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743. Her Affection Deficit Disorder

The female nature craves attention and affection at certain times, for specific reasons, and especially for confirming a woman’s self-love. His attentions add and his affection confirms worth to her, or so she feels.

·  Compared to four or five decades ago, female self-esteem is lower. Self-image is twisted from having bought into feminist issues that contradict the female nature. Consequently, females are hesitant, afraid, or ashamed to let their feminine nature shine through. It costs women, because the male’s Affection Delivery Disorder gets worse in the absence of femininity.

·  Females adopt the idea that they can do anything and everything that men can do. It’s okay and in many cases true. However, it contradicts their inherent female nature just enough that dodging femininity makes them phony to themselves. Thus weakened, their self-image does not prevent them from doing things contrary to their best and especially female-specific interests. With a shortage of self-respect and self-confidence, they rely more on emotional than rational thought, and men have an advantage and usually take it.

·  The popularity of unmarried sex causes males to lose unconditional respect for the female gender. Among teens it’s atrocious. Males, as competing hunter-conquerors, see females as dumb for not guarding their negotiable assets. But women need frequent and sometimes continual reaffirmation of their value to someone else to confirm their self-love. This drives females toward this paradox: For reaffirmation they provide sex. Having given it, men lose unconditional respect for the female gender. With less respect for the gender, the love of men weakens for individual females. With less pronounced femininity, a man’s A.D.D. gets worse.

·  When men show less respect, it reflects that women are somehow lacking something. This does two things: It further lowers female self-image, which weakens their sense of control of their lives. Lack of a sense of control then pushes women easily into desperation and toward depression.

In the end, the more intense her affection deficit, the more intense becomes his disorder for showing attention and delivering affection.


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497. DATING 8: College and Other Inequities

Equal opportunity in the sex game ripens into inequality. College girls claiming masculine-style sexual freedom ruin dating for their gender, and it flows off campus with each graduation.

M Men only need a place, women need a reason. As more Feminism-charged, freedom loving women only need a place, social pressures make dating unattainable for women with different expectations.

M The other women feel pressure to abandon female-friendly practices. They try too hard, and inequalities compound: Abortions! STDs! Single motherhood! Anguish! Dumped! Guilt! Frustrations! Desperations! Embarrassments! Depressions! Worries!

M Social fallout includes: No cherishment by a man! No manly devotion to her for herself! No popularity except for sexual action. She gives men more for less. Only attractiveness and sexual activity keep manly attention, although never enough, focused on her.

M If sexually inactive, she’s threatened with: Few if any dates! Only temporary, pass-through prospects! No candidates for marriage! No brightened future with a devoted man! No Mr. Right! And Mr. Good Enough slips through her fingers! No husband!

J Men have opportunities for sex aplenty! Little need for much investment of Self.  

J College men look forward to shifting the chase to the off-campus world—except those that need to find a mate to help put them through grad school and then dumped.

J Men have few premarital sex threats: Some risk of STDs! Fear she may entrap by dropping the pill!

J The male nature protects him from relationship ills so common to females: No abortions! No anguish! No desperation! No embarrassments! No depressions! No worries! No responsibility! No guilt!

J He’s also protected from ego damage: No dates, but who needs them? Someone’s ex, but that’s okay for conquest. No wife, because available females aren’t worth it!


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432. Sex and the fickle girl — Part 20

Happiness flows from gratefulness for something or someone. If she’s not grateful for him after marriage, he never had the potential for Mr. Right.

A successful marriage is not in finding the right person. It is being the right person. As the relationship expert, the obligation falls heaviest upon the woman.

A woman has to sell a man on fidelity, marriage, and her female worth as comfort partner and companion. Otherwise, men focus on frequent and convenient sex as comfort from their daily ‘battles’.

♂ The wrong woman easily finds Mr. Wrong. It takes the right woman to find a man with high potential and then fine tune him into Mr. Right.

♂ Women jump at the chance to call a boyfriend the right man to justify behavior she knows is not in her best interest. She thus dooms a relationship.

♂ Calling a man Mr. Right elicits intuitive female actions that turn him off—e.g., overloads of affection, possessiveness, eagerness, co-dependency, desperation.

♂ Men are turned on by challenges and opportunities that prove them capable, and not by unearned claims that he’s already Mr. Right.

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424. HardToGet — Reminders IV

♫ Men confront women with hard-headed and hard-hearted masculine individualism. By being hardtoget, she puts herself in charge of his advances, their events, and relationship progress.

