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741. Where Has All the Glamour Gone? Part B

Women have turned to the opposite of glamour, such as comfort, masculine behaviors, and feminist thought. They lose, so why do it?

·         To make the sexes look more alike? Well, dropping glamour from everyday life makes women abandon female standards of dress and grooming, and men gain the advantage when female standards weaken.

·         To act more like men? Well, women now dress and groom carelessly and sloppily and take up masculine eating habits and weight-gain proneness. They do the same raising their daughters. Do females benefit?

·         In response to the political agenda of Feminism? Well, it worked, and men have become more self-centered against females, the feminist agenda, and feminists’ most offensive strategy, political correctness. Plus, men have been bought off by free and easy access to sex with numerous females, so men don’t complain.

·         To take women out of the role of competing with each other for men? Well, it doesn’t. Women now steal each others’ man much more than when glamorous trends inspired women to focus on their own attractiveness for holding onto her man.

·         To shed the sex object image? Well, it works the opposite of intentions. Women now routinely appear unattractive for anything but sex.

·         To make men look for internal attractiveness and discover her whole person? Well, Nature doesn’t work that way. Men look for internal qualities when they need more persuasive arguments to convince a woman into their first sex together. If she’s not attractive on the outside, it makes him look for another woman. If men are too quick to look elsewhere, women yield sex more easily. If women do that, men are released quicker to look elsewhere, which brings on more and quicker yielding.

From lack of glamour that markedly separates men and women, female relationship misery expands as men are kept focused on sex everywhere. Sex objectification doesn’t ever die, and failure to dress it up with glamour just makes women cheaper and easier for men.


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544. He’s Wary to Marry — Section 2

Most of what follows in this series originates with females mentally locked onto the wrong things for generating a happy marriage. Adolescence, politics, Feminism, wishful thinking, and assorted fickleness overpower their female nature. They act unnatural. Males sense it, disrespect them, and avoid permanent relationships.

N She discourages her man. She insists that he fulfill her wishes. She tells him HOW to do what she considers his responsibility. For example, repeatedly prompting him to ask for a raise.

N She doesn’t uphold or she lets moral values deteriorate in her home. Lower standards of behavior invite disharmony, when her man expects harmony and her to ensure it.

N She downplays her nurturing skills as part of de-emphasizing her female nature. For example, she claims he can nurture the kids as well as her, so that she can pursue other interests.

N She dresses erotically to capture her man and follows up with sloppy attire and careless grooming that turns his head toward other females.

N She shows no respect for what he values highly: A female at his side just as good or better looking than other guys have.

N She endorses winning as the only thing to justify how one plays the game of life. This is the man’s game, and it disturbs parental balance rearing kids. 

Thus, and more will follow, she prioritizes earthly values above her God-given, Nature-provided, inherently powerful, and highly respected female capabilities for handling males in all walks of life.

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