Your Favorite Quotes

NOTE: At the request of readers, I’ve opened this page of favorite quotes that readers cite. You send in any quotes you call one of your favorites, and I’ll add it at the top of this list. Guy


  1. “In spite of appearances to the contrary, men are eager to DO good when they see it earn admiration of the other gender.” [Miss Gina at 2557]
  2. “My husband only confronted his part in the problems in our marriage when he realized i was quietly ready to walk away…when inner peace truly became more important to me than nagging, over-functioning or being a doormat. (I say ‘His part” in the problems because my part which I own was the nagging, mommy-ish, doormat behavior that only prolonged our situation. We are still not 100% better but getting there with all due thanks to your writings Sir Guy!)” [Meow Meow at 2462 as cited by Cinnamon.]
  3. “Feminism has influenced that it’s ok for a man and a woman to be just friends as if they are two men or two women on the basis that we are all the same. Well, not in a million years.” [Cocoa at 2321 as cited by My Husband’s Wife]
  4. “Women are not born with the instinctive understanding of how to fight back. They try to regain their former stature and status, but they use manly weapons and techniques. It sinks them further into the slime they naturally abhor.” [Guy (2323) as cited by My Husband’s Wife]
  5. On post 1586- Facing Up to Flakey Men Online, Kaikou asked you: “Where is the line between hard-headedness and vulnerability? When does a lady reveal vulnerability to a suitor?” You answered this:“Your Highness Kaikou,The hard line you’re looking for is his devotion to you witnessed routinely outside the words he tosses at you. That is, his actions reflect indirectly that he puts you first in his life. His actions indirectly salute you to the virtual exclusion of him and honor you to the actual exclusion of sex. You have to teach yourself and learn to interpret his actions as symbols of either his devotion or phoniness/insincerity aimed at sex more than you. Until he crosses that line to your side, convinces you of his honesty and sincerity in the process of propping you up on a pedestal of his making and your liking, don’t let yourself drift into being vulnerable.” [From Magnolia via email 10/6/2015]
  6. “Female charm looks like serious, non-accusatory, and unexpected action that has the effect of dismissing someone without making a scene.” — [Sir Guy (2309) from Cinnamon]