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2447. Male Dominance and Who Handles It: Part III

The male self-development game plan looks like this. Boys are little men, and they live primarily in the present. They only need a place to flop, eat, throw their things, and prepare to fight tomorrow’s dragons. They want and continually seek the freedom to think and act as an independent individual. Everyone else can take care of himself, including girls/women as perceived by boys/men. Unless, that is, a female has something better and offers to share.

Motivated by need to admire themselves, males tackle obstructions and seek to overcome when Nature or something else stands in their way. They admire themselves in hard scrabble mental and physical romps competing with males in order to win advantage and dominate the shaping of human events, earning respect, and enhancing reputations. It’s a never ending process. They are energized by need to admire themselves, which they repeat until satisfied they have done well enough. Out of the quality and quantity of satisfactions earned, a proud sense of significance arises.

Satisfying themselves at play, work, or whatever else they feel responsible for, they achieve what needs to be done. Then they quit, go home in order to admire themselves with R&R and reap the recognition their mother or mate has in store to daily confirm their significance. They have done their part to confirm it and are ready—although they don’t need it—for mother’s or mate’s recognition and reinforcement.

A man’s greatest fear is insignificance. It’s devastating and may be the prelude to departure when claimed by mate to whom he’s devoted. It often comes with loss of job and zero prospects for employment (and mates find it almost impossible to help overcome it).

Males do little planning about the future; they figure they can handle whatever comes and so preparation is unnecessary. Compared to women, that is—next.


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2429. Journey to Feminine — Group 03

The items below are not rules. They are ideas for consideration plus indirect suggestions to aid women when they wish to harmonize relationships and ease domestic turmoil. She’s the specialist to harmonize living with a man. It arises out of her being born opposite of men; that is, both able and motivated to build, manage, and sustain a long-term relationship.

  1. Learn to use silence to achieve your relationship objectives. Men neither use nor understand mysterious silence until they learn from you and deduce that it means for them to reconsider their opinion or position.
  2. The indirectness of a woman’s feminine nature serves even better after marriage. If he doesn’t have to be too deeply involved, respects her judgments, and she let’s everyone know he’s really the boss, then a man appreciates it when she dominates the incidentals of their life and it morphs into her dominance of home and family made acceptable by his dominance of her. The highly feminine hen can let him rule the roost in name while she rules the rooster in fact. She coaches him to learn to be highly grateful for what she does and respect her as person, woman, wife, and mother of their children. Shortcoming: Of course, he does it with too little affection showered on her; that’s also his nature and challenge for her to overcome.
  3. Women signal with cleavage that they expect men to think of sex. Well-shaped breasts attractively covered suggest the opposite, to think of her as woman and not sex object. Which works best for the female agenda, she want a long-term guy or short-term sex?
  4. Without his being fully aware of her abilities and advantages for  him, the feminine woman fills her role with dignity, presents a pleasant and likeable personality, and adds so much respectable but mysterious charm that a man learns he found a woman more interesting to be with than his buddies. Two requirements: She lets his attitude develop privately and she says nothing against his buds or his associating with them. Yes, she may have to put up with his getting his psychic income from them as well as her, but the fiancé or wife who tries to divorce him from buds will likely find she loses influence and maybe him. She has other ways to discourage him and many ways to compensate for time away from her.
  5. As a feminine woman, you don’t appear in public in sloppy clothes, poor grooming, or careless presentation; it demeans rather than promotes your best. Such appearances release others to treat you disrespectfully with less dignity and with consequent loss of worth and influence. Unlike among women, you’re not respected by men just because you’re a person. You will be regarded better for apparent self-respect that reflects out of your pride and evident self-worth; it works best and mystery and modesty provide a jump start. Men are much alike in that earning respect is a function of much more than appearance. Men don’t need and won’t earn respect from you like women need to earn it from men.
  6. Modesty is the most unique and easily justified feminine trait and proactive way of women getting their way. Use mystery as indirect and modesty as a direct way of attracting attention to you as girlfriend or wife instead of what you possess that men want so badly. Show pride that you’re hard-to-get before marriage. Female mystery surrounds modesty; it makes little sense to husbands but they easily accept as no threat to them and react with something like, “but if that’s the way she is, I guess I can go along.” Suppressing thoughts of sex with modesty earns masculine respect, the foundation of manly love.
  7. If and when you’re expected to do wrong, e.g., something immoral, refuse and state that you have firmest belief in yourself as being right. Refuse to explain further. Later, perhaps, you may perhaps hint at your core beliefs (but only if it’s someone or something higher than yourself such as moral code, Holy Bible, God’s word, your father’s mandate, your mother’s advice).

By adopting those and other feminine options and exploiting her feminine ability, a woman can more dependably sell herself and persuade a man that his best interest lies in a long-term marriage with her.



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132. Do women know jack about Jack? —Part 5

Men delight in easy conquest. It adds temporary value to her, but devalues her as keeper.

♂ Few things expose a man’s character more readily than being repeatedly denied sex by a woman on whom he has set his sights for conquest.

♂ Boys raised with little affection before puberty neither provide nor respond well to affection later in life. [More about displays of affection at post 3.]

♂ Conquerors can be grateful and possess good intentions, but their drive to conquer another woman never completely dies. It’s the male nature, and only devotion earned by one woman holds it in check.

♂ A woman’s refusal for unmarried sex builds virtue that earns a man’s respect and signifies that she will probably be faithful to him.

♂ Courtship without sexual relations teaches boys and men to suppress their aggression and honor a female’s standards and expectations. The process also exposes males to the female’s non-sexual qualities.

♂ Easily available, unobligated, and unmarried sex aids the conquerors’ pursuit. On the other hand, men must work harder to impress and ‘sell’ themselves as guardians of female interests when women abstain outside marriage.

