2826. Love is Never Enough — 06: Love Fades Away

The more I write about love, the more I find women uninterested. I can’t blame them. They don’t want to discover mistakes they may have made, how their heart works, or why they can’t make relationships work successfully. They gain a lot from the mystery that surrounds female love, but it’s an advantage fast disappearing in today’s world.

Unknown or unrecognized by women, female social and domestic influence is deteriorating and sliding toward greater male dominance and an inferior role for females and children. Especially domestically, where love is already shifting from playing the major to playing a minor tune for harmonizing a family. By not understanding how and why their love works, women drift into less and less influence for shaping a brighter future for themselves or ever fulfilling their girlhood hopes and dreams.

If women don’t know the effects of their love on others, they can’t find the gratefulness needed to enable their happiness in later years.

A woman’s love is a mystery to men. They accept and even enjoy it, but it’s a foreign emotion to the male nature. If mothers and teen girls don’t teach boys about love, how to accept it and gain their own advantages with it, then men live by another emotional setup. A combination of motivations where competition, mental and physical dominance, and winning are the main ingredients. Women don’t thrive very well under those conditions. It’s the road to unfriendly male dominance as can be seen in other parts of the world.

The trend for fifty years has been to multiply this effect more with each generation: By design of activists, the public loses its political power, and women lose much more than men. Why? Because love has been removed from the political equation by antagonizing men against women and their main influence, love.

With Christianity under attack, the love of women is too. You can see it in everyday America. Fewer and fewer women attend church to refresh their ability to love. A woman’s love just doesn’t mean what it used to in terms of women getting their way, getting what they want or expect, teaching boys about the need to love, and especially earning the respect of men when trying to form up as more than temporary couples.

Men don’t know or do love unless females teach them and make them like it. At post 2824 I described all love as beginning in the female heart. If it emanates there, what are the ingredients and how do they differ woman to woman? And how does love spread among men? What reflects outwardly that convinces a man to live within the boundaries of one woman’s love and even duplicate some of it in his life? What stimulates men to also love and work to a woman’s advantage? What stimulates men to have kinder hearts and be attentive, loyal, and lovable to others, such as children, neighbors, and work mates? Those functions of love are not embedded in the male nature; women put them there by example.

I for one think we need to answer such questions, if women are to understand what they are losing, which is the political influence of love. The loss of which denudes women of personal influence they need to earn male respect and face off successfully against male dominance. It’s a dribble-down effect, and what changes politically encloses the personal, especially for the physically weaker sex.



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18 responses to “2826. Love is Never Enough — 06: Love Fades Away

  1. Lioness

    I know I don’t speak for ALL my sisters in the world, but I know many who agree who me. It’s difficult for us emotionally to accept how unbalanced the game of love is. We get the short end of the stick in the short term. A lot of us find that too harsh and cold to actually be true. There must be another way!!!! We must be missing the soft and warm truth. Maybe our hearts are not pure enough to reach his? Maybe he has never experienced true love and needs time to grow into this glorious invitation to joy & peace? We make all these excuses hoping we’re missing the way to a fair exchange of love between a man & woman. How awful and frightening it is to believe we live in a world where so many men are still cavemen, in modern day clothing. 😣

    Your Highness Lioness,

    “How awful and frightening it is to believe we live in a world where so many men are still cavemen, in modern day clothing.”

    I agree but your feminist friends and associates converted men to cavemen, turned them into enemies by blaming them for female problems.

    In sympathy with feminist thought, non-feminist women converted themselves into cave women subject to masculine dominance in various forms and to plenty of shameful results.

    I’m sorry, but only women can return men from the enemies pit onto the plain of lovely relationships, which is supplied and catered by very feminine women.


    • Miss Gina

      It is not loving to interact with people solely in ways that would make us feel good, without learning what others (specifically men and boys here) need and desire—it is in fact selfish. Are we giving what we hope to receive, with an expectation to get it back? Is that really love, or is it possibly manipulation—or misguided thinking at best?

      I think our best bet as women is to really evaluate what material we are allowing into our lives and our households. It silently determines our ways of thinking and actions. Are we renewing our minds with Scripture or reading trashy books put out by trashy people? Are we couch slugs who mindlessly absorb whatever Harvey Weinstein and his perverted cohorts put out for us to slurp up, or do we occupy our time productively with feminine hobbies and volunteer time that meet our needs to create beautiful things and bless others? Do we follow the dictates of others or the calling of God on our lives? What values are our children exposed to? Are we vigilant about resisting and even confronting evil with godly, feminine ways of thinking and influencing to better our communities, or do we cower and complain? Or do we go with the flow, fearing confrontation? Do we fearlessly learn to do better and smilingly set an example for those around us with dignity? Are we big enough to take the inevitable hits? (No, but we can do it with Christ’s help.)

      It takes a lot of moxie and wisdom to love fearlessly. (If moxie is an unfamiliar word, it’s a good one to look up and adopt).

