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2869. Typical Male Behavior — 03

A lot of repetition exists in this summarizing series. I do it on purpose to reinforce the importance to those women who hope to understand better the male nature.

  1. Women live according to what their men say and want, except as the smarter woman conditions her man to help fulfill her hopes and dreams. She hears and heeds him in the short term, but she’s focused on the future. He finds her attractive, pursues, and wins her love, but he bypasses the thought that she has unfulfilled hopes and dreams that originate in childhood. She’s free to work on it secretly.
  2. Ever present in background during pursuit, he continually seeks to bed her. She refuses and even rejects the concept without destroying his hope. Her love of him is neither admirable, nor a virtue, nor important to him except as it facilitates conquest. She does best to keep her developing love to herself. Save it until he earns it.
  3. He keeps pursuing and learning about qualities that he admires. Until much later rather than sooner, he finds himself devoted to her such that he realizes she’s more important to him as partner than sex target. He recognizes that he truly loves her when he chooses the latter of these consequences: He’s satisfied with his present life and how he lives, but he expects to be more satisfied living with her, and it prompts his proposal.
  4. Men pursue what’s hard to conquer; they seek to achieve and invest themselves in time, effort, and money to the extent she’s worthy of conquest. Men don’t love as women love. Neither do men recognize and appreciate how women love and expect to be loved in return. A woman expresses her love and appreciates herself for doing it. Her man may or may not derive pleasure or compliment from what she says. If she says it, he takes it more as deserved than admired, and he is that much nearer to conquest. If she doesn’t share her love, it’s not her loss but her gain. He has less knowledge of her to work with, which means he has to work harder to win her.
  5. Modern women have long forgotten the need for religious and moral imperatives to keep men user friendly to women. Both porn and the pursuit of pleasure being the result of a man’s initiatives, they provide the easiest satisfaction about who he is, what he does, and who he does it with. Also, he finds it easy to love ever-greater pleasure, and he seeks an endless path to it. He has little or no need for a woman except for short range involvement.


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2865. Sex for Pleasure, Further Subjugation of Females

A new social tsunami approaches with the potential to make social and domestic matters much worse for females dealing with men.

Masculine-style sexual freedom turns women into sexual victims. It kills the usefulness of their love to fulfill female hopes and dreams. By yielding sex so easily, a man has little or no need for her love to keep him in her life. IOW, a woman’s greatest ability, her love, is reduced to a weakness. It worsens as the tsunami spreads.

The tsunami is pursuit of sex for pleasure, a porn amplifier strongly backed by men and the porn industry. Soon, if not already, it spreads as girls and young women adopt the practice of watching porn. It’s now popular and becoming more so. Soon if not already, it will go viral via social media as have other movements that freed up sexual customs.

Addiction of men easily arises when one seeks more and more pleasure and finds it in a process where character is irrelevant, resistance is minimal or discouraged, and men dominate females to the maximum. Where women forget that respect is instrumental to men loving a woman.

Women lack an understanding of how the male mind works and the female mind is only slightly different. The male mind works like this.

  • When his curiosity is stirred, a man’s imagination assesses whatever opportunity is available. Curiosity stirred by exposure of porn causes imagination to soar with prospects for viewing or participating.
  • One can change one’s mind, or even develop new habits by repeatedly and emotionally imagining something particular. With repetitions over time, it programs the heart accordingly to become new habit.
  • Repeated emotional viewing of porn thus transforms the male heart into habit of more viewing, and the pleasures of sex reprogram his heart accordingly. The result? Programmed porn exposure overwrites sexual urges for normal physical connection with women.
  • Pleasure is never an end, if greater pleasure is available. Consequently, the more porn is watched, the more addictive it becomes as greater pleasure is sought with new and more advanced techniques and options next time.

No one wants to face this aspect of the male nature. Men respect only those who earn it, and yielding to his dominance prevents earning it. When a man pokes his penis first time anywhere in a woman, she no longer can earn his respect with chastity, which is the strongest respect a female can earn. A status change takes place, and she loses. He confirms his domination to self and she becomes dominated and inferior, just as soon as she yields first time.

