2864. Attention, Ladies

Thank you for the loyal support recently to expand readership. The number of viewers is up 10 percent and I’m grateful. Your efforts are resoundingly applauded.

As to the expansion efforts several of you suggested, my hands are tied by poor health and withdrawn PC guru. I’m working on it though.



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2863. Natural Laws — 02

  1. Girls need one process growing up to produce two desired results later in life. They need regular chores, special tasks, and relationship responsibilities up to which they learn to achieve, master by themselves, and thereby self-develop on their own. Out of that particular process grows self-respect and a mature sense of responsibility as an adult.
  2. Boys need one process growing up that produces two desired results later in life. They need regular chores, special tasks, and triumph-like responsibilities up to which they learn to achieve, master by themselves, and thereby self-develop on their own. Out of it grows self-love and a mature sense of responsibility to work as an adult.
  3. A man doesn’t love anyway close to how a woman loves with her heart. He depends on both heart and mind. His love is a function of several ingredients. First and foremost, he must respect her. Then, if she’s likeable and loyal to him, he can be loyal to her if he’s also likeable to her. He doesn’t just jump in; he qualifies himself as to whether he loves her or not.
  4. The mature adult values that children are taught and believe prevents their learning adolescent values after puberty. What they don’t learn to believe before puberty, they pick up immature substitutes in adolescence and become adultolescents, physical adults but mental adolescents. Immaturity follows them for life.
  5. Men want freedom to make their own decisions. Women want the same freedom but also the availability of a helpmate to help brighten their future together. Compatibility prevails according to how well they work out the differences.
  6. A woman’s greatest fear is abandonment, and a man’s is insignificance. Compatibility can survive until one goes too far against the other’s fear.
  7. She is born pretty, he is born handy. Compatibility’s built in.


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2862. Natural Laws — 01

  1. We are born to be good folks, and it’s the lessons learned after birth that lead us astray. Women are born to be good, and so they more likely do good to confirm it. Men are not; they are born able to do good but with no incentive until provided by females or a woman.
  2. After their first sex together, she quits earning his respect except by subsequent achievements that he admires. He discontinues hearing what she says, she has to develop a new game for dealing with him because he decided before conquest that she’s either—surprise for her—keeper, booty, or disposable. He by nature and conquest is freed up to conquer someone else.
  3. A man’s primal need is for a place to flop, eat, throw his things, do R&R, and prepare to fight tomorrow’s dragons. With that, he can cover all his other bases. A woman’s primal drive is to nest, nurture, and nestle with loved ones. As a couple, they match fairly well with common ground and potential to work things out compatibly.
  4. Both sexes are born to find ways to feel good about themselves. The self-love trait within women makes it easier for them. They shower love onto someone else, and they feel good for doing it. It can take so little effort. A selfish trigger in girls teaches them early in life that selfishness is not necessary. Just love someone else and it makes them feel good about themselves and the selfish urge withers away early in life. It’s different for men.
  5. Men are born to satisfy themselves in what they achieve; they feel good if satisfied with themselves. If trained with chores in childhood, they plan to do something: mow the lawn, have someone earn their respect, go to work, read the paper, or help wife with dishes or kids. They do it and are satisfied with self and usually feel good, but they pay little attention to the feel good or happy part. Satisfaction is usually sufficient for they are not routine in expressing good feelings, except when super-achievement qualifies for celebration.
  6. The male nature reacts harshly to blame from females. Blaming men relieves much female guilt. However, the blame is irretrievable, and—determined not to lose—most blamed men seem virtually irreconcilable on whatever the issue that earned blame.
  7. The more admirable as attractive woman, the more likely she gets a better man. The more responsible as masculine man, the more likely he gets a better wife. Add love and it’s still not enough. Add mutual respect and likeability, then compatibility blossoms and togetherness brightens.

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2861. Male Fantasy Realized

Another cultural debasement of females slips in under the awareness of Americans. It’s intended to slyly convince more people that sex for pleasure is the primary sex drive in humans. IOW, bring the excesses developed in porn houses into the home, and even women will learn to like it.

In no way do I seek to belittle the pleasure in sex. I condemn the motivational force that sponsors and encourages people seeking sex for pleasure. It’s not the pleasure that damages relationships, it’s the pursuit that betrays the goodness in human character—of which women should have the greater concern about avoidance.

