2525. Overweight: New Information

I’ve been surprised by news about hormone imbalances that lead to overeating, overweight, and a number of other bad results that women undergo. It is evidently very common, so I want to steer you toward it. Perhaps I can help identify damaging processes, instead of just citing results.

Miss Gina has sent me a clear and informative comment, so I re-post it as today’s daily article. Anyone else with experience with bio-identical hormone therapy (BHT) is encouraged to comment. Like to get the subject opened up broader and deeper.

It is not a field I want to get involved with, but I do want to introduce it so that you can do your own research. So, I recommend you take Miss Gina’s comment below not for anything more than information without suggestion or advice. She provides good detail for you to initiate research. I get Dr. Lee mentioned below at www.johnleemd.com.


Dear Sir Guy,

I can vouch for this from experience and have benefited greatly from bio-identical hormone treatment. Dr. C. W. Randolph, whom I mentioned below, is one of the pioneering doctors in this areas of treatment and is still practicing. Dr. John Lee is another, but is unfortunately deceased. Both have written excellent books filled with medical documentation of their findings. A quick Google search on either would provide much info.

If I could suggest some thoughts about how things can work with this. The hormone imbalance can cause several things that work together to cause weight gain. One, the imbalance can cause one to actually gain weight, even while dieting and exercising appropriately. Excess estrogen is stored in belly fat, and it manufactures more fat cells in a vicious cycle. Two, the imbalance can cause food cravings. Three, it can also prompt fatigue and depression, leading to sluggishness and emotional eating. Four, it can cause bloating–excess weight due to water retention. Five, hormone imbalance can cause inflammation or swelling of the female organs, leading to an undeserved “belly.” Six, all of the above cause more stress, which, if not controlled, throws the hormones even further out of whack. Yes, a pretty unwelcome combination! And men can be affected, too.

Add in the fact that the body uses a couple of hundred hormones, and if one or two are out of whack, others might be, too–cortisol and testosterone, for instance. Also, the reasons for imbalances can vary from person to person. So, getting well can get complicated. It is wise for anyone who thinks this might be affecting them to do a lot of reading and self-evaluation. There are tests that can measure the levels of various hormones, and they can be done by mail.

There are also better and lesser quality bio-identical hormones. I believe that both doctors list the better brands/formulations in their respective books, although Dr. Randolph makes his own, as well (which I used successfully).

The books recommended above suggest additional actions that will help get the hormones straight…some of them are the standard health recommendations of Grandma herself, but now we know why she was right. 😄


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2524. Battleground USA — Men Promote, Women Defend

In a play by Aristophanes in 411 BC, Lysistrata with a secret plan persuades Greek women to withhold all sexual pleasures from husbands until a peace treaty is signed to end the war between Athens and Sparta. The signers of the treaty arrive with full erections.

It is a comedy, but successful theater has to reflect reality even though it need not duplicate it. Withholding sex isn’t the lesson here. It is about women getting together to get their way, because their men won’t respond to womanly needs.

We could argue the point, but I concluded long ago. The Left is successful more from this than any other Leftist program to strip We the People of influence: make men and women enemies. Politically motivate them to compete over insignificant matters, separate their interests, twist moral obligation into sexual pleasure, split family cohesion, popularize unmarried sex, prompt each sex to blame the other, remove the religious support that strengthens marital ties. Feminism did it effectively.

Results: Marriage loses its appeal. The family disintegrates. Children lose a parent. The middle class disappears. Neighborly communities lose their substance. Employees lack backup at home. Peaceful life eludes couples. Female-friendly habits and customs disappear.

The Left shamed women, blamed men, and made obsolete two main realities of life: Women need a man for emotional fulfillment, and men need the right woman to free them to do what they have to do.

Without that man-woman needfulness in theory for those trying—and exemplified by those who have it—people don’t worry much about issues and events that destroy nations. Such as malfeasance in government, micro damage to moral codes that makes morality fade almost without objection, out of order growth of government, unconstitutional shifting of political power, deliberate inflation, cultural decay, loss of freedoms, and the unconstitutional prioritizing of sovereignty of groups and the collective over individuals.

