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253. Boob language — Part 11

Females duplicate men in manner, language, style, attire, and grooming. Ignorant of masculine priorities, they expect to captivate manly interest for more than sex.  

·        Women duplicate men in no-style dress and thoughtless grooming. Beer with the guys attracts them better.

·        Pregnant women copy tee-shirted beer bellies. If he can do it, she can too. The world gets uglier, as women think they gain through defiance.   

·        As women dress down in everyday life, men outdo them to confirm masculine independence. So, men dress worse, and women follow suit.

·        Loose and shapeless bras provide comfort, but unadvertised assets generate little curiosity. If she has no incentive to show herself off to the max, then he figures his max will not be required. So, she starts off in the hole.  

·        Women dress erotically to capture a man. They attract attention and may be taken off the shelf and even taken home. But eroticism promotes sex, not loyalty for the whole product.

·        A keeper advertises and packages herself to keep sex in the background, because that keeps male minds focused on her star quality.

·        Cleavage draws his eyeballs downward and his thoughts to nestling there. Good advertising works! Does the rest of her appearance sell her as quality stuff or just promote unintended consequences?

Modern females make sloppy, careless, and slovenly fashionable. They slouch a lot. They do this although men feast with their eyes, and husbands expect a wife they can show off.

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207. The high cost of cheap sex — Part 10

♦ Sex is the man’s game. Real, honest, and tough conquests are touchdowns. Return engagements score extra points. Easy or casual conquests score as field goals. Females determine the rules and officiate, but men always win; they keep the score.  

♦ Relationships crumble as so much unmarried sex cheapens fidelity, breeds unfaithfulness, and threatens each marriage. Yet, men are blamed for lack of character facing all those easily spread legs.

♦ Eroticism inspires rapid turnover of females among men. Female sexual freedom inspires men and boys to try harder for the bigger, the better, the more erotic scores. Women and immature girls reap sad, lonely, and sometimes unbearable consequences.

♦ After a one-night stand, he doesn’t call. He claims he loves her, but he doesn’t. He pledges his commitment, but it fades. Except when teamed with a man proven to be devoted to her more than to sex, copulation just leads to more easily getting dumped.

♦ Sex attracts, but it does not bond. The higher a single woman elevates sexual freedom in her priorities, whether real or symbolic, the less likely she will find a man to spend the rest of his life with her.  

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205. Boob language — Part 8

Modern women market themselves poorly. They put all their eggs in the advertising basket, use cheap packaging, and ignore product quality.

·        Women advertise sex, dress cheaply, groom carelessly, and think and hope that sex will both capture and hold a man. One-night stand, yes! Hold, no!

·        Sexy apparel and exposed skin precisely focuses a man’s interest on conquest. After conquest, he may or may not focus on her other interests.

·        By fishing with sex as bait, she yields dominance and sex to him. This minimizes her negotiating power and puts their future in his hands.

·        Sex needs no advertising. It sells itself, and advertising it cheapens a woman for everything but sex.

·        Women need high quality packaging to project the appearance and confirm the fact of an extraordinary female—the kind to whom men stay married.

·        Regarding her appearance, if she doesn’t protect her self-respect, display self-confidence, and reflect self-esteem, she lacks quality for much more than temporary gigs with men.  

·        Modest attire, attractive grooming, and high-standard feminine behavior create a mysterious quality that intrigues men. This elevates a woman toward keeperhood.

As women go, so goes society, and feminine mystique, modesty, and morality drive the best bus for females. Advertising sex makes a woman miss the bus. She’s left behind to get run over by men.

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194. Female dominance—Gone! —Part 4

Our mothers were right. We become like those with whom we associate. This includes the music we choose.

From rock to rap, the pop music industry is the enemy of females. Or, it should be. It’s male-created, male-centered, male-dominated.

·        Mission—Make money by exploiting sex.

·        Strategy—Promote greater sexual freedom.  

·        Tactic—Personalize sex for the fan. Excite female senses with rhythm, lyrics, visuals, scents, mosh pits.

·        Tactic—Promote sexual adventurism to lower moral standards, e.g., promote eroticism.

·        Tactic—Popularize deviancy to lower norms of behavior, e.g., induce public fellatio. (Note that males retain self-respect. They don’t stoop to public cunnilingus.)

·        Tactic—Break down female inhibitions with name-calling. Mock feminine values, demean females, belittle their hopes and dreams.

Females abandon their natural feminine power. They accept and help popularize this enemy to their gender. This leads directly to more dumpees, exes, rape victims, battered women, unrequited love, girls gone wild, female chauvinist pigs. The future looks worse, as prepubescent girls sashay in erotic get up even in church.

Instead of fighting back, females become more like guys—in thought, emotions, and behavior. They assimilate with their conquerors and lose their gender identity. New generations deepen this crossover.