      All in all, I think real feminine love lived wisely can be a huge influence on the world—Mother Teresa is a single woman who had a great effect on her generation just by loving people in a quiet but radical way. She accomplished so much. But it was only toward the end of her life that she was even noticed.

      Who loved her all those years so that she could love others? Did she quit because there were more people dying in the gutters of Calcutta than she could hold in her arms? No, she just kept loving—so much that many of the dying got better. She didn’t have a husband or lover—she got her affirmation and other needs met by Christ, the Man who treated women better than any other. Our challenge of today is to stop listening to the voices that seek to strip us of our beauty, virtue, kindness, and love and return to the Man who loves us more than any other. Without Him we are helpless to do any real good in the world, but with Him we can accomplish anything.

      Your Highness Miss Gina,
      Thanks for another gem from your brilliant mind.

  2. Magnolia

    Sir Guy,
    Once again, thank you for this amazing series. I am enjoying it very much. I work full time (long hours) and just started a business on the side, so I don’t get to comment as much as I’d like to, but try to keep up with the posts. I think I am going to save these articles and come back to ask questions specific to them when I have some time. Absolutely fantastic!


  3. Femme

    Dear Sir Guy,
    Could you please give some examples of male dominance getting greater?
    What I notice is a sort of collective hysteria growing – something I’ve always associated with women.

    Your Highness Femme,

    How about these signs?

    • The growing popularity of porn among women and young girls? How fast will the movement grow with social media in the mix and young girls wanting to be liked by duplicating peers?

    • If she will do porn stuff, she will do anything, and when she refuses he will get physical. Where do you think that will lead in terms of mutual respect? With less respect for females, what does it portend about more violence? Less respect means more dominance, because it is so easy to use when regard for the opposite sex is built on sexual availability.

    • How about the growing popularity of fellatio? A male’s respect for a female stops growing when his organ penetrates her. He paid her price, he owns her, and she deserves no more respect for selling herself so cheaply; it’s his nature and not his or her choice. He doesn’t bond with conquest and subsequent sexual events are merely convenient.

    • Dominance rises as respect falls. She has to earn each man’s respect to capture and keep him. If she can’t or doesn’t earn much, then he leans toward his masculine talents of dominance and physicality.

    • Men enter open marriages with braggadocio about how they score without much effort. (See Seanlistman comment next.) IOW, they exploit their masculine urges to turn down any sense of marital responsibility, which is a good sign they have little or no respect for responsibility to others. Selfishness or narcissism prevails.

    • Housewives, thwarted or overcome by hubby’s drive to dominate, now reject him with faults, criticism, and yelling just to restore her own dignity.

    • Women allow men to find success with their dominance. Most notable: Men have convinced women that sex for pleasure is an everyday event and the sexes are equal in it. Women find men or themselves to be liked seeking ever more pleasure using porn as example. Thus, such women put men totally in charge of dominating women. If she will do porn things, she’s not virtuous enough to marry.

    Well, Femme, let me know if that isn’t enough.


    • Chéma

      It seems we have the choice between being respected and being sexually fulfilled lol because making love with us will be always soft (which is not bad don’t get me wrong) and monotone without any spice or he will lose respect, either way it seems we women always lose…

      Your Highness Chema,
      Yes, women lose all their advantages when men dominate their sexual life. She’s no longer respected enough to win out in whatever negotiations take place.

    • Femme

      Sir Guy
      No, that’s quite enough thank you, especially combined with your response to lady Chema below.
      I wasn’t aware of many things as I’m not interested in porn myself…
      Is it safe to say men gave up a lot in the political arena but are now triumphing in the bedroom instead with the help of stupid women?
      Because – and if any ladies here think otherwise I want to say it’s just my perspective – a lot of gals would consider your bullet points “progress” on the part of women. I call it stupidity but I’m definitely in the minority in my circle.
      How can we stay sane – not to mention thrive – amidst all of this?

      Your Highness Femme,
      Men didn’t give up a lot in the political arena, they were raped and stripped of it to the delight of propagandized women. In the legal, political, and economic arenas, the gals deserved it. But the manner made enemies of men dealing with women. Revenge is being served on cold plates all across the country.

  4. Lilac

    Dear Sir Guy,

    Recently a female friend of mine posted a short video to public media. In the video, she picked up her bf from the airport. She waited in the waiting area and when her bf appeared, she ran to him and jumped on to him and hugged him, with two feet up in the air.
    I am wondering if this is a feminine way of picking up bf at the airport. If not, what is the feminine way?

    Your Highness Lilac,

    Overly expressive women can’t keep a man; it soon bores him. It’s too direct and men like to figure out things from a woman’s indirectness.

    Next time: Greet him with a bright smile and feminine dignity.


  5. gonemaverick

    Sir Guy, how about a “like 💗” button to comments?

    Your Highness Gonemaverick,
    Good idea, but, sorry, it’s beyond my technical ability to implement it.

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