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2777. Well-liked Article (#23 posted in 2007)

Femininity, once a source of power and eliteness for females, has been made an object of scorn and ridicule by feminists. Women no longer appreciate that femininity adds color to a man’s black and white world, as one woman explains to Alison Armstrong in her book, Keys to the Kingdom.

Feminists consider men as undeserving of special attention and care. Yet, they eagerly provide what makes men highly appreciative—that is, frequent, convenient, inexpensive, and unobligated sex. That contradiction works directly against women looking for the Marrying Man and seeking marital success.

Feminism demeans the male nature in order to promote the status and political power of females. Femininity appreciates the male nature, applauds manliness, and empowers men to provide relationship stability, safety, and security.

Feminism focuses on making men unnecessary and dispensable in order to uplift females in legal, political, and economic circles and social and domestic stature. Femininity focuses on the high value and indispensability of men in order to uplift women and children above the depredations of extreme male aggression—and in today’s environment—the threat of child molesters.

Feminism rejects as undeserving both castle-building and hut maintenance for a man. Femininity kisses frogs, treats princes as royalty, and specializes on lavishing warmth and affection on everyone in the king’s castle.

Feminism politically empowers females to act like roosters and emulate the man of the house. Femininity endows females with the self-worth, self-image, and self-confidence to rule their rooster by letting him appear to rule the roost.

Feminism produces an attitude of ingratitude for manly behavior that pushes men away—except for their relentless pursuit of sex. Femininity produces an attitude of gratitude that attracts men and uses each female’s personal assets and appealing attractions to hold a man.

Feminism elevates sex above marriage, encourages eroticism, accepts promiscuity, stimulates pornography, allows sexual activity among children, and fails to discourage such things when opened for public discussion. Femininity subordinates sex to marriage, rejects eroticism out of modesty, disdains promiscuity as alien to relationship success, educates against porn as destructive to kids and family, protects children from adult sexual license, and promotes civilized behavior as keeping sex confined to the marital bed.

Feminism discourages women from chastising men who exploit their masculine advantages. Feminists expect to change the male nature to reduce male strengths. Femininity capitalizes on male strengths, compensates for weaknesses of both sexes, and eagerly helps build and maintain a man’s castle, since women are made potentially compatible with men by their drive to nest, nurture, and nestle with loved ones.

Feminism relies on and promotes the masculine games of might-makes-right, rule of man, and winning is more important than how one plays. Femininity relies on and promotes the females’ instinctive preference for right-makes-might, rule of law, and how one plays the female friendly game.

Feminism discourages male adoration in spite of a lot of female wishful thinking. Femininity inspires male adoration with little effort, because of female reliance on letting nature take its course in spite of feminist politics.

Feminism produces principles and ideology that divide the sexes as feminists try to conquer the political agenda. Femininity uses principles and ideology that unite and unify couples into stable and long-lasting families.

Feminism insists that women have the same capability as men for producing, providing, protecting, and problem-solving. Femininity supplies glory and high values that energize the unique ability of men as wartime defenders, peacetime providers, anytime protectors of women and children, and reliable solver of family problems.

Feminism reverses the best interest of females by restructuring social values that enable men to dominate more successfully. The traditional family is not essential. Men are not essential to female happiness. To show female independence, women are pushed to compete directly with their man, which men refuse to accept. Mothers are not responsible to civilize boys; someone else should do that even though modern boys are becoming more violent, disrespectful of authority, and take greater advantage of young girls. Femininity endorses and promotes the opposite.


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2774. Well-liked Article (#1 posted 11/23/07)

  • Feminism Indicted: Feminism is the philosophy of envy of men, the creed of anger at men, and the gospel of politics in relationships. Its inherent virtue equalizes unhappiness for women seeking or living with a man.
  • Femininity Acquitted: Femininity is the philosophy of attractiveness for self, the creed of faithfulness with men, and the gospel of devotion to one man. Its inherent virtue civilizes men, balances male dominance, suppresses male aggressiveness, inspires men to prove their worthiness, and rewards men for acting responsibly as both husband and father.
  • Feminism discourages male adoration of women. Femininity inspires it.
  • Feminism demeans masculinity to get what women want. Femininity praises manliness to get what women want.
  • Feminism unleashes the savage male beast. Femininity tames it.
  • Anger and blame energize the politics of Feminism. Indirectness and modesty empower the cultural and domestic leadership of Femininity.
  • And with thanks to Mary Wumths: Feminism seeks equality between the sexes. Femininity recognizes the differences between the sexes and uses it to female advantage.


