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560. Colors Bright, Attractive Sight

Following the sexual and cultural revolutions that began in the Sixties, slothful, sloppy, weird, and wild-colored clothing exploded and raced through successive generations. Each generation lost a little more interest in appearing well-dressed. Slowly, wild colors faded and dull and black became fashionable, men made careless dress popular, and girls followed suit. The drug culture accelerated and worsened everything.

The color black settled in as fashion leader and masculine standard. Girls followed men in mores, attire, and drugs. Now, not only is black fashionable, but so are slothfulness, sloppiness, dull t-shirts, fat-highlighting tightness, and hair so unattended that it appears dirty. Modern females forfeit these realities:

  • Bright-colored clothes with complimentary shaping and accessories sell feminine attractiveness. Such things express greater female uniqueness. They also broaden female competition by emphasizing each female’s attributes and disguising whatever she wishes to hide.
  • Appearing that way makes men mentally probe behind the frontage, explore her mystery, take measure of her as person rather than sex object.
  • But such dressing and grooming has even greater value: She feels better about herself. And, no better reason exists for brightening her appearance.
  • In the final analysis, women feel as good about their selves as they prettify their selves. Black informal doesn’t do it. Bright casual, colorful informal, and black formal do it.

When women dress to please and feel good about their selves instead of trying to impress men, they ‘own’ the battleground. Her array of attributes and attitude introduce natural but effective resistance to his conquering and dominating spirit.



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557. HELP!!!

I’ve been asked for details about which I have no expertise and no hope for glory. I invite helpful viewers to respond.

A young lady asked for details about dress and grooming. My response is simply this: In general, if it takes time, effort, or money, she’ll be attractive. If not, she won’t. Setting sex aside for the moment, men find attractiveness in feminine mystique, female neatness, gender uniqueness. They find challenges in feminine independence, female modesty, virtual virginity, and moral uprightness.

Her email follows with only compliments edited out and one comment added internally:

My name is K. and I am a young college student. … My first question has to do with dress and grooming. I agree that women often dress sloppily or unbecomingly. However, many times I think women THINK they are dressing neatly and attractively but the result is sloppy. What does “neat” and pretty look like- could you give examples of what the visual signals of neatness and prettiness are? What clothes typically look neat and attractive to men? Also, what are the typical visual signs of sloppiness and slovenliness? What types of clothes, combinations, colors, etc. typically look sloppy or uncared-for?

Similarly, when it comes to hairstyles, what do men find to be sloppy? What are the hallmarks of poor grooming in a woman? Again, direct and visual examples would be very much appreciated.

Also, as I have a very full chest, the line between modest and sloppy seems rather tenuous when it comes to shirts. Do you have any hints on this particular point for other young women in the same position? Should we lean towards more formfitting shirts and sweaters that line our shape, or would this be too sexual? (Guy offers this: Two boobs beat one bust, one bosom, or one bundle.)

As young girls are often more clueless about this topic than you can even imagine, you cannot be specific or direct enough about what looks good and what looks bad 🙂

Thank you so much for your time.

Most sincerely,


PS. Anticipatory thanks to all who respond. Guy


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253. Boob language — Part 11

Females duplicate men in manner, language, style, attire, and grooming. Ignorant of masculine priorities, they expect to captivate manly interest for more than sex.  

·        Women duplicate men in no-style dress and thoughtless grooming. Beer with the guys attracts them better.

·        Pregnant women copy tee-shirted beer bellies. If he can do it, she can too. The world gets uglier, as women think they gain through defiance.   

·        As women dress down in everyday life, men outdo them to confirm masculine independence. So, men dress worse, and women follow suit.

·        Loose and shapeless bras provide comfort, but unadvertised assets generate little curiosity. If she has no incentive to show herself off to the max, then he figures his max will not be required. So, she starts off in the hole.  

·        Women dress erotically to capture a man. They attract attention and may be taken off the shelf and even taken home. But eroticism promotes sex, not loyalty for the whole product.

·        A keeper advertises and packages herself to keep sex in the background, because that keeps male minds focused on her star quality.

·        Cleavage draws his eyeballs downward and his thoughts to nestling there. Good advertising works! Does the rest of her appearance sell her as quality stuff or just promote unintended consequences?

Modern females make sloppy, careless, and slovenly fashionable. They slouch a lot. They do this although men feast with their eyes, and husbands expect a wife they can show off.

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220. Boob language — Part 9

♫ Modest attire, feminine mystique, moral restraint, and proud breast display make just gaining access appear as major challenge. It requires much more togetherness for him to score with breasts en route to giant conquest of sex.

