Blog 2766 — Refresher Thoughts — 16

God made male the dominant gender so a man could get his way, but mental and physical strength are never enough.

  1. To marry Mr. Right cripples a marriage. Once a gal sights and calls a guy Mr. Right, her screening process turns itself off on the presumption she found what she was after. After they wed, she sees flaws and perhaps red flags that she can’t live with. OTOH, if he screens good enough and she can live with his flaws, she has several marital decades to help him morph himself into Mr. Right by way of finding greater satisfaction living in her grateful presence.
  2. God gave women the talent, skills, and motivational energies for generating and maintaining a relationship as a couple, all the way from dating through marriage and family development. God gave men none of those motivational energies or abilities; whatever men achieve in relationships, they learn from females. Therein lies the challenge that women call burden to avoid doing what they should do as the only experts.
  3. Man and woman meet up full of mutual interest. Two conquerors face off. He seeks first sex without obligation; she seeks sincere obligation before first sex. She expects to be romanced; he views romance as part of foreplay and doesn’t deliver what she expects. She expects his love of her to develop quickly and openly as does her love of him; he expects her to earn his respect first or else his behavior doesn’t become very loveable and she faces disappointment.
  4. I hope to show that the fault lies with females—mothers, grandmothers, girls, bachelorettes, wives, and widows. Each plays a part in conditioning man-think into female friendly behavior. Men are born without the need of romance, intimacy, love, togetherness, morality, and religion. They learn the hows, whats, whens, and whys from females in their lives.
  5. A male’s inborn ambitions lead to continually doing something, accomplishing things that include both purposeful downtime and R&R, and thus adding to his significance. As he develops, a work ethic develops from his habits and successes. However, without good parenting, direction can be faulty and lack guidance. Self-development determines whether he is productive for society, women and children, and beneficial or harmful for self. Each man’s natural under-developed work ethic enables mothers, girls, bachelorettes, and wives to enhance his self-development to the advantage of females and society.

God made female the superior gender, so a wife can get her way.



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4 responses to “Blog 2766 — Refresher Thoughts — 16

  1. prettybeans

    So an interesting story

    I met a man who surprised me.

    Physically rather unremarkable (not handsome per se) but clean, neat and very well put together. Articulate, funny, witty, polite charming, incredibly intelligent and successful by all standards (but oh so humble) and very generous. The perfect gentleman

    As we got talking I was fairly open about who I am and what matters to me – I didn’t go on and on about it but my values became apparent fairly quickly as we chatted and from the various responses (verbal and otherwise), it was apparent that we were on the same page

    Then with time (a few weeks) I came across some information that totally blindsided me
    – some very very crass conversations with two ladies with whom he was having intimate relations with (if I hadn’t seen them for myself I wouldn’t have believed that he can even say such things)
    – His sexual conquests seem to be very very high
    – From someone who claimed to only have a glass of wine from time to time I realised that he’d consume about 5 or so beers in public with friends then go home and consume a bottle or a bottle and a half of wine (by himself) at least 3 times a week
    – He smokes about a pack a day and does so in secret and has done so for a decade (even his closest friends and his surgeon father don’t know this)
    – An apparent discord between his deeply moving and meaningful words and the emotionally unavailable manner in which the same were delivered..
    – An unwillingness share in the details of my life. Especially the moments which were not perfect – if I’d had a bad day he really wasn’t keen on listening to that..
    – He’d attend church with me but in the heat of an argument he told me that he comes to church for me and I should be grateful because everyone knows that he hasn’t been to church since he was in elementary school..
    – I’ve heard him say very negative and demeaning things about close friends and family some of which are things which are completely wrong to say to a stranger (me)
    – He regularly alibis for inappropriate behaviour that is done among said friends (infidelity) but he thinks himself an exception..
    – But he also doesn’t brag about conquests (he’s happy with his private victories as it were..)

    At first I thought surely I must be misunderstanding all this but in about 7 months and after confirming my suspicions about his own infidelity towards me it became apparent that I was dealing with a conman..

    So I left the relationship and about a month later when I happened to call to seek understanding and he said ‘well you weren’t chased, you chose to leave’. And just like that I got all the relationship closure I was ever going to get..

    Forgive the rant but what is this?! Is there no honour? Does a man not value his own name? His reputation?
    Is it really justifiable that the end justifies the means..? Can a person truly be this cold? What goes on in the mind of such a person

    Your Highness Prettybeans,

    You ask generally. My responses are general and may not apply to your case.

    “Is there no honour?’ No, except in rare cases. Men of honor lose interest of upholding honor, when women show indifference to it and masculine significance.

    “Does a man not value his own name?” Of what worth is it to a woman who shows indifference to his individual and masculine potential, little respect for his achievements, and no rewards for his complishments?

    “Is it really justifiable that the end justifies the means?” Justifying is lost out of life when character weakens, integrity withers, morality fades, and religion prevents none of the above. IOW, if not respected, why justify yourself?

    “Can a person truly be this cold?” Men are naturally cold in the view of women. Unless women in the life of boys teach the value of warmth in relationships, it doesn’t much happen.

    “What goes on in the mind of such a person” In a man, get what I’m after without having to change myself.


    • Miss Gina

      Dear Lady Prettybeans,

      There are and always have been men and women of no honor (for example we see this in Jane Austen and Charles Dickens, as well as the Bible and many history books). This was really hard for me to get hold of, as well.

      Not only did you dodge a great big bullet, you were given a look deep into something few honest people ever see. I think most honest people are as shocked and horrified as you were when they get a glimpse. I am so glad you were following Sir Guy’s advice!

  2. Kay

    Sir Guy, your blog is priceless. You never disappoint. I hope you have many young readers. Reading your blog will save them a lot of heartache and help them to become better and smarter girlfriends, wives, and mothers.

  3. Kay

    Lady Pretty Beans, stop wasting emotional energy reliving your experience with a total jerk. Learn from it and move on.. Live your own life well and look good doing it and someone much better will show up. Hugs

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