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2397. PROVERBS — Singles 05

  1. Her love magnifies with dreams. It intensifies as she realizes that her man of choice will adjust himself to help fulfill her girlhood hopes and dreams.
  2. Her past appears closer to virginity, when his imagination figures that all those other men must have failed too, because he can’t conquer her.
  3. Her refusals to permit a man’s conquest in spite of his maximum effort registers deep inside him as greater respect for her.
  4. Her unmarried sexual activity and his respect of her restraint work like a zero-sum game. The less activity, the more respect and vice versa.
  5. Holding out during a long courtship enables her to determine his true character and intention. She eventually figures out whether he’s after her or just sex.
  6. Hook up but no call? Shack up but no joy? Married but no peace? Then she better change herself, because men don’t or won’t.
  7. If he mistakes her friendliness for something else, she has uniquely subtle ways to turn him off without offense and the character to dissuade him with offense.
  8. If women don’t want to brighten their world by making themselves femininely attractive, men are released and will ‘uglify’ their world to their liking and style.
  9. In addition to encouraging more unmarried sex, feminist thinking prompts women to blame men for the consequent need of relationship maintenance.
  10. It’s poor choice to expect new man’s empathy or sympathy about her ex. He’s more curious to figure out how her behavior then will impact him now.



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2396. Women in Combat?????

At 2389 Her Highness My Husband’s Wife inquired of my take on women in combat. By now you’ve heard many pros and cons, so I offer a new view or two.

For many cultural and political reasons, I oppose women in combat. Anytime female interest is brought into the male workplace, anti-accomplishment troubles erupt. It’s not the women’s fault; it’s the mixing and constant remixing of differing and usually opposed emotional interests that surround strategy, tactics, and how to organize and achieve an  organization’s mission.

Women are born to proactively favor compassion over conflict, assertiveness over aggression, and peace over violence. The military is programmed to maximize advantage from conflict, aggression, and violence. Men fit that model much better than women. Because of natural interference while working together on strategy, tactics, and missions, combat capability suffers when women are made influential by virtue of rank. Combat effectiveness is close behind.

Men seek to avoid competing with women, except for first-time sexual conquest. It’s a strong preference, almost a restriction they are born with. OTOH, women by virtue of birth seek to cooperate, which of necessity is subordinate in a command-oriented organization. In combat, their natures become opposed and coordination harder at all hierarchical levels.

By their nature, women seek to avoid violence; they may be trained to overcome their natural resistance, but one very natural pause, slow reaction, or hint of compassion can get one—or worse, teammates—killed.

Women are the weakest link in preserving combat effectiveness. They are inculcated by Nature to find ways not to fight. Also, being the strongest link for shaping the American culture’s future and homefront, they are the strongest influence to shape the military toward being more peaceful, which is contrary to what’s needed for combat effectiveness.

Female leaders in battle face the enemy in both surprise and emergency situations. Their nature springs forth under the inevitable adrenaline surge and responds by instantaneously looking for the no-conflict, compassionate, gentler, or cooperative way out. After that, their military training enables them to turn to aggression and violence as path to follow. However, men instantaneously and naturally respond with aggression and violence necessary to reduce surprises and emergencies to their control, regardless of who or what they face.

The core of combat effectiveness is respect for leaders, especially one’s on-scene leaders when facing danger. If female combat leaders are not respected for their proficiency at the same level as male leaders, both combat capability and effectiveness suffer. Respect enforced by rank and policy do not convince men to respect female leaders at some effective level, regardless of bureaucratic intention. Only raw talent, superior knowledge, and admirable skills earn masculine respect. The law of averages says that few women have or deserve it when the fit hits the shan.

I’m not saying women can’t lead in battle or on the bureaucratic front. Women have a much more powerful role in society when they don’t copy masculine ways or upstage male leaders in matters that require conflict, aggression, and violence. Women are extremely more qualified than men in pulling people together in common but peaceful effort, while men are the opposite by virtue of their different nature.


Women in combat is another leftist, feminist, political, and purposeful step at alienating men from home, family, children, and female-desired loving relationships. Progressives, who dominate today’s political class, seek to sustain male-female animosity and unpleasantness in order to grow the need for bigger government and spending to resolve what government broke.

Combat is the latest indirect method of blaming men so women can escape responsibility for relationship troubles. That is, feminists taught women to act less feminine and more masculine, which pits the genders in direct competition, which men seek to avoid. It works against the direct interest of women. Consequently, women reach for excuses at men’s expense to compensate for not feeling comfortable with and grateful for themselves.

IOW, they don’t like themselves for who they are and so they blame men and adjust by duplicating masculine behavior—that is, more of the same. If you don’t like the gender to which you belong, how can you ever truly enjoy life as God or Nature makes it possible? (Enjoyment, incidentally, in which Progressives and political class elitists have no interest.)

