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2283. Attention, Ladies

I’ve had to break away from keyboard due to severe back pain. ER visit helped but treatment and meds haven’t worked yet. I’m not accustomed to back muscles overwhelming mind ‘muscles’. Not healed yet but I’ve returned to working on Recovery II about the way men love. Had a relapse this morning. If I don’t have another, I hope to publish by Monday.




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2268. Love Ballads, Jukebox

Look what a fantastic jukebox someone sent me. The builder of this deserves great honor.

I pass it to you ladies to listen to very popular love ballads from back in the day. Back when the male gender respected the female gender more than its own and vice versa; it doesn’t get much closer to unconditional respect than that.

You may want to hear the loving words and music but also pay attention to the respect that underwrites the words that suggest respectable men very respectful of women. In those days, boys and men didn’t hit brazenly on women. They gently nudged themselves in close like respectable innocents seeking acceptance before advancing further. Listen to the song LINDA for the clearest expression of the idea. It’s how girls used to teach boys to be mannerly instead of overly bold and abrasive to female sensibility.

As I write this, I enjoy the section in the right column at top of home page titled “#1 Hits: 1945-1949.” Each at one time hit the top of the best 40 chart or Hit Parade. A lot of ballads are there. Some comic, silly, but popular ones are included> Some will make you laugh and perhaps smirk; culture shock, you know. In those days, this was mostly adolescent territory; they bought most of the records.

If you’re after love ballads, I suggest you move about pretty much in the 1930s through the 1950s and maybe a few in the 1960s.

P.S. I forgot something. You like romance? The love ballads taught boys about romance, what it is and what to do about it to please girls. Girls taught them the HOW of it. How do guys learn about romance today? It’s not part of the male nature.



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Before I hit the road this am, know that I added this P.S. to 2266 — A Man’s Love: The Reality of It

P.S. Men inherit at birth the way they love as described above. It’s up to the women in their lives—moms, chaste girls, bachelorettes, and wives—to teach them to love in ways more pleasing to women.

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2267. Attention, Ladies

I’m leaving town early Friday but expect to be back online Saturday morning. We have exciting exchanges going about a fiancé’s weekend soirees. Keep the pot stirred, ladies, until I get back. I’m sure we all have more to say.



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Happy Birthday, Sir Guy!

Greetings, all. This is Guy Jr. One of the tangential benefits of being Sir Guy’s son is that I have admin privileges to his blog. It’s now after midnight EDT, so it’s official.

I hope you’ll join me in sending warm 34th birthday wishes (give or take half of a century) to my Pops. Not only is he a good man, he is a great man. He spends virtually every moment away from his daily duties on this blog. Trust me, I know.

His endeavors are timeless and tireless and remind me of another. My father has spent countless hours meditating and expounding on good thoughts in the hopes of bettering this world. In some ways, he could be a modern-day Confucius of relationships. Though not accepted by today’s mainstream thought, his wisdom is almost boundless and timeless, in my humble opinion.

Is he always right? Some would say not by a long shot, including my loving partner for nearly 5 years (and we argue regularly about WWNH, but let’s not revisit Lauren and our disagreements on this joyous occasion.) But who is or was, other than The Christ?

Please don’t misconstrue any comparisons. I am certainly not making those. I merely highlight the efforts of one man sharing his wisdom attempting to reclaim a long-lost culture of relative happiness, harmony, and prosperity among us. And we all know that is no easy task given the forces aligned against these tenets in 21st century America. But he fights on, undeterred. Even by me, his son, when we disagree.

Carry on, Commander Dean (USN Ret.). Continue the good fight. We are so proud and appreciative of you.

Happy Birthday, Pops. Stay strong. Stay healthy. We need many more April 19th’s from you.

Tons of man love, respect, and pride,

Allen (Guy Jr.)

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2164. Her Majesty Grace

Months ago I was asked for pictures of Grace and me,  wedding, etc. I neglected to respond and got caught. So, my PC guru has helped me post several here. They are Grace’s high school picture, our wedding picture, in our forties, in our sixties, and Grace about age 80.

Modesty prevents pictures as I swam for twenty years. I don’t want to show off my V-shape but I had one. After all, fat sculps itself if you let it.

Click on any picture for the gallery.





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2162. ATTENTION, Ladies

I regret interrupting the flow of Mid-life Dating series, but I must tend to an admin matter.

Recently I was taken out behind the woodshed and verbally paddled for my blog attitude, style, and etiquette. I bump the issue to you for confirmation or denial.

I need the truth and ask for it clearly rather than dearly. I can handle both as I’ve been making mistakes for 80 years. I can also improve whatever needs it. Of course, my accusers will read your responses.

I don’t mind the criticism unless you ladies feel the same way. Therefore, I ask for your opinion in a simple format. For each paragraph number below, cite your response with simple terms such as yes, no, true, false, sometimes, never, always, frequently, constantly, agree, disagree, or whatever else you choose. One word for each number is all I need although you may use whatever reports the truth as you see it.

  1. My attitude is directly or indirectly disrespectful of readers.
  2. I was told that I frequently reflect anger, am critical of people, or belittle my readers.
  3. As the accusation goes, when someone says something that I specifically disagree with, I’m short tempered, short sighted, and inconsiderate to both men and women who disagree and others by implication.
  4. The example of poor etiquette is my using upper case text when I respond to many questions embedded in long comments. Unknown to me, use of upper case on the net is called shouting and is therefore demeaning. Is that so? You read it that way? (Incidentally, I have no other effective way of inserting my comments within a long series of questions from readers. If I answer many at the bottom, it makes for too much duplication or too tough reading. Caps avoid that.)
  5. Do you get the idea that I put readers down, demean them, disrespect them, or doubt their worth as a person, woman, reader, visitor, questioner, dater, mother, single mom, sex addict, former child, fearful person, girlfriend, wife, grandmother, lesbian, or transgendered mate? One exception: super-activist or radical spreader of Feminism into the social and domestic arenas.

Explanations are welcome but unnecessary. I first have to confirm or deny accusations, determine my guilt or innocence, and bring about whatever changes I choose to make. I don’t intend to silence my critics but to please myself and my readers.

Very respectfully,




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