Oh, men can disagree or claim exception to what I write and they can even fake respect, but it’s not the same kind or degree of earned respect upon which a man’s love can be built and sustained.

It could be an old school ballad, he says he respect you in the morning, but will he love you that night? Your great-grannies knew how essential a man’s respect is to a man’s love.

Each of us has known sex for pleasure, but this social movement is something else. Pursuing sex for pleasure generates greater need for new, more, and different pleasures out of sexual activity. It makes new pleasures the ultimate achievement for both sexes, and the promise of more and better makes it addictive. It applies in both the video and real world.

Women are capable, but is it in their interest to participate with men? Can women find fulfillment in chasing sex for more pleasure, whether video or real? Men would say yes, because they want it. They simply don’t care to understand what fulfillment is to a woman, because women no longer respect their own need for it. In fact, the pursuit of sex for pleasure takes women down a road directly opposite to fulfilling their female hopes and dreams of living life with one man.

If one looks closely at the sex for pleasure environment, one can foresee this condition. Over time, seeking sex for pleasure will have an opposite effect on women.  A woman’s happiness grows out of her gratitude for who she is and what she has. Try to imagine this. In a position designed to maximize pleasure for man but not her, can she find gratitude in herself with what she’s doing? Anal fisting quickly comes to mind.

What can she do about it? She can do plenty, if she wants a mate badly enough. If she wants to be a better person than addictive to sex. If she can change into a feminine creature put together well in heart and mind. IOW, if she can restore herself to living according to her female nature. After all, it’s the only way to get the better of men and earn the superior role due her as a couple.


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2861. Male Fantasy Realized

Another cultural debasement of females slips in under the awareness of Americans. It’s intended to slyly convince more people that sex for pleasure is the primary sex drive in humans. IOW, bring the excesses developed in porn houses into the home, and even women will learn to like it.

In no way do I seek to belittle the pleasure in sex. I condemn the motivational force that sponsors and encourages people seeking sex for pleasure. It’s not the pleasure that damages relationships, it’s the pursuit that betrays the goodness in human character—of which women should have the greater concern about avoidance.

I dispute it. I seek to convince women that it’s egregiously bad news for their gender, female life, and especially to capture and keep a man permanently and fulfill the hopes and dreams inherent in the female nature, to which it’s contrary.

My objection is primarily based on this principle of human life. Sex for pleasure always demands more the next time; what do you think makes porn expand into ever increasing and ever enlarging versions of tools and new orifices to attack? How does anal fisting appeal to females without it being a follow on to whatever went before?

Hooked on pleasure, one can’t get enough and expects more the next time. New tools, new ways, new refreshments, extra sensations, or new sources to exceed what went before. Men lead and drive the bus, but dumb women provide the fuel. Men get what they want, and women don’t realize how their lives are being changed from what they want as they miss the more important things in life. When relationships are dominated by sex for pleasure, the woman can’t achieve what she expects of life.

Actually, the sexes are designed against sex for pleasure. If it were part of our design, our most primal motivational forces would not be so obvious in our behavior. IOW, sex for pleasure, as you will see, is the aberration and not the standard. At birth both sexes inherit other motivational forces that govern their sex lives.

Both sexes are born to get their way associating with others. Women are born to recognize very early in life they have a valuable birthright that men will honor when each woman respects herself deliberately, sufficiently, and defensively against first penile penetration. That birthright difference enables women to get their way with men who are stronger, dominant, and intent on conquest and quick departure. Discretion to participate sexually belongs to each woman, and she’s adequately prepared from early girlhood to capitalize on her own success.