In the man-woman war induced by Feminism, women no longer specialize in their feminine destiny of harmonizing home life, guiding men to do right things, and encouraging masculine ambitions to do good. Feminist-think is so popular that many women think their hearts guide them wrongly, and so they don’t follow their feminine ideals. At least too few do.

A little recognized effect of Feminism is the destruction of Womanhood as an influential entity. Women are no longer unified in protecting female- and family-friendly values and standards. Heal that wound, restore Womanhood, and restoration of America may get underway.

It begs the question. Denied both feminine and Womanhood’s influence, how can women help restore America? I don’t really know how. But I do know that principles work with dedicated people behind them to spread influence, and women know how to do that—just follow the feminine heart with ardent enthusiasm to defend their turf, life, and family.

To paraphrase Tocqueville, core competencies are the work of woman. In traditional America, common sense, truth, self-reliance, femininity, morality, and exceptionalism have been the work of women to protect and sustain them in the home. From whence children and husbands help spread her values, standards, and expectations in society and thus endorse and expand womanly dominance of cultural values. It is how the mother’s hand once rocked the bigger cradle of American life.

Why not rock the nation the same way? The previous post lists 35 core competencies that once made America great. I suggest those and others can be used to foster dialogue without offense, without name calling, without blame, but by causing the cradle to rock once again.

It may be a good place for women to start, because they are great on defense. How they defend core competencies in the home need only be expanded to the nation.

I acknowledge the fruitlessness of this or any man’s plan, just not likely to happen.

But women have a funny twist to their character. Summed up as femininity, it includes feminine mystique, modesty, monogamy, manners, motivation, morality, principled judgments, and surprising ability to get their way about things they judge  to be wrong.

Women are already in the habit of delivering the unexpected routinely, so my plan really is to turn leadership about restoring America over to them. Men are too captivated by the availability of cheap and easy sex, so they are not interested enough. Married men won’t get off their duff for involvement in politics. Only women truly care enough to hold together the most female-friendly society ever created and sustained for three centuries. A restored and feminine Womanhood—that excludes feminist-think—might be enough to restore America.


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2523. Battleground USA — Left Promotes, Right Defends

I suspect some readers may like a reference page to get an update on what’s been happening between the Left and Right. So, I compiled a list of 35 major points at which two sides battle in the background, while all the talking heads hide the fundamental principles the Right needs to support, defend, and initiate a comeback to restore America.

To my view, the list is essential to the proper defense against the Leftist ideology and regulatory state—aka federal government—that is the culprit destroying our nation. There are more, and I’ll post as they become more evident.

The Left has for years been on open attack against everything on the Right. Empowered by the way Congress deliberately writes ambiguous laws, bureaucratic regulation is the main vehicle by which they have already changed our country. Successful in regulatory bits and pieces, the Left is encouraged to finish the job without restraint. It’s up to the Right to stop it.

So, I cite major points from which the Left is attacking the Right’s defense. It is offered for those who may profit mentally. I list political opposites for background, but I can’t make a list very reader friendly. But neither is losing our country very friendly to mainstream Americans.

The LEFT dismantles, the RIGHT is the only hope. No one else guards the values and standards that generated American greatness.


