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2100. 7th Anniversary, Tempus Fugit

Seven years ago tomorrow I posted my first article as declaration of war against Feminism. I titled it “Feminism Indicted.” I copy it here as still appropriate and the birthmark.


  • Feminism Indicted: Feminism is the philosophy of envy of men, the creed of anger at men, and the gospel of politics in relationships. Its inherent virtue merely equalizes unhappiness for women seeking or living with a man.
  • Femininity Acquitted: Femininity is the philosophy of attractiveness for men, the creed of faithfulness with men, and the gospel of devotion to one man. Its inherent virtue civilizes men, balances male dominance, suppresses male aggressiveness, inspires men to prove their worthiness, and rewards men for acting responsibly as both husband and father.
  • Feminism discourages male adoration of women. Femininity inspires it. Feminism demeans masculinity to get what women want. Femininity praises manliness to get what women want.
  • Feminism unleashes the savage male beast. Femininity tames it.
  • Anger energizes the politics of Feminism. Indirectness and modesty empower the cultural and domestic leadership of Femininity.


I started the blog with commitment to explain what women never hear and expected to post a few dozen articles. Now at 2100 I have become relatively devoted and intend to continue the mindset.

Those of you who comment make my duty more pleasant and enjoyable. Thank you.



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1970. Compatibility Axioms #371-380

NOTE: I can’t say it often enough. I have no objections to the legal, political, and economic progress made by women. Advancements were deserved long before they were won. I address Feminism only as the public fallout impacts social and domestic life among men and women.

371. The feminist challenge to millennia-old patriarchy is the fundamental cause of incompatibility. It separates the sexes, because it uses outside help in the form of public pressure to help prove women right and men wrong. Thus, Feminism leads women away from their natural strengths and relationship expertise. Misdirected, women give up their instinctive art of screening men until they become worthy of capture. Instead of dreaming of upgrading their Mr. Good Enough into Mr. Right during decades of living together, they try to ‘convert’ him immediately before or after marriage. [134]
372. Feminist-think calls for human nature to work backwards. Nowadays, women cooperate with each other for advice about men and unify support against them. They compete with their man for dominance. The first tends to prevent and the latter tends to melt compatibility. [134]
373. When women think and act like men, it transmutes into loss of the female genius that every couple needs to build longevity together. Romantic love fades faster. Sexual love becomes her manipulative tool. Enduring love doesn’t become mutual. Marital vows shrink in importance. One or both spouses become itchy to make a better go of it with someone else. [134]
374. The human competitive spirit and modern social pressures push women to act more like men—♫ I can do anything he can do better. ♫ Women imagine success and frustration arises at the lack of it. Frustration pushes them to escalate until they become the irresistible force trying to move the immovable object. Thus, womanly frustration generates greater manly stubbornness. [134]
375. A man’s love is founded on respect. And men respect women that persistently uphold values and standards that uplift women relative to men but not at the expense of men. It includes values and standards that men don’t initiate but value people who do. Femininity builds such respect, and Feminism discourages it. [135]
376. One woman says this. “Men need femininity. They call it ‘color in a black and white world.’ It heals their wounds, soothes their spirits and recharges their batteries. It is one of the things men look for in their wives; someone who makes them more powerful by feeding them with their femininity.” [‘Claudia’ as quoted in Keys to the Kingdom by Alison A. Armstrong, PAX Programs, Inc., p. 151] [135]
377. Femininity reflects intense femaleness with politics removed. It includes female traits that women rely on naturally to fulfill their hopes and dreams. Qualities such as feminine mystique, female modesty, religious morality, faithful monogamy, female-defined manners, female-friendly social standards, compassionate values, holy matrimony, and an eager-to-reveal emphasis against offense to a woman’s sensibilities. Femininity generates personal power dealing with men, because it enables women to reduce the hormone storms of male dominance—sometimes into submission or at least toleration. [135]
378. When the female gender institutionalizes the feminine qualities just cited, men learn to respect females more than males. Their unconditional respect for women provides the foundation for the conditional respect for one woman who eventually transmutes into the enduring love that sustains compatibility for life. A man’s enduring love of one woman isn’t all that strong, if he lacks respect for her gender. Old-school mothers made it work. Our forefathers built American greatness out of wifely inspirations, expectations, encouragements, and gratefulness shrouded in femininity. [135]
379. Our foremothers knew male dominance has to be outsmarted and outmaneuvered and not squelched obviously. They generated and sustained compatibility very differently than modern women. First, they competed with other women for a man with sex out of the picture. Sex was the bonus after he qualified as worthy to be her husband and father of her children. Second, they cooperated with their husband and revealed their respect and gratefulness by pleasing him. [135]
380.Further, our foremothers exploited their femaleness to clarify two very different and cooperative roles as a couple—separate responsibilities for each. His domain was outside the home, hers inside. He was chairman, she was CEO. With clearly separated roles, they balanced relationship power without outside influence. [135]



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1965. Compatibility Axioms #351-360