Her side of the “when to yield” puzzle looks like this. Five natural motivational forces energize sex in the woman’s world:

  • Born with a physiological urge to nurture, it triggers the urge to procreate.
  • She has a psychological need to assuage the wants of herself or the needs of someone else, either of which can stimulate her to copulate.
  • Possessing the primal need of self-importance, free will, and urge to get her way, it ignites ambitions to outdo and outshine other women as a candidate for mating. She empowers herself by negotiating sex such that she earns her own uniqueness and the respect of men or man; each man’s respect being essential for his love to arise.
  • She comprehends the worth of sexually yielding to each man, especially the uniqueness and value of their first sexual encounter together. (When she finally yields to one man, he paid whatever price she demanded. He easily convinces himself that he ‘owns’ her, expects not to compete anymore with her, and that she will cooperate with him and his ambitions. It’s the male nature in action.)
  • She needs intimacy, and it is a prime motivator for yielding sex. (Her nature craves intimacy; she can almost never get enough from her man. Especially when her spirits are down, which can be quite often. Intimate touching, fondling, caressing, and sweet words that enhance body closeness fuel a woman’s willingness or desire, which makes it easier to continue deeper into the process to please herself, her partner, or even make an unanticipated mistake.)

The wisdom inherent in the feminine nature empowers women to utilize sex for bonding, generating compatibility, and competing with other women. (Neither promiscuity nor orgasmic pleasure is natural to the female gender. Both arise from lessons learned in life about the urge to feel better or important about oneself, however momentary that may be.)

Those natural urges enable women to think they understand the male sex drive. Not so.

Primal motivational urges energize four versions of the male sex drive. These bring proactive sex into a man’s world:

  • His interest in sex brings females onto the playing field. Without the urge to conquer, women can be ignored.
  • He has a deep-rooted, unchangeable, and physiological urge to copulate with every female he finds attractive and maybe some beyond attractive. (Women witness but can’t comprehend the meaning behind this phenomenal and most primal expression of male sex drive.)
  • He has an instinctive competitive urge to outdo and outshine other men. In response, he seeks to conquer women that other men can’t, enable bragging rights by doing so, and add boaster’s value to virginity.
  • He possesses a steadfast ambition for frequent and convenient access to sex, and he’s willing to pay a high price for it, if and when the right woman coaxes, coaches, and loves him into paying her price.
  • He has an instinctive craving to do something pleasurable with each erection, and instinct pushes him toward penile penetration of a vagina. (Penetration completes his conquest, goal achieved. Beyond first penetration, however, he’s just another sexual performer—good, poor, wasteful, selfish, indifferent.)

Orgasm is not a prime motivator of men. Pleasurable and rewarding, yes, but not a driving force until it’s about to arrive momentarily and as expected.

Those primal sex urges combine to make men compete with other males for females and compete with females for conquest—but for little else afterward. After conquest, he’s beat out other men, he paid her price, and he expects cooperation from the woman he ‘owns’. He refuses to compete further with her. Men reliably find a way out or avoid competing with a conquered woman. Even if she’s a keeper and they marry, if he has to compete with her, she loses much of her likeability.

Why? Conquest changes their relationship dramatically. He used his persuasive interest achieving conquest, in ‘buying her’. IOW, he paid whatever price she demanded. Job’s done; she’s his. Afterward she belongs to him, and he expects cooperation. He’s now free to pursue others. He may lose significant arguments to her. So why take the risk of her winning and his losing the upper hand won with conquest? Men are not dumb; they only seem to be that way because women don’t understand how men are born to be different.

Even though born to be compatible as mates, the sexes differ greatly on matters of purpose, love, and sex. Society and life in it are as peaceful and satisfying as both sexes live according to their nature, the way they are born. Things start to fall apart, when the sexes begin for whatever reason to act like the opposite sex and thus betray their respective nature.

In which case, women lose dominance of cultural values, standards, and expectations. Men run society according to male dominated and female-unfriendly values, standards, and expectations. Neither sex appreciates or respects the other very much, blame spurs anger, and children self-develop to tunes played on the quarrelsome tongues of disrespectful parents, teachers, and adults.

Those primal sex urges combine to make males compete with males for females and compete with females for conquest but for little else afterward. Sex for pleasure as a motivational force curtails and probably ends the female friendliness of sexual relations according to their respective natures.


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2860. Review of Archived Comment

I visited my archives of twenty thousand comments and found one to which I had not responded. It may have some lessons to see how feminist-think was operating a decade ago and has now come to roost dropping guano on relationships.

The following is from a William Egmont via So, by the nature of the comments, I presume a man did not write what follows dated way back in December 2007. I respond in CAPS, although I’m sure it will never be seen by the originator.



