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639. “Helicopter Moms” Blowing Bubbles – by Guy Jr.

Props to the inimitable Miss Dawn for inspiring this post with her comments on the ABOUT page.

In an earlier post, I wrote about my views on the Generation Emasculation of young boys.  One of the PC issues with which I took exception was the growing popularity of “No Touch” policies in schools.

One might ask, How could anyone be against ‘No Touch’ policies?  Shouldn’t we do whatever we can to protect our children?”

The answer is often, NO!

“Protecting” our children, most often championed by today’s Moms, has created a society of what Guy Sr.’s beautiful Principessa Gracie calls “Helicopter Moms.”

A Helicopter Mom is one who constantly “hovers” over her children.  It began while following her toddler with her hand under his/her bottom to catch him/her if she falls while trying to walk.  It continues through the child’s life in a myriad of ways trying to protect her child from life’s little pitfalls, minor dangers, and everyday failures.

She creates a largely unneeded bubble of “safety” around her child.  She insulates them from the realities of life.  But, unknown to a Helicopter Mom, those often unfortunate realities are necessary for her child’s growth and self-confidence.

As an extension, “Helicopter Schools” now put children in the same bubbles of “safety” and unknowingly stunt their emotional growth and well-being. Boys and girls in bubbles.  No touches, no hug after a classmate returns from the hospital, no high fives after a great performance.  Stay in your bubbles boys and girls… or you will be expelled!

Is it any wonder kids find such solace these days in things as cold as gaming consoles, computers, and cell phones?  Kids can touch them with impunity, yet they are “safe” in knowing that much like their classmates, those things will never touch back.

Oh, and by the way: “No Touch” policies originated with feminists in the work place.  Now, they’ve trickled down to our children in the school setting. Congrats. One more reason for feminists to be proud. LOL.

— Guy Jr.


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627. Generation Emasculation by Guy Jr.

Thanks to one of Laura’s comments at post 624.1 for this inspiration.

“Oh, you know, boys will be boys!”  Isn’t that an old saying many of us used to hear?  Heard it lately?  I sure haven’t.  It used to be a widely accepted “excuse” for much of the silliness, or brashness, or stupidity, or many other behaviors we would see boys exhibit.  No longer.

Nope.  It’s no longer politically correct or acceptable to just let “boys be boys”.  That’s because as a culture, we’re too busy trying to turn them into girls.

Yep.  Collectively, we just can’t keep the scissors in the drawer.   That’s because the PC feminist elite realized the best way to fight patriarchy, chauvinism, and the existence of cock-strong men is to socially neuter young boys – before they can ever defend themselves against it.  Yep, they need those scissors to figuratively snip, snip, snip the stones off of young boys.

No touch policies in public schools?  Snip.  Games of shadow tag on the playground?  Snip.  No dodge ball in the gymnasium?  Snip. Soccer practice with Mom instead of football practice with Coach?  Snip.

Unlike the emasculation of men in the ‘70’s (Woody Allen, Alan Alda, and many others come to mind) who were capable of defending themselves but chose not to, young boys don’t know they are being victimized.  And it’s not a fair fight.  Usually, when adults victimize boys, it’s called child abuse.

These days it’s called motherly emasculation.

More to come…

Guy Jr.


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