I dispute it. I seek to convince women that it’s egregiously bad news for their gender, female life, and especially to capture and keep a man permanently and fulfill the hopes and dreams inherent in the female nature, to which it’s contrary.

My objection is primarily based on this principle of human life. Sex for pleasure always demands more the next time; what do you think makes porn expand into ever increasing and ever enlarging versions of tools and new orifices to attack? How does anal fisting appeal to females without it being a follow on to whatever went before?

Hooked on pleasure, one can’t get enough and expects more the next time. New tools, new ways, new refreshments, extra sensations, or new sources to exceed what went before. Men lead and drive the bus, but dumb women provide the fuel. Men get what they want, and women don’t realize how their lives are being changed from what they want as they miss the more important things in life. When relationships are dominated by sex for pleasure, the woman can’t achieve what she expects of life.

Actually, the sexes are designed against sex for pleasure. If it were part of our design, our most primal motivational forces would not be so obvious in our behavior. IOW, sex for pleasure, as you will see, is the aberration and not the standard. At birth both sexes inherit other motivational forces that govern their sex lives.

Both sexes are born to get their way associating with others. Women are born to recognize very early in life they have a valuable birthright that men will honor when each woman respects herself deliberately, sufficiently, and defensively against first penile penetration. That birthright difference enables women to get their way with men who are stronger, dominant, and intent on conquest and quick departure. Discretion to participate sexually belongs to each woman, and she’s adequately prepared from early girlhood to capitalize on her own success.

Her side of the “when to yield” puzzle looks like this. Five natural motivational forces energize sex in the woman’s world:

  • Born with a physiological urge to nurture, it triggers the urge to procreate.
  • She has a psychological need to assuage the wants of herself or the needs of someone else, either of which can stimulate her to copulate.
  • Possessing the primal need of self-importance, free will, and urge to get her way, it ignites ambitions to outdo and outshine other women as a candidate for mating. She empowers herself by negotiating sex such that she earns her own uniqueness and the respect of men or man; each man’s respect being essential for his love to arise.
  • She comprehends the worth of sexually yielding to each man, especially the uniqueness and value of their first sexual encounter together. (When she finally yields to one man, he paid whatever price she demanded. He easily convinces himself that he ‘owns’ her, expects not to compete anymore with her, and that she will cooperate with him and his ambitions. It’s the male nature in action.)
  • She needs intimacy, and it is a prime motivator for yielding sex. (Her nature craves intimacy; she can almost never get enough from her man. Especially when her spirits are down, which can be quite often. Intimate touching, fondling, caressing, and sweet words that enhance body closeness fuel a woman’s willingness or desire, which makes it easier to continue deeper into the process to please herself, her partner, or even make an unanticipated mistake.)

The wisdom inherent in the feminine nature empowers women to utilize sex for bonding, generating compatibility, and competing with other women. (Neither promiscuity nor orgasmic pleasure is natural to the female gender. Both arise from lessons learned in life about the urge to feel better or important about oneself, however momentary that may be.)

Those natural urges enable women to think they understand the male sex drive. Not so.

Primal motivational urges energize four versions of the male sex drive. These bring proactive sex into a man’s world:

  • His interest in sex brings females onto the playing field. Without the urge to conquer, women can be ignored.
  • He has a deep-rooted, unchangeable, and physiological urge to copulate with every female he finds attractive and maybe some beyond attractive. (Women witness but can’t comprehend the meaning behind this phenomenal and most primal expression of male sex drive.)
  • He has an instinctive competitive urge to outdo and outshine other men. In response, he seeks to conquer women that other men can’t, enable bragging rights by doing so, and add boaster’s value to virginity.
  • He possesses a steadfast ambition for frequent and convenient access to sex, and he’s willing to pay a high price for it, if and when the right woman coaxes, coaches, and loves him into paying her price.
  • He has an instinctive craving to do something pleasurable with each erection, and instinct pushes him toward penile penetration of a vagina. (Penetration completes his conquest, goal achieved. Beyond first penetration, however, he’s just another sexual performer—good, poor, wasteful, selfish, indifferent.)

Orgasm is not a prime motivator of men. Pleasurable and rewarding, yes, but not a driving force until it’s about to arrive momentarily and as expected.