“Yes, there is more conflict when two partners are equal, for now, unlike before, they strive for the same goals. [CAN YOU EVER BE SURE OF SAME GOALS?] But, as most of society has come to accept, demands for equality are not unreasonable, unprecedented, or unmerited; they are just, fair, and right. [AS YOU POINT OUT, “DEMANDS FOR EQUALITY” FIT AND HELP DEVELOP THE BATTLE SCENES WE SEE TODAY. JUST THE DEMAND, BUT NO EQUALITY. THE INSTANT AN EQUAL CONDITION IS ACHIEVED, SOMEONE POINTS OUT AN INEQUALITY ABOUT IT. THE NATURE OF EVERYONE BORN TO GET THEIR WAY SPRINGS THE TRAP.]

“Therefore, it is not only the woman’s responsibility to change; it is the man’s as well. [THAT IS FEMINIST-THINK.] The man must adapt to these changes, [WHY MUST MEN BETRAY THEIR OWN NATURE AGAINST CHANGING THEMSELVES, JUST BECAUSE WOMEN SAY SO?] to learn to accept and adjust to the competition, the “adverse factors.” Equality should not mean exclusively that women become like men; it demands also that men become like women, [THAT FRUITLESS FEMINIST DEMAND LEADS THE WAY TO MAKING ENEMIES OF MEN AND WOMEN.] in ways that will make relationships work again. [FALSE HOPE.]

“This isn’t good news for many men, necessarily; but for a healthy relationship to thrive while both parties are equal, concessions and changes must happen on both sides. These are, after all, relationships we’re talking about, with two equal beings; and, as in other aspects of relationships, cooperation is teamwork is essential.” [THOSE ARE FEMINIST POLITICAL RAMBLINGS THAT IGNORE THE INBORN NATURE OF BOTH MEN AND WOMEN. FEMINISTS AND FOLLOWERS BETRAY THEIR NATURE IN MYRIAD WAYS TO OPENLY ACT LIKE MEN OR TO CAPTURE AND HOLD A MAN. MEN ARE NOT SO EASILY SEDUCED TO BETRAY THEIR NATURE.]


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2857. Social Suicide

I watched the film ‘Network’ again. “I’m mad as Hell, and I’m not going to take it anymore.” I gotta speak out.

Girls and women commit social suicide in growing numbers. Sworn or propagandized into making men pay for past offenses or to equalize the sexes, women seek reparations. They change themselves into such unattractive creatures that men kiss them off as worthless. Women do it with a mixture of bad relationship practices that convince men: adequate for conquest only.

We all follow our beliefs more than momentary thoughts. What follows below represents what too many women believe and are guided accordingly by their hearts distorted by feminism and adopted into interpersonal relationships.

These are some of the embittered suicide pills that women either swallow or practice and presume to be okay. Nay, even the right thing for them to do, or so they believe.