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2713. Feminism Revisited

Feminism adds this fatal flaw to female-think. She can’t be wrong compared to man-think. History of patriarchy and inequality justify whatever she decides is right, and so her man must yield to her dominance whenever she expects it. Even though equality breeds more inequality, it is her due. The male nature is the culprit, and feminist values and expectations must reign. Men are politically and legally forced to go along, even though it twists human nature away from the natural course of life as compatible mates.

Accused of being wrong without opportunity to defend oneself hurts men directly; they fight back. We all learn to avoid what hurts. However, men don’t admit they hurt, but they cuss and fight back anyway. It often takes the form of serving up revenge on a cold plate; they will get their way sometime and some way; e.g., they squabble and he reminds and uses her sexual history to win the argument

In the end, women lose manly respect and don’t get what they really hope to achieve. They oftentimes inspire men to produce the opposite. (Among women of middle age, I see so many bare ring fingers and so few couples enjoying slack time together.)

Relationships founded on feminist conviction strip the male nature of relevance. Men pressured into the backseat of a relationship have little interest in pleasing their driver-mate. Even though they already hold the superior position, women are convinced they must elevate themselves relative to men, and they accept the false belief they can get what they want out of life by keeping men in some subordinate role. They expect to win a man’s devotion and loyalty with love and feminist ideals reinforced with frequent and convenient sex; it will ultimately lead to happiness, if he will just go along as she says and expects.

It’s seemingly unknown, but men have virtually nothing to do with female happiness, which comes from each woman’s gratefulness for who she is and gratitude for the people and things involved in her life. A man makes little or no contribution toward it. Until, that is, she finds tremendous and overbearing gratitude for who he is and what he does to fulfill her life. Her gratitude for him begins to form as she fits him in with all else in her life. Therefore, he can’t be both. If he can be blamed for anything, a limit exists on how worthy he is of her gratitude, which impedes her happiness.

Thus, by finding her man short of her feminist expectations, she initiates the process by which her happiness fails to rise up to her female expectations. A man doesn’t develop a woman’s happiness. He satisfies himself that he sustains his marriage doing what he does best—providing and protecting. If she’s grateful for who he is and what he does, she’s happy with him today and her happiness for later life accumulates with kids and grandchildren in whom she finds more gratitude. Happiness without gratefulness for her man is a glass half full — or  maybe half empty.

Accusation without masculine representation in the feminist-inflicted court of political correctness puts women in the dominant seat of male-female relations. In exchange, however, they give up their superior ability and forego a female’s expertise to build and manage relationships, which weakens a woman’s self-gratitude, which weakens her gratefulness for other people and the stuff of life, and which melts down her happiness before it can accumulate into very much for her to enjoy in whatever later life she has promised herself.

So, for those women unable to find happiness in life, let them blame the root cause, Feminism.


P.S. I applaud the legal, political, and economic advancements of women in the past half century. They both deserve and earned it.

However, the baby drained out with the bath water. Women ignore the motivational force of the male nature. They abandon their female nature and ignore their relationship expertise in the social and domestic arenas. They now get what they want except a man to live with happily ever after.

In the natural course of compatible life together, men become what women expect of them. The political class makes enemies of men and women. Consequently, today’s women expect today’s men to fail as compatible mates—and so they do.


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2695. Sex Differences No Longer Matter

There’s an old navy abbreviation, O.B.E.—overtaken by events, obsolete, and no longer expected to work as previously.

The feminist changeover of America grows older and bolder, and it makes knowledge of sex differences OBE. Interest in this blog also becomes OBE.

Trends tell us what’s coming. Dating is well on the road to becoming outmoded. By way of meeting and greeting others, friendly hook up rises in popularity. Immature college campus values and standards now convert mainstream maturity to immaturity under the excuse of feminist-think.

In the feminist model of cultural change, restrictions on sexual encounters move toward personal taste and away from moral, religious, and female-friendly principles. It foretells two effects:

1) One’s taste varies greatly compared to living by standards and principles, and so it foreshadows relationships that struggle without a backdrop of firm beliefs to guide the partners.

2) In the not too-distant future, and perhaps already here, less than highly attractive women will be less likely to find a suitable mate. A man’s taste begins with a woman’s appearance and is enhanced by her virtues. Sex without the experience of chaste dating means no incentive to discover her weaknesses that lead to conquest, which would normally lead to his uncovering qualities he can admire, aka virtues. Men seek to marry a virtuous woman, but if a man has no need to discover her weaknesses, her virtues don’t appear to him. Men don’t look for virtues, they discover them in the process of dating and trying to bed her. Without discovering her virtues and they subsequently marry, he does so with too little info to stick with her. His taste changes when romantic love fades, for example, and she’s not virtuous enough to keep him attached.

