2764. Refresher Thoughts — 14

  1. After puberty has passed, teens and men need to be shown more respect for their self-love to grow. It means that more respect shown by his woman generates more potential to love her. Women need to be shown more love for self-respect to grow. It means that more love shown to her generates more potential to respect him.
  2. Common sense woman, wherefore art thou? Now that gals are mistakenly convinced that sex helps capture and hold a husband, dating fades in favor of just hooking up. I hear it’s becoming common for women to call men at night, and ask if they can come over for sex.
  3. A woman’s attractiveness isn’t universal except for manly desire to conquer her; it’s how the male nature works. Attractive enough to marry applies to few or very few. It’s hard for a woman to believe that, because all women are born convinced they are pretty. But men don’t marry ‘pretty’. A man marries a self-identified virtuous woman, whose prettiness he calls beauty. Virtues abound in a woman’s persona, if he discovers them before conquest. Reason? After conquest he quits looking for weaknesses to get her in bed. No longer looking means he no longer accidentally discovers qualities that he can admire, aka virtues, and she becomes no more virtuous than she was before conquest.
  4. Since day one in November 2007, my blog baseline has been that God designs, Nature endows, and hormones energize the sexes to be different in many ways. This is blog day 3585, and I paint a much larger picture. God designs the sexes to also be born alike in certain ways. Each individual is capable of being compatible with a mate, each possesses free will, each is a self-developer of who and what they are to become in life, and each seeks to get their own way whenever possible or practical.
  5. Each individual seeks to get their own way. It makes competition the major energizer in the pursuit of self-interest, which motivates everyone to get on with both self-development and life among others.
  6. Family harmony is much easier achieved under these conditions. Mother raises and disciplines the children. What husband doesn’t like, he deals with his wife. She as mother than deals with the kids. Father makes himself available to protect mom’s authority, enhance family morale, and help mom keep family values and thinking aligned and focused on producing mature adults.


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4 responses to “2764. Refresher Thoughts — 14

  1. blog day 3585 – Wow! what an accomplish, nearly a decade long blog of dishing out sage advice to women. May you continue for another 10 years Sir Guy. xoxo

  2. Stephanie

    thank you, too. a lot of work goes into this blog!

  3. Mia

    I have a few questions: I’m very confused these days and have a hard time interpreting male behavior. Reading point 3 I wonder, do men decide quickly if they want to marry a girl, or does it take them years to figure out if she’s the one?
    I often face the problem that colleagues of mine behave in a way toward me that makes me think that they see me as more than a colleague. They may ask me to go for a coffee with them, or text me in what become lengthy conversations, one even invited me for drinks to his home. How does a girl know, if he’s waiting for a signal or what his intentions are?
    Lastly, I have a question regarding friends: Recently I’m experiencing that some cherished friends behave disrespectfully and ungrateful toward me after having been there for them in many different ways. I don’t know how to behave toward them and feel that I should rather strive to form my own family than waste time and effort on them. What are your thoughts, Sir Guy?

    Your Highness Mia,

    Do men decide quickly if they want to marry a girl? No, except in rare cases of love at first sight.

    “How does a girl know, if he’s waiting for a signal or what his intentions are?” She doesn’t; it’s among the risks of life.

    “I don’t know how to behave….” Gently withdraw without explanation or complaint and let them take the initiative if they wish to renew relationship with you.


  4. anonymous

    Re #6. I find that my husband and I have naturally fell into this way of things with our daughter. Works well, though others think poorly of our ways. Either I am ‘hogging’ our child or hubby ‘doesn’t help enough’. Oh well, we are both satisfied!

    Your Highness Anonymous,
    Congratulations on this: “Oh well, we are both satisfied!” Your daughter is satisfied too but doesn’t yet know the reason. Self-development and life in general becomes dissatisfying when one has more than one boss.

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