2866. Manosphere II

I’ve not heard about these radical men for too long. Anyone have news?

I repeat the posting of article 2203. Eric wrote it to inform us of some fallout of Feminism made radioactive by men set on revenge. I share it with readers to remind all of us that the subjugation of women started earlier and conditions will be worse before better.

—2203 by Eric— an insider/outsider view of how radical men view the female nature as corrupt from birth.

Roosters, Gamecocks, and Capons

‘He rules the roost, she rules the rooster’. So it has been throughout history. Radical Feminism, encouraged by the Political Left, imposed a new paradigm which excluded the rooster. But the male gender did not disappear; however types of males who were once on the fringes rose to prominence.

Now a rooster follows the male nature; defending and providing for his roost, while performing other necessary work. But reactions to Feminism gave us the Manosphere which produces the Gamecock, a rooster who is bred for fighting and competition; and the Capon, a neutered rooster whose only purpose is to be eaten. The Manosphere—which once stood for the rights of men and the dignity of women—has fallen under the misogynist trends of these two types. The Gamecock is represented by the Game movement; the Capon from the so-called Men’s Human Rights Movement; both of which deny male/female compatibility, and both of which accept the terms laid down by the feminists as cultural norms. There is considerable homoeroticism latent in both movements, especially among the MHRM.

Both generally hold a form of gender supremacy, but it is the Game Philosophy which has the most pernicious effects on gender relations (the MHRM is essentially the mirror image of male feminism, which produces Capons as well, though of a different sort).

Not only does Game teach men how to disqualify themselves as suitable husbands/fathers, the male behavior it promotes reinforces the same negative stereotypes of men promoted by the Feminists. Why it is also dangerous is because, like feminism, it employs sexuality as a weapon.

Thus, the Gamecock, true to his namesake, treats gender relations as a war—not the healthy spirit of conquest which is part of the male nature—but indiscriminate conquest for its own sake. The Game blogs are replete with ‘relationship advice’ that sounds like psychological warfare. And to underscore the tendency, they despise all men outside of their movement as inferiors.  But stripped of their neologisms, pseudo-scientific rhetoric, and general pompousness, one sees a common thread running through all their writings: a genuine hatred for women in general. This, in spite of their obsession with sex, is deeply apparent. By extension, of course, the Gamecocks feel nothing but utter contempt for traditional masculinity. In fact, being referred to as a white knight or being accused of behaving with chivalry is considered an insult among their ranks—they laugh at men who respect or value women, because (to their minds), the female nature is inherently corrupt.

     By inherently corrupt, the Gamecocks do not mean the corrupted attitudes of modern women miseducated and disinformed by Feminist culture—what they mean, and explicitly state, is that to be born female is equivalent to being born with a corrupted nature. By their logic, it follows that men are completely justified in controlling that nature, either through force and fear because the corrupted feminine nature will not respond to goodness.

CSW [chaste single women] can avoid entanglements with the Gamecock by being, well CSW. The Gamecock’s only relationship goals are sex and control and he has no power over women who value themselves and their sexuality. Foiled in his attempts at manipulation, the Gamecock falls away and focuses his efforts on easier targets. Since he has no capacity to sustain a relationship, he typically has no desire to continue pursuit of anyone who doesn’t feed his narcissism.

The one type of Gamecock who does pose a danger to women is the one who wraps Game in a cloak of Christianity. The Churchian Gamer—and there are many of them—pose a threat because Christian women may be duped by the pretended Biblical sanction to the Gamecock message. Perverting such concepts as female submission, women as the weaker vessel, the husband as head of the household, &c the Churchian Gamecocks coax otherwise well-meaning women into the Game stratagems.

I use the term ‘Churchian’ because it must be understood that the religion of these men and their camarilla of disciples is Game and not Christianity. It actually resembles, in its teachings, contortions of Scripture most closely resembling the Gnostics. A good way for Christian women to avoid the Churchian Gamecock is to note the absence of a central Christian tenet: any discussion of Love. One can literally search in vain on Churchian Game blogs to find this word even mentioned. If a man talks endlessly about women’s Christian duties of things like submission and obedience, without mentioning either love or reciprocal male obligations, chances are he’s been influenced by Churchian Game.

By all means, stay CSW, if you deserve a rooster instead of a Gamecock or a Capon!

Separately, Eric adds some history to it.

“I actually coined the ‘Gamecock’ term back in my Manosphere days, and opponents of Game still use it. It used to be that the Manosphere had an element of bloggers who were trying to fix the relations between men and women. There still are a few, but they are a minority.