Women expect to develop successful relationships, but without dating they have little with which to negotiate and manage their relationships. They can plead old school cultural values and standards, rules that granny passed down, but those are OBE since the earliest stages of feminist-think.

Female interest in sex differences fade as feminist-think convinces women that men are no darn good as currently positioned in society. Consequently, feminist-inspired women either act like men or disrespectfully ignore how men are different.

Powerful feminist-dedicated women capture and hold wimpish men alongside. Less powerful women go with hopes and dreams unfulfilled. By exploiting sex differences, every woman has power over a man. By the female gender exploiting feminist values, standards, and expectations, many women are rendered powerless because it works contrary to their feminine nature and initiates confusion. A confused woman can’t hold a good man as her mate, so she looks for other options.

Since society is what we all do and culture is why we do it, feminists have conquered the culture and convinced us that men are no good and women should rule. Men have not been asked but forced to play the feminist game. The repercussions may not be pretty for women; men have been known to serve revenge on a cold platter. I daily see the lack of manly respect being shown to women; they are valued no more highly than other men. It may get worse.

This post began as a plea for questions about the no-dating scene and how women can become successful dealing with men in the quickie hook-up arena. I seek new info about what’s happening across society, so I can figure out how women can be more successful when sex differences aren’t recognized as important.

I welcome all questions and anecdotes about what’s happening as dating becomes OBE.


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2668. Superior vs. Dominant Gender — 01

I sense a rant coming on. When sex is everything, no room exists for recovery. Example, what does relationship recovery look like for women today? We are six or seven sub-generations* deep into Feminism. Is it paying off for women in their relationships with men?

Modern women don’t know jack about Jack and not enough about Jill. The sexes are born very different, yet cultural and political trending add constant pressure for them to be more alike. Unisex is no longer a popular term, but the pressure to achieve it is certainly common. (Toilets according to personal preference?)

Women routinely let a man’s sexual pleasure—and perhaps some claimed by her—to substitute for what they can no longer get reliably out of one man. Examples: brighter future for her, permanent relationship, mutual respect, mutual love, likeability based on persona rather than sexual compatibility, sexual fidelity, his duty to stay following a surprise pregnancy, fulfilled moral obligations, dependence on him, two-parent home, fathering their children, he provides and protects, family leadership, lifetime marriage. Oh, she might get a few of those, but her nature craves all of those benefits to be available with one man in her life.

Women can’t get what they want out of players and modern men, unless they agree that sex is everything or at least enough. Men don’t have much more to offer, because they don’t have too. Women are too liberal with their expectations about men. They can’t get their way except temporarily by yielding, can’t get what they expect to get except as they play the man’s game of cheap and easy sex. They rationalize that it’s enough in order to have their own man or avoid being dumped. They also swallow their pride, self-respect, and ability to negotiate for a better life for her and her kids.

Women themselves destroy the worth of their natural superiority at virtually no cost to men. No negotiations about obligations; just give aways that enable men to always win in the present but women lose for their future. Men by nature manage the present but ignore the future; they can handle whatever comes, which in itself—if not influenced by a well-loved woman—is enough to ruin a woman’s future.

Both sexes are born to get their way associating with other people. Jill straddles the wave of sexual freedom with legs spread, while Jack enjoys the greatest unobligated pleasures. Jack keeps promoting endless sex by endorsing political propaganda, media culture, and masculine habits of dealing with conquered females as disposables. Women fall for it, and men and women become enemies pretty much as planned by radical feminists and political revolutionaries more than half a century ago.

Women destroy their superior ability by favoring male dominance. They lower themselves to the level of men for the pleasure of sex and thereby lift responsibility from men to help care for their offspring. Men will keep forever the lid on that jar of life.

Only the crossing of female legs outside of marriage can restore a woman-governed society as once existed in America. Only marriage-obligated sex can recover manly respect of females, enable femininity to overpower feminist thought, enable men to appreciate ruling the marriage and family while wife runs both, and make it happen by utilizing the natural superiority of the female sex.

