2822. Love is Never Enough — 02: Feminism

I applaud the political, legal, and economic gains women made over the past half-century. They deserved it before they had to work for it.

However, Feminism poisoned both the social and domestic arenas with anger, disrespect, and conviction that men are no good at producing what females need. As the direct result of Feminism, women expect to get their way only through dispute, argument, and battle with men and their man. It’s why love is never enough too.

Feminism turned many women into permanent adolescents. Many men follow closely behind, some adopting female habits and feminizing themselves. Adultolescents don’t make good couple partners, because adolescent habits, selfishness, and narcissism promote immaturity, and immaturity splits couples.

Now in more recent times, Feminism opened the door to social media that is destroying our culture. No? Watch this: https://youtu.be/39RS3XbT2pU

The feminist movement caused today’s problems for women. They are born very capable of dealing successfully with men and making men like it. However, Feminism taught that men do not deserve such treatment, that they are a woman’s problem and not her solution.

Over the past few decades, feminists and other political activists claimed to do much in the name of love, the consequence of which reduced its importance so much that a woman’s love now is too weak to keep brightening her future. Too many things go sour in spite of all the love she lavishes on her man and others.

Women contradict themselves. This doesn’t apply to all women but far too many Americans. She inspires both men and her children to ignore her love by routinely and regularly contradicting herself. She tries to spread love on one hand while the other holds criticism and anger; it doesn’t work. Female anger, frustrations, and dislike of self are mutually exclusive with female love and very powerful at reducing its effect on those she hopes to love.

Men ignore female love; they don’t need it. They get what they need without earning it. Even kids develop themselves to get around mother’s dissatisfactions, frustrations, and yelling.

The most prominent and steadfast love we see today is infant care. Other expressions are interspersed with anger, criticism, and whatever disturbs a woman at the moment, usually not getting her way in matters she considers her territory. Or someone not doing what they are told!

Women try to spread female and mother love intertwined with frustrations, complaints, and determination to get their way. That process makes them unattractive to be around, which means they’re less likeable as wife or mother, which makes their love less usable and vice versa.

Negative emotions accumulating in the female heart are incompatible with convincing others of her love. The more a woman or mother insists on getting her way at whatever the cost—that is, she can’t live with herself by quitting or not winning right now— the weaker her love becomes. The more easily she angers or frustrates herself, the weaker her love becomes.

It’s natural that a woman gets inconvenienced, angry, and frustrated. To reveal it is to overwrite her self-love with exception and contradiction. Is she supposed to remain silent, keep all negative emotions inside? No, but she should realize the consequences and try to do better. She’s born to be good. If she strives in that direction and tries to live up to someone bigger than herself, she automatically ignores and keeps a lot of harsher stuff to herself.


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2821. Love is Never Enough — 01: Introduction

I begin the new year with this new theme. Love is never enough. I may have bitten off more than I can chew. I will have to hunt and peck my way through the gigantic female problems that flow out of it, but I’ll keep chewing till readers say stop.

Why is love never enough? Christ’s teachings are under attack and pastors take no public offense. Love has been discredited by political activists and undergoes replacement by sex. Women contradict themselves daily. Relationships function with fractious love. Men don’t live by love unless females teach them how to thrive with it, and newer generations of women have lost both interest and ability.

Love is a humongous subject in all its forms. I focus only on one form: LOVE AS MOTIVATOR AMONG COUPLES. Motivation to act, to reveal or follow one’s emotions about their appreciation of each other. Specifically, how does one show love and how does a loved one react and respond in today’s social marketplace and domestic scene?

You see, if you love someone enough, it’s normal to expect they should love you back? At least that’s how many women think; their love can overcome all else. Desperate probably amid lack of knowledge of how to do it anyway, women forget or ignore that men function primarily on respect rather than love.

Well, humans work this way. The lovee takes in and responds differently from what the lover gives and expects in return. What she gives she does not get back. Two minds do not work the same, most not even alike. Far too often in modern times and between the sexes, minds work opposite one to another.

Thus, love is not nearly enough for couples. Without her love dominating a relationship, it means her man dominates it. Men don’t know how to breathe success into a relationship, but they try it anyway, and couples breakup regularly as the result. A man dominating a relationship—very different from dominating his woman—goes contrary to how the sexes are designed, but women stifle their ability by not focusing on things other than expressions of love.

