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2746. Wisdom from Miss Gina #4

Thanks to Miss Gina for amplifying post 2745, When Ladies Reign, Men Pay More Attention. She speaks clearly, so I quote her.

“I totally agree with your comments.

“Ladies, don’t expect other women to cheer you on as you become more feminine and adopt higher standards! In fact, you are likely to see more attempts to bully and stab you in the back. You may be unceremoniously and unkindly dumped by females you thought were friends, as well. Your newfound feminine confidence (and friendship with God) will move you forward, though. Other women are thinking, “Who does she think she is? She’s no better than the rest of us.” And of course, in a sense, you aren’t, but you do recognize the great value that God has placed inside each of us, whereas they don’t. You also have come to realize that having the best in life doesn’t come easily, whereas they want something for nothing. This is just a natural sifting as you change your stature in the world, because you will also notice greater acceptance from those few other women who think and act as you do.

“Once they have seen that they can’t drag you back to their level, you may also eventually notice that the former women start taking better care of themselves and being more feminine, as well, but they probably won’t tell you it’s because of your influence.

“Meanwhile, a high-value lady will notice a definite increase in interest from men of all types, from little boys to elderly men. (More reason for the loser girls to be mad…) Much of this interest will show itself in the form of gentlemanly behavior. Men and boys both just want to talk with a pretty, feminine woman. (OK, other stuff, too…but all men *do* enjoy talking with a clever, kind, and attractive lady–and just doing so can make their day.) Men intrinsically understand work, value, and price. Of course many will try to get something for nothing, but they are very conscious of the concept, nonetheless.”

Thank you, Miss Gina.




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2739. Disclosure Drowns Her Mystique — I

In another media, a lady inquired on a subject that could stand refreshment.

“Btw, Sir Guy, there is some dating advice out there that says that in order to connect deeply with a man’s heart we need to show our vulnerable side…our feelings. Men live in their heads so to connect with their hearts they need a woman who is connected to hers. We are supposed to speak in ‘feeling messages’ like ‘that film made me feel really nostalgic” – etc. What is your take on this?” (Error in the bolded phrase is described in Section II.)

Section I

My take? Good women beware! It’s garbage for the long range future of a woman. First, it’s not likely to get much out of men. Second, men don’t appreciate unearned gifts, so she’s not helping herself.

Sharing one’s emotions is just a shortened version of full disclosure. More importantly, it’s a feminist technique to shorten the road to bed with a man who’s not pursuing or approaching conquest fast enough. She’s anxious to have sex with him; why is he so slow?

If a woman has any of the following hopes or wishes unloading and expecting him to match her level of emotional disclosure, it defeats her expectation.

  • She’s hard-to-get and intends to use it to screen men better for good enough qualifications.
  • She’s interested primarily in a long term relationship, hopefully married with enough kids to satisfy her later with grandchildren.
  • She has a hard time believing what men have to say about themselves, and so she wants to associate with one for a longer time before she commits much of herself.
  • She feels comfortable when other don’t know what and who she is or is all about. IOW, she has agendas that she wants to keep personal until she’s married or nearly so.
  • She expects to get her way later in life negotiating two-sided decisions in a compatible relationship.
  • She expects not to be dominated by a strong-willed man who refuses to respect her inputs for marital decisions.
  • She expects to compete with a man before marriage in order to make sure that she knows who he is and what to expect before she accepts his proposal.
  • She expects to reserve her cooperative spirit until they are married. She expects to get her way before that.

Men neither think nor act as women do in emotional matters. More importantly, when a man knows a woman’s emotional makeup, he can imagine her reactions to his initiatives. That is, he can get inside her heart and mind to please himself, know what red flags to avoid for the present, how more easily to cover his mistakes, hide his ultimate intentions, give her the words she likes to hear, and otherwise fulfill his various agendas that work to her disadvantage.


NOTE: Full disclosure was covered at post 383 as contrary to hard-to-get.

Section II tomorrow at 2740.


