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2723. Born Different but Compatible — 02

Men and women are born and act differently in hundreds of ways. Differences become evident after the conscious minds of children open in the third year of life. Even with so many opposed traits and motivations, they are born capable of mating compatibly.

It’s a tough job as sex differences are so varied and imponderable. However, God made it easier for women. Men lack the relationship expertise to compete with women in generating and sustaining relationships. Women are in charge of using feminine mystique, female modesty, and other blessings of sex differences to bait and fish men out of the waters of single life. Success follows their female instinct, feminine intuition, ability to live with misjudgments, and unending dedication to fulfilling their girlhood dreams of living with a man.

Throughout life everyone loads their minds and hearts with very different experiences, emotions, and beliefs that often lead to incompatibility with a mate. However, women are instinctively motivated to match up sex differences and exploit their relationship expertise to promote compatibility and fulfill female dreams for the future.

A woman seeks to be happy within herself. A man seeks to be satisfied with himself. Women find gratitude in what they have. Men find satisfaction in what they do. Women are as happy as they are grateful. Men are as satisfied as they are happy with what they do, have done, and expect to do. Women primarily seek happiness within their nests. Men primarily seek satisfaction outside their castles. Thus, their multiple objectives in life differ — but not incompatibly.

Women need others; they can’t love or find gratitude without them. Men don’t; they can do without others as long as they are satisfied with themselves. Women cooperate to improve their chances of finding gratitude. Men compete to accomplish more and claim more worth. Women are satisfied when things go their way. Men are happy when achievements match intentions. Thus, their pursuits in life differ — but not incompatibly.

A woman loves with her heart and emotional makeup. A man loves with logic, reason, and self-satisfaction that generates devotion to her likeability and expected loyalty. Thus, their love of one another differs — but not incompatibly.

Women seek routine sex to confirm her importance and reinforce intimate connections. Men seek sex to confirm their ability and reinforce conviction as an admirable man. Thus, their lovemaking differs — but not incompatibly.

Women seek romance and a lifetime with their man. Men seek frequent and convenient access to sex. Thus, their long range interests differ — but not incompatibly.

Women integrate what people do. Men integrate their responsibilities and achievements until satisfied with themselves. Wives increase their sense of self-importance by integrating family interests with their mate’s efforts. Husbands increase self-satisfaction by satisfying their mate. Thus, their efforts differ — but not incompatibly.

Women commit to men based on romantic and loving promises. Men commit to women based on the promise of frequent and convenient sex. Women devote themselves to one man based on the promise he holds for their happiness together. Men devote themselves to one woman for the promise she holds for belonging to him exclusively; one who has demonstrated uniquely feminine virtues that earn manly respect by her determination to deny sex to all others but him. Thus, the expectations for commitment and devotion differ — but not incompatibly.

A woman remains married when satisfied with her man. A man remains married when satisfied with himself. Thus, marital ties differ — but not incompatibly.

Women coordinate things. Men do things. Women are processors. Men are competitors. Thus, the manner of meeting objectives differ — but not incompatibly.

Marvelous compatibility is the product of women trying ever harder. Incompatibility is the result of men interested more in sex than respect for the women providing it. Consequently, women teach men to respect and appreciate women as persons, women, and mates more than sex providers. Or else, fits of incompatibility plague relationships and family solidarity cracks, crumbles, and often vanishes.

God designs, Nature endows, and hormones energize women to be easily dependent and compatible and men to be easily independent and incompatible. By exploiting their superior relationship expertise and sense of cooperation and accommodation, women gain an immense advantage. They more easily promote and generate compatible nesting, castle building, child-raising, and marital longevity.

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