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341. Ties that bind, or not! —Their drives

     Sweetheart love, the sweetest, melts into smooth flowing and enduring love, the deepest. But spouses have opposing natures and primal urges that conflict beneath the love they share.

She’s driven to nest, nurture, and nestle with loved ones, and he’s the primary target in the early years.

But further, she expects him to produce, provide, protect, and problem-solve to assist with whatever she needs.

His naturally independent nature responds: He simply does the best he can. His best fades, however, if she fails to fully respect his primary self-interest, next.

He’s driven to make himself significant, to overcome Nature and other barriers, compete with men, succeed in the workplace, and shape human events. It’s his role in life, and progress and accomplishment are their own rewards.

Her naturally grateful heart responds: If he’ll do those things on my behalf, I’ll reward him for husbanding and fathering. 

Merging these natural differences compatibly leads to cooperation—good! Failure to recognize and respect these differences leads to competition—ungood!


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45. No Sex without Marriage

America’s traditional female strategy of No Sex without Marriage has been laughed, politicized, and propagandized out of existence, much to the benefit and delight of all males after puberty. Adopting masculine-style sexual freedom that stretches into porn and raunch, women claim rights that are more political than natural or sensible.

Having the right to do it doesn’t mean it’s right to do it. What’s right politically weakens civil and threatens domestic life. Too much casual and easy sex outside the home poisons relationships, damages home life, shatters families, and infects children with poor examples that worsen the next generation.   

Women engaged in promoting their newfound sexual freedom ignore or cannot recognize the poisonous effects on men. Unfortunately, the majority of women soft-headedly follow suit.

Women talk only to women about their sexual freedom. Men are left out, except the feminized ones that join in as political correctioneers. Women and now girls compensate males with open legs, and so men and boys eagerly go along for the ride. So many trophies, so little time.

Men pride themselves in not changing to please others, and they especially reject changing to meet a woman’s expectations. One window remains open, however. A man will respond favorably to a woman’s expectations and pressures for him to change prior to his conquest of her—but his willingness stops afterward.

Our foremothers used No Sex without Marriage to change our forefathers’ values, thinking, and habits to be both acceptable to marry and more valuable as husband and father. They shaped their marital future by conveying in a sex-free courtship just what they expected as wife and mother. They didn’t push our forefathers to change, they drew their man toward change with charm and indirectness. Our forefathers adopted the female-friendly values and standards expected of them.

After marriage she did not have to change him. But that’s all changed now.

Modern women abandoned No Sex without Marriage. Consequently, their window to change a man to meet female expectations and standards closes after a date or few. That’s not enough time.

As a result, modern wives try to change husband to meet female expectations. The more a man resists, the more his woman pushes. The greater his resistance, the greater her frustration. Her mothering and nurturing nature arise, and before long she treats him as a child or as insignificant.

The process injects interpersonal toxins that make women outside the home more alluring to him and tend to make her disposable in a few years if not sooner.

Our foremothers worked to perfect a workable strategy for keeping a man. Modern women adopt a right that drives men toward other women.

Women fear abandonment and seek affection. With uncrossed legs before marriage they strengthen the chance of the former and weaken chances for the latter.



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