NOTE: I report only on social and domestic relations and not legal, political, or economic arrangements wrought by Feminism.
351. Feminism is the philosophy of envy of men, the creed of anger at men, and the gospel of politics-first over men. Its inherent virtue equalizes female unhappiness for those living with a man.
352. Feminist doctrine: Don’t listen to what men have to say about the female sex. They’re jealous, biased, and besides that they are the enemy. [127]
353. Feminists blame character flaws for men that cheat. Women who cheat, however, are not flawed; they are justified by the inequities of patriarchy.
354. Without non-prostitute women to provide sex to married men, lack of opportunity pressures husbands to remain physically faithful whether they like it or not. [127]
355. Feminists insist on equal sharing of housekeeping and childcare responsibilities. Equality to feminists means they get their way. The process of seeking it, however, weakens mutual devotion. Being impossible to mutually achieve, the drive for equality both causes and sustains friction in a relationship. [127]
356. Feminists listen only to women about both men and Feminism. They ignore its impact on the male nature and blame men for not acting as women say they should, would, or could. [127]
357. Feminists convince females to abandon old school maturity-before-sex in favor of new school sex-before-maturity. Men get what they want most. Women gain sexual freedom, but they lose much of their natural ability to hold onto a mate. [127]
358. Feminism teaches women to rationalize a superior role for females, celebrate their independence from men, and compete against their man. It justifies a self-centered competitive rather than an us-centered cooperative spirit. Filling such a role belittles a man’s sense of significance, the loss of which is his greatest fear and especially with his mate. [127]
359. Feminists actively honor sexual freedom. Men relish the proliferation of uncommitted sex, but the Marrying Man seeks something very different. [127]
360. Feminists claim female independence as a woman’s right. Men let them have it and feel relieved at the consequent watering down of family responsibility. [127]


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1958. Compatibility Axioms #312-320


312. Over time, the feminist spirit in the home shows up as female self-absorption, disrespect or ridicule of masculine traits, and an in-your-face attitude. Men learn quickly that other choices are available elsewhere. [123]
313. The feminist spirit makes women ‘stand up inside’ just thinking about a man or men. Outcomes dilute mutual respect and make unconditional respect (e.g., chivalry) practically non-existent between the genders, which is toxic for relationships.  [123]
314. Feminist-inspired women justify female sexual freedom to copy men’s independence. The practice across society tremendously weakens a father’s influence raising daughters and discredits him as morality teacher for sons. [123]
315. Feminists blame character flaws for men that cheat. But without women to provide sex to married men, natural pressures mount for husbands to remain faithful whether they like it or not. Thus, other women destroy wives’ ability to maintain compatible marriages. (I don’t alibi for men but highlight how the masculine nature requires feminine influence to make habitual the honoring of vows.) [129]
316. Feminists insist on equal sharing of housekeeping and childcare responsibilities. The best intentions to equalize workload weaken mutual devotion. The male nature thrives on fairness and rejects equality as both friction-causing and impossible to achieve. [129]
317. Feminists listen only to women about men. They ignore its impact on the male nature and blame men for not acting as women say they should, would, or could. It makes men more defiant, argumentative, and hostile.   [129]
318. Feminists move females away from old school maturity-before-sex in favor of new school sex-before-maturity. Men win, women gain sexual freedom but lose the ability to hold onto one man.  [129]
319. Feminism teaches women to rationalize a superior role for females, celebrate their independence from men, and compete against their man. It justifies a self-centered competitive rather than us-centered cooperative spirit. [129]
320. Feminists actively honor sexual freedom. Men relish the proliferation of uncommitted sex, but the Marrying Man seeks something very different. [129]
321. Feminists claim female independence as a woman’s right. Men let them have it and welcome the consequent watering down of family responsibility. [129]

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1957. Compatibility Axioms #311

311. This is to introduce a specific set of axioms that will follow in the days ahead.

It exploded about 50 years ago. Compatibility was dumped into a hellish hand basket by the radical political movement that became Feminism. The articles in days ahead will cite many causes and effects, some connections and consequences, and lay groundwork for dozens of axioms that follow in this series. Also, I continue to avoid women’s political, legal, and economic issues and progress. I will focus  exclusively on social and domestic consequences.

Feminism crushed the concept of feminine dignity, devalued female prettiness, and destroyed the social construct of the lady and lady-like behavior. It mocked gentlemanly behavior, which taught men to focus primarily on sex appeal, which turned women exclusively into sex objects, which discouraged women from other-than-sexy appearance, which reduced the social value and self-worth of less naturally endowed women.

Feminism continues to immobilize women into classes of physical attractiveness, which focuses masculine interest on nines and tens, which weakens female ability to compete for men, which encourages women to more easily yield sex, which enables men to avoid living up to female standards and expectations, which turns females toward masculine-style sexual freedom, which uplifts men over women, which makes women second-class, which enlarges male dominance, which reduces husbandly responsibility, which weakens marital compatibility, which disappoints female hopes and dreams, which tears down the family unit, which threatens the American way of life, which energizes me to write this blog, and which convinces me that only women can improve their conditions both living among men and with one.

