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362. Mr. Good Enough

Women are starting to choose ‘good enough’. Smart move, especially for those unable to find their Mr. Right and mature enough to know and accept the practical and emotional differences.

1.     It enables marriage sooner. She may know a ‘good enough’ or two worthy of practical comparison with her dream-like Mr. Right.

2.     It exploits female strengths. This improves her chances for identifying his potential for domestic harmony. Practicality usually wins over passion in choosing a life partner.

3.     Lower expectations produce less dissatisfaction. His shortcomings become more easily tolerable,  and she’s just the relationship expert to handle those things. He’s less likely to become Mr. Wrong.

4.     ‘Good enough’ opens the door to finding devotion instead of just commitment. Maybe not her devotion to him but his to her, and that’s more important for fulfilling her hopes and dreams.

Some women will choke on this, but her devotion to him will arise according to her actions that respect, endorse, and appreciate his efforts and who he is as husband and father. Such actions program her subconscious favorably, which is the source of emotions, and what we call the heart.

Let me close by quoting the lady blog author at http://theartofbeingfeminine.blogspot.com/


NOTE: The previous post, #361, is companion to this one. I suggest you view it also.



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