  1. She doesn’t listen to men about what makes men tick. She relies on what other women think and feminists distort for political purpose.
  2. She chatters endlessly about herself, which blocks a man from selling himself to her as a potential pursuer. Feminist-think endorses full disclosure, which is contrary to building successful relationships.
  3. She dresses like a fugitive from garage sales, but expects men to be interested in her.
  4. She refuses to listen to a man talking about himself; she would rather talk about herself—and she does.
  5. She wears long stringy hair far too late in life; it’s low maintenance and, anyway, men or her man told her twenty years ago they liked it. Actually, it clouds her personality with the message that she’s lost in the past, just too old for a budding relationship.
  6. She spotlights her appearance with low maintenance, comfort over grooming, and disregard for how men may view her. IOW, no way will she pay a price to satisfy men with her appearance, which is strong poison in her suicide ditty-bag of pills.
  7. She refuses to compete with other gals for best appearance, strongest attractiveness. Even though men judge gals that way. It causes many to be hit on for sex by guys they don’t want.
  8. She believes whatever men can do, she can too. Whatever they deserve, she deserves. And, unfortunately, she tries to prove it everyday to herself, if not others.
  9. She bitches about male dominance and still wants to fight it. She gives up her skill and talent to govern relationships successfully, and so she’s not able to build and keep a relationship for very long.
  10. She yields first sex together early in dating and expects him to bond with her as she does with him. Just prior to conquest, he expects that she’s keeper, booty, or disposable. But women don’t know that ahead of time. The shorter the time before conquest, the more likely she’s disposable rather than keeper.
  11. She acts as the seller to convince a man to be her boyfriend or fiancé. It shuts down his interest in selling her on himself and he can sooner get into her pants. Almost guaranteed to become a dumpee as soon as she yields sex first time.
  12. She gets her worldly info from TV, Internet, and pop culture and accepts it as real life. Then she takes up social media habits that turn her personality so self-centered that it distorts her public personality.
  13. She portrays herself as sex object and criticizes men of no interest for hitting on her. It confirms to her that men are no good.
  14. She fails to understand that men believe what they figure out about a woman much more that what she tells them.
  15. She mistakenly thinks that full discovery is the way to open a relationship. In fact, the opposite works best. He describes who and what he is and she just listens, which is the start up of her earning a man’s respect that is the foundation of his love that may develop later.
  16. She eats like a truck driver, lives on huge high caffeine sodas, and sports a pot belly like men. She expects her excess weight will be forgiven by Mr. Next Guy and thus prove that she’s right to forgive herself. It’s a laughable equation that works so seldom, and so she ends up disliking herself every day for life.
  17. She arises each morning with a huge dislike of herself. She feels good until she begins to think what the day will bring and dislike of self swallows the outgoing side of her personality.
  18. She pays any price to claim a boyfriend as hers, even to his mistreating her mentally or physically.
  19. She fails to capitalize on female strengths, such as femininity, mystery, modesty, vanity, and monogamous spirit.
  20. She refuses to recognize this trait in the male nature: A man accepts competition with a woman prior to conquest. He refuses to compete with a woman he has conquered, and so he expects only her cooperation afterward.
  21. She copies masculine habits, which destroys femininity, and which cancels most female qualities that men admire and see as virtues; those that accumulate for her to make her a virtuous woman like a man hopes to marry.
  22. She accepts anger, lets bitterness develop, and otherwise makes herself an unattractive personality that even smiles can’t erase.
  23. She acts as the seller with man as the buyer, which reverses the natural roles that worked for centuries. If he’s not earning her as the seller, she’s in for a short relationship, probably just conquest.
  24. She floats an attitude that men are no good, and so why should she do anything special? Men always get the easy way out, why shouldn’t she?
  25. She wants more control, and so she dresses down to keep uninteresting men from hitting on her.
  26. She falsely believes that men and women are more alike than different in their natures, in their personal makeup, behavior, motivation, and interaction with the opposite sex.
  27. She dislikes herself so intensely that she seeks to pull those around her down to her level, and men pull the easiest because she doesn’t understand the male nature.

A lot of overlap exists in that list, but you get the idea. Men are no better than women make them, and the social suicide above makes worse whatever quality of men women face today.

That’s a lengthy menu of female poisons being injected into the social sphere. Not all women are guilty. Those prone to doing so have one thing in common. They don’t like themselves as a female, as girl or woman. They inflate their egos and help ensure their sanity by practicing the poisonous thoughts listed above.

They dislike themselves as the result of upbringing in families, predominantly those that believe feminist thought and propaganda that men are the enemies of women.


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2856. Two Conquerors Face Off

We commonly think of men as warriors and women as peace keepers. It’s not the whole truth; women keep their warrior role behind the scene of everyday life, operating dynamically in background. She too aims to get her way, until she can’t and has to find another way to retain her advantage.

Regardless of age, every male and female that join up as a couple meet at this street corner of life. Two conquerors face off. He seeks to conquer her for sex without obligation, although elder men are not so picky. His nature drives him.

She seeks to conquer him for marriage without yielding sex until he honors her directly by obligating himself to her and her alone. Her instinct, intuition, and lessons learned in life guide her. She intends to convert what she has in assets of every kind into satisfying her wants, needs, hopes, and dreams. She is driven to get more out of life than just having sex with a man and raising their offspring. It too easily turns out to be by herself, if she can’t find a way to convince her impregnating seed spreader to honor her wishes.