Those primal sex urges combine to make men compete with other males for females and compete with females for conquest—but for little else afterward. After conquest, he’s beat out other men, he paid her price, and he expects cooperation from the woman he ‘owns’. He refuses to compete further with her. Men reliably find a way out or avoid competing with a conquered woman. Even if she’s a keeper and they marry, if he has to compete with her, she loses much of her likeability.

Why? Conquest changes their relationship dramatically. He used his persuasive interest achieving conquest, in ‘buying her’. IOW, he paid whatever price she demanded. Job’s done; she’s his. Afterward she belongs to him, and he expects cooperation. He’s now free to pursue others. He may lose significant arguments to her. So why take the risk of her winning and his losing the upper hand won with conquest? Men are not dumb; they only seem to be that way because women don’t understand how men are born to be different.

Even though born to be compatible as mates, the sexes differ greatly on matters of purpose, love, and sex. Society and life in it are as peaceful and satisfying as both sexes live according to their nature, the way they are born. Things start to fall apart, when the sexes begin for whatever reason to act like the opposite sex and thus betray their respective nature.

In which case, women lose dominance of cultural values, standards, and expectations. Men run society according to male dominated and female-unfriendly values, standards, and expectations. Neither sex appreciates or respects the other very much, blame spurs anger, and children self-develop to tunes played on the quarrelsome tongues of disrespectful parents, teachers, and adults.

Those primal sex urges combine to make males compete with males for females and compete with females for conquest but for little else afterward. Sex for pleasure as a motivational force curtails and probably ends the female friendliness of sexual relations according to their respective natures.


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2860. Review of Archived Comment

I visited my archives of twenty thousand comments and found one to which I had not responded. It may have some lessons to see how feminist-think was operating a decade ago and has now come to roost dropping guano on relationships.

The following is from a William Egmont via jesseweb@gmail.com. So, by the nature of the comments, I presume a man did not write what follows dated way back in December 2007. I respond in CAPS, although I’m sure it will never be seen by the originator.



“Yes, there is more conflict when two partners are equal, for now, unlike before, they strive for the same goals. [CAN YOU EVER BE SURE OF SAME GOALS?] But, as most of society has come to accept, demands for equality are not unreasonable, unprecedented, or unmerited; they are just, fair, and right. [AS YOU POINT OUT, “DEMANDS FOR EQUALITY” FIT AND HELP DEVELOP THE BATTLE SCENES WE SEE TODAY. JUST THE DEMAND, BUT NO EQUALITY. THE INSTANT AN EQUAL CONDITION IS ACHIEVED, SOMEONE POINTS OUT AN INEQUALITY ABOUT IT. THE NATURE OF EVERYONE BORN TO GET THEIR WAY SPRINGS THE TRAP.]

“Therefore, it is not only the woman’s responsibility to change; it is the man’s as well. [THAT IS FEMINIST-THINK.] The man must adapt to these changes, [WHY MUST MEN BETRAY THEIR OWN NATURE AGAINST CHANGING THEMSELVES, JUST BECAUSE WOMEN SAY SO?] to learn to accept and adjust to the competition, the “adverse factors.” Equality should not mean exclusively that women become like men; it demands also that men become like women, [THAT FRUITLESS FEMINIST DEMAND LEADS THE WAY TO MAKING ENEMIES OF MEN AND WOMEN.] in ways that will make relationships work again. [FALSE HOPE.]

“This isn’t good news for many men, necessarily; but for a healthy relationship to thrive while both parties are equal, concessions and changes must happen on both sides. These are, after all, relationships we’re talking about, with two equal beings; and, as in other aspects of relationships, cooperation is teamwork is essential.” [THOSE ARE FEMINIST POLITICAL RAMBLINGS THAT IGNORE THE INBORN NATURE OF BOTH MEN AND WOMEN. FEMINISTS AND FOLLOWERS BETRAY THEIR NATURE IN MYRIAD WAYS TO OPENLY ACT LIKE MEN OR TO CAPTURE AND HOLD A MAN. MEN ARE NOT SO EASILY SEDUCED TO BETRAY THEIR NATURE.]


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2859. Snowflake Creation

This is a hot subject for me. Younger Americans in the Millennial subculture irritate or disappoint their associates. We all talk about the snowflakes’ faults, but no one has yet identified the cause or prevention of more of the same. I step in there.