  1. The group comes first vs. Individuals come first
  2. Secular-Humanism vs. Judeo-Christian culture
  3. Rule of Man vs. Rule of Law
  4. Rights come from government vs. Rights come from God
  5. Regulation vs. Freedom
  6. Propaganda vs. Truth
  7. Progressivism vs. Free-market capitalism
  8. Power vs. Principles plus common sense
  9. Popular vote vs. Representative’s vote
  10. Political preference vs. Political principle
  11. Political correctness vs. Freedom of speech
  12. National popular vote vs. Electoral College
  13. Nanny state vs. Self, family, and opportunity
  14. Multiculturalism vs. The Melting Pot and e pluribus unum
  15. Moral relativism vs. Morality based on the Bible.
  16. Materialism vs. Self-reliance
  17. Malpractice vs. Tort reform
  18. Living Constitution vs. Amendment is required
  19. Judicial activism vs. Only Congress legislates
  20. Hate speech vs. Thoughts are not criminal
  21. Government growth vs. Limited government
  22. Government grants freedom vs. Liberty comes from Natural Law.
  23. Government creates jobs vs. Wealth creates jobs.
  24. Globalism vs. Patriotism/Nationalism
  25. Feminism vs. Feminine
  26. Federal mandate vs. Local control
  27. Expand the popular vote nationally vs. State and local power
  28. Equality vs. Fairness
  29. Environmentalism vs. Private property rights
  30. Diversity vs. Merit
  31. Democracy vs. Republic
  32. Competition bad vs. Competition good, balances power
  33. Collectivism vs. Individualism
  34. American faults vs. American exceptionalism
  35. Aggrandize more power vs. Balance power to prevent excesses

I encourage all readers to use their superior gender talent and influence to energize themselves and the men in their lives to turn up the heat to restore what we used to have. I don’t have enough time left to enjoy it, but I’ve done my part with a little more to offer as we go along. Men won’t do it on their own; too many have already been bought off by the Left, or are too busy, or just don’t care. My hope is that women care enough. They are not alone, but they have to recruit others to help.


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2522. Battleground USA — The RIGHT

I continue the second part of my opinion piece on the subject, the players who are primarily motivated to act in distinct ways that depend on beliefs. Post 2520 was about the beliefs of the LEFT.

THE RIGHT believes in the Constitution as originally intended. which is still founded first and foremost on individual sovereignty and natural rights that accrue to each of us. Implicit in our sovereignty and rights is the denial of power to others to tell us how to live—except as granted constitutionally.

That and much more is original intent. It’s how We the People govern. We are individually sovereign—each a king or queen in their own life—and we each elect representatives to present and merge our individual interest with that of others at local, state, and federal levels. It is the responsibility of each king and queen to know what to do to protect their own interest, or it enables others to do it for them.

Conservatism — It is based on principles, the foremost of which is natural rights that accrue to each of us as sovereign individuals. Followed by other principles, such as government of, by, and for the people; power balancing by separation of three branches; and strict adherence by federal government to powers enumerated in the Constitution. Our respective states are supposed to be the primary governors over our lives. Local conditions and interests are supposed to be primary for each person. No longer true, of course, because the federal government usurped state powers by nullifying the 9th and 10th amendments, as it has done with so many other laws written beyond its enumerated powers.

Conservatives — They seek to make American exceptionalism rise again by restoring free market capitalism, traditional American culture, rule of law, original intent of the Constitution, and returning constitutionally endowed power to the individual states—such as returning education to the local level and parents.

Libertarianism — It is much the same as conservatism but more so. More freedom, less government interference, and a platform to move many government functions into the private sector.

Libertarians — They pursue conservativism but with greater emphasis on more individual freedom and less government. They quite often seek to plus replace government functions with free market solutions. Even privately operated courts and prisons are advocated by some.

Those two philosophies function collectively to restore individual freedoms and get government out of peoples’ lives. They often intermingle politically, collaborate, work in parallel, and some call themselves conservatarians. The people on the Right generally fall into one small centralized gathering of sovereign individuals. Their beliefs are built on morality, power-restraining principles, and producing a brighter future, which also happens to parallel the female primal need of a brighter future for her and hers. While forced to participate and many enjoy the process, however, the Right tends to shun ideology and expediency, both of which are oriented around the present, which just happens to parallel the males’ primal time focus on today rather than the tomorrows.

Classical Liberals — They are quite often conservative democrats—those who may even remain unassociated with the political game. They may also shun labels and even the Republican label although many tend to vote their conscience more than politics exclusively.