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2730. Life Made Simpler for Women — 08

  1. Women imagine that by looking younger than their age, they can become more maritally attractive and sexually meaningful. Not so, except in the eyes of immature men who linger mentally in adolescence, adultolescents. To the mature man, she younger than he is more bonus than essential.
  2. A man who has little or no respect for the female gender also lacks a healthy dose of self-respect. Hoping to earn more self-respect, he tends to commit this ‘crime against wife’. He seeks to impose near-complete control over decisions, wife, and life together. He ignores the biblical imperative about how to love his wife but uses it to demand her submission.
  3. Little or no respect for women in a man generally means the same for individual females. Control minimizes his listening to her, disrespects her opinions, reduces her influence, and demeans her role as mate. In effect, such men disallow their wives to nest, much less build his castle. He confirms his control and earns self-respect by blaming her for her inadequacies and his dissatisfactions. His view is paramount; hers is seldom acceptable.
  4. When women dress as girls, or try to copy girlish appearance or sexual manner, they reveal their teenage mindset. It attracts men with the same mentality, as in adultolescents.
  5. Men know that beauty ages with the body. A mature man can be easily satisfied if his wife keeps herself attractive enough overall in spite of the disappointments of aging. Moreover, beauty becomes much less important as the years pass and other factors satisfy him much more easily with their life together.
  6. After marriage, her likeability is far more important than her beauty. It’s not how young she looks. It’s how well she keeps him satisfied that she matures in parallel with her beauty and keeps him reminded and satisfied to be the gal he married.
  7. A wife purposely appearing younger than her age suggests sexual fantasy that appears to seek the attention of someone other than husband. It can throw doubt on her expected loyalty, which is a major ingredient in a husband’s love.

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2728. More About Aging — Hide Her Flaws?

Seemingly disconnected, certain female habits improve both self-respect and respect for men in a woman’s heart. This post is about one feminine decision that can do much more than social media to produce success and satisfaction in the lives of women.

We all do what makes us feel good about ourselves, and so women try to look younger. They seem captivated by this notion. ‘The better I can fix up to please myself, the younger I appear and the more I appeal to men’.

However, given the nature of men, it’s a misleading scheme. While highly attractive for a gal to appear younger, neither sex nor her younger appearance bond a man and keep him for life. A younger female shape and appearance are marvelous attractions, but they don’t hold a man. (Except those adult men who haven’t escaped teenage values, expectations, and ambitions. That is, adultolescents who also seek to impose greater control over their woman and improve their reputation among fellow competitors.)

Women are famous for disguising wrinkles, hiding flaws, and otherwise supporting the cosmetics industry. Unintended, they spur capitalism and that’s great for all of us. However, they apparently possess an incomplete view of what they do. Whom do they aim to please by looking younger? Themselves or others? Deciding those questions provides a more complete view of the look-younger process.

Most women make themselves look younger specifically for the sake of looking younger. Please their own ego. They expect to be dealt with as younger gals; they earned it by hard work. However, it brings on defeats and frustrations with the cause unrecognized.

A woman’s man-hunting prospects increase dramatically if she takes another strategy. Instead of just pleasing her own eyes, she improves and promotes her overall attractiveness in the eyes of men. And she does it daily; comfort and convenience give way to new objectives.

She transforms her attractiveness to produce beauty in the eyes of many men, out of which a few will succumb to her ambition. The more who succumb, the more options she has to recruit one, develop a relationship with permanence as goal, develop mutual gratitude, and thus develop happiness for the rest of her life.

She makes herself look more reliably attractive to men roughly her own age, one of whom she hopes to capture and keep. By doing so, she shows more respect for men, and she cancels out the disadvantages of younger for the sake of younger. She replaces her selfish expectations with youthful but sensible allure that men can appreciate better than young and immature.

