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324. Female malpractice — Part 10

Successful marriage comes not from big things such as love, responsibility, gratefulness, and dependability. It comes from the absence of little things that contradict, weaken, or destroy bonded emotions and disparage character traits.

·        Nagging destroys her likeability.

·        Laziness weakens her appeal.

·        Careless, sloppy, or no grooming distorts her attractiveness.

·        Ingratitude for him spoils her as needful of him.

·        Irresponsible spending highlights her selfishness.

·        Instant gratification show lack of intelligence or will power.

·        Withholding sex when not sick makes husband think of other women.

·        Manipulation displays lack of respect for him, especially when she uses sex to do it.

·        Demeaning him kills his respect for her, when his love is based on respect for her, but her love for him is not.

·        Lowering her standards weakens his respect.

·        Lack of her self-respect invites his greater dominance with less respect and love.

Changing herself—especially becoming a different person soon after marriage—convinces husband that he married the wrong woman. He expects precisely the person he married only better.

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120. Choices determine life

First, the way we dress plays a major role in how we behave. People judge behavior. Therefore, our attire and grooming generate judgments about us, and people act on those judgments when they deal with us.

Second, we are who we associate with. So, dressing like our peers catalogues us. It breeds stereotypes. As mother so correctly stated, “Birds of a feather flock together.”

Third, dressing up improves part of one’s appearance, so it brings self-gratitude, which brings happiness with oneself, which improves the picture one has of oneself, which breeds self-confidence and greater ability to deal successfully with others.

Fourth, when women dress up they make my world prettier. Of course, women respond that they care little about brightening this man’s world, but I’m not the only man out there. If women don’t want to light up the world men live in, men are released to uglify in their own style. In the end, the way women dress and groom themselves shapes the real world for all of us.   


©      For comfort to please herself.

©      With class to show her self-confidence.

©      Prettily to feel good about herself.

©      Distinctly to attract a man’s attention.

©      Sloppily if she just doesn’t care.

 ©      As a hottie to avoid being called a nottie.

©      Femininely if she wants respect and recognition for who she is.

©      Professionally if she works proudly in her job.

©      Masculinely if she’s bitch or butch.

 ©      Gaudily if she’s weak at reading other people or insensitive to or disdainful of their judgments.

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66. Hard-hearted Hannah

A woman easily kills her relationship when she exhibits female weaknesses that harden her heart for cooperation and soften her head into competing with her man. Weaknesses follow:

♥ Facetiousness prompted by fear of being wrong.

♥ Hatefulness prompted by dislike of herself.

♥ Selfishness never untaught to her in childhood.

♥ Busyness pursuing her personal rather than their agenda.

♥ Fussiness inspired by desire for perfection.

♥ Bitchiness that flows from envy, jealousy, and similar emotions related to others.

♥ Fearsomeness brought on by mistakes or failures that she thinks might be repeated endlessly. 

Quarrelsomeness that emerges from her desire to drive their bus.

♥ Untidiness, the nesting merits of which she was never taught in childhood.

 Loneliness imagined when he’s not alongside her.

♥ Lonesomeness caused by husband’s absence at work.

♥ Moodiness that flows from her inability to control events in her life to her satisfaction.

♥ Carelessness prompted by weak sense of responsibility.

♥ Sloppiness that reflects badly on husband to his friends and competitors.

♥ Phoniness energized by fear of her true character being found out.

♥ Political correctness brought on by sense of being victimized.

♥ Unfaithfulness that boils in oil her man’s sense of significance.


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