The background and quickie summaries about Left and Right are my opinions to contribute to the dialogue for this series; they are not precise enough for argument about who believes what. Our dialogue here should not be about personalities but about beliefs, principles, and resolving issues that will return us to what we used to have. Example: Globalism vs. patriotism/nationalism, or free trade vs. fair trade, which you may think are issues beyond your concern. But they are vital to any restoration of America. Many more examples will post Sunday.

NOTE: Special thanks to Missy, Caitlinshea3, and Kathy for the assistance making this article fit the page. I now see the error of my ways and can prevent it the next time, which I think will be tomorrow. Special smile to you, gals. Guy

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2521. Request for Help

I copied from Excel to Word 2007. I cannot get rid of several hidden but connected boxes around the text. My search has proven fruitless. Anyone know how? It delays my next post until at least Saturday, as I have to leave town until then. Thanks.



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2520. Battleground USA —The Left

I continue the second part of my opinion piece on the subject, which is based primarily on how people are motivated to act in distinct ways that depend on beliefs. I quit watching TV several years ago, and political happenings and intentions are much easier to read from other sources or a few days later. When news is entertaining, we are being mislead in some way. You are probably aware of the media bias that supports government as it hides the truth.

Here are the major players in our political arena. Each has their ideology, and the Left lives ideology with religious zeal. It’s their way of life, and the groups have joined in common cause. Dedicated to work with the others, they expect to settle their differences after the Constitution is dead. An old Marxist motto still lives today: Everything is political except politics, and that is personal. Another one from the Sixties, Never trust anyone over thirty.

THE LEFT identifies everyone in groups with some common feature or allegiance, that is, the individual has value only as a member of something. Unable to accept the individual as capable of fending for himself as liberty guarantees, the Left focuses on ‘guiding’ the collective in groups. As more and more are made dependent on government for financial uplift that tends to separate the groups and classes, government must keep them from fighting among themselves. It requires the government grow much more immense to make everyone dependent in some way and then prevent the lawlessness that follows government-stimulated lack of respect between groups. It makes government appear to do what is essential, while in background it promotes the rule of man over the rule of law.

Progressivism — This is the revived and presently used name for the collective interests of the Leftist ‘religions’ shown below. Each has an interest in bigger government. The regulatory bureaucrat structure is built to advance the interests of leftist religions and thus endow the USA with “promises” of progress. It has already changed the federal government into the executive-administrative aka regulatory state as it currently operates.

Liberalism — People come before principles. (If people rather than individuals are the most important, why does not the Constitution describe it that way?)

Fascism — Government tells businesses how and what to produce and uses bureaucratic power to enforce it.

Socialism — Government ownership of businesses that has the political disadvantage of making government responsible for outcomes. People may call it socialism, but the leaders want no more of it; their failures become too obvious.

Environmentalism— Government central planning assisted by left-leaning groups aimed at destroying private property rights. (The Declaration of Independence as first drafted read as “…life, liberty, and property” instead of “life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness.” Slave-holding states would not sign if not changed. To see their political battle set to music, watch “1776.” It’s pretty accurate history turned by superb talent into great entertainment.)

Marxism — Also known as the long and evolutionary march of totalitarian ideology. It’s primary aim is to destroy free enterprise capitalism and its undergarments—family, religion, and private property rights—along the way. Marx was proved wrong by World War I; the workers of the world did not rise up and refuse to fight fellow workers. Marxist strategy changed in the 1920s. Their aim since has been to superimpose another culture on top of existing ones. They tried it with revolutionary violence in the 1960s and failed. The revolutionaries put on coat and tie and have infiltrated and pretty much boss much of the public and private institutions in the U. S. They are succeeding at replacing our Judeo-Christian culture with a secular one.

Communism — In the heart of every communist is a totalitarian screaming to break free. Communists know best how everyone should live, and they intend to dictate it. Working cooperatively with others on the Left and leaving their differences for resolution much later, they are currently making progress in developing the totalitarian state right here in the good old U. S. of A.

