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1797. University Final Exam — A.A. Degree #2

Another WWNHU student completed requirements for the Anxiety Avoidance degree. She earned the second ‘A’ and second degree awarded. Her final exam deserves publishing below.
FINAL EXAM: Summarize what men like but don’t necessarily require in a wife. Her Highness P.D. responded this way:
• Men like a woman who is pleasant with a “no way, never” attitude which requires a chase. The more mysterious and challenging the chase, the more likely she will hold a man’s interest until marriage.
• A woman who is independent, full of self-respect, and handles her sexual assets with modesty and tantalizing detail in proper balance sparks a man’s interest.
• Her pleasant respect for him, who he is and what he does, coupled with a mask of disinterest encourages the marrying man to further pursuit.
• A woman who is wise and patient will show greater interest as he shows greater interest in her beyond sex, [thus] increasing chances of proposal.
• A man is more likely to remain devoted to his wife after marriage as she softens to become more cooperative and continues to show her undying respect for husband.
• To keep her husband, she must continue to display her sexual assets with beautiful femininity; though still tantalizing, she must appear even more modest than before. This communicates her exclusive faithfulness to him.
• She must also shift from being independent to being dependent upon him to provide, protect, and problem solve as she trained him to do so during a lengthy courtship.
• A man may settle for much less than this in a wife. But too much less, she may become Ex.
Congratulations to P.D. for completing her AA degree in less than a month and a half.


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