Love is not even understood by women who spread it; they seem to have given up the ability to understand the effects of sharing their love. For example, excited, she shows her man some affection but she doesn’t hear him mumble: Hell, yesterday you said I was a pig. As the result of such contradictions, love currently fails to provide what women expect out of life.

Christ empowered women by legitimizing love as a powerful social and political influence, if just used as He exemplified it. More powerful social and relationship influence flowing from female love generates greater influence in the affairs of mankind, and so love helps provide women with political influence. But how close to Christ’s examples do modern women live?

I don’t expect women to live like Christ. He leads by example and models the best life for us to follow. I hope to just explain this to women. Their lack of success in relationships, marriage, and life is caused by their drifting too far away from what men define as a good mate. Men expect a good woman, so how does she become good as potential mate?

Feminists claim she’s already a good woman, and men continue on their way of further subjugating women with sex for pleasure.


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Best wishes to all of you. Your company last year was very satisfying.

Ladies, I face a search. What next? I finished my original task and it put me out of business. I drifted away from reader interest. I went too far for everyone but me. It took ten years to complete my objective, but no one wanted the end result. So now I drift.

I know how my doing right for me ended up wrong for others, but that’s okay. I’m quite satisfied with myself.

First day of the year, and I ponder if anything is left in me that others might use in the battle of the sexes. I’m searching for a major theme if there is one.

Some ladies claim they learn easily from my responses to readers’ comments. So your questions are invited.

In the meantime I’ve settled in on one subject that should be of significant interest to readers. At least I’ll try to make it that way.

The subject is: Love is never enough. It’s next, and I view it playing for quite a while.


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2819. Well-liked Article (#97 updated from February 2008)

Theme: Do women know jack about Jack?

♂  Men adapt, obligate, and learn to devote themselves to a woman that refuses to yield sexually. Her hard-headed and unyielding behavior keeps his attention focused on her. If he refuses to grow that way to meet her expectations for her man, then he’s not really into her as potential mate.

♂  Just as sex does, fashionable attire, charming words, and fun activity help capture a man. But her other-than-sexual attributes hold him beyond the fading of romantic love.

♂ A major facet of a man’s sense of significance rests upon his woman’s faithfulness—and especially his not having to face men who have had her or even know of someone who has.

♂ A man discovers a woman’s non-sexual attributes while searching for weaknesses in order to conquer her. After conquest his search intensity fades away, and her remaining qualities become less dramatically uncovered.

♂ A man does not need refreshment and comfort with a friendly, attractive, and encouraging mate, but he never stops looking if he lacks it.

♂ A man’s conquering nature is not quieted down by either her giving love or providing sex—only by one woman’s non-sexual attributes that magnetize his devotion to her and their family.

♂ A man’s devotion to wife and marriage are not the same. The former is based on his heart, his feelings for her. The latter is based on his mind, values, principles, vows, and his word—to the extent that he honors such things.

♂ A man’s ego reflects his sense of significance and vice versa.

♂ A man’s fruitless pursuit of sex with a woman enables his commitment to evolve into devotion for her. In the process of trying harder, he learns to respect her more and see her as different from the others.

♂ A man’s loyalty to wife and family is cultivated best by a woman mentally and emotionally committed to nesting, nurturing, and nestling in the home.


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2818. Well-liked Article (#82 updated from January 2008)

Theme: HardToGet Pays Off

Modern women bypass playing hardtoget. It works to stimulate and hold attention of the opposite sex, but women so corrupted the art that men stole it.

Our foremothers’ strategy forced men to devote time and effort just getting to know them. A man had to work to figure out what made her tick. It posed challenges instead of giveaways. Conquest took the back seat in his mind, because hardtoget forced it there.

It enabled her to dominate the pre-dating and dating phases. Her lack of eagerness made him eager, when she played it right. In the process he uncovered her attributes of value to him.

Hardtoget means to use disinterest and indirectly dominate any situation with a male of interest. One should keep plans and schedules personal. Show none and even hide eagerness. Don’t explain, don’t complain, don’t reveal intentions, don’t alibi, don’t offer excuses or reasons for doing or not doing something. She states flatly when and what she will and won’t do. Never why, never eager for his presence, and never without his putting forth considerable effort.

