2780. Balance Sought by Pushing, Shoving, and Cooperating

  1. Women expect to hear affection expressed in multiple ways and demonstrated on frequent occasions. Men don’t need it. He has affection delivery disorder, and it doesn’t match her affection deficit disorder. Thus, she’s burdened to train her man to get what she expects by way of affection.
  2. The male nature is well primed by Nature and hormones to be aggressive, dominant, and even violent. Men are well primed by sexual rationing that enables women to impose moral standards, female expectations, and motherly teachings and thereby tame, civilize, and domesticate the male nature for female-friendly and family responsibility.
  3. Women fool themselves two ways but men keep the upper hand on the subject. They claim that men are only after sex and seek to impose guilt on their man. Each man knows his woman’s blame is only partially true. Also, her guilt flinging is undeserved. He refuses to feel guilty. His nature avoids explaining himself. So he ignores her claim. If she isn’t totally right, why should he pay attention to such foolish thoughts?
  4. Men are only after sex before conquest plus anytime a man is denied sex that he has earned and thereby deserves. It’s the denial that keeps him focused on sex. Men can deal amicably with other issues. It’s why hard-to-get works so well for women. He hasn’t earned her for sex. The harder he tries, the more she earns of his respect, and respect is the foundation of a man’s love.
  5. Society is what we all do to live separate lives. Culture guides and governs all of us to fit compatibly into society.
  6. Male dominance prevails in society if women abdicate and don’t impose their collective will to promote female-friendly cultural values, standards, and expectations to guide people in society.
  7. Women who practice masculine-style sexual freedom eventually lose; it’s the man’s game. Penetration by penis, however slight, makes a woman less admired, less virtuous, less respected, and more easily mistreated. Moreover, female promiscuity and masculine respect of women are mutually exclusive. Men deny it but how successful are relationships after conquest?


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4 responses to “2780. Balance Sought by Pushing, Shoving, and Cooperating

  1. Femme

    Sir Guy
    What about men who marry strippers or even prostitutes?
    There is a saying that “nice girls finish last” and recent developments in my own life and another woman’s kind of make me feel there may be some truth in it…
    Some men have even been known to love b*****s.
    I’ve been wondering about it.

    Your Highness Femme,
    Some men may marry strippers, prostitutes, or bitches. So what? They don’t shape society, they just hang on. A few people abandon their natures as born and take up with pop culture, media promoted lessons they learn in life. It doesn’t make them right for others to follow, so why look at them? Why not copy the ones who stand up for moral success?

    • yellowblue

      i could be wrong but their relationships dont last long term.does the man respect the woman after the infacuation period ends in 1 to 3 years because i dont think a man can really respect a woman is is a stripper,they think other guys think they are cool because they got a stripper but the man cant keep up his respect of her or even himself long term.
      and the women who are bitches,the men will tire of it and dump them when a sweeter woman shows interest.
      what do you think Sir Guy?

      Your Highness Yellowblue,
      I think you know what you’re talking about.

    • Femme

      Dear Sir Guy
      I’m not going to copy them 😊.
      I was thinking that perhaps some men go down that route because they act with the male nature not against it – in that a stripper can hold a promise of good sex, I suppose. Also, as she probably has many other options, perhaps she becomes more of a challenge.
      But you are right in saying this is not the norm (luckily) but an exception and the stripper- marrying man would probably not go for a religious woman.
      Thank you.

  2. Every man is different but back when I dated a sex addict I delved deeply into men like this and one former stripper’s hubby who left his wife to marry her reported that he continued to visit others prostitutes and strippers after they married. It was an ingrained habit so don’t envy those wives one bit. The only thing that stops a man from doing those things is his own moral code. Nothing else. Choose wisely ladies and pray for a good honorable man who is not affilicted with such habits

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