2835. Girls Throw Away the Candy Store — 02: Women Lose, Men Win

So, what is the candy store that girls throw away? It’s the mental place and practice where girls and women shop independently and on their own recognizance for what works best for each, for the just-right connections that enable each to screen, capture, and keep a good man who will help fulfill her girlhood hopes and dreams.

A few decades ago the candy store began to stay open fewer hours and finally closed its doors after several generations of girls successively dropped all reference to lessons learned by their foremothers and took up the adolescent practice that anything goes, which within a few decades converted to anything goes that boys want. In the sixties or seventies, it began from this motto: ‘Don’t trust anyone over thirty.’

We are now six or seven generations deep in teens inventing new ways to live. A new generation emerges every seven or so years as new kids adopt new music, lingo, games, habits, and more adolescent values and expectations to identify them as separate from older siblings. Political social engineering accelerates the internal processes.

Generational traits thus change dramatically every few years. Girls now have little else but to ride the bronco of male dominance at the pleasure of the dominator. IOW, women have given away their ability to indirectly rule over men, so that men no longer get involved to help fulfill girlhood hopes and dreams.

Women are losing and men are winning the social and domestic wars. What else to expect? The loss of respect one gender for the other has reached a low I never witnessed in my life. Rethinking my childhood, the case could be made that each sex respected the other more than itself. The sexes interacted much more pleasantly than today. People got along better, especially couples.

NATURAL LAW: A woman is as happy daily or for life as she is grateful for who she is, what she does, and who she does it with.



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4 responses to “2835. Girls Throw Away the Candy Store — 02: Women Lose, Men Win

  1. Miss Gina

    …And the mark of the current crop of “feminists” is…unhappiness and ungratefulness…

    Spot on, Sir Guy!

    Your Highness Miss Gina,
    It’s simple. The former flows naturally out of the latter.

  2. boomer babe

    Tattooed forearms on women may have been the last straw..Women should have NO TATTOOS..since they make them look harsh..along with purple and black clothing only

    Your Highness Boomer Babe,
    You’re right. It makes them look like the men they copy in hopes that men it want in a woman. Tattooed babes can’t get any further away from the truth about men and women’s natures.

  3. Lady Penny

    On your point about “The loss of respect of one gender for the other…” the absence of it at work, especially higher up in the hierarchy, makes it extremely difficult for me to keep my hand from slapping the big boss and maintaining a positive working relationship with him because i can feel how he undresses me with his eyes despite the fact that i dress very conservatively, conduct myself as professionally as I can and scurry from his presence the moment he tries to make our interaction personal. He also tries to force me to submit to his will (via displays of anger) and to his arbitrary rules/policies (he’s into weird spiritual stuff, that he wants all staff to participate in), that he makes up on a whim, which I stubbornly resist.

    From what I’ve heard via the grapevine, he doesn’t have any sisters and he is also the last born in his family, who was probably over indulged by his mom given his temper tantrums I’ve observed frequently. Do you think the absence of sisters growing up and also how a man’s father treats his mother (and how his mother treats his father, him and his brothers), play a role in how much a man respects women generally?

    Your Highness Lady Penny,

    Best bet. If you have interim boss or bosses, take it up with them to represent you and your morale in the workplace.

    Or, draw the line in your mind, at what point are you willing to give up your job? Then, slap him when you’re ready to depart. You may be surprised at his reaction and keep your job and get better working conditions.

    You see, he doesn’t read you. He has little or no idea of how you respond to him. He has no desire to be an ogre, but until someone tells him harshly enough to register, he will continue.


    • Lady Penny

      Hi Sir Guy,

      In regards to your saying “You see, he doesn’t read you. He has little or no idea of how you respond to him.” is he challenging my boundaries in order to discover how I would respond to different kinds of pressures he applies and to learn where my weaknesses are?

      Your Highness Lady Penny,
      Yes, he’s trying to figure you out by testing your boundaries. That’s why it’s so important for a gal to have values, standards, and expectations to spare and share as he pulls them out of her.

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