We are all born to get our way with others, which means that competition is the lifeblood of human interaction. Calm and peaceful competition depends on mutual respect, each gender for the other. Those days are long past; single men have virtually no respect for females, as evidenced by both the habits and growing popularity of players. Other men may have some respect left. Of course, if men are blamed, they claim that women are respected, but it’s a dumbed-down version caused by women not standing up for themselves.

Men get their way by out-competing other men, but they rely on the threat of—men have little else—physicality to dominate females. Women get their way by competing with women. They are well-born to outwit, outsmart, and outmaneuver men. But they are highly restricted, if they don’t use their physicality of crossed legs to capture and win sincere obligations by one man who chooses her as his.

Women have sexual assets that men will pay to access. If men don’t have to pay much, they can orbit through and around the female neighborhood satisfying manly urges with freedom. Hit and miss but never left out in the cold of female disapproval for not trying hard enough, for not meeting female values, standards, and expectations.

Unattractive women have less hope of capturing a man; their female sisters keep most of the men occupied and satisfied. With sex on his mind all the time, such as with players, only attractive dolls fit the bill. Gals with more than sex to offer don’t come into view, aren’t noticed, and are not observed long enough for their qualities to be admired, virtues uncovered, and for men to learn that sex isn’t everything.

Women are superior except when they forego or forget their strengths in order to have temporary boyfriend, husband, lover, ex, or just be popular. It enables men to exploit their dominance without competition. Women no longer get their way, unless its by endorsing the man’s game of sexual freedom.


*I count a sub-generation as six or seven years, because that’s how often boys and girls separate themselves from the previous generation with their choices in toys, music, apparel, habits, taste, chit-chat, preference to associate with peers, and adolescent openness with their unique personal bias. As adults, each sub-generation has its own hard-to-distinguish identity, but the latest is deeper into Feminism than previous ones.


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2626. How Can Women Recover?

It’s only anecdotal, but some college girls now keep their own booty lists and call and ask if they can visit guys for sex. According to one guy, campus gals are not just unrespectable but unlikable. His view: They act too much like men to be appealing.

It’s a societal trend that worsens. Men perceive women dumbing themselves down; women trash masculine usefulness to favor womanly boldness. Women figure as long as they can get their way as men used to do, they are winning to move their gender away from patriarchy. Thus, the feminist view moves forward, and politics replaces common sense in the relationship arena.

We are all born to get our way with others. Society settles disputes with common sense that now fades under the pressure of political correctness. Men have no recourse for getting their way except to rely on male dominance.

The downward trend continues as females reject the idea of earning the respect of men, even though a man’s love of woman is based on respect. Women fulfill the feminist objective of making enemies of the genders. They smother the institution of family with intentions and practices to act more like men, as if men seek to marry masculine women.They slaughter masculine interest of living with a woman for anything but sex and economic benefit, both of which lack bonding and are mostly temporary.

A perceptive newbie inspired this post. She reacted to my statement that modern practices by women make men think that a woman’s love is neither desirable, meaningful, useful, nor in a man’s best interest. Miss Green at 2625 inquired, “how do we turn it around?

First,  “we” don’t. It works on the societal level. It took a half-century to degenerate this far, and could take more to recover, but it hasn’t started yet.

Second, individuals can recover. I propose each of you learn to overcome for yourself, which is fairly easy except for two things: time to screen many more men and keep faith and confidence in yourself. Handling those exceptions can be done best by using the following.

Third, become more independent relative to women. Make over your thought processes about your life and how to make a success of your life with a husband. Listen more to your heart than your mind.

