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2626. How Can Women Recover?

It’s only anecdotal, but some college girls now keep their own booty lists and call and ask if they can visit guys for sex. According to one guy, campus gals are not just unrespectable but unlikable. His view: They act too much like men to be appealing.

It’s a societal trend that worsens. Men perceive women dumbing themselves down; women trash masculine usefulness to favor womanly boldness. Women figure as long as they can get their way as men used to do, they are winning to move their gender away from patriarchy. Thus, the feminist view moves forward, and politics replaces common sense in the relationship arena.

We are all born to get our way with others. Society settles disputes with common sense that now fades under the pressure of political correctness. Men have no recourse for getting their way except to rely on male dominance.

The downward trend continues as females reject the idea of earning the respect of men, even though a man’s love of woman is based on respect. Women fulfill the feminist objective of making enemies of the genders. They smother the institution of family with intentions and practices to act more like men, as if men seek to marry masculine women.They slaughter masculine interest of living with a woman for anything but sex and economic benefit, both of which lack bonding and are mostly temporary.

A perceptive newbie inspired this post. She reacted to my statement that modern practices by women make men think that a woman’s love is neither desirable, meaningful, useful, nor in a man’s best interest. Miss Green at 2625 inquired, “how do we turn it around?

First,  “we” don’t. It works on the societal level. It took a half-century to degenerate this far, and could take more to recover, but it hasn’t started yet.

Second, individuals can recover. I propose each of you learn to overcome for yourself, which is fairly easy except for two things: time to screen many more men and keep faith and confidence in yourself. Handling those exceptions can be done best by using the following.

Third, become more independent relative to women. Make over your thought processes about your life and how to make a success of your life with a husband. Listen more to your heart than your mind.

  • ID those feminist traits you may have picked up over the years and reverse them in mind and heart; e.g., 1) you think men are to blame, drop it. They may be, but you have to be unique to recover for yourself. 2) Refuse to accept political correctness as an ingredient for managing your life.
  • Quit listening to women about men; in fact, forget what you’ve learned. It’s nowadays contaminated with feminist-think. What women say does not necessarily apply to you and the men with whom you will be dealing.
  • Pay intense attention to every man of every age, what they say, and particularly how they act. Form new opinions on what you learn doing it. You have an immense talent for reading men, but you have to specialize in using it. What men say may not be honest; what they do reflects honesty, but you know that in your heart.
  • Make yourself unique from all the other gals, even those who think like you. Women like to think and act like a herd, because they lack confidence and seek confirmation about common concerns that help deal with men and husbands. It’s a failed concept. If not, men would also act like the herd which requires one to give up individuality and independence, and men don’t do that until charmed by one woman with whom they have the overwhelming urge to live with forever.
  • Your life will work best if you develop two habits each morning before your largest mirror. 1) Study and carry out the procedure described in posts 2123-2127. 2) Read the next bullet to yourself as a daily mantra in front of the mirror; it will program your attitude to do what’s best for you.
  • Men marry women who are not like the rest of the herd. Men marry feminine mystery, feminine modesty, feminine uniqueness, feminine monogamy, feminine manners, feminine attractiveness, feminine character, feminine trustworthiness, feminine independence, feminine stability, feminine reliability, feminine respect for others of every ilk, feminine focus on the future, feminine reliance on a man’s judgments about the present, feminine separation from other women except as relief from the doldrums of putting her life in feminine order sufficiently well enough to satisfy her mate into being satisfied with himself. Each man knows what feminine is to him, and so give femininity all you got. (Femininity is defined as opposite of Feminism.)
  • As to female love, women oversell themselves on it. Can’t blame them because their importance is built around having and sharing it. However, it isn’t all that important to men except as signal that he’s still okay for her.
  • After marriage, the way to inject your heart into a man’s heart is to learn to love your life together more than you love him. Not really from your view, but that’s what he expects. You will generate a life together that has him in the center—fully accredited, of course—but you make everything happen that satisfies him with your performance. If you study post 2558 you will learn how it balances out in life. In a successful marriage, he loves the responsibility of his marriage more than he loves you. Of course, in daily interaction it only seems that way, but it make marriage successful.
  • In dating and courtship, keep the marriage bullet above in mind but work it differently. Make him earn you; you help shape his thinking but he focuses on the present and so you have to forget the future while he wins you. Decide NOW just how a man should honor your dignity, self-respect, status, stature, and standards. Yield nothing including your personal history without his earning it—and never your sexual history regardless of how he probes. The more he earns the more of himself he invests, and men don’t walk away from deep investments of self.
  • Screen each guy for red flags and disqualify those who appear not good enough. Don’t take risks until you are sure that you can live with his shortcomings.
  • Make this your attitude but about which you say nothing. You will yield sex after marriage. With the attitude but no words or explanations, he has to date you more because his primary mission is to bed you. The longer you hold out, the more he invests himself. While dating, he looks for weaknesses that will make you yield.
  • Finding nothing but your strength against yielding, he uncovers qualities that he can admire. Such qualities are virtues to a man, and men seek to marry a virtuous woman. In today’s social marketplace, feminine is the essence of virtue.
  • So, the longer you hold out, the more marry-able you become and more likely he will propose—eventually, that is, because his decision is a three-phase process described in post 2558.

