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1603. Advertising Online for Dates — Part IIb

Post 1602 broke apart the online ads of two women. I added to each entry an option more appealing to men. I named as DIFFERENT the specific challenge or challenges aimed at attracting men with the character of her imagined Mr. GoodEnough.

The list continues today with another woman’s ad broken apart but also reflecting the likely response of the typical man, called MAN’S RESPONSE.

  • WOMAN #3: Seeks an equally confident attractive guy for a playful friendship.
  • MAN’S RESPONSE: Okay, let’s play friends with benefits.
  • DIFFERENT:If you want to play, you gotta’ pay. My price? Integrity, dependability, and personal responsibility that I admire. It all spells attractive to me.
  • WOMAN #3: Your (sic) looking for a no strings or binding new friendship with an accomplished woman who’s clean, sane and has her [expletive] together.
  • MAN’S RESPONSE: Watch your typos. Whatever the ‘expletive’ she offers, cheap and easy language means lack of female modesty, unattractive for conversation with my family and associates, but ease of persuading her to fit my goals.
  • DIFFERENT: Strings attached bind friendships, don’t you know. I don’t see my accomplishments as binding, but yours should be. What do you think?
  • WOMAN #3: You enjoy the company of a slightly older woman, your (sic) between 32 and 40.
  • MAN’S RESPONSE: So it isn’t a typo. You don’t have enough [expletive] together if you don’t know ‘your’ from ‘you are’. Her being ‘slightly older’ means she’s what, 40? 50?
  • DIFFERENT: We can assume that young means under 30, old means over 60, and women hide their age. I’ll meet you in the middle but all the details won’t be disclosed.
  • WOMAN #3: Well spoken, fun, have an open mind and a plus if your (sic) a jokester/smartass type who just likes to have fun on your down time.
  • MAN’S RESPONSE: “Your” looking to be entertained, and I should be interested?
  • DIFFERENT: My sense of fun and openness comes from inside me. You would have this obligation around me, don’t drag me down and stop my enjoyment of myself.
  • WOMAN #3: Your (sic) clean, very hygienic and most of all passionate and beyond sensual. You’d consider yourself a great kisser and enjoy spending time flirting and kissing.
  • MAN’S RESPONSE: I’ll let you worry about such girly things. I’m looking for something different than the touching, clutching, and mulching of feelings.
  • DIFFERENT: Let’s cut to the chase. Most guys are hopeful of making love. You and I won’t talk about sex for quite a while, but you can expect that I value foreplay and afterplay more than anything else. If your ego can’t stand to be graded and maybe found wanting, you perhaps should move on now. [NOTE: Too brazen for most ladies, but I try to stay in the vein of this woman’s sentences at the top of this group.]
  • WOMAN #3: While you seek something ongoing and fun you also have a life and don’t need to be tethered to me. I’m interested in spending some free time with a guy who fits this.
  • MAN’S RESPONSE: No tethering? Great let’s go to bed. “Some free time” here and there will be quite adequate for me. A man can never have enough booty calls.
  • DIFFERENT: I have six great boyfriends, just ‘fired’ number 4 for stretching my sensibilities too far, and now seek a replacement. Men shine their best as they try to outshine others. You’ll just have to figure out how much I’m funning you. [NOTE: Whoever said you can’t dangle a few teases in front of men, which is different from directly teasing them. It works well if men you find promising respond to the ad more than men of little interest to you. The object of ads is to start a chat up, right? The more the ad shapes the chatting, the more it leaves you in control of the dialogue and keeps the man off his favorite talking points that lead to conquest. Put your favorite talking points in your ad.]
  • WOMAN #3: Your (sic) interested in a friendship beyond the bedroom, something comfortable and fun, enjoyable for both sans drama or awkwardness.
  • MAN’S RESPONSE: Why would I seek something so lacking in attractiveness for either woman or a relationship? I have enough fun with friends outside the bedroom. “Sans drama or awkwardness” has to be earned; how can you promise it?
  • DIFFERENT: I can’t promise a friendship. I can’t even promise a good date. But I can promise you’ll have to earn every date until…. For how long? Only God knows. If I’m not worth earning, you’re not worth having.
  • WOMAN #3: I’m very attracted to ruggedly handsome types, muscular even. Your (sic) up for a new friendship a little adventure maybe doing things around town on occasion even as I’m not strictly looking for a sex only friendship. Single preferred but wouldn’t rule out someone in an open relationship that was free of drama like mine is.
  • MAN’S RESPONSE: I prefer a monogamous woman. That’s the best match for my ruggedly handsome and muscular being. Thanks for the warning.
  • DIFFERENT: My dad and brothers, ruggedly handsome and muscular, continually amaze me. I come from a rather large groups of women that admire their men.
  • WOMAN #3: Bonus points for the cute guy who really prefers a thicker, very feminine woman with a nice thick booty.
  • MAN’S RESPONSE: How huge could my imagination make that?
  • DIFFERENT: Women are cute, but guys are something else. Differences abound. Let’s talk about my differences that appeal to you and your differences that appeal to me. Strange things happen when people match differences instead of finding likenesses to accelerate jumping in bed.

I admit to being brutal in MAN’S RESPONSE. Stitch the ads back together and the gals don’t really deserve it. However, I see little live bait on their hooks, i.e., curiosity that challenges men. Ads can’t spotlight physical attractiveness, so why describe what can too easily be seen as the opposite?

The series continues tomorrow at 1604 with principles built around a new strategy.

NOTE: I will be going back to yesterday’s article, 1602, and inserting the MAN’S RESPONSE into each entry. Plan to re-read it again if you’re interested, probably rewritten by Wednesday.


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