

    Lifting up prayers for him and your entire family.

  20. Kristiane Simmons


  21. ladyvigilant

    Prayers going up for Sir Guy. God’s Speed!

  22. FrenchyAnna

    Prayers for you, Sur Guy 🌸

  23. ruppek

    Get Better Guy.
    You’ve taught me so much; how to be a better sister, a better daughter, a better woman. Could go on and on with the ways you’ve helped me develop respect for self, but that is for another time. You just focus on getting well. We are all praying and rooting for you!

  24. back to basics

    ❤ ❤ ❤

  25. anonymous

    Thinking of you, get well soon!

  26. Mary Wumths

    Thinking of you and hope all is well Sir Guy

  27. Kay

    I just read the post from Guy Jr and my heart pinged. You are in my prayers Sir Guy. Please feel a very tight squeeze of a hug and a peck on the cheek coming from Florida.

  28. Mary Wumths

    Sending prayers and love for your speedy recovery and return. You are sorely missed!

  29. sharon p

    Sir Guy you are in our prayers.Sir Guy Jr,how is your dad?

  30. Some Other Guy

    Get well soon Sir Guy

  31. prettybeans

    Dearest Sir Guy, how are you doing?

    Your Highness Prettybeans,
    Weak, tired, and slow to recover. Can’t stay focused on blog subject matter. Too much pain medicine still floating around in my body, I suppose. Hopefully it will clear up next week.

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