Men have and work with the short view, the present. Women have and work with the long view, the future. Men are best able to control the present and shape human events. Women are best able to match up the future with female hopes and dreams and patiently work out the details for making it happen in female-friendly fashion. To do that, each woman does it best by using her man’s castle as her place of employment.

I’m not against women in the workplace; they deserve such freedom. It should be an individual choice, however, and not based on political propaganda that makes relationships malfunction and society unfriendly for females and children. As does government mandates to please minorities and override majority opinion, such as women in combat does.


Having examined for 65 years how people are motivated and for well over a decade how the genders are born differently, I conclude that American greatness flowed from feminine influence empowered by the Declaration of Independence and Constitution.

Men conquered the West, but wives civilized it. That is, wives told husbands what they didn’t and did want society to look like. Responding deliberately but proudly pleased with whatever they achieved, each generation of husbands continued to weave all the threads together to produce what American wives (not singles) desired to make society more family-, female-, wife-, mother-, and children-friendly. Husbands shaped human events to please their wives, who in turn pleased husbands with castle-building. Wives encouraged husbands to better satisfy themselves at their work, which helped improve prosperity for all.

The naturally developed outcome—our Judeo-Christian culture—empowered men as best able to dominate the workplace and society (i.e., what we all do), while women were empowered as best able to dominate the home and the culture (i.e., wives-developed values and standards that guide and we all predominately follow in shaping society into whatever it becomes). However, political activists smothered the process after World War II.


Nowadays, self-identified elitists empower themselves to control others with elitist-identified political pressure from which highly destructive political correctness has emerged as most noticeable weapon. Having been made fashionable to please feminists, political pressures now make society unlikeable to both genders. Society now operates contrary to mutually respectful acceptance of both genders, and it extends to combat capability and effectiveness.

Feminists and supporters want to dominate both workplace and shaping of human events, which means they presume to know best what men have felt responsible to do for millennia. So, they act like men and mistakenly presume men will accept it as women expect them to—hah!

Radical feminists set out to eliminate patriarchy; the unannounced implication being that matriarchy will soon replace it. They sought to reverse 7,000 years of history by putting men down, blame them, and expect them to acquiesce to feminist thought. The result has been the opposite; disrespectful male dominance increases, which doesn’t bode well for matriarchy or modern women and children. Men just shape human events in more aggressive and anti-female ways rather than the more polite ways they displayed with patriarchal dominance before Feminism.

Women deserve and can lead men. But their natures are compatible only when women do it indirectly and patiently and leave direct, impatient, and often offensive leadership to men. Wives of the past few centuries led husbands that way and together they generated several centuries of cultural progress and economic prosperity. The wives thus turned two male-dominated religions, Christianity and Judaism, into our female-dominated Judeo-Christian value system. The acceptance of women in combat crucifies the memory of those stubborn wives who insisted that society be shaped by men as women envision it, which enabled each woman to promote peace in her nest, harmony in husband’s castle, and successful development of all their children.


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2391. PROVERBS — Singles 04

  1. Feminism and Femininity are mutually exclusive. The former attracts women; the latter attracts men. Trying to blend a couple tends to exclude compatibility.
  2. Feminism dilutes mutual respect and makes unconditional respect (e.g., chivalry) practically non-existent within a couple. It’s a compatibility toxin.
  3. Feminism makes women think more like men, especially ‘me before you’ and ‘me before us’. Thus, they lose their natural expertise for holding a man.
  4. Feminists claim female independence as a woman’s right. Men let them have it and welcome the watering down of family responsibility and accountability.
  5. Flower gifts to men indirectly inflict guilt that her money was wasted at his cause. But, if it pleases her….
  6. Girls and women who play hard-to-get know what they do. Those who don’t do it teach males to benefit by using their own hard-to-get model, e.g., players.
  7. Girls don’t condition boys to respect females and domesticity, but they either help along the process that moms start or men don’t have it.
  8. Hard-headed feminine gentleness born out of her soft-hearted nature beguiles males. It adds to both her mystique and influence, because she’s so unlike men.
  9. Former relationships may be known to her man, but no mention should EVER be made or details disclosed about ex-boyfriends or ex-husbands.
  10. He practically begs to know her sexual history. He uses it to expect her sexual fidelity with him and may use it against her in disputes. Non-disclosure works best.