Most of the snowflake personality can be blamed on the lack of any sense of responsibility to other people. Judith Rich Harris claims in “The Nurture Assumption” that children develop their personalities more in connection with peers than parents. Snowflakes have a peer environment that includes social media associates, and so their personality development automatically distorts contrary to mature adult values, standards, and expectations.

Snowflakes have this in common. They don’t particularly like how they fit in the world in spite of faux bravado to the contrary. They lack a sense of responsibility to others and even to themselves. Both of those irritating shortcomings are correctable between the toddler years and puberty. It’s a function of parental leadership in childhood.

Primarily, parents of snowflakes lack that leadership ability. They don’t know what to do or how to do it. They mistakenly take the easy way out and do what makes the parents feel good about themselves under the guise of making their offspring feel good. Thus, kids grow up in a world of constant entertainment.

Snowflakes are absent the sequential upbringing that teaches them to be responsible adults; which is a function of self-discipline; which is a function of self-development; which is a function of responsibilities assigned and developed into habit in childhood; which is a function of chores, special tasks, and similar responsibilities up to which a child learns to achieve, master by themselves, and thereby self-develop on their own; and which forms their adult maturity, unlike snowflakes, with a strong sense of self-discipline.

Girls brought up to self-develop that way also earn self-respect that enables them to stand up and compete against the dominance of boys and men. Boys brought up the same way learn self-love that enables them to respect girls and later love a woman.


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2858. Compatibility as Couple Begins at Birth

All that you read here is based on the very different characteristics that women and men receive at birth. God designs, Nature endows, and hormones motivate women and men very differently. By comparing differences, we can discover how they interface socially and domestically, successfully and unsuccessfully, compatibly and incompatibly.

The blog is all about that, but today I want to bore down to the very foundation upon which couples find success or not.

Feminists claim the only true gender differences are the reproductive systems. They claim everything else is socialized into both sexes. I disagree with significant fervor and evidence. Feminists disregard differences for political purposes.

I favor the legal, political, and economic advancements of women. I criticize the social and domestic side-effects of Feminism as the major cause of relationship uncertainty, instability, and misery. Feminist values have no promotional or holding power in a relationship, in fact, quite the opposite.

Her Primal Need. A woman instinctively needs a brighter future for her and her children. Unless very immature, she seeks security of life, dependable relationships, and family cohesiveness. She seeks family, economic, and social stability. She seeks safety of health, life, and family. To fulfill such overlapping and intermingled needs, she has two options: give of herself to a helpmate, or do it alone, perhaps desperate, and usually lonesome sooner or later. She is made to care for others, and the absence of finding someone can be sufficient to prevent her finding happiness.

His Primal Need. Men have one overwhelming need that makes everything else minor, regardless of how they seem to act even to the contrary. A man absolutely needs only a place to flop, eat, throw his things, hopefully do a little R&R, and prepare for his ’battles’ tomorrow. A hut will do, but if a woman provides such a place for him, he judges her nesting and castle building by how it supports his work, outside competitive interests, and NOT how she claims to love him.

Her Primal Drive. Women are driven to nest, nurture, and nestle with loved ones. Their instinctive drive bonds society together into family units. What men hear and learn inside the home shape their thinking for how to compete as they make the outside world more family friendly and thus civilized.

His Primal Drive. Men are driven to compete against Nature when it obstructs their progress, compete with other men, and shape and control human events.

Both sexes were put on earth to live as couples. However, both have to find compatibility, and women have the relationship expertise to promote it. The naturalness of it follows.

Her drive to nest, nurture, and nestle with loved ones matches well with his need for a place to flop and prepare for tomorrow’s battles. It’s a fair swap.

Her need for a brighter future matches easily with his drive to win his way outside the home. He can do for her what she can’t do for herself. It’s a fair swap. As the natural consequence of their relationship expertise, wives shape husbands’ thinking inside the home such that husbands learn to make the outside world more family friendly and civilized for both sexes.

The sexes are designed that way to find the compatibility needed to live successfully as couples.


Natural Law: Other than for sex, a man only pays extra attention and ardent pursuit to a woman who respects herself so much she will not uncross her legs first time for him, until, that is, she gets all of her requirements met and him obligated deeply to her.


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