They battle unevenly as they are very unlike each other. First, they are born much different than just genitalia. Second, the battle is between his instinct from birth versus her intuition from lessons learned in childhood. Third, he is motivated by his habits (subconscious mind) to have sex with her and by his thinking (conscious mind) to overcome whatever resistance he encounters. Fourth, she is motivated by her habits of action to proceed safely and not dim her future but to use her thinking mind to screen for a mate.

Conflicted with infatuation or romantic love, she is caught between caution and excitement and guided by both habits and her thinking mind. He is usually caught between why his tactics don’t work, and what does he try next to get her to yield? His urge to conquer is subconscious, habitual, and ever present, and men learn in life that indirectness works best with discriminating women.

Both sexes are born with strong motivations to get their way associating with someone else. Everybody learns in life how to manage their self-interest to get their own way, and it comes up at the next street corner of life. That’s where a gal can find the rationale to either yield or refuse to be conquered.

Let us say the man yields first but ever so slowly. He relents, keeps trying to get her in bed, learns he can’t do without her, proposes and they marry. It happens within the following more complicated process.

His conquering urge originates deep in his motivational nature. His intentions are intense, and if she is attractive and appealing enough to him, he continues to pursue even as she refuses to yield sex for first time together. He continues to pursue even as conquest appears fruitless. As fruitless pursuit lengthens, he convinces himself that he must have her at any price, even without first sex together. Failing to conquer for sex, he adopts the strategy that he must ‘own’ her, one of his possessions that he can’t do without.

His determination grows to own her, and her virtues grow in his mind and heart. It confirms in her mind that he is earning her, which is essential to fulfilling her female hopes and dreams. Conditions are ripe for his proposal of marriage; he just can’t live much longer without owning her as his own. He got there by his fruitless persistence to get his way, while she used her determination to get her way with him. Her governing ability ruled over his dominance and physical potential.

Let us say the woman yields first. She relents and accepts his invitation to bed. She learns she can’t do without him and hopes his proposal will follow. But they don’t marry. It most likely happens within the following process.

She relents, can’t refuse his love and charm any longer. She wants so badly to please him that her heart is about to burst with love. So, she yields their first time sex together.

In modern times it is by far the most popular outcome. She is about to find out: 1) Conquest changes a man as the result of his inborn nature. 2) She doesn’t change at first but she’s surprised; he knew before conquest if she would be a keeper, booty, or disposable. 3) Sex does not bond a man, which is another sex difference with huge impact on relationships. 4) He won the competition with her, which also freed him to conquer someone else. It’s predominantly his nature making her the victim, the one who lost her future just by yielding prematurely.

Her conquering urge that marriage comes before sex does not emanate from her primal nature inherited at birth. She did, however, inherit at birth the expectation that the raising of her children will need the assistance of someone else, mostly a physically stronger male whom she can condition to provide, protect, and stay with her to meet her need and brighten her future.

Marriage offers insurance for relationship longevity. So, she learned to conquer for marriage while growing up; it is intuitive from parental, cultural, religious, and other lessons learned in girlhood. She also learned to sense opportunity and leverage her determination to defer conquest until marriage, and thus she gets her way and satisfies her primal need for a brighter future. He wins frequent and convenient access to sex with her.

The relationship changes after conquest, seemingly for the good, but very often for something less if he wins. Being a monumental event, neither is the same couple after conquest. He changes too much, and she has to follow suit to keep from losing him. He changes more to her advantage, when she wins marriage before conquest.


Natural Law: When girls chase boys, plenty of sex and male dominance are the result. When boys have to chase girls without winning sexual favors, stable and dependable masculine character develops out of fruitless boyish efforts to act like a man.


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2850. Gotta Change My Mind Again

For some months or years I’ve been calling the female the superior sex. It’s close but not accurate enough. Hereafter, I will call it the governing gender.  Governance within relationships, couples, and marriages is more functional, easier for women to grasp the meaning and men to accept, and less argumentative than is ‘superior’. Guy is my name, clarity is my game.


