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514. The ABCs when B stands for Men

As pointed out for women in a previous post, God also designed and Nature genetically and hormonally endows males. But males are not endowed for relationship compatibility as women are. Consequently, a male’s primal urges are seldom in harmony with the nature of one female, until she harmonizes their duet on the key of sex.

J Men are driven to compete against Nature when it obstructs their progress, associate so as to compete with other men, and shape and control human events. This includes, oftentimes top of mind, fulfilling a man’s competitive urge to conquer women. (His sexual urge does not require conquest, only a partner.)

J Men have one overwhelming need that makes everything else minor, regardless of how they seem to act even to the contrary. A man absolutely needs only a place to flop, eat, throw his things, and prepare himself for tomorrow. A hut will do, but if a woman does it for him, he judges her castle building by how it supports his work.

J A man wants the freedom to do as he chooses and especially make himself stand out among others as unique, as a competitor, as a person of significance. He seeks the freedom to lay with her or play with her, to hunt or punt, rest or nest, read or lead, think or drink, farm or harm, glean or lean, produce or reproduce, or just do something new or exciting—especially in the spare time he earned from working at his job. (His pastimes may or may not include his woman, which is good reason why long courtships work better to weave herself as valuable into more than the domestic side of his life.)

J More than anything else, a man fears insignificance measured against other men, his job, the world, or his responsibilities. It’s especially fearful when concluded from what his woman says and does. The lack of freedom to do his work as he sees fit also breeds insignificance.

J A man focuses primarily on the present. His time focus emerges from his primal readiness to compete or do battle, and this mandates that he pay more attention to the immediate and its challenges. It also comes from his single-mindedness.

Not the act but the issues that surround coitus help determine the success of male-female relationships. Next article covers conflict.


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