Communists in the Soviet Union learned two major lessons.

1) They can’t make totalitarian progress when central economic planning fails, as it inevitably does. In the U.S. they are already implementing a new strategy and have been for over two decades. Government leaders ‘sign up’ big corporations to work with government. A coalition to help central economic planners work with and tell companies what results are desired. Producers produce what they think will work. That way, when the economic results don’t pan out as planned, the blame can be passed to corporations, and they don’t answer to the public. Government skates free as not responsible for economic dislocation or depression. The big corporations have already bought into their scheme with policies to outsource overseas and promises to enlarge the government-company teamwork.

2) The Soviets could not overcome the Russian middle class, and so the powers that be in the U.S. are now on the warpath to demolish it here. Have you noticed a decline in the number and well-being of the middle class? The upper classes are left alone, and the lower classes are subsidized and made dependent on government. The middle class deteriorates.

The current Progressive agenda is a mixture and merger of all of the above. None are standing still. Two steps forward works with only one step back they sometimes have to take. They are relentless too. The most dominant are already destroying our constitutional republic. The most powerful are winning, and we blog readers are losing. They already tell us how to live our lives; we call it loss of freedom and a lot of other things that we have trouble identifying, but we know it ain’t right for Americans.


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2519. Battleground USA — The Backdrop

The blog is not shifting away from its original theme, but since I added another theme, I need to contribute. I plan three parts: backdrop, players, and favorite issues as they are opposed.

Today, I summarize the character of the federal government and why it seems so ineffective and contrary to our wishes. Dysfunctional may be a better term.

Under a century of pressure from Progressives, the U.S. government has been altered from a constitutional republic into an executive-administrative state. Symbolic of the ineffectiveness we see in Congress today, I offer the following to describe who really rules over us.

  • Congress writes constitutional laws purposely worded ambiguously to give maximum freedom to the various federal agencies to write and implement their respective regulations. Departments and agencies—e.g., EPA, Education, and Social Security—publish regulations and impose them on us.
  • Ah, but here’s the rub. The regulations are NOT subject to review and change by the president, congress, or courts. The bureaucrats are isolated to do as their ideology guides them. To reverse any agency rule, it must pass both houses of Congress and be approved by the president. Needless to say, few even come up for reversal; the reversal gate is too difficult to open.

Trends prevail without upheavals. We are already a regulatory state becoming more so as bureaucrats follow the behind-closed-door directions of the leftist anti-constitutional ideologies.

The trend has been developing and evolving since passage of amendments 16 and 17 to the constitution and establishment of the Federal Reserve System. All came into being in 1913 under the sponsorship of Democrats with their progressive agenda, and each upset constitutional balances and separations of power.

The decline of America began with this tripartite swap of favors: The 16th gave the House endless access to new revenue to spend, income tax. The 17th gave senators freedom from being responsible to their state legislatures. The FED gave bankers control of the money supply after our forefathers found previous national banks to be dysfunction to the economy, contrary to the constitution, and outside government control.

It was planned in 1908 at a conference of six or so top bankers and a senator on Jekyll Island, Georgia. They were helped along by the influence of Teddy Roosevelt and his Bull Moose Party, the official name being The Progressive Party. Teddy split the Republican vote for President Taft’s reelection in order to get racist Woodrow Wilson elected (who, as the racist he was, fired every black supervisor in federal government except one).

The history is one you have never heard, and the book The Creature from Jekyll Island was total news to me with a BA in political science and MS in International Relations. We the People have been deliberately kept uninformed and misinformed for a century.

Yes, unimaginable as it is to folks on the street, Congress gives away their own power and responsibility to bureaucrats and regulators in contradiction to their oaths of office in order to favor one or more anti-American ideologies that in all likelihood includes a helluva lotta money swapping hands. One-world government advocates are buying us out, but that’s another story described best in the book mentioned above.

Tomorrow, the players in this ever demeaning insult to We the People.


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