2762. She Calls It Cherished — II

he subject of intimacy is hereby delayed another day or two.

Giving birth is the ultimate accomplishment and each child is a gift, but a woman’s life is primarily devoted to finding, loving, and being cherished by a man. She makes herself important by making herself important to others. If she finds herself cherished, she’s living to the best of her ability.

If cherished, she fulfills the life of a female. She expects her love to be reflected back at her with the same or greater dedication. Her love duplicated can’t be improved. If reflected back at her it’s the ultimate gift and most significant measure of her importance in life.

A man’s love is different. It arises out of his devotion, her loyalty, and their mutual likeability, all of which improve in her view when she is cherished.

To cherish a woman, a man sees that she’s uniquely and highly satisfying as his mate. He sees her appearance as uniquely appealing, perceives her as a virtuous female, senses she’s dependent on his endeavors in life, considers her ideal as his live-in mate, and helps keep him satisfied that he could not have chosen a finer woman.

Just as a man doesn’t know what ‘cherished’ means to a woman, she lacks foresight of what he expects to cherish her. Women can promote themselves toward being cherished with skillful use of their relationship expertise that helps fulfill husbandly expectations:

  • He finds her uniquely and highly satisfying as his mate. So, she lives up to someone or something bigger than herself and it works to keep her calm and steadfast; e.g., she smiles a lot, almost never complains, and lets him discover his mistakes and expose his unattractive behaviors with little more than a glance of disapproval from her.
  • He sees her appearance as uniquely appealing. So, she dresses upscale mainstream attractive but not radical; e.g., she stresses feminine mystique, female modesty, and monogamous spirit in ways that make her more appealing than other women.
  • He perceives her as a virtuous female. So, of her qualities that he admires, she reinforces their use or exposure and dresses to please his taste more than hers; e.g., he frequently compliments her attire.
  • He senses she’s dependent on his endeavors in life. So, she adjusts her cooperative spirit to keep him satisfied with who she is and what she does; e.g., if he likes punctual, she’s punctual.
  • He considers her ideal as his live-in mate. So, she manages the home in ways that keep him satisfied with their living together; e.g., he watches a lot of football, and she doesn’t interrupt when his favorite team plays.
  • She helps keep him satisfied that he could not have chosen a finer woman. So, she’s a model of quiet dignity during annoying, frustrating, and even exasperating moments, especially those that involve him; e.g., her decorum and attitude have the effect of calming him.

Women have many talents, skills, and techniques to embellish delivery of their love in both a relationship and home. By doing so, provided it’s the kind of loving attention that compliments her man, she improves the relationship atmosphere that fosters her being cherished. But that’s not all. She has one other input to her being cherished, and that’s the subject for tomorrow: intimacy.


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4 responses to “2762. She Calls It Cherished — II

  1. Miss Gina

    Dear Sir Guy,

    I like the specific examples in this.

  2. CartieB

    Wow Sir Guy! I cannot thank you enough for the examples you have provided to help us ladies understand what we can do to be cherished by our man. Would you point me to previous posts on how loyalty or lack of affects a man’s love for a woman? The general public can help me with this request as well :)! Thanks again!

    Your Highness CartieB,

    I’ve lost track of the articles that describe how a man’s love develops so differently from a woman’s. (Deficiency in naming the title. Someone may know where it is.)

    In the meantime, I suggest the five-part “Love is Never Enough” series that begins at 2621 and the five-part “Minimize Risk of Husband Cheating” that begins at 2699


  3. Cocoa

    Hi sir Guy, would a woman be satisfied in the long term if she feels cherished by men or a man without being mates? Or do they have to be exclusive and have plans to marry each other?

    I thought a woman can be cherished without intimacy, no? She won’t be cherished if the relationship is platonic?

    Your Highness Cocoa,
    She’s as cherished as she feels cherished, regardless of surrounding conditions.

  4. CartieB

    Hi Sir Guy,
    I read the blog posts you suggested. Would you say the key to being cherished by hubby, keeping hubby satisfied with himself and to his marriage are: being likable, be loyal, be respectful, and be dependent?

    Your Highness CartieB,

    Yes, darling, and being likeable, loyal, respectful, and dependent so smoothly to his satisfaction that he never thinks about it. Your feedback comes from reading him as to his satisfaction with who you are, what you do, and living with you.

    Remember, he wants to remain married to his bride. He was satisfied with himself to marry, so the less you change, the better from his view. It reduces your relationship management to being alert to his dissatisfactions and relieving them.

    You don’t have to be a perfect wife, just find ways to resolve his disappointments and discontent with you. Other than that, run and manage your relationship and life such that you get your way in the building of relationship and life together.

    As I express it, you seem to get all the work. As it should be; only you can manage all the relationships in your life together. Don’t look for problems either; e.g., you’ll too easily find blame that kills relationships, never find equality because it’s decisions are unstable, and disagreement abounds about individual responsibility in a mutual world.

    He married knowing you’re likeable, self-persuaded you’re loyal, convinced of your respect, and expecting you to act dependent. He keeps doing what he was born to do, which is to keep himself satisfied with himself. You have to see that everything flows smoothly with you cast in the middle of his previous single life thoughts and habits. Until, that is, after a couple of decades of his well-morphed adjustments, you finally realize he’s your Mr. Right.


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