Your life is whatever you make it, and men play a vital role whether you marry or not. Courting all men with feminine charm—but no giveaways except to husband—makes you unique and sought after by many men. The ones who won’t invest themselves in you are not good enough for you, so it should become standard practice to put many guys—uninvestigated by you—back in the parade that passes through your life. Caution: There’s no such thing as Mr. Right until you’ve charmed and coached husband over a decade or two.

When enough women follow the model described above, society may turn on its heels and reverse course. That being many years in the future, however, individual women can have much better control of their lives before then.


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2582. More Tips for Women — 16

  1. Feminism and Femininity are mutually exclusive. The former attracts women; the latter attracts men. Trying to join as a couple, Feminism in her tends to polarize their interests and weaken their connection, whereas Femininity does the opposite.
  2. Feminism dilutes mutual respect and makes unconditional respect (e.g., chivalry) practically non-existent within a couple. It’s a compatibility toxin.
  3. Feminism makes women think more like men, especially ‘me before you’ and ‘me before us’. Thus, they lose their natural expertise for holding a man.
  4. Feminists claim female independence as a woman’s right. Men let them have it and welcome the watering down of family responsibility and accountability.
  5. Flower gifts to men indirectly inflict guilt that her money was wasted at his cause. But, if it pleases her….
  6. Girls and women who play hard-to-get know what they do. Those who don’t teach males to benefit by using their own version of hard-to-get model, e.g., players.
  7. Girls help condition boys to respect females and domesticity. If they don’t help along the process that moms start, then adult men lack respect for women and interest in domestic life.
  8. Hard-headed feminine gentleness born out of a woman’s soft-hearted nature beguiles males. It adds to both her mystique and influence, because she’s so different from men.
  9. A woman’s former relationships may be known to her man, but no mention should be made or details disclosed about ex-boyfriends or ex-husbands—especially their sexual abilities.
  10. He practically begs to know her sexual history. He uses it to expect her sexual fidelity with him and may use it against her in disputes. Non-disclosure works best.


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2512. Feminism Dragged Out of the Closet

Taking a couple of days off. Found something that may keep you occupied.  Truth catches up in the most unusual  ways, but it always emerges.


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2506. Men are Never More Handsome…. A Revisit

At 2505 Her Highness Honorfemineity mentioned a subject fond in my heart and  worthy of revisit. I first published 2059 two years ago.

At 2058 Her Highness Prettybeans said to me. “Men are never more handsome as when they continue in their tireless efforts to teach and encourage recovery among ladies. Thank you.” Thus, she gives me both a perfect payday and perfect opportunity to further explain men.

When a man does something he considers a responsibility or obligation, it may be nice but he doesn’t expect to be thanked. It’s his duty. It’s the flip side of an unearned gift. Moreover, in today’s world, thank you is as worn out in sincerity as “I apologize.” So men pay little attention to thank you. Unless of course it’s extended as part of a hug from a pretty woman, which makes what he hears even less relevant.

OTOH, surprisingly expressed indirect compliments work wonders. Even reading Prettybeans above, note that the sentence is flooded with meaning for me that makes “Thank you” virtually unnoticeable.

I propose you ladies learn to charm men in general by charming individuals of opportunity. Charm both known and unknown men with indirect compliments wrapped in female boldness that produces the feminine advantage that women long to have. The benefits come to women from the effects they have on the masculine mind.

My favorite indirect compliment is this: “Men are never more handsome than when they please a lady (for whatever they do).” Use it every time a man pleases you. Opens the door, seats you at table, lets you go ahead of him in a waiting line, husband does laundry or brings you flowers. It doesn’t matter. If a man pleases you, suggest that he just might be made more handsome for doing it. You like to be reminded that you’re pretty don’t you? Indirectness works best with men.