“I thought the ‘Capon’ term fit for male feminists and their counterparts in the MHRM. The MHRM used to be A Voice For Men but they’ve largely veered into accepting feminism as the norm, but want feminist social/legal standards to equate to men: ‘Equal Injustice for All’ as their opponents aptly describe their position. It’s essentially male feminism that supposedly wants men to be equal feminists, unlike the traditional male feminists.

“Capons are more common in Europe, but it is a neutered rooster (it’s meat is considered a delicacy, they taste somewhat like pheasant LOL). So I thought it was an apt description of these types, since they behave like eunuchs, the same way that Gamers behave like gamecocks.”


I welcome all updates to help understand if these Manosphere nuts are still around and promoting the further subjugation of females. I know the Game is still working as vague and unavailable, men acting hard to get.

And again, if he’s listening, thanks to Eric for his commendable work back in May 2015.



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20 responses to “2866. Manosphere II

  1. I remember that article. I really appreciated Eric’s insights and his experiences. Where ever he is, I pray that he is well blessed.

    Unfortunately the manosphere still exists, but I think it’s influence is fading. It’s actually become very feminist, marxist, just with the genders reversed. Very strange to observe. Especially worrisome are some of their forays into faith, their attempts to fit game and the exploitation of women into a biblical context, as if God Himself endorsed bitterness and revenge.

  2. Femme

    I don’t know what to worry about more: what this article describes or some women.
    I had a discussion today with a colleague at work. She started by saying that she can’t see the point of “international women’s day” beçause “aren’t we asking for equality?” I said equality is not achievable to which she said “don’t you want to get paid the same money as a man for the same job and not £10000 less???). I asked who she meant and she said “everybody here”. I said “do you know for a fact that the women in this place earn so much less than the men or are you guessing? Because I think it might just be propaganda”. Then it went on and on- she said “you would like the man to be the breadwinner but those dàys are OVER” – and so forth and so on, till I said I hàd to get back to work – she was becoming more and more aggressive. It was not even an OPTION she was willing to consider to be a wife and mother first and foremost and yes, she has not married and has said many times she doesn’t want children.
    But – and here is the thing – all the guys prefer her. They chat with her, joke with her – especially the gay guys and the more effeminate ones. It seems like I’m not as outgoing and chatty and so the guys go for the easier option.

    Your Highness Femme,
    Read the article again with special attention to Capons. Otherwise, your last paragraph is off theme for this blog.

    • Femme

      I was wondering, Sir Guy (and anybody on this blog, really), if you could give me a few hints as to how to deal with women like my colleague, especially at the workplace? I agree the best way to deal with Game men is to not get involved intimately. But how do we deal with dominant women who we have a connection with? I am from now on going to hold my tongue as far as political views go but it comes out in other ways. How do I rule this “rooster”?

      • Miss Gina

        I would keep all conversations with her work-oriented. Apparently she is too ignorant to be aware that there has been a federal law mandating equal pay for women since 1963. Most feminists are. Anyone with a grievance can file a complaint under the law already.

        Also, I would simply focus on personal self-development in my own smiling world of success and leave her to her harem of capons—gender-reversed references intended.

        If you find these persons provoking trouble, you can come up with a few practiced scripts to put them in their places. “Seriously?” Or “Whatever…” Raised eyebrow, turn on heels, walk away. Do not engage with willful ignorance, is my suggestion.

        • Femme

          Thank you, Miss Gina!
          We are in England and I don’t know if such a law exists here – I will check for curiosity’s sake. I don’t know because I wasn’t interested. I go to work, I try to do my job well and if they offer me a pay rise I graciously accept, but I’m aware that’s not how most women operate in the workplace these days.
          They seem to go for the kill, like the men used to do. That’s what I can’t relate to.
          This coworker is a bit like this, plus she seems to want all the attention on herself. I think I have 2 choices: become more like her or remain my old self and accept I will never win this popularity game.
          But it baffled me as to why guys flock to her – until I realised it’s not ALL of them. Reading about Capons explained a bit.
          Also – risking Sir Guy telling me again this is off the theme of this blog – there is one man who, curiously enough, always comes to me. It happens very rarely because he has other people to do admin stuff but when he does he seems to pick times when she’s not around, or maybe it’s just coincidence. AND – when that happens, this coworker acts jealous.
          Again, didn’t make sense – doesn’t she have enough attention? – until I Sir Guy explained she is a female rooster.
          I will keep my thoughts to myself from now on as this coworker often goes out to a pub with others from the office. Thanks, Miss Gina.
          Things have become slightly clearer.

    • aroundtheriverbend

      Dear Femme,

      This is interesting, I have found something similar with a woman I work with too where I can’t figure out why the men like her so much.

