2779. Well-liked Article (#34a posted in January 2008)

  1. A man’s primary mission in life is to keep himself satisfied with who he is, what he does, and who he does it with.
  2. A woman’s primary mission in life is to be good by doing good, mostly in ways that make her grateful for spreading her love and important to others for her being so good.
  3. Marriage and associated responsibilities don’t uplift men but add unwanted pressure until each man finds himself better off by the presence of his home and his family.
  4. Women need all men more than the reverse, especially those hopeful of a permanent relationship who want to choose from among the best men.
  5. Women work to love. Men love to work. If yours isn’t like that, blame a poor upbringing.
  6. To stay with a woman, men must be rewarded for husbanding and fathering according to behaviors expected by the male gender and how each man is satisfied with himself in those roles.
  7. A man’s love is founded on respect for a woman, which includes her likeability supporting him in his work.

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One response to “2779. Well-liked Article (#34a posted in January 2008)

  1. Anonymous Wife

    Dear Sir Guy,

    My question is this: how can a woman be a respectful wife when her husband has embarrasing behaviors? My handsome husband of 8 years is wonderful in many ways but this: he very frequently wildly exaggerates his past accomplishments to others in order to make himself seem more important. I feel like it shows low confidence which I think is silly since he has much to be proud of and he knows it… but yet he still feels he must embellish. Usually people realize he is exaggerating and I get very embarrassed and feel like it makes us look foolish and not trustworthy. I dont say anything to him for I don’t know how to without hurting his feelings or making him angry with me, but I wish the behavior would stop.

    I was wondering what your thought were on the matter.

    Your Highness Anonymous Wife,

    Welcome aboard! I love it when pretty women join us on this cruise to WhatWomenNeverHear.

    I suggest you ignore the issue, swallow your embarrassment and leave him to his own bad habits. You accepted him as is, and any attempts to change him will add crisis to your relationship.

    You can, however, gently massage his thinking this way. Each time he exaggerates, gently move off scene and say nothing. Return when he’s through. After awhile he’ll notice, inquire, and give you a delicate chance to describe your embarrassment without blaming him directly. After a while, your message will sink it and he will want to restore his credibility with you. That will slow or stop his wildness in verbal exchanges among others.

    Develop your patience to deal indirectly with what you don’t like. Direct incursions into his habits generate far more problems for you and your feminine expertise.


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