Mature men understand and accept aging as normal, so women should specialize at making themselves in all respects prettier for the guys about their age. Aim her efforts to appear modestly younger at the best prospects among those her age. Don’t downgrade herself to have more men to choose from. Instead, aim mature thoughts at men interested in these: devoted friend, flexible companion, accommodating sex partner, great listener, admirable loyalty, advocate of family harmony, non-complainer, dependence on what he does, and especially understanding competing responsibilities in wife/mother roles.

Focusing strictly on prevention of aging, women find frustrating results that produce strong incentive to continually try harder. They shouldn’t stop trying but do it aimed at men their own age. No one man in particular until he’s her husband.



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2717. Life Made Simpler for Women — 06

  • A man weighs his marriage according to how well he is satisfied with both her and living with her. The greater his devotion to her personally, the easier his satisfaction with whatever she does and whoever she is or becomes.
  • A woman’s future brightens when a man’s devotion comes before their first sex together. Regardless of excuse, delay serves her as her deferrals add to his respect that she earns.
  • Pop culture sexual practice is that sex should come early in a relationship, and men exploit it to the detriment of female interest. Also, men promote early sex as needed to determine a couple’s compatibility, but it’s pure masculine nonsense aimed at conquest and avoiding deeper investment of himself in a female’s interest.
  • Husband feels responsible for marriage as a whole. Marital relationships are her show. He’s either satisfied or not with how they live together. He doesn’t know how to ‘fix’ relationship problems, so his only options are to stay or get out.
  • A husband doesn’t intend to fail, and he uses it to justify correcting wife for infringements to his sense of satisfaction. The more devoted he is to her, the more readily he accepts her way of their living together.
  • A husband expects wife to handle what he doesn’t want to handle. It doesn’t mean he won’t critique her to satisfy him better, but the greater his devotion the less he criticizes.

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2716. Life Made Simpler for Women — 05

  • Women need to earn a man’s respect, if she hopes he will love her. She has three shortcuts to get started. Dating—by listening to him describe what a great guy he is. Courtship—by remaining chaste with him, and the longer she succeeds the more respect she earns that lasts for his life. Marriage—by standing up attractively and self-respectfully for herself and respectfully for their relationship interests before she has to yield and let him have his way.
  • Other than being courteous, men generally have two reasons to pursue talking to a woman they don’t already know or with whom they have no obvious interest. Brag about himself to convince her he’s a great guy. Figure her out to facilitate bedding her.
  • Men respect a woman when she listens to how great he is and could be for any woman. Men take advantage of desperate women, those easily identified by their constant chatter to make themselves comfortable.
  • A woman’s mystery holds a man’s attention. As he pries, she releases tid bits of info about herself. Men don’t appreciate unearned gifts. They appreciate what they earn and figure out where and when to go from there.
  • ‘I love you’ and similar words mean much less to a man than a woman. He hears it and tries less hard. He’s won her. He can return his focus to the other challenges in his life. Make a man say it first and sincerely before she expresses anything like those three little words. The harder he has to work to earn her, the more worthy she is to him. He measures her worth by the investment he makes to win her.

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2707. Life Made Simpler for Women — 01

  • Women share self-love but men don’t share self-respect; it must be earned. Women only have to show sincere interest in a man to start earning it. He quickly presumes she would also be interested in his greatness, and he proceeds if she will listen attentively, which he interprets as respectfully. It’s how women meet men successfully. He talks, she listens.
  • If females want to do better, they should be much quieter about themselves. Full disclosure kills mystery and nullifies challenges. Women improve both performance and luck by being reluctant to talk about themselves while showing sincere interest in each man.
  • Men tire easily when listening to women who seldom stop. As if they have ADHD, their mind wanders away or to something they want to say. Sensitive women learn how to compensate.
  • Poor communication is often cited for a couple’s problems. It’s result more than cause. Personality no longer likeable, unrespected mate, or mismatched self-interest is more likely the cause.
  • Conquest stops a conquered woman earning any more of a man’s respect, the unconditional kind that lasts for life. He paid whatever price she demanded and expects to ‘own’ her and their sexual agenda.


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