♫ Men seek to keep their emotions hidden while stirring up a female’s. Hardtoget reverses the pressures.

♫ Determined men try harder to get what they think they are good enough for but can’t seem to close the deal. Hardtoget thrives on this human drive.

♫ Hardtoget promotes lengthy relationships, but it requires deliberate effort. Easy to get requires little effort, and it promotes temporary relationships.   

♫ Hardtoget females don’t show eagerness to either open or advance a relationship. Letting the man do most of the work builds her appeal. (He can’t act one way and feel another for very long; a person’s actions strengthen the feelings in their heart.)

♫ Female eagerness too easily comes across as desperation, and men play that game much better than women.

♫ Hardtoget stimulates a man’s imagination, persistence, and determination, which are more powerful than sex appeal. Most women have sex appeal, but far fewer stimulate a man’s imagination and persistence beyond sex.  

♫ Hardtoget holds a man’s attention, unless he uses the same technique, aka vague and unavailable. Then, it’s a battle of wits, and draws may either solidify or sever a relationship.


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215. Vulnerable females

Infatuation: Foolish or all-absorbing passion is a powerful motivator. People often see weakness in infatuated friends. Those infatuated often consider it an imprisonment they must bear. It’s excess passion but still part of the female nature.

·        Pre-pubescent girls become infatuated with copying teen girls.

·        Teen girls become infatuated with infatuation.

·        Young women become infatuated with romance.

·        Unmarried women become infatuated with boyfriends.

·        Fiancés and brides become infatuated with precision in wedding arrangements.

·        Newlyweds become infatuated with bringing alive the ideal marriage.

·        Cohabiting women become infatuated with holding on until marriage comes.

·        Dumped women become infatuated with what they’ll do different next time.

·        Wives become infatuated with keeping husband but on her terms.

·        Unhappy wives become infatuated with bashing and trashing the cause.

·        Feminists become infatuated with uplifting females at the expense of males.

·        Women working outside the home become infatuated with equalizing housework and childcare duties.

·        Mothers become infatuated with living their kids’ lives for them—from simple decisions through safety extremes.

·        Grandmothers become infatuated with lessons they learned too late in life.

·        Female bosses become infatuated with their power, especially authority over men.

·        Teachers become infatuated with excellence, but their bosses push mediocrity.  

Infatuation easily takes hold of females, and it often leads to bad decisions.



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172. Do women know jack about Jack? —Part 10

♂ When she chases a man for his looks, she wants to impress herself and others. However, he receives the message that she’s available and disposable.

Go after the hunk, and dislike what follows the bunk. After she beds the hottie, she’s as disposable as a nottie. Hunks learn early that they get what they want without giving of themselves. So, they keep getting and getting, which calls for someone else.

A husband views his wife’s ‘constructive criticism’ this way: “I know it’s good for me. I just can’t stand so much goodness.”

If he does not see that she needs him, he will become temporary. Her expressions of affection make her feel good, but they do not show her need for him as do her respect, gratitude, and dependence.

Men don’t respect desperate people. A desperate woman is not a keeper and is dumpable without much remorse.

Inability to conquer a woman focuses a man’s mind on one thing—getting it done. Conquest releases him to focus on something or somebody else.

Men as hunter-conquerors always take interest in new targets whether in chase mode or not.



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153. Do women know jack about Jack? — Part 8

♀ Wives want to be shown more affection, but husbands stay focused and specialize on their own importance. Men must be trained to show affection. (If his parents didn’t do it in childhood, he’s not likely to improve himself very much in adulthood, except when a long, sex-free courtship requires that he develop new habits for displaying affection to her.)  

♂ Easy marks for conquest earn high marks for dumping to the ex lane.

 ♂ As husbands see it, anger and aggressiveness are male traits, and a wife should be above such offending behavior. (This makes feminine charm, patience, and indirectness highly effective at harmonizing a pair of self-interested people into mutual interest. Of course it’s not fair, but it exploits both the natural differences between the sexes and her greatest potential.)

♂ The greater her feminine virtue, then the greater his respect and the more likely her future faithfulness to him. Men expect that first, always, and to be obvious in their woman.

♂ A man changes after conquest. By joining the conquered, she loses exceptionalness to him. (It doesn’t mean that she loses everything, just that he views and values her differently, and she must change accordingly to hold him. Unfortunately, how he changes is unpredictable, because his agendas remain hidden until he’s devoted and not just committed to her.)

♀ If he’s after sex more than her, she’s temporary until the next sex target comes along and maybe sooner.


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