  • ID those feminist traits you may have picked up over the years and reverse them in mind and heart; e.g., 1) you think men are to blame, drop it. They may be, but you have to be unique to recover for yourself. 2) Refuse to accept political correctness as an ingredient for managing your life.
  • Quit listening to women about men; in fact, forget what you’ve learned. It’s nowadays contaminated with feminist-think. What women say does not necessarily apply to you and the men with whom you will be dealing.
  • Pay intense attention to every man of every age, what they say, and particularly how they act. Form new opinions on what you learn doing it. You have an immense talent for reading men, but you have to specialize in using it. What men say may not be honest; what they do reflects honesty, but you know that in your heart.
  • Make yourself unique from all the other gals, even those who think like you. Women like to think and act like a herd, because they lack confidence and seek confirmation about common concerns that help deal with men and husbands. It’s a failed concept. If not, men would also act like the herd which requires one to give up individuality and independence, and men don’t do that until charmed by one woman with whom they have the overwhelming urge to live with forever.
  • Your life will work best if you develop two habits each morning before your largest mirror. 1) Study and carry out the procedure described in posts 2123-2127. 2) Read the next bullet to yourself as a daily mantra in front of the mirror; it will program your attitude to do what’s best for you.
  • Men marry women who are not like the rest of the herd. Men marry feminine mystery, feminine modesty, feminine uniqueness, feminine monogamy, feminine manners, feminine attractiveness, feminine character, feminine trustworthiness, feminine independence, feminine stability, feminine reliability, feminine respect for others of every ilk, feminine focus on the future, feminine reliance on a man’s judgments about the present, feminine separation from other women except as relief from the doldrums of putting her life in feminine order sufficiently well enough to satisfy her mate into being satisfied with himself. Each man knows what feminine is to him, and so give femininity all you got. (Femininity is defined as opposite of Feminism.)
  • As to female love, women oversell themselves on it. Can’t blame them because their importance is built around having and sharing it. However, it isn’t all that important to men except as signal that he’s still okay for her.
  • After marriage, the way to inject your heart into a man’s heart is to learn to love your life together more than you love him. Not really from your view, but that’s what he expects. You will generate a life together that has him in the center—fully accredited, of course—but you make everything happen that satisfies him with your performance. If you study post 2558 you will learn how it balances out in life. In a successful marriage, he loves the responsibility of his marriage more than he loves you. Of course, in daily interaction it only seems that way, but it make marriage successful.
  • In dating and courtship, keep the marriage bullet above in mind but work it differently. Make him earn you; you help shape his thinking but he focuses on the present and so you have to forget the future while he wins you. Decide NOW just how a man should honor your dignity, self-respect, status, stature, and standards. Yield nothing including your personal history without his earning it—and never your sexual history regardless of how he probes. The more he earns the more of himself he invests, and men don’t walk away from deep investments of self.
  • Screen each guy for red flags and disqualify those who appear not good enough. Don’t take risks until you are sure that you can live with his shortcomings.
  • Make this your attitude but about which you say nothing. You will yield sex after marriage. With the attitude but no words or explanations, he has to date you more because his primary mission is to bed you. The longer you hold out, the more he invests himself. While dating, he looks for weaknesses that will make you yield.
  • Finding nothing but your strength against yielding, he uncovers qualities that he can admire. Such qualities are virtues to a man, and men seek to marry a virtuous woman. In today’s social marketplace, feminine is the essence of virtue.
  • So, the longer you hold out, the more marry-able you become and more likely he will propose—eventually, that is, because his decision is a three-phase process described in post 2558.

Your life is whatever you make it, and men play a vital role whether you marry or not. Courting all men with feminine charm—but no giveaways except to husband—makes you unique and sought after by many men. The ones who won’t invest themselves in you are not good enough for you, so it should become standard practice to put many guys—uninvestigated by you—back in the parade that passes through your life. Caution: There’s no such thing as Mr. Right until you’ve charmed and coached husband over a decade or two.

When enough women follow the model described above, society may turn on its heels and reverse course. That being many years in the future, however, individual women can have much better control of their lives before then.


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2582. More Tips for Women — 16

  1. Feminism and Femininity are mutually exclusive. The former attracts women; the latter attracts men. Trying to join as a couple, Feminism in her tends to polarize their interests and weaken their connection, whereas Femininity does the opposite.
  2. Feminism dilutes mutual respect and makes unconditional respect (e.g., chivalry) practically non-existent within a couple. It’s a compatibility toxin.
  3. Feminism makes women think more like men, especially ‘me before you’ and ‘me before us’. Thus, they lose their natural expertise for holding a man.
  4. Feminists claim female independence as a woman’s right. Men let them have it and welcome the watering down of family responsibility and accountability.
  5. Flower gifts to men indirectly inflict guilt that her money was wasted at his cause. But, if it pleases her….
  6. Girls and women who play hard-to-get know what they do. Those who don’t teach males to benefit by using their own version of hard-to-get model, e.g., players.
  7. Girls help condition boys to respect females and domesticity. If they don’t help along the process that moms start, then adult men lack respect for women and interest in domestic life.
  8. Hard-headed feminine gentleness born out of a woman’s soft-hearted nature beguiles males. It adds to both her mystique and influence, because she’s so different from men.
  9. A woman’s former relationships may be known to her man, but no mention should be made or details disclosed about ex-boyfriends or ex-husbands—especially their sexual abilities.
  10. He practically begs to know her sexual history. He uses it to expect her sexual fidelity with him and may use it against her in disputes. Non-disclosure works best.


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