      We are the same age, and both attractive (she is a little ‘sexier’ I suppose). She spends most of her time complaining about something or other and needs to have people around her all the time.

      And yet she is in a long term relationship, and the men in the office are drawn to her and always come to chat with her, especially the younger more attractive ones.

      I find it baffling how they can put up with all the complaining!

      And on the rare occasion I complain about something, she gives me a sharp response like I’m being annoying…

      Your Highness AroundtheRiverBend,
      She’s the female version of the rooster and wants to keep it that way.

      • Anonymous Wife

        Why are men interested in this type of woman?

        Your Highness Anonymous Wife,
        I think Eric describes the type as Capon in the article. It amounts to self-interest to tie in with prominent female.

  3. Anonymous Wife

    There is a forum online called “the red pill” which is alive and well and have over 250,000 men. They discuss these tactics as a way to empower themselves.

    It seems that many men turn to “game” when they feel self-conscious to approach women, and/or don’t have luck with women and look for strategies that successful “players” can teach them. I doubt men who are naturally confident/good with women seek this out as much, as they are probably too busy being successful to be lurking online forums such as these…

    There seems to be another type of men turning to this ideology, one that is disillusioned by feminism and looking for answers to questions that are deeper than just being a player.

    The “red pill” world seems to be women-hating in a very smart/deep/analytical way…it exposes all the flaws of feminism but is dark, ungodly and somewhat terrifying.

    Your Highness Anonymouswife,
    Thanks for responding with useful info.

  4. CartieB

    Great post today Guy!

    A few men blogs that come to mind are http://www.returnofkings.com/ and the YouTuber, ChroniclesOfJudah144. The writers and subscribers of Return of Kings are concerned with using game to sleep with as many women as possible especially if they are unfit for marriage. Women considered unfit for marriage are feminist, fat, have many tattoos and or multiple piercings and weird color/shaved-off hair, sluts/openly promiscuous, and just about anything not considered traditionally feminine. Marriage is more than less considered for white knights and beta bucks, all spineless men who want to be raped by divorce. Although the blog makes valid points about the insanity of transgenderism, feminism, and the world at large, the general feeling of the blog, it’s writers, and the commenters is women must be dominated for the good of the community and humankind.

    ChroniclesOfJudah144 is more or less the same except he comes from a more biblical standpoint, although heavily skewed to benefit men. Some points that comes to mind is his belief the Bible only discourages fornication if it is between a single man and a married women and King Salomon had many wives and concubine therefore it is lawful for men to do the same, as long as he can handle it (whatever that means).

    Your Highness CartieB,
    Thanks for the info.’


  5. Anonymous

    Yes, Manosphere “subscribers” are still around. 😦 It’s chilling when ‘game’ is attempted, but thankfully, it’s easy to spot.

  6. AlabamaGirl

    Sir Guy, as a single parent, I’ve raised my son alone with no father figure or male role model to mentor him. I’m wondering if you can recommend some excellent books or Facebook groups that would be helpful to him, as I sincerely want him to be a masculine, godly man who makes good choices in dating and eventually marriage. He’s in his 20’s and really needs more self-confidence. He seems to have trouble ending a relationship and setting boundaries when he’s not being treated well. He’s very kind and I feel that girls have a tendency to take advantage of his kindness at times.

    Your Highness AlabamaGirl,
    I regret to inform you that I’ve been knocked out of circulation about current social affairs. Perhaps some of the lady readers might know of material to help you.

    • Magnolia

      “Wild at Heart” by John Eldredge is a Christian book that I’ve not had the chance to read yet, but I’ve heard really good things about it.

      Here is what Amazon says about it:
      “God designed men to be dangerous, says John Eldredge. Simply look at the dreams and desires written in the heart of every boy: to be a hero, to be a warrior, to live a life of adventure and risk.
      Sadly, most men abandon those dreams and desires – aided by a Christianity that feels like nothing more than pressure to be a “nice guy.” It is no wonder that many men avoid church, and those who go are often passive and bored to death.

      In this provocative book, Eldredge gives women a look inside the true heart of a man and gives men permission to be what God designed them to be – dangerous, passionate, alive, and free.”

      I think that it might be of interest to you.

    • Amazing Gracee

      The Bible…the unadulterated truth

    • Miss Gina

      Dear Alabama Girl,

      He is in his 20’s so really beyond Mom’s advice for the most part. Really the most you can do is assocoate yourself with groups of people that he might find interesting as well where there would be some good men who might naturally influence him. If you were to find a church with truly good married men (well-screened) with a lot of kindness and Bible knowledge where he might eventually choose to attend, that might be your best bet. There are good books but mostly leaning toward teaching men to be kind rather than standing up to bad treatment. Also you might heavily screen men you date for their potential to mentor him. Praying of course for the right people.