Following shortly in this series of Compatibility Axioms are many female-unfriendly concepts and thoughts brought to us by feminists and their political theories. Their impact against compatibility should be obvious.

P.S. I capitalize Feminism and use it as the polar opposite of Femininity.

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1380. Helicopter Momism

Many mothers micro-manage their children lives. They especially prevent or deny childhood experiences that help them mature with their peers. Often referred to as helicopter moms, they hover over their offspring. They’re unable to credit a child with the ability to take adequate care of him- or herself. Or, they’re so into themselves that they don’t feel important unless they overly direct, micro-supervise, and excessively nurture their kids with niceties and female pleasantries. It discourages the maturation of sons the most, so I focus there.

A son views himself as an aspiring or actual little man but always bigger than his ‘helo mom’ views him.  Too close supervision, too much nurturing, too much interference in simple things delay a boy’s maturing. He can’t grow with and keep up with his peers, and boys that don’t are teased, mocked, and shamed. Helo moms and especially single moms with an only child:

  • Visualize endless catastrophes striking their son. Her fearful imagination prevents him from learning to live with his natural and risky curiosity, emerging imagination, and developing judgment.
  • Violate their son’s self-image by speaking for him as if he can’t. She makes herself feel good by making him feel poorly. Repeated over time it prevents his developing self-confidence about his ability to tie thoughts with words.
  • Arbitrarily presume their son less emotionally mature than he is and prevent his taking risks that match his age.
  • Refuse to trust their son to do risky things slightly beyond his age so that he can mature more assertively through his own experiences.
  • Can’t release their toddler son where nurturing works well. A helo mom’s normal nurturing after toddlerhood treats him childishly.  
  • Micro-manages all he does for fear he won’t learn manners, won’t associate properly, or will do something wrong.
  • Extends lessons about right and wrong far beyond good and evil and into arenas that boys have no interest until girls inspire them in adolescence, such as femmy personal habits and standards about manners, cleanliness, orderliness, and neatness.
  • Opens and holds public doors for son to enter instead of teaching him how to show politeness to females.
  • Opens car door and belts son into his car seat. She can’t trust him to learn such simple tasks, which means she doesn’t trust her ability to get him to do the right things reliably.
  • Hauls him everywhere. She doesn’t trust him to bike, skate, or walk with peers.
  • Fears that outsiders will corrupt what she teachs, values, and expects. So, she keeps him glued as long as possible to her side. She even drags him along to social events where children’s presence is not appropriate.

Once a son enters school, mom isn’t a good proxy for experiencing life. Peers and adults help boys mature much better. Helo moms actually hold back their son’s maturation and help turn him into wimp, wuss, or worse.



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1134. Sex in a Nutshell: Modern Times

God designed, Nature endows, and hormones energize females to both withhold and provide sex in order to promote their self-interest. It:

  • Energizes females to gain advantage, which   
  • Induces males to follow the female lead regarding sexual relations, which
  • Motivates men to do whatever females require for men to have frequent and convenient access to sex, which
  • Splatters smack dab on the feminists’ political platform that promotes masculine-style sexual freedom, which
  • Encourages women to duplicate male behavior and especially the sexual, which
  • Provides men with cheap and easy access to sex, which
  • Enables men to ignore female hopes and dreams, which
  • Encourages men to overlook womanly worth and pursue sex instead of a good woman or effective wife, which
  • Makes men select wives for sex and hope they possess good wifely traits, which
  • Informs women they can bypass promoting good wifely traits and provide sex in order to capture a boyfriend/husband, which
  • Prompts women to compete with each other for boyfriends, lovers, and husbands, which
  • Breeds distrust among females; makes them more insensitive, hard-hearted, and prone to be unhappy; and drives them to men for close friendships;** which
  • Lowers female standards and expectations of men as husbands, which
  • Enables girls and new generations to outcompete older sister females and further lower standards and expectations for sexual access, which
  • Attracts men away from women their age and toward younger ones, which
  • Intensifies female drive to have a boyfriend/husband, which
  • Inspires women to copy masculine traits and techniques to elevate their status relative to men and outcompete sister females, which
  • Makes females less attractive to men for anything other than sex, which
  • Decreases the need for men to prove themselves worthy of women generally and one in particular, which
  • Relieves men of competing with men for female favor, which
  • Puts men in the role of competing directly with females for sex, which
  • Returns the ball to the females’ court and loops this endless process back to the top for further concentration of human behaviors around sex and against the best interests of women and children.

The cultural values surrounding cheap and easy sex thus grind female hopes and dreams into the ground of society. Recourse seems to be for women to become more like men, follow them into the trenches of work and war, and fabricate hopes and dreams that compensate for bypassing primal female urges.

Tomorrow, we’ll see the loop that better fulfills NATURAL female hopes and dreams.

**This bullet is germane and fits perfectly. It was inspired by Her Highness Violet and added a day after the rest of the post.


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