2853. Good Reading for Women

The author of the main site below describes what modern women should do to improve their lives with self and men. I read all three and they are both poignant and clear. She mostly tells women how to handle themselves better dealing with men, while my blog focuses on the natural background of why women should do it. Using both of us, women help themselves fulfill their hopes and dreams, provided, that is, they are willing to become a better person/woman/gf/wife/mother.

All three articles are at the same website, but the following impressed me so much. (I think each requires Ctrl-click.)










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5 responses to “2853. Good Reading for Women

  1. Femme

    Thank you for the links Sir Guy.
    There are more articles worth reading on that site.
    I’d also like to ask you to what extent men care about their woman’s social status, wealth, education? (Or to be more accurate, the woman they intend to marry. Is it a factor in a proposal?)

    Your Highness Femme,
    To the extent he admires her social status, wealth, education, it adds to her worthiness. But the opposite is also true.

    • Magnolia

      Men don’t place importance on intellect, education, wealth and social status (I’m talking about high society, although where you live they might give more importance to it than here in the U.S. because British society is more divided in classes than American society is) nearly as much as women do when they look to marry a man. Men look to marry someone who shows, as Sir Guy says, virtues. They look to marry a trophy wife who makes them look good. As you know men looooove eye candy. And they love it even better if said eye candy is on their arm. Generally speaking they prefer someone who is young (or younger than they are), beautiful, domestic (think being a good hostess if they have people over), classy, monogamous, someone who stands for herself and protects her sexual assets, etc. They also place a lot of importance on you showing lots of loyalty to them and treating them like they are an alpha male, even if they are not. Feeling powerful is paramount to a man and if you meet that emotional need, he will probably give you the moon if you ask for it. 😉

  2. Thank you for the links Sir Guy. I have read them and wanted to provide this clarification on the 19 year old self article so that readers are not led astray by her bravado suggestion. She tells young ladies that men will respect women who call them out but ladies should know it’s very important the delivery of the message. I much prefer Sir Guy’s suggestion of not being critical but rather silent and possibly the pinky finger approach. Indirectness works much better than a woman trying to be a bad ass by telling the man how he is a failure

    Your Highness Mary Wumths,
    Your last sentence rings the truthful bell loudly.

  3. Thank you for taking interest in and sharing my articles. It’s nice to know when someone understands the messages that are intended.

    I think if women approached their relationships with men with a bit more strategy and mindfulness, they would find that they can have what they want more easily.

    Your Highness Ash Pariseau,
    You’re welcome and it was my pleasure to share your site.

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