2852. Blame Men if You Want to Sink the Female Ship

Assessing the results in both society and culture, I conclude this. For over five decades women have listened only to women about how to deal with unmarried men and husbands. As the single mindedness continues, feminine attractiveness softens in relationship reflux, female expertise dissolves, and hostility grows. Girls, women, and even moms unwittingly teach the wrong thing for achieving female hopes and dreams. Some men and even fathers unwittingly endorse the political movement we know as Feminism.

Even though love of females arises only out of masculine respect, feminist advocates teach that personal independence and sexual freedom are so important that men’s opinions should be disregarded, which equates respectively to less objective discussion between the sexes, less and less respect, and less and less masculine love of women. Those behaviors are all connected.

If women don’t ration unmarried sex to get their way, they are not able to fulfill female hopes and dreams. Female insistence on independence and sexual freedom as witnessed in America today is mutually exclusive with men helping fulfill female hopes and dreams. Men may marry, but it’s a long way from women getting what they want out of life. The results are all relative and mostly according to how women act.

The availability of plenty unmarried sex appeals to the raw nature of hunter-conquerors, attracts masculine eyes, diverts manly ambitions, stalls and sours the development of devotion to one woman, and discourages men from helping one woman get what she’s after. The proof lies with the multitude of single moms, empty ring fingers, and unattached women in middle and older ages.

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The fallout of masculine-style sexual freedom for females results in the darkest exploitation of females of all ages. They are seduced away from the art of developing compatible togetherness, lasting relationships, and cultivating the teamwork required to harmonize family life. They blame men, which drives men to reject the guilt messages and argue back or retaliate with every intention of winning.

The end result is that unmarried men don’t respect women generally, don’t learn how to exploit the exploitable, and strongly disfavor marriage and permanent relationships. They have been taught by women that devotion to one woman is not needed, morality is not important, sex is paramount, thoughts of marriage are foolish, and divorce means financial strangulation.


EDITOR’S NOTE. I suggest readers get more involved discussing men and women with men. Forget the Venus and Mars, pop culture, and media stuff. Bury your head directly in questioning someone of the opposite sex. More directness and even cover intimate subjects, but not whether she should or shouldn’t do it first time. Get to know men more deeply about other than sex. Most of all learn how to listen without judgment, argument, or defending females. Learn to accept someone else for who they really are and try to earn mutual respect.

I know, I know! You gals can’t talk about intimate subjects with men not your own; do it anyway, it can be therapeutic if you ease into it with your boundaries well marked out and followed. Present conditions cry for relief, and women won’t change until they find out what the male nature really looks like in a person.



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9 responses to “2852. Blame Men if You Want to Sink the Female Ship

  1. Lioness

    Good morning!
    Intimate subjects? Please elaborate on this. What I want most is to get to know my current suitor more deeply. I’ve already asked questions about his childhood-His parents and how they behaved toward him and eachother, which clique he was associated with in high school (band geek, jock etc), who is/was his biggest motivator and influencer in his life (his Grandmother!!!!!) I’ve learned so much about him asking these questions, but I’d like to go deeper! I hope to hear more from you on this subject. ☺️

    Your Highness Lioness,

    I should have made the point in the article. I mean men other than your own, whether husband, suitor, brother, or father. You can’t get a clear picture from them of the male nature; they are interested in you and it will shape their responses.

    I advocate objective discussions with other men in your life. You’ll have to dig deep into yourself to find the courage you need, but it’s the only way to find out what mean really think.


  2. I agree with Sir Guy’s answer. I often got the most truthful answers about how men really think from male friends but now I don’t have any male friends anymore. I set my sights on understanding the Bible rather than my husband.

  3. If men are already getting sex somewhere else, why would he hold out for some other woman? He can have a wonderful woman with sex and a wonderful woman with no sex.

    Your Highness Shelovesbagels,

    Welcome aboard. I love it when another pretty woman joins us on this cruise to WhatWomenNeverHear.

    However, I miss your point. Please make it more clear.


    • Hi Guy. Thank you. Men have told me that waiting for sex is outdated and any man willing to wait for sex would be slim. They also said that if a man isn’t getting sex from me that he would get it from somewhere else and might find me too much trouble and find another woman who would have sex with him quicker.

