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164. Female malpractice—Part 2

Women complain that men need to be told how to relate better with women. Women ignore or forget this difference in the genders: You don’t tell men—collectively or individually—how to relate without producing unintended consequences. Feminism’s Dark Side describes it for men generally. Exes produce the evidence about individuals.

  • She shows signs that she appreciates him, but only when things go her way.
  • She makes her nesting more important than his ego. For example, her drive for fashion outweighs to a fault his desire for functionality.
  • She spends contrary to his frugality.
  • She calls his ego troublesome, while she blithely claims women have no ego.
  • She denigrates his ego, when it’s the outward expression and protector of his significance.
  • She makes herself feel good at his expense. For example, she accommodates the kids while ignoring his priorities or even presence.
  • She rides herd on him to prevent little mistakes or impose her will or preference for how things are to be done.
  • She tells him how to handle and solve his problems at his place of employment. (Men keep silent about their work to prevent her interference and to prevent her judgments about what he tells her—which can never be the whole story.)
  • When associating with his male friends, she tries to act like one of the guys to win their appreciation for either her or him.
  • She tells him HOW and WHEN to do things instead of citing WHAT needs to be done and let him work out the details.

It’s not the big things that hold a man, such as sex, feeding, love, likeability, respect, devotion. The accumulation of little malpractices causes his interests in her to seep away through cracks she causes with disrespectful and ungrateful incidents.

[More about female malpractice appears in post 150. Scrolling down is best, but you can search on the number with a dot and space after it.]


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150. Female malpractice—Part 1

The traditional battle of the sexes escalated. We now have a war of the sexes. Feminism prompted women to drop their femininity. In the process, feminists declared men to be inadequate, irresponsible, and blameworthy for overplaying male dominance; women donned a war bonnet. For the most part, men don’t appreciate it.

Generally, women show too much disrespect for their man, and men tire of it. For example:

·         He never measures up to her expectations that are so heavily weighted down with feminist theory and dogma.

·         She values the feminine-like side of his personality more than his masculine persona. Being thoughtful, pleasant, and accommodating outweighs his producing, providing, protecting, and problem solving.

·         Her private time is respected. His gets interrupted.

·         She supervises the Honey-do list so closely as to be offensive.

·         She corrects him as if scolding a child.

·         She dislikes and tries to correct his masculine expressions and manliness.

·         She interferes with his way of doing things, as if he needs her input for everything.

·         She excuses her frequent criticism by calling it ‘constructive’.

Continually faced with her disrespect, he either rebels aggressively or stews in silence. Even if he stays with her, she invites his eye to wander. Thus, female malpractice puts her on the fast click to the recycle bin.

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120. Choices determine life

First, the way we dress plays a major role in how we behave. People judge behavior. Therefore, our attire and grooming generate judgments about us, and people act on those judgments when they deal with us.

Second, we are who we associate with. So, dressing like our peers catalogues us. It breeds stereotypes. As mother so correctly stated, “Birds of a feather flock together.”

Third, dressing up improves part of one’s appearance, so it brings self-gratitude, which brings happiness with oneself, which improves the picture one has of oneself, which breeds self-confidence and greater ability to deal successfully with others.

Fourth, when women dress up they make my world prettier. Of course, women respond that they care little about brightening this man’s world, but I’m not the only man out there. If women don’t want to light up the world men live in, men are released to uglify in their own style. In the end, the way women dress and groom themselves shapes the real world for all of us.   


©      For comfort to please herself.

©      With class to show her self-confidence.

©      Prettily to feel good about herself.

©      Distinctly to attract a man’s attention.

©      Sloppily if she just doesn’t care.

 ©      As a hottie to avoid being called a nottie.

©      Femininely if she wants respect and recognition for who she is.

©      Professionally if she works proudly in her job.

©      Masculinely if she’s bitch or butch.

