2387. PROVERBS — Singles 03

  1. Ensuring that his devotion goes beyond mere commitment minimizes her being taken for granted after marriage.
  2. Female gentleness is far removed from a weakness. To men it’s unique and mysterious. Much like modesty, it defies understanding, which makes it strong.
  3. Wifely-designed and female-upheld customs and manners calm men and teach domestic standards and expectations.
  4. Females are programmed to hope for the present and dream for the future. Success in each phase requires their different but sincere behaviors.
  5. Females are too easily convinced to go along to get along, but premarital sex adds strength, authenticity, and right-mindedness to male domination.
  6. Females who pursue equal right to be unfaithful actually redouble the masculine effort to exploit their natural dominance and sexual freedom.
  7. Feminine adherence to highly moral and Christian religious standards earns masculine respect, the foundation of manly love of a woman.
  8. Feminine mystique, female modesty, religious morality, unconditional sexual fidelity, female-defined manners, and holy matrimony earn respect.
  9. Femininity adds color to a man’s black and white world. [For this I credit an anonymous woman in one of Alison A. Armstrong’s books.]
  10. Femininity is the philosophy of attractiveness for men, the creed of mutual devotion with a man, and the gospel of faithfulness to one man.

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2386. PROVERBS — Sex 02

  1. Persistent refusal to prevent conquest brings out the character, strength, and weakness of men and enables a woman to examine, screen, and choose the best.
  2. Promiscuity reinforces to women that men are only after sex. Chastity teaches women that men are more interesting than that.
  3. Regardless of quality, a woman should never reveal the sexual ability of one man to another. ID/description of earlier lovers poisons a relationship.
  4. Rollover for cheap and easy unmarried sex avoids competition for the best man. It reverses the natural way of competing for a mate, chaste pickiness.
  5. Sexual relations provide little or no sense of permanency in a man and little or no incentive to be faithful. Women bond easily, but men do not.
  6. Small breasts have great value. Nipples are more prominent to attract his attention. Huge breasts distract attention away from other erogenous zones.
  7. The ease with which a woman yields sex their first time together tells the man how dominant he can be and how submissive he expects her to be.
  8. The influence she wields before conquest fades after she yields. The conqueror’s growth of respect of her fades too.
  9. Women mistakenly think that sex the first time with a man is the same as sexual events that follow. Nope! He changes with conquest and now ‘owns’ her.
  10. Men mistakenly think a woman’s orgasm satisfies her, and some men try harder to achieve it. Drawn out and sustained periods of high arousal satisfy her best.



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2385.2 ATTENTION, Ladies: Maturity

I’m way behind in responding to your questions. My blog provider only lists the last 15 comments at sidebar. So, you might want to write the source article of your comments that await my response.



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2385.1 Attention, Ladies: Snowstorm

I’ve suddenly and unexpectedly decided to flee an approaching snowstorm and spend it away from home and keyboard.  I’ll be back either Sunday but probably Monday.



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2385. PROVERBS — Marriage 02


  1. Claiming men are only after sex is an off-hand way to blame or impose guilt or attach shame on one man. It makes him both defensive and competitive.
  2. The more devoted husband is to wife, the more easily he can be taught to please her—including sexually.
  3. The better a woman dresses and grooms herself shapes the impression she makes and much of the higher morale she thus brings to both home and workplace.
  4. Enduring love that lasts for a woman’s life is primarily built around her gratefulness for whomever and whatever fulfills her need for a brighter and stable future.
  5. Female modesty tames males. It’s a woman’s greatest counterbalance to male domination. Unless he’s offended, keeping him on the defensive weakens it.
  6. Feminine determination, talent, and skill enables the relationship management expert to exploit husbandly ability to the benefit of wife, mother, and kids.
  7. Feminism brought into the home triggers blame and changes the natural and cooperative battle of the sexes into an unnatural and competitive war.
  8. Feminism sours his day. Her feminist attacks unsettle and perhaps disturb whatever his commitment to her.
  9. Femininity inspires men to prove their worth for one woman and rewards men for acting responsibly as husband and father.
  10. Financial success comes not from how much money you have but from effective control of what you do have.


