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170. Sex and the fickle girl—Part VI

♀ Celebrity worship weakens love two ways. It interferes with a person’s appreciation of self and adoration of their significant other. She aspires to celebrity life and cannot get it, or she compares her mate against someone that appears far better, or both.

♀ Commitments at the altar mean promises for life. Sustaining promises requires devotion, specifically actions that provide evidence of commitment to both vows and spouse. If devotion to her is not evident before marriage, it’s much less likely to arise afterwards.

♀ Every love affair has a fundamental weakness without this: Both partners respect the opposite sex more than their own gender. 

♀ Men aren’t the greatest listeners when dealing with women. They perceive foremost what a woman’s appearance says about her. Her words don’t impress nearly as much.

♀ Women expect men to change and even compromise their nature to please their mate. But men don’t do that, at least not for a woman they have conquered.

♀ Women make sex objects of certain men. The sex objects learn that women are so eager that they make themselves reusable and disposable. Men not treated as sex objects learn that such women cannot be trusted, because they so stupidly play the man’s game.



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