    • My Husband's Wife

      Hello Alabama Girl!

      I hope you don’t mind if I share a few thoughts on a possible approach to improve your son’s boundary-setting in dating/relationships. Since he’s spent a lot of time with mom growing up, I wonder if he wouldn’t benefit greatly from more exposure to manly role models and/or accomplishments in general? If he starts building up other areas of his life, he just might gain a little more “manly confidence” to set better boundaries in his dating life and relationships.

      Here are a few examples of things that could help build his masculine side in a positive way:

      • Joining volunteer fire fighting, local search and rescue organizations, and trail building crews. These groups are usually FULL of good male role models and can really help build a man up. What I’ve seen is that they work hard and then have good, clean fun afterward. If you don’t live in a location that has these sort of activities or not sure where to find them: there is a non-profit called Wilderness Volunteers where you can sign up for wilderness projects any where in the country (ranging from days to a week long). Gift certificates are available for $299.

      • More accomplishments and outlets via masculine hobbies: Would he be interested in woodworking, welding, fishing, hunting, etc? There are lots of local clubs that are mostly men. In some areas, there are community classes and shops where you can learn, and even rent time on equipment so you don’t have to invest a ton of money to start.

      • Spend time with good male role models: Would any of the older men at your church whom you respect want to go biking/hiking/fishing/hunting etc. with him?

      How a mother goes about influencing an adult child is another challenge, particularly for sons, as they need to conclude it’s their own idea and something they want to do, otherwise it’s never successful. I’ve seen way too many “hen-pecking” mothers trying to directly order/change their adult sons with discouraging results.

      Best of luck to you! I’m sure you’ll get this figured out!

    • gonemaverick

      AlabamaGirl hi,

      Heres an article that might point your son in the right direction. I’ve quoted points I deem important. Bold and caps mine.

      “Jordan Petersen, a psychologist, analyzes classic and biblical texts, he eviscerates identity politics and political correctness and, most important, he delivers STERN FATHERLY LECTURES to young men on how to be HONORABLE, UPRIGHT and SELF-DISCIPLINED — how to GROW UP and TAKE RESPONSIBILITY for their OWN LIVES.

      Parents, universities and the elders of society have utterly failed to give many young men REALISTIC and DEMANDING PRACTICAL WISDOM on HOW TO LIVE.

      Petersen writes about the STATE OF YOUNG MEN TODAY. Men who feel fatherless, solitary, floating in a chaotic moral vacuum, constantly outperformed and humiliated by women, haunted by pain and self-contempt. He offers ASSERTIVENESS TRAINING to men whom society is trying to turn into emasculated snowflakes.

      He tells men that LIFE IS HARD. That life is essentially a SERIES OF RUTHLESS DOMINANCE COMPETITIONS. The STRONG GET THE SPOILS and the weak become meek, defeated, unknown and unloved.

      The world we live in does NOT have any VALUES. We celebrate relativism and tolerance. We naïvely PRETEND everyone is nice. 

      Life is suffering. DON’T be FOOLED by the naïve optimism of progressive ideology. Life is about remorseless struggle and pain. Your INSTINCT is to whine, to play the victim, to seek vengeance.  NEVER DO THAT! RISE ABOVE the culture of victimization you see all around you. STOP WHINING. DON’T blame others or seek revenge.

      Instead, choose DISCIPLINE, COURAGE and SELF-SACRIFICE. “To stand up straight with your shoulders back is to ACCEPT THE TERRIBLE RESPONSIBILITY of life.” NEVER lie. Be STRICT WITH YOUR CHILDREN. GET RID OF THE FRIENDS who bring you down. BREAK FREE from the NEEDY MOTHER who controls you.

      The world we live in is NEARLY WITHOUT benevolence, beauty, attachment and love. Petersen’s recipe for self-improvement is SOLITARY, NONrelational, UNemotional. He emphasises STRENGTH of WILL. He DOESN’T  comfort. He demands: “STOP doing what you KNOW to be wrong. … SAY ONLY those things that MAKE YOU STRONG. DO ONLY those things that you could SPEAK of with HONOR.”

      The Peterson way is a HARSH WAY, but it is an IDEALISTIC WAY — and for millions of young men, it turns out to be the PERFECT SOLUTION to the cocktail of coddling and accusation in which they are raised.”

      Below is the link to the full article:


      Your Highness Gonemaverick
      Thanks for a highly illuminating article. You aim is excellent considering the great distance you’re away.

  7. MLaRowe

    I miss Eric’s posting here. I hope he is doing well. He and you were both very helpful in my understanding that I was once being pursued in some sort of sick, evil “game”.

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