♫ Cleavage signals her breasts as mere stopover to conquest. With prospects made easier, his expectations rise and his natural dominance doesn’t have to yield much if at all.

♫ Feminine mystique stimulates the male mind to slow his charge to conquer, else he may miss out.

♫ Modest attire stimulates the male mind to slow its boldness, else he might offend her.  

♫ Attractive but no-disclosure apparel makes men uncomfortable, because it makes women much more complex, mysterious, and out-of-reach sexually.

♫ Men dislike having their boldness held in check by a mere woman, especially when she makes it tougher with a façade of impenetrable mystery created with clothing, grooming, and lack of eagerness to bond.

♫ Cleavage makes a man comfortable, “So little to do.” Modest attire makes a man uncomfortable, “What and how must I do it to conquer those boobs.”

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188. Boob language — Part 7

♀ If her boobs ain’t perky, pointed, and a distinct pair, she’s already starting to look older. Bosomy breasts come naturally as women age.

♀ It’s fashionable. Women emphasize cleavage, and display skin elsewhere. Thus, they keep men focused on sex, while complaining that that’s all men think about.  

♀ It’s fashionable. Men score more easily. Women make blossom-to-blossom popular,  easy, and destructive to lasting relationships.

♀ Women rationalize that subliminal messages about sex offset their extra fat. It does until after a man’s conquest, when both the natural and the fashionable redirect his thoughts toward other targets.  

♀ Women think personal grooming unnecessary for everyday life. They purposely dress down to discourage approaches by men. Then, they complain when they seek a boyfriend and men don’t approach. Or, women aren’t experienced enough to convert hits to boyfriend capture.

♀ Women resent that men ogle females. So, except on the prowl, women dress down. And, men get less beauty to gaze upon, consider, assess, chase, court, and marry. Female value goes down and masculine interests go elsewhere—sports, hobbies, toys, sex targets.

♀ Women use their boobs to distract from fat and flaws elsewhere. They blame guys for weak commitment and mask female self-deception about attire and personal grooming.



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120. Choices determine life

First, the way we dress plays a major role in how we behave. People judge behavior. Therefore, our attire and grooming generate judgments about us, and people act on those judgments when they deal with us.

Second, we are who we associate with. So, dressing like our peers catalogues us. It breeds stereotypes. As mother so correctly stated, “Birds of a feather flock together.”

Third, dressing up improves part of one’s appearance, so it brings self-gratitude, which brings happiness with oneself, which improves the picture one has of oneself, which breeds self-confidence and greater ability to deal successfully with others.

Fourth, when women dress up they make my world prettier. Of course, women respond that they care little about brightening this man’s world, but I’m not the only man out there. If women don’t want to light up the world men live in, men are released to uglify in their own style. In the end, the way women dress and groom themselves shapes the real world for all of us.   


©      For comfort to please herself.

©      With class to show her self-confidence.

©      Prettily to feel good about herself.

©      Distinctly to attract a man’s attention.

©      Sloppily if she just doesn’t care.

 ©      As a hottie to avoid being called a nottie.

©      Femininely if she wants respect and recognition for who she is.

©      Professionally if she works proudly in her job.

©      Masculinely if she’s bitch or butch.

 ©      Gaudily if she’s weak at reading other people or insensitive to or disdainful of their judgments.

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2830. Well-liked Article (#102 posted February 2008)

Small boobs have great value. Proportionately the erogenous zone is gigantic. It more easily attracts a man’s hand to tweaking instead of cupping.

Large boobs bring out the adolescence in men, which makes breast enlargement stupid for women who hope to capture and keep the more mature man.

Living with or chasing small boobs means the man is willing to forsake adolescent immaturity and approaches sexual activity more maturely.  

Large-boob fixation in a man is adolescence grown older.

We all tend to behave according to how we are dressed. And, others know it. For example, trying to be modest in erotic attire, or vice versa, sends messages of insincerity, phoniness, and even trickery. 

Disregard sex and its overtures for a moment. One’s appearance sends messages for others to decode. For example, these are likely. Sloppy attire can easily be decoded as variable standards, weak values, or not virtuous. Low-care grooming can be interpreted as low self-respect. Dressed below the occasion can be read as self-worth of lesser value than others present. Overdressed for an occasion can signal pretention, phoniness, or fashion ignorance. An overly eroticized appearance signals cheapness. Non-judgmentalism is a hot buzzword, but people could not survive much less live successfully without judging others.  


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