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1797. University Final Exam — A.A. Degree #2

Another WWNHU student completed requirements for the Anxiety Avoidance degree. She earned the second ‘A’ and second degree awarded. Her final exam deserves publishing below.
FINAL EXAM: Summarize what men like but don’t necessarily require in a wife. Her Highness P.D. responded this way:
• Men like a woman who is pleasant with a “no way, never” attitude which requires a chase. The more mysterious and challenging the chase, the more likely she will hold a man’s interest until marriage.
• A woman who is independent, full of self-respect, and handles her sexual assets with modesty and tantalizing detail in proper balance sparks a man’s interest.
• Her pleasant respect for him, who he is and what he does, coupled with a mask of disinterest encourages the marrying man to further pursuit.
• A woman who is wise and patient will show greater interest as he shows greater interest in her beyond sex, [thus] increasing chances of proposal.
• A man is more likely to remain devoted to his wife after marriage as she softens to become more cooperative and continues to show her undying respect for husband.
• To keep her husband, she must continue to display her sexual assets with beautiful femininity; though still tantalizing, she must appear even more modest than before. This communicates her exclusive faithfulness to him.
• She must also shift from being independent to being dependent upon him to provide, protect, and problem solve as she trained him to do so during a lengthy courtship.
• A man may settle for much less than this in a wife. But too much less, she may become Ex.
Congratulations to P.D. for completing her AA degree in less than a month and a half.


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1010. University Final Exam—A.A. Degree #1

Her Highness Ladylike completed requirements for the Anxiety Avoidance degree. She earned both the first ‘A’ and first degree awarded by WWNH University. Her final exam deserves publishing below.

FINAL EXAM: Summarize what men like but don’t necessarily require in a wife.

Her Graduateness Ladylike answered this way:

—A man likes to marry a woman who has shown that she is an extraordinary female and that he, as unique male conqueror, has won her over, a victor amongst other men who failed.

—A man does change after he has conquered a woman, and women often believe that they’ll work on/try and change a man after marriage (where they believe they have more power) and this never works. A man is more dominant after marriage, while a woman who is not sleeping with a man has more power/is more dominant before marriage.

While a woman isn’t married to a man, it is vital that she negotiates what she requires from him. She has to be hard-headed before marriage – she cannot be soft-headed and fall for a man based on her emotions. A man will take advantage of a woman if she lets him, and if he hasn’t had to work for her he will dispose of her at some point. He does not like unearned gifts, so a man will work hard for a woman who is Hard To Get, and he will enjoy his sense of accomplishment in winning her over. It’s what he likes in a wife ­the sense of having won her over through his actions.

—Feminism has influenced society to the point where women now believe they are “equal” to men in how they behave sexually. However when a woman plays a man’s sexual game, she loses. Women are bonded after sex, while men are not. If a woman persists in casual hook-ups, she is going into a relationship with a man on masculine terms and she loses! She can only win if she doesn’t play a masculine game but glories in her femininity.

Femininity softens a man like nothing else can. If a man sees a woman as his masculine equal he’ll compete with her AS A MAN, and once he’s conquered her he will feel no sense of responsibility towards her because she has been playing his game ­ and men play to win. A man will only respect a woman if she “conquers” him by winning his devotion before he conquers her for sex. A man’s love for a woman is based on his respect for her and he wants a wife who glories in her femininity which takes her out of the male game, putting her (and therefore her value to him) above that common game.

—There is a difference between commitment and devotion. A man can commit to a woman on a mental level (as her boyfriend) but devotion comes from his heart, where his commitment becomes an automatic extension of his devotion. A man may commit to a relationship as a boyfriend, but this doesn’t mean that he’s devoted to a woman yet.

A man’s devotion stems from spending lots of time with a lady (I use the term “lady” deliberately) the longer the man waits for a woman, the more he’ll consider her a lady in terms of her nature and character and men respect ladies! In fact a lady brings out the gentleman in a man!) before finally winning her over. A man is devoted to a lady who inspires him, who touches his heart, while a man can commit to any woman he’s attracted to for a while, but his heart may not be involved. This applies to those serial monogamists and men who only want long-term relationships. No one would deny that they are committed to the woman they’re with, but often not to the extent that they want to marry her.

Devotion stems from a man’s emotions and its automatic extension is commitment. I¹ll put it this way to make it clearer: You can have commitment without devotion, but you can’t have devotion without commitment.

—If a man has to work hard for a woman in order to conquer her, he will respect her. Men value what they have to work for, and what they put their energy and effort into. If they realise they cannot win a woman over easily for sex, they will adapt to suit her IF THEY ARE INTO HER. A woman’s behaviour during courtship shapes her future with a man.

—A long sexless courtship is important in order to attract The Marrying Man who is looking for a woman who is out of the ordinary. Once sex is involved, the courtship basically ends. The courtship isn’t the time before a woman gets married, but the time before she has sex with a man. It is important for a woman to wait as long as possible so that she extends her courtship, and makes use of this incredibly important time to shape a man’s dominant masculinity with her unyielding (sexually) femininity.

Because once a man conquers a woman, psychologically he believes he’s now her King, and if he hasn’t treated her as a Queen before he becomes her King, the relationship won¹t be very majestic. A man wants his wife to treat him as a King in his own castle, and her respect for him as provider, producer, problem solver and protector is what he needs from her.


EDITOR’S NOTE: Application incompatibility made reformatting necessary for readability. With exception of three typos, no change was made to text above.


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