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2384. PROVERBS — Sex Differences 02

  1. Her Highness Meggerz deserves honorable mention for this contrasting jewel of a comment she made at 2364:

“I think perhaps the reason that men and women respond differently to blame is that women are more prone to internalizing blame as shame than men.

“Women are more likely to interpret “That was stupid” as “I am stupid,” whereas men are more likely to interpret “That was stupid” as “I did something stupid,” and there is an ocean of difference between the two.

“This leads to women feeling less lovable for having made a mistake, whereas a man will either fix it and be satisfied with himself, or dismiss the mistake as a fluke unrelated to his worth as a mate.”


  1. His ego and sense of significance are the same. Demeaning one discredits the other. His greatest fear, insignificance in his woman’s eyes discredits her.
  2. If men were born for togetherness, nurturing, intimacy, and continuous dialogue, they would have been born female. They have to be trained by girls and women.
  3. It’s every man’s nature to want to lay with attractive women. It offends his present woman when he insensitively reminds her of that side of his nature.
  4. Meaningless sex eventually leaves women feeling empty. By middle age, promiscuity weakens their feminine self-respect, -worth and -image.
  5. Men and women are so different hormonally and psychologically that couples succeed because of gender difference more than sameness. [75]
  6. Men are aroused by curiosity that fires their imagination. Women are aroused by desired touching and intimate caressing.
  7. Men are attracted by female physical attractiveness. Women are attracted by manly ability to brighten their future together.
  8. Men are empathetic until everything is done that can be done. Then, they become sympathetic. Women get sympathetic before they look to take action.
  9. Men believe what they see. Women believe what they hear.


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2383. And the Winner is…Miss Gina

At 2381 Miss Gina describes the impact of fellatio on relationships, and it’s more than worthy of this special posting as daily article. I seldom post two articles on the same day, but hers is worth it in both quality and relevance. Rather than try to comment on something that’s clear enough, I’ve bolded and italicized some immensely valuable concepts and phrasing in her response to another lady reader.

“Your Highness Miss Magnolia,

“I am interested in Sir Guy’s response, also. Maybe I can add a female perspective close in age to you (49). If we read Sir Guy’s response to Sir Some Other Guy closely, it is based on the male nature rather than generational influences. I’m not so sure our grandmothers and their grandmothers were so averse to sex as feminist thinking might have taught us…they ended up with those large families somehow! (wink, wink) My own grandma, at least, was no wilting violet, though she had great respect for the institution of marriage and didn’t blab like modern women sometimes do.

“I think we ladies are wise to avoid those things that–unbeknownst to us–may work against us with our men. Of course they *like* it…That doesn’t mean it’s in *our* interest. Men see everything from a different perspective than we do. Their world consists of ‘dominate or be dominated’.

“We ladies like to please and to give, but to a man, getting pleasure without earning it is domination, which is poison to their respect (love) for us. Even if there is what appears to *us* to be reciprocity in the act, there isn’t in *his* eyes. To him, it is being serviced. Maybe by a woman he cares about, even loves, yes, but it is still servicing. There is something fundamentally subservient about the woman being willing to do this for him, though it may be subliminal even to him. This has to do with the way men naturally view their physiology as an expression of their dominance, as Sir Guy so clearly explains in his comment above.

“It really isn’t about what we feel or what we want to give…It’s about giving him the chance step up and to earn self-admiration by being a great lover and *pleasing himself by pleasing her*.

“Scientific studies are showing now that the sexual act has powerful effects on forming neural pathways in the brain. So, sex actually sets patterns for the rest of life. True, face-to-face intercourse programs a man to regard his wife as an equal and to find his pleasure and significance in pleasing her. Men value what they earn.

“It all sounds backward from a female view, I know, but…(to put it bluntly), we don’t have the same hardwired need to subjugate the world with our plumbing that males do. If you’ve been around little boys for any amount of time, I’m sure you know what I’m talking about. ;-)

“We are wise to be aware and act accordingly. For myself, I’ve found that the less I try to please, the more pleasing I become. Do I condemn those who do differently? No. Am I saying it will ruin an otherwise excellent relationship? No…Just offering food for thought….”

EDITOR: Miss Gina, I would hope you’d develop a way—job or hobby—of teaching young girls about life. Your brilliance of understanding how people interact is sorely needed in the public arena. Sincerely, Guy


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