Natural Law: Females capture and keep a man with everything else but sex; success is far more who she is and what she does than what she has or was. So females waste time, waste feminine effort, mislead men, and relinquish the driver’s seat when they attract with sex or program themselves to be sexy.



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2837. Girls Throw Away the Candy Store — 04: What’s a Girl to Do? I

Sorry, gals, this isn’t very friendly reading but you may find it useful. It’s more a working document.

Quit doing these things: Females are notoriously wrong trying to turn their situation to personal advantage. Here are thirty-four things not to do or females do wrong; no candy here.

  1. She takes offense at her man’s claims that he owns her. That is, she’s his, period, or he expects to leave soon. It’s not her but his nature; if he can’t own something he probably doesn’t want it unless it’s extra appealing and he has to pay just to have it available for his use.
  2. She thinks that she understands men, but she’s not even close. It’s not that a man is more complex than pursuit of sex, he just won’t waste time with a woman for whom he has little respect and no interest in her other qualities, aka virtues when he admires them.
  3. She acts more like a man, which makes her less likeable as a female.
  4. She presumes that she’s virtuous just because of her beliefs or behaviors. (Virtue in a woman is a quality that one man admires, nothing else. Men seek to marry a virtuous woman, so she’s only as marry-able as one man admires qualities in her.)
  5. She competes with men for sex rather than competes with women for the best man (who’s only identifiable by his willingness to forego sex to win her).
  6. She shacks up more easily, as if she’s better off that way. Temporary may have an economic or other advantage but it doesn’t brighten her long-range future.
  7. She tries to be less feminine, when men appreciate femininity for its uniqueness.
  8. She’s far less modest and mysterious, when both modesty and mystery have a holding power on men.
  9. She eagerly deals with men who are less trustful and dependable. Because she doesn’t compete effectively with other women for manly attention, she has to take leftovers.
  10. She ignores the feminine neatness, goodness, and cleanliness that reinforces the female as a stronger, or at least unique, person.
  11. She’s less interested or financially unable to promote her prettiness, which takes away manly interest.
  12. She’s much more likely to accept being a single mom.
  13. She’s more promiscuous out of apparent necessity to attract man or men.
  14. She attracts men for sex rather than for herself.
  15. She values her sexual assets more highly than her strength of character, which is the long term opposite of what makes men admire a woman.
  16. She has little ambition to be a better person; her teen beliefs gratify her sufficiently that she needn’t change.
  17. She bonds with a couple’s first sex together and wrongfully expects the same out of him.
  18. She values today more than her future, which conflicts with her man’s priorities.
  19. She dresses for comfort rather than adding to her attractiveness.
  20. As a teen girl and later as single mom she presumes no responsibility or interest for teaching boys how to be romantic and affectionate.
  21. She provides more sex without obligation in the hope it will work this time.
  22. She competes with her man after she yields first sex to him.
  23. She finds ways to blame men for her social and domestic problems.
  24. She lets herself become less wealthy as woman, wife, and mother and poorer in general except as she’s able to keep her spouse devoted to her.
  25. She’s not grateful for who and what she is, and so her path to happiness is blocked.
  26. She measures her worthiness by what men or a man thinks of her.
  27. She refuses to find comfort and pleasure in herself, and so turns to others to frequently lift her up.
  28. She should reject following the pop culture value system; reject the whole basis that men come first and females are only good for sex.
  29. She should get it out of her head, having a baby to capture a man is stupid to start and foolish in the end; single moms finish on the unhappy side of life.
  30. She should forget one night stands as the way to get a man, much less keep him.
  31. She should quit thinking that in present-day happenings, she should be able to overrule him. His dominance is particularly attached to the decisions he has to make now and today, not next week, month, or year. That’s the female’s domain.
  32. She refuses to let men dominate conversation with sex subjects; she throws marriage into the convo.
  33. She mistakenly thinks that vanity is not good or not for her. Other than vanity, what stimulates a gal to appear more attractive?
  34. She is unwilling to change in order to improve her life. What she has is what she deserves, but it’s a drowning attitude.


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