Best wishes to all of you. Your company last year was very satisfying.

Ladies, I face a search. What next? I finished my original task and it put me out of business. I drifted away from reader interest. I went too far for everyone but me. It took ten years to complete my objective, but no one wanted the end result. So now I drift.

I know how my doing right for me ended up wrong for others, but that’s okay. I’m quite satisfied with myself.

First day of the year, and I ponder if anything is left in me that others might use in the battle of the sexes. I’m searching for a major theme if there is one.

Some ladies claim they learn easily from my responses to readers’ comments. So your questions are invited.

In the meantime I’ve settled in on one subject that should be of significant interest to readers. At least I’ll try to make it that way.

The subject is: Love is never enough. It’s next, and I view it playing for quite a while.



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11 responses to “2820. HAPPY NEW YEAR

  1. Magnolia

    Happy new year Sir Guy! I wish for you to receive God’s abundant blessings this year and always. ❤

    I think that that is an excellent subject to start 2018 with. 🙂

  2. Femme

    Happy New Year to you too Sir Guy.
    I’m happy to ask questions…
    The subject looks promising too.
    How important is female openness (as in letting a man in emotionally, sexually etc.) and should it be different pre and post conquest? I mean should we be open, inviting and vulnerable from the beginning?
    Thank you.

    Your Highness Femme,

    You ask, “I mean should we be open, inviting and vulnerable from the beginning?”

    No, just the opposite pre-conquest. Go slow and make him earn everything he can uncover about you. What he figures out, he values. What you tell him, he doesn’t.

    Post conquest it doesn’t matter. He’s satisfied with you as you are. Nothing else to learn.


  3. gonemaverick

    “Some ladies claim they learn easily (more) from my responses to readers’ comments.” True this.

  4. CartieB

    Hi Guy! Happy New Year! I really enjoyed your recent post on being hard to get with men. I would love if you would elaborate it on the subject especially during different stages of a relationship like exclusivity and engagement. Additionally, how to recover from mistakes or moments of not being hard to get. Thank you!

    Your Highness CartieB,

    Developing a relationship is a process. A woman fills the processor role to her man’s producer role. He aims to produce conquest, which is not in her best interest for the long run. She needs to earn his respect or his love will not be a deep love and may expire easily when romantic love fades.

    The purpose of the process is to give him time to earn her for herself more than sex. To allow time to convert his conquering expectation to wanting her so badly he can forego conquest until later. As long as she refuses to yield, she earns more and more of his respect. It’s proportional, the longer the more. The more respect she earns, the more easily his love develops.

    Only one way it works: hardtoget. She refuses first sex together. However, sometime in the future she expects to yield. Exclusivity? Engagement? Marriage? It’s up to her.

    If I had to pick a yield point short of marriage, I think it would be his devotion. She sees in his actions that he’s devoted to her alone. He wants to be with her for reasons other than sex. No one else need be there. He wants to be in her presence more than he wants her in his. He tries to earn her and makes being with her more important than talking or feeling about sex. She sees it all in his actions and she disregards his words. Little things that only a woman can read.


  5. Happy New Year!
    My question is if husband asks what wife wants for Christmas what is the best response?

    Your Highness Mary Wumths,

    Good question.

    Good response. Just you baby. More great sex, great loving, and especially bedtime snuggling and other-time cuddling together through the holidays. I have that, I don’t need more (and be so sincere you are prepared to get nothing else).


  6. FrenchyAnna

    Happy new year Sir Guy
    Your blog is helping me so much, I am forever grateful. God bless you and your family.

  7. prettybeans

    Happy New Year all.
    This looks promising..
    To a wiser approach in 2018

  8. Lady Pen

    Sorry Sir Guy
    the ny got cut off by my keyboard keys. I’ve commented on here many times before, why is my post awaiting moderation like I am someone who hasn’t posted before? Do you think it is because I am using a different pc?

    Your Highness Lady Pen,

    Delay in moderating your comment is due to the hot links embedded. It’s a courtesy WordPress provides automatically.

    As for your lengthy previous comment, I’m not posting it for several reasons. The subjects you mention—diversity and political correctness—are far too large, endlessly discussable, and off-theme for this blog. And I’m far too old to get involved. It was partly behind withdrawing Alarm Bells tab several years ago.

    I appreciate your interest and loyalty in the blog. I hate it when I turn down a pretty woman.


    • Lady Penny

      Hello Sir Guy

      I thought you said you were searching for a major theme, which is one of the reasons i suggested those endlessly discussable topics that are currently major (topics in the world?). I encounter those issues at the office every day and was hoping to learn how to successfully navigate those minefields in the ‘modern’ office environment, where people seem to be brainwashed with collectivism and groupthink or… well… scared to stand up and be counted. Diversity of thought in my workplace is something that is not welcomed, just like it is also not welcomed elsewhere. I’ve purchased a few copies of your book to bring the knowledge that you share on here into the hands of those that do not have access to the internet because the valuable knowledge of your whole blog is something a lot of people i interact with on my side of the world, do not hear. I’m sad to report though, despite my best intentions, so far, my efforts re-discovered that we do not have a reading culture and that people over here seem to prefer to learn by listening and discussing, instead of reading. Having said that, have you ever considered making an audio book out of your book?

      Anyway w.r.t Alarm bells, there was something in there you said about capitalism i wanted to re-read again to remind me what exactly it was, to help me defend capitalism in my discussions with my peers who do not understand it and who wish to have it replaced with insanity. I was wondering if I could ask you to please re-consider sharing the Alarm bells tab, for just 1 day. You can take it offline again.

      I appreciate your reading my initial long post.

      PS: Have you heard of the book called The Gulag Archipelago by Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn?

      Your Highness Lady Penny,

      Yes, I read Solzhenitsyn many years ago.

      I reposted Alarm Bells for a week or so.

      I agree with you about readers don’t occupy the younger generations. Never taught by parents and teachers who suffer the same shortcoming.

      As to new themes out of modern behavior, I don’t get into it except as specific questions bring it up. Then I can address it in terms of how we are born different.


      • Lady Penny

        Sir Guy

        Men are never more handsome than when they share the aptly named gift of Alarm Bells! I see you mention utilitarianism (the greatest good for the greatest number) and want to ask a question about it. Out of respect for your boundaries of keeping it within the speed limit of the blog theme, I will give that question and the political one more thought. I admire your choice of having enhanced your knowledge base with Solzhenitsyn years ago already and feel inspired to read it as well, despite its length!

  9. Lotus

    Dear Sir Guy,

    I am a reader of yours who lived half the earth away from you when I first read your blog. It’s been 10 years! Discovering your blog is one of the most life changing experience for me. That was when I searched online for a solution to my problem, i.e., how to be a real lady that men love. Unlike girls who are very feminine and who instinctively know how to be a girl, I had no clue how to be one. I remember growing up wondering what type of person I should cultivate myself to be. In my early 20s, I failed at relationships with men. Then I discovered your blog and your wisdom has since guided me through life. By learning and applying your lessons, I now have a wonderful husband, who is better than any man I have met before, and a beautiful son. I don’t visit your blog every day as I used to, but whenever I need a reminder, I come here. Thank you so much for spending so much time and energy to educate us young women. I am forever grateful for you. You changed my life for the better, and I believe if enough women are fortunate enough to find your blog and wise enough to follow your wisdom, the whole society will also change for the better.

    Your Highness Lotus,
    Welcome aboard. I love it when another pretty woman joins us on this cruise to WhatWomenNeverHear.

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