  • First, you have not hit on him. You merely used a surprisingly pleasant way of expressing gratefulness for manly conduct that pleases you as a woman. After the same man has heard it several times, the surprise may evaporate but the friendly reminder will only fade slightly if at all.
  • When you claim yourself as a lady a few times, you will benefit both yourself and set standards for men. Up to which men learn to step when convinced you are what you claim repeatedly.
  • The phrasing makes it sound routine for other men. Strangers read it that you are routinely pleased by other men and it generates uncommon friendliness. Men you know are encouraged to do more to stay ahead of their competitors and to keep you pleased with them.
  • Men love to be called handsome by women, but you didn’t call him that. You call him one of many. He has to infer that he’s included among the pleasers of women, which encourages more because of the success you surprise him with.
  • Although delivered directly, you pass an indirect compliment. He has to make it personal. If he’s handsome for pleasing you, then his male competitors are too. To compete better, he’s encouraged to please you and perhaps others as opportunities arise. He sees women as targets to uplift as unique and deserving of his ability to please. It’s a natural follow-on to his success among competitors. He only has to connect pleasing women to earning self-admiration to make him a better man in the eyes of females.

It works in writing, just as Prettybeans wrote to me above. But, ladies, if you want the full effect, do it this way. For example, a stranger speeds up to hold open the door for you to enter a public building. Halfway through or after the door closes, stop to gain his attention, smile sincerely, capture his eyeballs with yours, and BOLDLY say, “You know, (pause) men are never more handsome than when they please a lady.” And don’t say thank you. Just continue to smile and walk on with something like “Have a good day.”

He can’t just hear it either. His ears are not his primary sensor. Belief only comes when he sees your earnestness. Eye-to-eye displays feminine courage that men respect.

I understand you ladies can’t accept what I propose. It requires too much boldness among other sensibilities. Were I in your shoes, I probably wouldn’t think of such a thing. Remember, I’m pushing you no harder than showing an example. Primarily, I’m using it to explain the male mind. You have to figure out how to make men please you, as modern men don’t seem too eager except in pursuit of sex. Only women can train men to do the right thing as women see what is right. Most women think it’s right for them to be pleased and especially by men. That’s why I’m here to help.

I promise you this. Provided you do it boldly, smilingly, and with eyeballs locked with his when you say it, you will find significant pleasure in their reactions. You’ll recognize that you’ve charged them up with new pleasure and perhaps fascination in you. When a woman makes a man feel fantastic about himself, she assumes an aura of respectability that modern women lack.

What’s the effect on him? Think it through. You just convinced one man that ladies have standards up to which a man can easily find success, can find pleasure doing for others. To be more significant, to find more self-admiration, he only needs to please more women. How can that not be good? How can that not enhance the importance of a woman?

If you recall their natures, women are born to be good and men to do good. But women have to determine what is good for men to do. When men determine what is good, women find it mostly ‘ungood’ for them.

If women are ever to stop or even slow modern society’s slide from goodness toward evil, they must let men know that female standards not only exist but need to be honored. The way to gain honor is to encourage men to do good, specifically do what women expect. The simple “Men are never more handsome…” can jumpstart any woman’s contribution to pleasing men by pleasing herself to please men in ways that benefit Womanhood.


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2481. CAUSES and EFFECTS — Group 09

It’s all relative. Society doesn’t stand still, and women set the standards.

Old school. Women seek marriage before sex. When a woman denies sex to the man, he doesn’t take rejection personally. He blames the rejectionist for moral, religious, or female hang-ups, which assuages his ego. His self-esteem and self-image don’t take unrecoverable hits. He understands that women are in charge of sexual assets and standards surrounding their use, if he hopes to ever succeed in his chase. His self-interest keeps him in pursuit of sex targets without a spirit of wanting to punish for rejection. He can live with her refusals and can enlarge his determination because of it.

New school. When most females provide free, open, and casual sex with little or no commitment, males take rejection personally. A boy or man knows she’s doing it with other guys but not him. Why just him? His self-esteem bottoms out. His self-image as a ‘good man’ with a woman dwindles. His ego takes a humongous hit after his imagination ruminates over her put down. His self-interest shifts toward revenge mode. The spirit of wanting to punish for rejection blossoms in his mind if not his heart.

Some males cannot recover one and much less repeated refusals. Rejections can spin boy or man toward awful revenge—think stalkers, school massacres, date rapists, serial rapists. They can’t escape blame, but the source of stimulation lies with cultural values that encourage free and easy sex.


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2463. Journey to Feminine — Group 15

I continue trying to make feminine-think more beneficial to women than feminist-think.