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2278. CAUSES and EFFECTS — Group 05

  1. Celebrity worship is female love to a fault. Wanting terribly to love someone, they lack a proper person. Girls go ga-ga over pop stars for lack of boyfriend and it’s exciting to them. Women worship celebrities for lack of having no one available or worthy enough of absorbing all their love.
  2. A woman’s worshipful admiration of celebrities demeans her self-respect and makes her individualism and independence dissolve in the eyes of others. Using unknowns as role models reveals her lack of respect of friends and family as worthy role models. (Those closest to her think they’re good enough and wish she could see it, but she doesn’t.)
  3. Progressive is the political umbrella under which Marxists, communists, socialists, fascists, anti-constitutionalists, anti-American liberals, and New World Order advocates hunker down, rely on propaganda to disguise their ideologies, and work together to hide their intentions from the people. Conspiracies abound, nothing happens accidentally, ideological differences arise only behind closed doors, those with power to act are never wrong, and one step back is okay if it follows two steps forward. Also, alert the public to what’s coming so that by the time it arrives, it’s old news, the media can ignore it, and public anger has lost its heat.
  4. Masculine appreciation of the female gender and a man’s love of a woman begins with self-respect that enables respect of someone else. Feminine appreciation of the male gender and a woman’s love of a man begins with her self-love that enables her to share it with someone else. (We can’t share or give what we don’t have in our hearts.)
  5. The subject is political correctness. Without constitution-based authority, people resent being told how they must act. They find ways to resist the expectations of people who evidently don’t respect them in the first place. A predominant majority of people accept and eventually find reason to conform to laws and social norms when they are free to choose. They are motivated to satisfy others because they are respected and trusted to live by their conscience. It used to be the standard American way, when mutual respect birthed mutual trust.


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2276. How the Marriage-worthy Female Appears

In the minds of men, you are no more attractive than you think you are. If you don’t look at least like a 9 or 10 in your mind’s eye, men won’t see you that way either. And men aren’t very eager to marry an 8 or less.

Upgrading yourself to a 9 or 10 requires a lot of mirror time and persistent appearance in public. You should attire and groom yourself until you fill with determined pride, fulfill and even expand your natural desire for vanity, and are guided by the need to appear your prettiest to all who see you.

If you don’t routinely dress up and look your best to stand out in every situation, then you miss many chances to meet good men of interest to you. If you don’t do it without regard for comfort, convenience, and cost, then you don’t pay the price of making yourself appear interesting enough to them.

How you appeal to men as a potential mate determines your lifetime destiny much more easily than sex appeal. Based on the nature of men, gals with the greatest potential to be invited to marry appear as a 9 or 10 to themselves and then use special techniques to confirm and retain that rating while dating and beyond:

A. Her attractive face, friendly demeanor, and eagerness to smile outshine sister females, which easily leads some man to believe that he can capture the best of the rest.

B. Her attractive body reflects a strong spirit of personal pride and determination, which keeps his curiosity attuned to her interests and his imagination attuned to pleasing himself in ways that he expects will please her.

C. She’s more feminine than sister females, which signifies that she appreciates high standards and likely intends to be more faithful than others.

D. She’s too modest to display hints of sexual willingness and purposely acts contrary to the habits of sister females, which means she’s her own woman.

E. Out of her behavior sprouts mysteries of what’s really in her heart, which attracts him to more deeply involve himself with what motivates her, which inquisitiveness favorably keeps him near her in order to settle both his curiosity and imagination.

As they date, she inherits other burdens to sustain the 9 or 10 rating. Here are a few suggestions:

  1. She’s unwilling to be talked into something against her belief or character, which makes her more likely to be predictable in his future.
  2. She has an attitude that sex is far less important than other relationship matters, which teaches him that she has strong values, high standards, and specific expectations that may help sustain any marriage they may enter.
  3. She doesn’t try to convince but only to be convinced, which puts her in the role of buyer, which silently teaches him that he must be the seller if he wishes to win her.
  4. She listens well and teaches herself how to get every man talking about himself, which enables her to judge much better his character and future promise as her husband than by her talking.
  5. She understands the principle that there’s no such thing as motivation; there’s only self-motivation, which keeps her from going overboard to get her way at his expense.

Every successful relationship starts with how she makes herself appealing and thereby appears to him. And they run into each other and start relationships in the most unusual places and unexpected times. That’s why she shouldn’t leave home without the conviction that she’s as close to a 9 or 10 as possible.


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2271. Dark Side of Feminism: The Swamp of Ill-feeling

I aim at the gender level, ladies, so don’t take it personal except the sentence surrounded by asterisks.

The male and female natures inherited at birth have been socialized and domesticated into habits that work contrary to how we are born. Default conditions are ignored because of pressures designed by political activists. I don’t alibi for either sex but blame Feminism to explain how and why compatibility has sunk into the swamp of ill-feeling toward the opposite sex.

Feminists taught women to blame men for female problems. Doing so put women in the role of acting contrary to their nature, contrary to where their heart leads them. *As the direct response, single women soften their natural hard-headedness and married women harden their soft-heartedness.*

Men aren’t as much offended as they are disappointed in females. Men think: I want to cooperate but with all the crap you pull, why should I?