 ©      Gaudily if she’s weak at reading other people or insensitive to or disdainful of their judgments.

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NOTE: This post is dedicated to Tina, the extraordinary woman that inspired it.  

Courtship cool: If she makes it easy for him to know her, she makes it hard for him to keep her. Mystery captivates. Candidness victimizes her for whatever strengths of his dominance he chooses to use.  

Hunting season: A woman’s openness with a man does not serve her until after years of marriage and maybe not even then. Men as hunter-conquerors like tough targets, difficult game, hard-to-get prizes that first challenge and later provide frequent reminders of their manliness. The woman that makes it easy for him to understand her—or to take up residence with her—trains him against her best interests.

Long-range forecast: The greatest male candidate for marriage has unconditional respect for the opposite sex that exceeds respect for his own sex. The same applies to women candidates, but it’s easier to observe in women than men.

Stormy weather: The only window of opportunity to change a man opens before and closes after his sexual conquest of her. What she marries is what she gets, until his natural hard-heart mellows and hard-head softens with age.

Lousy forecast: Some women are not true to themselves. They act phony to capture a man. Men marry expecting wife NOT to change, but she does. If she’s phony before marriage, she turns into a woman he did not marry. 

Unseasonably warm front: Women marry and expect husband to change, but he doesn’t. Change is unmanly, but men relent when necessary to convince, court, and conquer a woman they view as extraordinary.

Occluded front: They are different. A man takes his relationship for granted. She reads it as his taking her for granted. Both follow their nature.


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88. Words that wound

Ω  A woman kisses a frog. He turns into her prince. They marry. Then, she neuters him with words that wound his spirit for any kind of life with her. Then she can’t stand him, because he becomes more like what she calls him. Also, he can’t stand himself being with her.

Ω Women know how to kiss. They also know how to neuter a man. They treat their supposed prince in such ways that his sense of significance disappears.

Ω Insignificance is a man’s greatest fear. Emanating from his woman, it kills her future with him.

Ω Feminism-inspired females have in just a few decades invoked a macro self-fulfilling prophecy. They called the male sex inadequate for meeting the expectations of women. Behold, men became exactly that.

Ω When women call men inadequate, men read manly insignificance into it. This breeds masculine significance, but it’s the kind that leads to incivility, abuse, and violence. 

Ω Men do whatever women require in order for men to have convenient and frequent access to sex. Women provide what men want but offset it with supervision and criticism. Women don’t get what they want—which is usually a lasting relationship with the man of their choice.  

Ω Women are in charge of sexual activity, but men get most of the benefits. With convenient and frequent sex provided with little or no obligation, men shape their lives around more exciting things than one wordy woman hell-bent to pop his ego bubble.



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66. Hard-hearted Hannah

A woman easily kills her relationship when she exhibits female weaknesses that harden her heart for cooperation and soften her head into competing with her man. Weaknesses follow:

♥ Facetiousness prompted by fear of being wrong.

♥ Hatefulness prompted by dislike of herself.

♥ Selfishness never untaught to her in childhood.

♥ Busyness pursuing her personal rather than their agenda.

♥ Fussiness inspired by desire for perfection.

♥ Bitchiness that flows from envy, jealousy, and similar emotions related to others.

♥ Fearsome brought on by mistakes that she thinks might be repeated endlessly. 

Quarrelsomeness that emerges from her desire to drive their bus.

♥ Untidiness, the nesting merits of which she was never taught in childhood.

♥  Loneliness imagined when he’s not alongside her.

♥ Lonesomeness caused by husband’s absence at work.

♥ Moodiness that flows from inability to control events to her satisfaction.

♥ Carelessness prompted by weak sense of responsibility.

♥ Sloppiness that reflects badly on husband to his friends and competitors.

♥ Phoniness energized by fear of her true character being found out.

♥ Political correctness brought on by sense of being victimized.

♥ Unfaithfulness that boils in oil her man’s sense of significance.


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