Females associate with the testosterone-driven pop culture and become like those in it—just as our mothers predicted.

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190. The high cost of cheap sex—Part 09

♀ Round heels inspire masculine performance without satisfaction of meeting a manly challenge.

Shaping the minds of adolescents especially, Hollywood and TV create assertive female roles to out-conquer the male for sex. For example, sight of him clicks her passion switch, and she undresses him. Desperation and eagerness flood the screen. It’s fun for wishful viewers—but believable role models? Real life operates much differently and adolescents especially miss these messages:

·        Men appreciate cheap and easy sex. But, they don’t much value unearned gifts.

·        Such female behavior cheapens a man’s conquering spirit. It denies him opportunity to prove his manly worth by other than sexual performance.

·        It makes her exciting for sex, but too eager and, therefore, too loose for a man to expect her faithfulness.  

·        Being given what a man expects to be a challenge turns him toward a true challenge.

·        The female nature intuitively guides mature girls and women away from such extreme behavior. They know something else is better for them.

♂ Though not as women expect, casual sex energizes men. If she’s that free and easy, then pursue the next score, notch the bedpost, and go after more.

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157. Dark Side of Feminism—Part 11

The politically inspired Feminism movement persuaded women to change their behavior relative to men. Unintended consequences inevitably arose:

1.      Men do whatever females require in order to have frequent and convenient access to sex. Before the Dark Side, men expected to marry for life and responsibly provide for family. Women admired and respected the male gender even more than their own. Men reciprocated. Women rewarded men for responsible husbanding and fathering, and men got what they wanted for giving up their freedom.

2.      Starting four decades ago, it all changed. Women’s Liberation advocates and the feminazis* called men relationship misfits, inadequate as mates, and unnecessary for the fulfillment of females. They mocked men as insensitive and overbearing. They sought to change the males’ natural dominance with legal, political, and economic initiatives.

3.      Full-fledged feminists and  their advocates and admirers took up the finger-pointing, male bashing, and condemnation of most things masculine.

4.      Men fulfilled the prophecy. They became what they were accused of and called. The Pygmalion Effect took effect; the self-fulfilling prophecy fulfilled.  

5.      Men now act as relationship misfits, inadequate mates, and unnecessary for the fulfillment of female interests. Feminist politics overwhelms the good common sense of the female nature. 

6.      Mutual respect dies. Neither gender respects the other more than their own, as they once did. Men don’t respect the female gender, largely because women show insufficient respect for the male gender. Feminists tried to alter the male Nature, but they failed. Hormones eventually trump intentions, whether good or bad. 

7.      Women provide unmarried sex more freely than ever before. Their need for a boyfriend, lover, or husband drives them to reward a man before he earns her by proving his worth for her. Feminists call it Sexual Freedom. Men call it GREAT! 

8.      Husbands abandon wives. They escape the woman that demeaned his importance by decades of trying to change him. Even older husbands capitalize by pursuing trophies. They long for the excitement they missed as teens. They seek a chance to start over; they’ve learned how to restore their significance as husband and father. 

9.      Thus, modern women compensate men for doing what women don’t want. Gentlemanly behavior is dead. Male sexual freedom shows few restraints. Erotic attire spreads the urge to merge. Male character strengths weaken as less family responsibility provides less reinforcement. Strong sense of family responsibility melts alongside another women without a man.  

10.  Men continue as their nature commands: They do whatever women require for frequent and convenient access to sex. It’s so much cheaper for males, now that females absorb the high cost of cheap sex. [More about the high cost can be found in posts 149, 138, 99, 84, 39, and 2.]

Unfortunately, the feminist-darkened social culture forces the majority of women to pay the full price after split up. Lessened respect for men and social values about sexual freedom push women where they don’t want their relationships to go. They turned men into insensitive clods and fuzzy-headed mates. Having bought into a political ideology, Feminism, what more should women expect?  

* Rush Limbaugh coined the feminazi term to describe the dozen or so radicals that birthed Feminism out of the Women’s Liberation political movement. Nothing more is intended here.



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Young women compete more and more with males to do what men do. For example, they took up cigar smoking a few years ago. Seeing their older sisters unsuccessful at outdoing men in the males’ game, the next generation tries harder and always with something new.

In her recent book, Female Chauvinist Pigs—Women and the Rise of Raunch Culture, Ariel Levy describes the leading edge of post-modern feminist behavior. To be more like men, women have to enjoy looking at naked females.

So, they try to outdo men at being entertained by erotic female behavior. They applaud, hoot, and holler as other females pole dance, strip, and otherwise entertain men.

Their retro thinking has moved young women backwards in maturity to mimicking teen boys. It generates lots of sex and extra disrespect for the uniqueness of female judgments.

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