As women go so goes society and we all do what makes us feel good about ourselves; women do it with little regard for how it registers with men. The combination causes men to harden up their hard-headedness and refuse to soften up their natural hard-heartedness. Men are disappointed because they are discouraged from being heroes to the opposite sex, which gives every indication of being in distress but undeserving of masculine help.

Feminism changed all women; it’s now a universal spirit. Women can’t resist being convinced that they deserve better than whatever men produce and provide. They measure men by how men treat them instead of how men measure themselves by what they accomplish. That difference rocks compatibility.

Adopting feminist thought, women don’t or can’t abandon their natural motivational baseline, which bastardizes their motivational drive and produces results that further confuse the female mind, and which earns disrespect in the male mind.

She tries to bond with sex but men don’t. She abandons modesty to be liked and men don’t respect her. She forgoes mystery that fires up the male imagination and favors full disclosure that kills male curiosity. She expects boyfriend to be loyal to her but she doesn’t first earn his respect. She expects husband to be faithful but tries to change him. She builds his castle on fashion and her reputation with women and disregards his desire for a functional recovery and resting place. She weakens his comfort and daily recovery by insisting to keep a perfect appearance within the home. She tortures him with petty requests to do what she can easily do herself. She commands his presence without respecting his other obligations. She doesn’t respect his family but she wants them to do what she expects. She ranks her children over her man and expects him to peacefully play second fiddle to her music score. She ignores her heart by letting others convince her its undependable to protect and promote her interests. She wants to make sure he knows that her needs and wants are more important than his.

By trying to either be more like men or get them to act more like females, women confuse themselves. They are unable to produce the outcomes they long for. Men wish it were otherwise, but modern women are propagandized to listen to women instead of men. It’s more a gender than individual happening; by blaming men, women escape guilt for causing relationship failures. Much as the radical feminists anticipated it five decades ago.

On the other side of the ledger, the male nature stubbornly rejects feminist theory. Men stick to mostly following their nature, which of course is never all that admirable to women. Men learn in life that particular behaviors annoy the heck out of women and—when inclined to please their woman—they avoid the annoyances. However, when blamed, they easily convince themselves that ‘I don’t appreciate what she does, why please her?’, which pushes them back toward their self-centered, hard-headed, and hard-hearted nature.

So, what else is new? He takes me for granted. He never shows enough affection. His job comes before me. He won’t help with housework. He won’t help enough with the kids. He won’t clean or pick up after himself. He’s a slob around the house. He spends our money on his toys. He’s so selfish he doesn’t know the meaning of ‘us’. He wants sex whether I’m ready or not. He never wants to take my family into consideration. He loves our daughter but expects too much from our son. He thinks I should be able to handle a full-time job and housework with no help and no problems. He talks a good game but doesn’t produce when the chips are down.

Those are symptoms of men who don’t care if they annoy their woman or they purposely do it out of some real or imagined spite. Men aren’t that opposed to cooperation unless they want to save face.

Blaming a man shows disrespect and men tire easily of it. They expect to be respected and appreciated and to measure it by her displays of obvious gratitude, which also endorses his likeability to her and her willingness to be loyal to him.

Thus, the pointy finger of blame continues to mock compatibility and flood the already full swamp of ill-feeling toward the opposite sex.


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2205. Compatibility Axioms #731-740

  1. Loose and shapeless bras and sweats provide comfort, but unadvertised assets generate little curiosity. If she has no incentive to show herself off to the max, then he figures his max will not be required. So, she starts off in the hole. [253]
  2. Women dress erotically to capture a man. They attract attention and may be taken off the shelf and even taken home. But eroticism promotes sex, not loyalty for the whole product. [253]
  3. A keeper advertises and packages herself to keep sex in the background, because that keeps male minds focused on her star quality. [253]
  4. Cleavage draws a man’s eyeballs downward and his thoughts to nestling there. Good advertising works! Does the rest of her appearance sell her for much beyond sex? [253]
  5. Modern females make sloppy, careless, and slovenly fashionable. They slouch a lot as men do. They do this although men feast with their eyes, and husbands expect a wife they are proud to show off. [253]
  6. There will be never enough money until you have so much that ‘enough’ is never thought of. [254]
  7. Control of money will always be more important than amount available. It requires a decision process. We call it the pain that heals, or simply ‘budgeting’. [254]
  8. The budgeting process keeps a couple focused on improving their lives. With the force of self-imposed rules, it pushes them to do in the present what they need for their future. [254]
  9. Feminism promotes ‘get in his face’ as the way to protect a woman’s interests. It nullifies her natural strength for shaping a man’s behavior. [255]
  10. Men don’t voluntarily abandon the hormonal urge of being a man. But they enlarge their roles in life when coached to do so by one woman. Since improvement requires a man to change, respect is her key to the operating room, submissiveness her surgical instrument. [255]


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