      Your Highness Shelovesbagels,
      As I commented to Sarina below, I screwed up. Of course the exception about uncovering the male nature means everything but inquiring about sex their first time together. On that subject, men can’t be truthful enough because it’s their prime interest with a female. I’ll see about correcting myself. Thanks.

      P.S. I corrected it on the original post.

      • Sarina

        This is a manipulation tactic to get you to succumb to their sexual whims. Many men do this in my country and most women fall for it because it works.
        Difference is if you refuse, you keep your dignity intact, if you do whatever he says, there’s no guarantee. You might be used only for booty and be the main subject in ‘I banged another chick’ talk with his buddies where he brags about himself.
        He can also ask for more requests because ‘other girls do it’ so if you love him, you have to do it, too. Having your own boundaries that should never be crossed regardless of what other women do is the perfect defense against such individuals.

        Your Highness Sarina,
        I screwed up. Of course the exception about uncovering the male nature means everything but inquiring about sex their first time together. On that subject, men can’t be truthful enough because it’s their prime interest with a female. I’ll see about correcting myself. Thanks.

        P.S. I corrected it on the original post.

        • Magnolia

          Exactly what Sarina says. Pure manipulation. Can you believe the nerve? “If you don’t give me sex, someone else will.” Time to get rid of the needy loser.

  4. elena

    I read this blog for a long time now (i love it 😀 ) and all I can think is everything with men is about sex !
    sex, sex, sex, sex, sex… it’s all there is in a man’s life and it’s really sad.
    Everyday I can feel in my heart and head less and less attraction to men knowing all I know now (and I am 22 years old).

    • Kristi

      It is difficult to understand men’s need to conquer women and It is easy to feel that men only see women as sex objects. Yet a man’s life does not consist of only sex. Men have ambitions to affect their environment and gain satisfaction from achieving their objectives.
      Women’s possession of femininity fascinates the male gender and living up to a higher standard earns respect. The addition of positive emotions and modesty gives more color to men’s lives. Individual women can charmingly keep a man from conquering her and lead him to inadvertently finding her virtues. At some point, the virtues accumulate for a man to become devoted and decide that life is better with her. Each of these instances is the basis of men creating a society and eventually civilizations.
      The dedication to hard work, to fulfill their duty to provide, protect, and problem solves for his wife and future children are admirable. Sex is a big motivator for men, but there is so much more to male nature. In my opinion, the masculine differences are attractive. It would be boring if men and women were exactly the same!

      Your Highness Kristi,
      A beautiful and accurate explanation. Thank you.

  5. Anonymous Wife

    I have a very difficult man in my life- my boss. He is about my age, kindhearted and very very bright, and I have a lot of respect for him. But he is very difficult to work for (not just for me, for everyone I work with).

    He is hard to understand- he is very “manly” in the typical sense: strong, confident, sporty, served in the military, and does typical masculine things except he never ever speaks directly. He is so indirect and almost hates taking charge at work and giving “orders”, so it is almost like everyone has to guess what he wants! His kindness winds up being unkind because he avoids confrontation, giving clear job descriptions, setting boundaries regarding different jobs etc. How does one deal with a man like this? I thought it was in the male nature to be direct? I find myself being more and more and more direct with him in order to get answers I need, but then I worry because directness isn’t a female virtue, and I want to act and be the best I can.

    He also never gives positive feedback, and rarely gives feedback of any kind (to anyone). I feel like my confidence dips because I don’t know how to be myself, I want to do a good job and improve if I am not doing a good job…but I get no feedback.

    Is this a hopeless cause or are there ways to deal with men/bosses like this in a graceful manner?

    Your Highness Anonymous Wife,

    My guess is he’s scared s***less of legal reparations from doing something wrong with working women. Better to do too little than too much in interactions with women in the workplace.

    How to bring him out of that shell? It’s tough and I’m not sure it’s even doable.

    This might help some at least. Have the working women around him give him more professional feedback that he’s liked for what and how he does things. No specifics except that he leads well and his orders are clear and meaningful.


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