  • Listen closely to what men have to say about their gender as if it’s all great news. Then call their bluff and expect them to prove it. (Keep them off balance so they can’t interrogate you or talk about sex.)
  • It’s overstated that men are the enemy. Question them to bring them over to the female side. By acknowledging their importance with friendliness, you also earn their respect. (Keep them uncomfortable, if they can get into your mind they can get in your panties.)
  • The feminine woman knows not to blame a man, at least not verbalize it. It puts him on the defensive and establishes the need to prove her wrong and nothing else registers with him until he wins in some form of a final encounter. (It also applies to cheating but that opens a whole new subject.)
  • With so many women open to provide sex to married men, pressures mount for husbands to cheat. Feminine wives know their best hope is to trust first and ‘spectacularize’ their own fidelity and remain silent about doubt and suspicion. Does it work? Over the long run the end results favor the wife, because confrontation shifts the high ground to him.
  • Feminine women listen only to men about Feminism. They look for ways to assuage the blame inflicted on men and the guilt aimed at them, which they assertively and even aggressively resist. They confirm that only men know how men should, would, or could act, and that feminine women understand.
  • Feminine mothers bring up daughters to please father, especially with old school maturity-before-sex rather than new school sex-before-maturity. When daughters live up to father’s expectations, they mature better and don’t lose their identity in adolescence. It also develops their intuitive ability to hold onto one man later in life.
  • Feminine women hide their superior role by not competing with husband, by celebrating husband’s accomplishments, and by complimenting his sense of significance among others. It highlights and justifies an us-centered cooperative rather than a self-centered competitive spirit. Proactively filling such a role confirms a man’s sense of significance, any loss of which is his greatest fear and especially loss of face to his wife.
  • Feminine women promote chastity, honor lengthy courtship, and highly value marital longevity. It keeps the Marrying Man on track to earn what he seeks, a unique wife.
  • Feminine women claim dependence on their man and keep looking for ways to be grateful, both of which reflect respect that every man expects from his woman. It also encourages his sense of family responsibility.

And so, it ain’t easy to be feminine in today’s marketplace and domestic scene. But outcomes benefit women by more easily pleasing than blaming men.


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2462. Journey to Feminine — Group 14

Politically inspired and following their propaganda, feminists make up their own initiatives and deal with men and mates combatively. Relationships crumble and disintegrate under the competitive pressures of feminists refusing to quit, and men refusing to lose. Feminine women tend toward the opposite.

  1. Feminine women exploit their inborn patience to find, capture, and keep a man. They screen for quality of character, especially integrity and sense of responsibility; healthy habits, good work ethic, and heart willing to share.
  2. Where masculine strengths and manly civility are purposely not appreciated, men resent, resist, and sometimes retaliate. Respect of females is lost, as women yield their relationship skills to follow the feminist-inspired, sex-themed pop culture. It’s not that way with highly feminine women; they know that unearned appreciation works best for women. It also helps make them unique.
  3. Except for a man who falls in love at first sight, devotion forms over time from his actions to purposely please a woman, and it later doubles in strength when he learns that he’s pleased just to be pleasing her.
  4. Femininity teaches women to be chaste and therefore respectable, patient and therefore undemanding, and likeable and loyal and therefore loveable.
  5. Today’s relationships worsen in the modern world of masculine-style sexual freedom for females. Men and women first meet, interact, and even date. He initiates attention and persuasion. She follows by providing unobligated sex just for fun and lust, to see if she can ‘earn’ a boyfriend, or to see if she can get an obligation that could lead to marriage. She may even initiate somewhere along the line. It’s an attitude that fails for women trying to keep the man they lure and capture.
  6. Modern women lower their taste and expectations in men just to have a boyfriend or husband. Men lower their taste for what’s attractive, which turns more women into  disposables after conquest. That’s the popular model, but the feminine woman finds it distasteful, unattractive, and contrary to her expectations for her future life.
  7. Without a man, women find misery. With a husband, they often find misery. Which is the worst? Alone or with somebody? Her feminine intuition pushes a good woman to forget the misery and search and find satisfaction and gratitude. Whatever we think about, we get more of it.
  8. A sex-based relationship that women expect to work proves different than expected. At first blush, her anchor seems to hold him. Inevitable societal effects lead men to focus on more than one woman at a time. Then, as husbands shift focus to another blossom, wives retaliate by seeking escape from misery with a man to misery without one.

Feminists seek to be in charge in the foreground, to wrestle for control of present events, which is a man’s territory. They copy the masculine drive to compete and use legal combat and government pressure to gain dominance over men. It’s short-range thinking that leads to relationship disruptions and intolerance.

The feminine woman seeks to be in charge in the background, where she is better positioned to calm present-day upheavals and brighten future events and developments. Her feminine nature favors generating peace and cooperation with men and her man. She seeks to capture and exploit her man’s masculinity, incur favor, solicit support, and maintain domestic well-being. Her feminine-oriented relationship expertise produces success with those objectives.


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