The strategy works, because people do not appreciate what they are given for little or no reason. But what they earn, they appreciate. Especially true of men.

Hardtoget challenges a man to pursue a gal and to explore what she is really like. Or else, it provides evidence that he’s not all that interested in her. The earlier she knows that, the better off she is.

The hard truth: Men now exploit this superior tactic, call it ‘vague and unavailable’, and women fall prey to the ingenuity of their own gender.


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2817. Well-liked Article (#76 updated from January 2008)

Subject: Her Mushy Thinking

A woman provides easy sex before marriage. She gives away what a man expects to earn with significant investment of himself into her life. She measures her value to men by sexual availability. Poor choice! Men respect women who refuse to give away their most valuable assets; men know they wouldn’t be that dumb.

After marriage she withholds sex. For example, retaliating for her hurts, she displeases him deliberately. Whatever her reason, withholding herself weakens his sense of significance with her, which weakens his interest in her as partner or mate.

She elevates children to adult status, which demotes husband to subordinate status and moves him toward insignificance—his greatest fear.

She ignores or rejects this gem of politics and negotiation: ‘Don’t complain, don’t explain’. Instead, she unloads with everything bothering her when it bothers her, aka nagging.

She gives birth with no father in her child’s life. No presence or commitment to help. She sacrifices her child’s father-balanced future on the altar of expressing her sexual freedom to match that of men. Specifically, sex without obligation.

She tries to take more than she gives when negotiating some issue of greater importance to husband than to her. He may deserve such treatment, and she may win the battle. But their future together dims.

She makes maintaining her imperial nest more important than retaining her man.

She works these two models in reverse and wonders why she loses. In dating and courtship women are buyers and men sellers. Men prove their worth in order to earn her. In marriage, women are sellers and men buyers. She proves her worth in order to keep him.

She admires celebrities or others more than her husband. Hubby eventually comes up short, and routine celebrity worship contaminates her wifely mind for permanency with him. (Example: She can do better, he can be better.)

She vocalizes jealousy of her man’s job, hobby, or recreation. She thus primes his abandonment pump. He may be totally in the wrong. But her drumbeat hardens his determination. As the relationship expert, she has other options, but her mushy thinking thwarts her.

She expects that he will respond to stimulants just as she does. For example, guilt motivates her to do something to relieve it. Men largely ignore guilt trips placed on them and easily handle guilt they lay on themselves.

She would rather be friends with her kids than essential to her man. It confirms that he’s unneeded.

She favors her kids over his. If she can’t treat all kids alike, her blending of families will not be very successful. If she can’t trust her kids to the care and admonition of her husband, she married the wrong man.


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2816. Well-liked Article (#73 updated from January 2008)

Subject: Submission is wife’s strong suit.

Modern women think that submitting to husband’s authority forfeits wife’s interests. Now, let’s take another look at that issue.

Women fill two roles: female and relationship partner. But modern women are confused. Females hormonally resist submitting to a potential threat, a man. But as girls and single women, they submit to male conquest just to have a boyfriend. That ultimate submissiveness means to men that a gal will submit for other circumstances that follow.

As sex partner to a man, gals naturally gain relationship advantages by adopting a submissive spirit. But modern wives argue, criticize, and otherwise demonstrate an in-your-face fussiness. More masculine than feminine. More success for her in his domain and less success for him to himself.

What she expects does not come hormonally to his hard-headed and hard-hearted self. She either enables and empowers him to succeed as himself with her as partner, or she loses him.

As wife, she focuses primarily on nesting and relationship development and maintenance. She’s primarily the nesting authority focused on the future. She perceives success through long term lenses. She’s successful if she has tomorrow’s events under control today.

The issue of who submits to whom revolves around respect each has for the other. When she wants him to succeed, look good, or lead the way, she submits. When he likes her way of doing something, he submits if there’s no watering down of his authority or direct threat to his dominance as perceived by others.

He can’t be successful to himself, if others see him weakened by his wife. His competitors are outside the home, not inside.

Post 2815 is about male submission.



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