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2786. Well-liked Article (#59 posted in January 2008)

Even when sex is not cheap, a man ponders that other women look better than his present sex partner. As a skillful and successful hunter-conqueror, he could do better the next time. A woman’s challenge is to make him forget the ‘do better’ and ‘next time’ parts.

Keeping him with her requires she outshine other women. She has a huge repertoire of female strengths to rely on. Each earns another bit of a man’s respect, and, remember, a man’s love is based on respect for the female gender and one or more women in particular.

Women have many natural strengths, but few are willing to bypass their ego. Some don’t like their man well enough. Anyway, the woman hopeful of keeping her man focuses on and fine tunes the following ‘jewels’ that make a woman shine in her man’s eyes.

♥ Physical attractiveness marvelously enhanced by affordable attire and classy grooming.

♥ Sexual attractiveness enhanced by modest coverings to reinforce that other men are forbidden.

♥ Gentleness provided out of patience.

♥ Forgetfulness that follows forgiveness.

♥ Thoughtfulness that her mate deserves even when he doesn’t.

♥ Gratefulness for her man that shines as her being happy when he’s around.

♥ Submissiveness as her spirit of cooperation.

♥ Happiness that spreads infectiously.

♥ Joyfulness that inspires greater hope.

♥ Chasteness promised to him by modest display of boobs and legs.

♥ Generousness that smashes selfishness out of their lives.

♥ Delightfulness that makes him smile.

♥ Unselfishness that spreads as example for all.

♥ Neatness that inspires others.

♥ Goodness that sets a shining example.

♥ Faithfulness that inspires him to follow suit.

♥ Countenance of perpetual smile inside if not evident outside.

These are every woman’s strengths, but most women are too busy, ego-stricken, or politically propagandized to use them all. NOTE: Of course her man may not be worth her traits as shown above, but it’s those jewels that inspire him to become her Mr. Right a couple of decades after they marry.



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2087. Female Blessings at Birth — 88-90 Plus

We near the end of the blessings that women carry but may not use. The new project seeds are bolded at the end of each item. I cite her blessings as men might see them and add a man’s natural response.

Your comments help and I continue to seek your T or F on each.

88. I’m grateful for the ability but I wish I understood better my own nature for earning happiness. [Guy adds: Specifically, she lacks understanding of the link between her motivation to earn and sustain self-importance and the requirement for self-gratitude that unlocks the door to earning happiness. More of one inflates the other, and more of both enhances her personality and roles in life. She is as good a person as both of them are high and it happens this way. She is important to herself to the extent that she confirms her gratitude for others. Gratefulness for others bounces back to her that she is important to them. Her life revolves around this closed loop: Self-importance comes from finding gratitude in her heart for others, which makes her display gratefulness for them, which they transform into feedback of her importance to them, and which closes the loop with her having a greater sense of self-importance. Thus, she depends on self-importance and self-gratitude to calm jittery nerves, squelch undeserved guilt, and convert anxiety to encouragement in others, which paves the road to her happiness. While she needs stimulation from outside herself, she is self-contained for processing life to the fullest for her and hers, but it all comes from keeping self-importance and self-gratitude inflated. The closed loop also describes the essence of femininity in action. Her blessing: She learns how to earn her way to happiness by finding gratitude in people and things. His admiration: It takes a wonderful and influential person to find so much to be grateful for in the face of all that men have to face. How can she do it. She’s amazing.]

89. Just as I am sex object to males, they are romance objects to me. [Guy adds: Life becomes simpler just by acknowledging that fact. Her blessing: She knows what she’s after and doesn’t mind being targeted to get it. His admiration: She has wily ways of using the former to get the latter.

90. My sense of neatness makes me feel good about myself. I use it to enhance my prettiness. [Guy adds: Along with modesty and vanity, neatness is a major ‘weapon’ in the female ‘arsenal’ for battling men. Her blessing: Neatness adds to her attractiveness and mental strength. His admiration: Neatness symbolizes dedication to herself. It shows that she has self-respect, self-discipline, and determination not to be easily pawed upon.

As before, mark each item T or F with whatever comment you wish to add.



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740. Where Has All the Glamour Gone? Part A

Why did the female gender throw out glamour as a theme for distinguishing women from men? Glamour adds an extra touch of class to a female’s presentation to both herself and others. Why have modern women given it up?

Encarta Dictionary shows three definitions of glamour:

1.     Exciting allure—an irresistible alluring quality that somebody or something possesses by virtue of seeming much more exciting, romantic, or fashionable than ordinary people or things.

2.     Expensive good looks—striking physical good looks or sexual impact, especially when it is enhanced with highly fashionable clothes or makeup.

3.     Spell—a magical spell or charm.

Wouldn’t women be blessed if they had any of those descriptions? Well, it doesn’t come naturally. The great wealth of American society enables and encourages it, but women have to exploit it.

Glamour adds great feminine value to women. When glamorous attractiveness makes her act and appear ladylike, men are pushed inescapably toward gentlemanly behavior. Not totally for getting sex either, but out of more respect for her. Ladylike appearance by itself quiets a man’s boldness for sex but lights his energy for finding out more about her.

Now, admittedly, I don’t do night life, so I don’t see what women look like going out at night. But, if daytime at work or shopping is any indication, they have no reason to blame men. Most women look common and stand out for nothing but sex targeting. Many invite hits and many don’t, but they all long for gentlemanly pursuit.

