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2415. PROVERBS — Singles 09

  1. To have a boyfriend women give up femininity, modesty, high moral standards, and other female strengths. Thus, they become expendable.
  2. The harder she is to conquer, the more trophy-like she appears to him. A ‘trophy’ is not who she is but who he perceives as a promise for his life.
  3. The less trustful his character, the more intense he is to learn her sexual past.
  4. The longer and justifiably a woman holds out for marriage before first sex together, the more admiration and lasting respect she earns from him.
  5. Men seek to marry a virtuous woman. Each quality a man detects, confirms, and admires is a virtue to him. With enough time, more grows into virtuous.
  6. The longer she puts off having first sex with him, the greater her worthiness to be his wife for life—his perception. Resistance suggests loyalty and other men failed.
  7. The more neat, clean, modest, feminine, and chaste she appears, the more unique and possibly extraordinary she appeals to a man.
  8. The sexes have opposing and competing strains of A.D.D. Women suffer from Affection Deficit Men from Affection Delivery Disorder.
  9. As a man probes for information about her sexual history, the wiser woman refuses, rejects, and if necessary calls it improper and none of his business.
  10. These are masculine expressions of affection: opening her car door, seating her at table, repairing broken things, and especially bringing home the bacon.


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2412. Email Change

Attention, Ladies,

FYI, my email address has been changed to However, I discourage using it except for situations, stories, or dilemmas in which one’s identity can too easily be uncovered by someone they know.




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2411. PROVERBS — Marriage 08

  1. Wife thinks and acts ugly, and husband sees more than he hears opposite to it.
  2. To help wife fulfill her needs and wants, husband expects to be rewarded for husbanding and fathering. Wife is burdened to generate his satisfaction first.
  3. Men expect the rewards of husbanding and fathering to be respected and admired by competitors. Wife thus inherits a burden to help him look good.
  4. Unless boys are taught to frequently speak of gratitude to the females in their lives, as men they suffer from ADD, affection delivery disorder.
  5. Until taught differently by women, the male nature needs neither morality nor religion. Each can care for himself without that which promotes female superiority.
  6. We each are self-centered and with our own self-interest. Selfish is one’s self-interest being invoked to unfairly treat another person.
  7. When a man forgives his woman for something, his sincerity or claimed forgiveness depends more on his good character than her offense.
  8. If conquered and her man likes her way of doing something, he submits if there’s no watering down of his authority or threat to his dominance.
  9. When a couple focuses primarily on sex, she fails to understand and figure out how to recruit his ability to help fulfill her girlhood hopes and dreams.
  10. Whereas women focus their efforts on the future, a man’s primary concern about it revolves around what he should do today. He stays focused on the present.



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2390. PROVERBS — Marriage 03

  1. Ardent femininity by older women encourages youngsters to duplicate what they see and hear. Masculinized women confuse young girls.
  2. Boyhood freedom from womanly influence promotes greater male disregard for females. Female independence worsens it.
  3. By listening to mom and grannie, girls learn to improve on their ability to tame and harness male dominance into fulfilling female hopes and dreams.
  4. Experience with many easy-pushover girls teaches boys this: Females don’t deserve respect, token commitment works, and devotion is unnecessary.
  5. Four conditions characterize male love. She’s likeable to him. He’s loyal to her. He’s likeable to her. She’s loyal to him. Otherwise, love is too risky for him.
  6. Guilt powerfully motivates women but men not nearly as much. Laying guilt on a husband produces unintended consequences, usually bad for wife.
  7. He marries a trophy to start over, raise a new child with a mother young enough to provide most of the care, and seek easier acceptance of his dominance.
  8. Her power thrust in his face offends him into reaction and winning. However, her well-controlled internal strength is admired and considered a virtue.
  9. The wedding signified she was satisfied with him. He expects her not to change. If she shows dissatisfaction, it drives his thoughts to other options.
  10. If you can’t budget, you can’t plan effectively. You need only choose what keeps spending below income and makes savings a lifetime commitment.


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2388. PROVERBS — Sex Differences 03

  1. Men don’t easily take orders from women; it weakens a man’s sense of significance. But highly feminine women as bosses are easier to win loyalty.
  2. Men don’t depend on affection. Consequently, they don’t think in terms of displaying it often. To show it, they need training by females earlier in life.
  3. People are born with the ability to do good and be good, to be better and do better. Sex differences cause them to do it in very different ways.
  4. The male sex drive arises partially out of desire for pleasure. With women, sex for pleasure is a lesson learned in life.
  5. To women, a man’s emotional unfaithfulness is worse than the physical kind. Men don’t understand that there’s a difference.
  6. Women are born to get their way with a man, it’s a natural protection. Before conquest they compete and after conquest they cooperate as best strategies.
  7. Morality and the Christian religion predominantly serve women and children. Men need neither or so they think as they are born.
  8. Women are driven to nest, nurture, and nestle with loved ones. It empowers them to successfully swap interests with a man for marriage.
  9. Women are much more effective conveying their expectations some other way than with orders to men. That is, more indirectly, patiently, and persistently.
  10. Women are naturally modest. Men are not but respect women for insistence on it. The difference supports compatibility.


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2386. PROVERBS — Sex 02

  1. Persistent refusal to prevent conquest brings out the character, strength, and weakness of men and enables a woman to examine, screen, and choose the best.
  2. Promiscuity reinforces to women that men are only after sex. Chastity teaches women that men are more interesting than that.
  3. Regardless of quality, a woman should never reveal the sexual ability of one man to another. ID/description of earlier lovers poisons a relationship.
  4. Rollover for cheap and easy unmarried sex avoids competition for the best man. It reverses the natural way of competing for a mate, chaste pickiness.
  5. Sexual relations provide little or no sense of permanency in a man and little or no incentive to be faithful. Women bond easily, but men do not.
  6. Small breasts have great value. Nipples are more prominent to attract his attention. Huge breasts distract attention away from other erogenous zones.
  7. The ease with which a woman yields sex their first time together tells the man how dominant he can be and how submissive he expects her to be.
  8. The influence she wields before conquest fades after she yields. The conqueror’s growth of respect of her fades too.
  9. Women mistakenly think that sex the first time with a man is the same as sexual events that follow. Nope! He changes with conquest and now ‘owns’ her.
  10. Men mistakenly think a woman’s orgasm satisfies her, and some men try harder to achieve it. Drawn out and sustained periods of high arousal satisfy her best.



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2385.2 ATTENTION, Ladies: Maturity

I’m way behind in responding to your questions. My blog provider only lists the last 15 comments at sidebar. So, you might want to write the source article of your comments that await my response.



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