♂ Enduring love for men is based on respect earned earlier about her virtue, self-respect, likeability as mate, but overwhelmingly about her gratitude for who he is and what he does.

♂ Fathers may acquiesce, but they don’t take kindly to mothers accepting and supporting the inevitability of a daughter’s unmarried sexual activity.  

♂ Failure of a man to honor a woman’s standards and expectations means more of the same will follow after conquest regardless of what he says before that monumental event.

[More jack about Jack appear at posts 114, 97, 91, and 7.]


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114. Do women know jack about Jack? —Part 4

A man’s discoveries of a woman’s strengths and attributes fade after their first sex together. He need not look further. It’s his nature more than her.

A man’s love is based on respect for an extraordinary woman who outshines most others. She becomes extraordinary in his eyes, if he has to work hard to impress her, hold her attention, and otherwise prove himself worthy of her. Her attractiveness just gets the ball rolling.

A man’s natural loyalty lies primarily with his job or whatever he must do to satisfy his sense of significance. The right and extraordinary woman can get a permanent arrangement. Others cannot, except for temporary comfort and functionality.

A man’s not really interested in her, if he’s not intrigued by her feminine persona. Or, if he ridicules her female modesty. Or, if he mocks her moral, religious, feminine, or parental standards. Or, if he insists that she do something she knows is not good for her.

A man’s respect for women generally and one in particular is not essential to a temporary relationship, but it is for a permanent one.

A woman that uses gratitude, indirectness, and endless patience can turn an inadequate husband from frog to prince to king. Love and affection are not enough though.

A female’s denial of unmarried sex spurs a male’s imagination to go beyond words of commitment and show devotion through new and innovative actions. If it doesn’t, she’s more temp than keeper.

After a couple’s first sex together, the man assumes control of their sexual agenda as conqueror’s right, or he moves on.  

After conquest the infatuated but not fascinated man focuses on life with her as sex partner at the cheapest cost to him—girlfriend, lover, live in, or wife if necessary.

Even before a man starts a relationship, she’s his target for conquest. Her value goes up with his difficulty achieving his goal. How he handles her obstacles discloses if he’s truly into her. 


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97. Do women know jack about Jack?—Part 3

Men adapt, obligate, and learn to devote themselves to a woman that refuses to yield sexually. Her hard-headed and unyielding behavior keeps his attention focused on her. If he refuses to grow that way to meet her expectations for her man, then he’s not really into her as potential mate.

  Just as sex does, fashionable attire, charming words, and fun activity help capture a man. But her other-than-sexual attributes hold him beyond the fading of romantic love.

A major facet of a man’s sense of significance rests upon his woman’s faithfulness—and especially his not having to face men who have had her or even know of someone who has.

A man discovers a woman’s non-sexual attributes while searching for weaknesses in order to conquer her. After conquest his search intensity fades away, and her remaining qualities become less dramatically uncovered.

A man does not need refreshment and comfort with a friendly, attractive, and encouraging mate, but he never stops looking if he lacks it.

A man’s conquering nature is not quieted down by either her giving love or providing sex—only by one woman’s non-sexual attributes that magnetize his devotion to her and their family.

♂ A man’s devotion to wife and marriage are not the same. The former is based on his heart, his feelings for her. The latter is based on his mind, values, principles, vows, and his word—to the extent that he honors such things.

A man’s ego reflects his sense of significance and vice versa.

A man’s fruitless pursuit of sex with a woman enables his commitment to evolve into devotion for her. In the process of trying harder, he learns to respect her more and see her as different from the others.

♂ A man’s loyalty to wife and family is cultivated best by a woman mentally and emotionally committed to nesting, nurturing, and nestling in the home.

[More jack about Jack appears at posts 91 and 7.]

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88. Words that wound

Ω  A woman kisses a frog. He turns into her prince. They marry. Then, she neuters him with words that wound his spirit for any kind of life with her. Then she can’t stand him, because he becomes more like what she calls him. Also, he can’t stand himself being with her.

Ω Women know how to kiss. They also know how to neuter a man. They treat their supposed prince in such ways that his sense of significance disappears.

Ω Insignificance is a man’s greatest fear. Emanating from his woman, it kills her future with him.

Ω Feminism-inspired females have in just a few decades invoked a macro self-fulfilling prophecy. They called the male sex inadequate for meeting the expectations of women. Behold, men became exactly that.

Ω When women call men inadequate, men read manly insignificance into it. This breeds masculine significance, but it’s the kind that leads to incivility, abuse, and violence. 

Ω Men do whatever women require in order for men to have convenient and frequent access to sex. Women provide what men want but offset it with supervision and criticism. Women don’t get what they want—which is usually a lasting relationship with the man of their choice.  

Ω Women are in charge of sexual activity, but men get most of the benefits. With convenient and frequent sex provided with little or no obligation, men shape their lives around more exciting things than one wordy woman hell-bent to pop his ego bubble.



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10. What’s your game?

Modern women fail with the standard female dream of kissing a frog into princehood. Consequently, many repeatedly search for Right Man only to fail again and again. They do not fail with kissing; they fail after that. They ignore Nature.

The fairy tale only comes to life when the natural makeup of a man and woman are merged into their most compatible and cooperative but not competitive whole. His potential to join her in matrimony makes him a prince. Then, at the altar, his nature requires that she crown him her king.

If she treats him as a king before their wedding day, such as providing sex, she weakens his potential as a forever husband. Crowned before his time, the intensity of his interest passes to other things, and the intensity of his conquering spirit passes to other females. His nature at work.

If she cannot accept him as king in their home, she again pushes him toward the escape hatch. His nature prevails again. 

She can condemn his nature and even get him to change behavior, but sooner or later she will pay a price for doing so.

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