2845. Special Bulletin for Special Ladies

This is for My Husband’s Wife, Magnolia, Miss Gina, and perhaps others I’ve missed.

I truly appreciate what you say and do about gaining more exposure for the blog. I’ve been waiting for many years for someone to do what I couldn’t do.

I’m technically unable to even comprehend what you have in mind. However, whatever you do, I will love you for it. You’re my Valentines.




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10 responses to “2845. Special Bulletin for Special Ladies

  1. Anonymous Wife

    Dear Sir Guy and Ladies of the site

    This is definitely a goal of mine as well. I have worked with website promotions. Unfortunately currently I don’t have much free time to help rebuild the website structurally/ promote it on google but I would be willing to advise anyone who does have time (contact me at this email I made lovewwnh@gmail.com) and would be happy to brainstorm ideas with other ladies on this site.

    Some of my ideas would be to have a break-off forum style website where we discuss ideas Sir Guy mentions here, with links back to the original articles. The reason I thought that is the following: I was lucky to find this site on Red Pill Women (a forum that I’m not a big fan of), here https://www.reddit.com/r/RedPillWomen/comments/6l8ztt/mr_guy_maligned_tells_us_about_what_women_never/?st=jdnetzri&sh=be537fd9

    What upset me was the highest comment on this post said “I couldn’t make head or tails of what he was saying.” This is a comment made on a site for women who are highly skeptical of feminism. What couldn’t they understand? The concepts here are very deep so maybe having a separate site where women can discuss how we apply them to our lives could be very useful.

    The more links a website has back to it, the higher it rates on google.

    Anyways that was an idea. I apologize if this post was less-than-coherent and somewhat disorganized…I’m shooting it out in between putting kids to bed, doing laundry and finishing my work for today.

    Blessings, Sir Guy and I hope we manage to give back a little of what you have given to us.

    Your Highness Anonymous wife,
    Thank you. Your help is much appreciated. Not to worry about the comments on Red Pill. The literacy rate of females has been severely reduced by Feminism and I write at too high a grade level.

    • Miss Gina

      I am busy and not highly computer knowledgeable but would comment on a related website, forum, whatever…

    • Dear ladies, I also like the idea of a forum/site where we can discuss how to practically apply them to our lives. (:

    • Magnolia

      Lady Anonymous Wife,
      I love those ideas! I’d be willing to contribute to the blog about helping women put into practice the principles taught here. Even if that means scheduling time on a Saturday or Sunday really, really early.

      Another idea is that we can let people with popular conservative and or traditional values blogs that rank high on Google know about this blog and see if they can promote it or reference it. I’ll get back to you ladies about it. Thank you for doing this. I’ve always thought that this message needs to be spread far and wide.


      Your Highness Magnolia,
      Thank you.

  2. Dear Sir Guy, this is not my area of expertise by any means. However, one thing that will help with the search engines, I believe, and I hope would not be too difficult for you would be to buy a domain name. It can be as inexpensive as $20 per year, and the WordPress dashboard has a link for this on it, I think. I would probably be one of the last people to be able to help with this, because I kind of just do this stuff by following my nose with a lot of guessing, but if no one else is offering, please e-mail me directly or mention it here.

    As for getting rid of the Google bias, I am really not sure about how that can be overcome. Maybe others have some ideas? Surely there is a way.

    Your Highness Miss Gina,
    Thank you. Good idea.

  3. Magnolia

    Happy Valentine’s Day Sir Guy! ❤ ❤ ❤

  4. Anonymous Wife

    Following up my comment above- I am looking into setting up a simple but stand-alone (not @wordpress) forum-style site anonymously that would link back to this one where we could engage in discussion and link back to this site.

    3 Requests:

    1) Does anyone have ideas for a domain name for a stand alone site I described?

    2) If anyone has her (or his) own personal blog, write a blog post and link one of the words back to this blog. It is more effective than just including the blog in the blogroll on the side

    3) If there are any websites or blogs you frequent, comment on one of the posts with the link to this blog- either the homepage or one of the articles. I will try to do the same.

    Your Highness Anonymous,

    I’m grateful for your efforts. Thank you.

    As to 1) would What Women Never Hear or WhatWomenNeverHear be appropriate? Or would that take away from the purpose? Or is that a self-defeating idea? I don’t know about such things.


  5. Anonymous Wife

    One more thing- there is a website called “women against feminism”. Dislaimer! I haven’t read through it but they do take guest contributions, and we could link to this site here.

    This is the link to contribute: http://womenagainstfeminism.com/contribute/

    Your Highness Anonymous Wife,
    The site looks good but I can’t read it because of all the routing? buttons down the left side. Anyway to remove them?

  6. Aidos

    I’d love a forum!

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