Whatever the reasons, it’s as if army riflemen were pushed into battle without ammunition. They would be ill-equipped to capture the enemy’s attention, hold him at a distance, and take control of whatever situations arise. Instead, their only option would be to readily lay down their arms.

Why do women do it? That’s tomorrow at #741.


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572. The Male Glance — Part II

Part I (570) describes men observing females. This flip side describes female preparing to be observed.

Females focus continually on how they appear. The female nature craves manly attention. She takes it as routine confirmation of her value to Self and to those she loves. Compliments work very well, but even flattery beats nothing. Known males are usually best, but strangers can be appreciated for attentions and what they say and do for her—if nice of course.

If father, husband, or boyfriend does not provide a sufficiency of attention, she yearns for more. Virtually any man can provide it, which is better than none, but good looking and eligible guys are much, much, much, much better—even if she’s committed to another.

Compliments confirm and reinforce value of herself to herself. Whatever her preparations and grooming for the occasion, she did well. Pride suffuses her spirit, and her prettiness and attractiveness are reinforced in both mind and appearance. She’s doing the right things with herself.    

Denied the attentions she thinks she deserves, especially as a girl, disappointment sets in. Over time she becomes careless, desperate to get her own man, or disgusted with Self, men, or both. Greater absence of attention follows, and her self-image becomes so devastated that she rationalizes sloppy or manly appearance as her choice. Depression follows easily.

PS. Incidentally, women complain about hits from workers on construction sites. Women shouldn’t; they are not the sex object they presume. Men show off to buddies and outshine competitors with boasts and outrageous displays of bravado. She’s the vehicle they use and not the target, unless she acts suggestive or responds provocatively.


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422. Chaste courtship works — Part 9

Delaying a man’s conquest and sustaining a chaste courtship serves females many ways. Girls experiment and learn; women implement and live with choices.

☼ She determines his worth to her. She focuses her attention on how he focuses his attention and trusts her feminine nature to weed out the trash.

☼ She captures his attention with attractiveness, but holds him with chastity. This enables a sharpening of common sense about his potential.

☼ Until they yield or unless they fail, women dominate relationships before conquest. Men move cautiously, even ease off their dominance, in order to avoid a no-score.

☼ Modern women discard advantages in favor of fun, games, popularity, or to have a boyfriend. They earn less respect, even though a man’s enduring love builds on respect—especially for the virtues modern females so eagerly throw away.

☼ Men drop unyielding women. They fear no score after investing their selves, which translates as insignificance. However, it’s not her, as women quickly conclude. It’s his adolescent mind in adult body—a poor candidate for marriage anyway.

☼ She can earn devotion beyond commitment, become more easily cherished, teach him habits for pleasing her, merge his interests with hers, and negotiate who rules in the various domains of marriage.

☼ She has time and opportunity to figure out what rewards she should provide for his husbanding and fathering if they marry.

☼ Her unyielding and unapologetic chastity forces attitude adjustments on him. This renders his unappealing traits and dominant character more acceptable. Else, his worth to her fades away.

Thus, she prepares herself to live with his character, energies, and dominance by melting their respective natures into a successful relationship.


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324. Female malpractice — Part 10

Successful marriage comes not from big things such as love, responsibility, gratefulness, and dependability. It comes from the absence of little things that contradict, weaken, or destroy bonded emotions and disparage character traits.

·        Nagging destroys her likeability.

·        Laziness weakens her appeal.

·        Careless, sloppy, or no grooming distorts her attractiveness.

·        Ingratitude for him spoils her as needful of him.

·        Irresponsible spending highlights her selfishness.

·        Instant gratification show lack of intelligence or will power.

·        Withholding sex when not sick makes husband think of other women.

·        Manipulation displays lack of respect for him, especially when she uses sex to do it.

·        Demeaning him kills his respect for her, when his love is based on respect for her, but her love for him is not.

·        Lowering her standards weakens his respect.

·        Lack of her self-respect invites his greater dominance with less respect and love.

Changing herself—especially becoming a different person soon after marriage—convinces husband that he married the wrong woman. He expects precisely the person he married only better.

[Nine other posts about female malpractice are listed in the Content page at the top.]


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321. Boob language — Part 13

o | o  Take modest, classy, and feminine apparel, combine it with exquisite personal grooming, and mix it with reluctance to uncover her inner self. These send many subliminal messages about her feminine mystery, gentle neatness, extra carefulness, public self-confidence, obvious self-respect, high self-esteem, strong self-image, sophisticated self-interests. She’s known as the greatest challenge to men: A woman so put together that she defies being conquered.          

o | o  Take radical attire and grooming, combine it with appearance detractors—rings, pins, tattoos, slovenliness—and mix it with eagerness to disclose and even expose her inner self. Such a female at any age sends messages about her self-loathing, dishonesty to herself, adolescent value system, rebellious spirit, disdain for all but her own in-crowd, disrespect for authority figures, contempt for parents, unwillingness to accept others, inability to love someone in a healthful manner. She puts radical fashion ahead of decency, popularity in the radical community ahead of respect of others. She’s seen as a castoff only for men that are losers in society: Conquering a woman that screwed up in the head is more burden than prize to the Right Man of another woman.

More boob language appears at posts 287, 253, 235, 220, 205, 188, 102, 98, 81, 52, 49, and 12. Search by the number followed by dot and space. You then may have to scroll down.]

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