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677. Nature in Action

♦       In the marital marketplace, female virtue adds the greatest value to her. Character virtue adds the greatest value to him. Both are difficult to appraise and appreciate without lengthy engagement.

♦       She shapes their relationship to meet her expectations. Dating for other reasons wastes her time and his money, because ultimately she’s after a lifetime partner.

♦       Her purpose for dating is all about pleasing HER, but she works through him. With charm and indirectness she triggers his curiosity, stimulates his imagination about her, and generates mutual hope about what they can become together. He’s just after fun and games and doubtless sex, and it pleases her to divert him into pleasing her in other ways.

♦       Some people prefer the certainty of misery to the uncertainty of change. (Not original but source long forgotten.)

♦       Parents plant faith in toddlerhood, reinforce it in the tweens, and encourage it to blossom in the teens. Since faith knows no vacuum, what parents don’t implant, someone else does.

♦       Think of yourself as victim, and you’re freed up to await help from others.

♦       Authority imposed with hot temper kills respect. Also, hot temper flare ups don’t build respectable respect but fearful respect.

♦       If she has limited or constricted ability to be grateful, unhappiness follows her easily.


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610. Roots: Politics vs. Females — 2. Faith

WWNH: Faith knows no vacuum. Everyone believes in something, and given the political climate today, they should identify what ideologies support their interest. Our national and cultural identities are under attack, and women continue to pay the biggest price caused by social and domestic disturbances.

Some people take our nation and culture for granted and are relatively inactive politically. Others seek to tear it down, so they can make it over. They are politically active and dominate the political landscape with activism biased strongly toward anti-American goals.

Some people learn history on their own. Others accept what they’re told by people with a bias in both recording and telling. (I admit a bias toward traditional America and against European political ideologies that differ with ours.)

Some people believe in God and the natural freedom claimed in the Declaration of Independence. They eagerly share the freedom with non-believers. Other people don’t believe in God, so they have no basis upon which to build or guarantee freedom for everyone—except the rule of man, which varies according to what man has the power at any given time or situation.

Some people see ideologies as cloudy compared to our clearly spelled out Constitution. Others see one or more ideologies as their way of life, their religion, their master set of beliefs and motivators. (Marxists used to teach new believers this adage: Everything’s political except politics, and that’s personal.)

Some people believe in American-style government with built-in ideologies of constitutionalism, capitalism, federalism, individualism, and republicanism (not the party). Others believe in European-style governments. Known as social democracies, they continue to evolve from ideologies far different than America’s, such as mixtures of fascism, socialism, communism, Marxism, and totalitarianism. Others also favor Feminism, globalism, environmentalism, utopianism, and other -isms that are purposely used to discredit the American -isms shown above.     

Some people appreciate that Feminism has upgraded the economic, legal, and political status of females. Others are intent on using it for something else: eliminate male dominance and turn patriarchy into matriarchy.

No matriarchy arose in 7,000 years of recorded history; this sort of makes patriarchy the natural state of things. Women naturally gravitate toward achieving hopes and dreams and protecting their self-interest by taking advantage of male strengths. History proves one man per woman works best. But feminists turn men into enemies, marriage into temporary arrangements, and devalue what men value highly such as sex, virginity, and faithfulness to one’s mate. 

Men dominate society or WHAT people do. Women dominate culture or WHY people do what they do. Feminism gained power by exploiting this truism. They pressured women to lower female values, standards, and expectations. Men changed society accordingly, and women lost the traditional ability to catch and hold one man for life.

Feminism is one branch of a political movement that’s been functioning in America for over 100 years. Some roots lie in ideologies that energize the elitist political movement bent on altering America to their image.

WWNH about ideologies is next.


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545. Singles: Listen Up!

This article has been revised and reissued as #1564.


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538. Dysfunctional Female

A female’s primary love is self-love. To the extent that she lacks it, she becomes proportionately dysfunctional, because self-love governs her primary motivator, self-interest.

Without self-love, she’s uncertain about good and bad for her, torn between needs and wants, indecisive about her importance among others, and substitutes instant gratification for longer range interests.  

The question arises: Where does Self-love come from and how does she get it?

The complex answer: Obviously roots are in genetics and hormones. However, those roots need reinforcement and invigoration that comes from being treated as a princess in the heart and eyes of father, gramps, or whatever man reared her from about three and especially from age six thru puberty.

The simple answer: Being her father’s first-class, royal, and beautiful princess throughout childhood.

The next best thing: Self-talk before a mirror and in her prayers that describe her appearance and value as getting better all the time. Negative self-evaluations are harmful to her self-image, and this translates into less Self-love.

The really, truly, absolutely best thing: Get saved! Everything else works for her, but this is the ultimate. By giving her heart to Jesus Christ, she becomes His. Faith generates, restores, or improves her self-love.  


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219. Female challenges

A nice lady asked if my blog applies to large women. Yes, plus those not perfectly shaped. (I ignore genetic causes.) A few reminders follow for women unproductively worried about such things.

☺ Oversized and imperfect shapes have many culprits: low sense of self-worth, unflattering image of physical self, lack of self-respect and self-confidence, bad habits, stinking thinking, and on and on. Mostly, however, it’s food intake inspired by frustration, loneliness, or discomfort tied in with some or all of the above.

☺ Her size and shape too easily mislead her thinking. For example, the nagging voice about weight is her enemy. Nagging herself, just as nagging a man, produces unintended consequences.

☺ Her size, shape, and presentation of body is her choice—past, present, and future. Self-interest and common sense say she should forever make her body and its appearance follow what she decides is best for her future.

☺ Guilt about the past is counterproductive. Self-promises loaded with great intentions about a brighter future can be productive—even when her ‘great intentions’ later dim to ‘almost got there’.

☺ Loneliness can’t be escaped, only deferred. It must be overridden by a comfort with herself different from what shopping, pizza, snacks, and munchies bring. Living up to something bigger than herself helps. (Turn her heart over to the Lord, and loneliness will not trouble her. Avoiding calories also becomes simpler and much easier.)

☺ Her outside appearance attracts a man, her inside virtues hold him.

☺ Virtue has its own rewards. It makes tough decisions easier, and adds to her importance and self-respect.

☺ Faith in the Lord uplifts her spirit. Belief in man—Humanism—discourages it.

☺ Loneliness comes from self-centeredness. Sincere giving of herself to others drives out self-centeredness and, consequently, loneliness.

☺ What she thinks about, she gets. (Our subconscious takes us toward what we think about whether good or bad, desired or undesired, liked or hated, feared or coveted.)

☺ Everything for which she can be grateful adds to her happiness.

☺ Ungratefulness for her body compounds grief out of all proportion to her body’s importance in successful living.

The female nature begrudges every flaw. Her mushy thinking keeps focus on them all.

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182. Female Fortitude — 11 through 15

11.      Much that one hears today about self-esteem is psychobabble confused for and with self-image and self-interest.

12.      Men receive distinct sexual messages from every woman, and it starts with boob display. Women have three options. Two accept and one resists male dominance.

13.      Commitment comes in words and depends on faith by the listener. Devotion can be seen in actions that make both words and faith unnecessary.

14.      When No Sex without Marriage is the strategy used by most women and honored by girls, males do not take rejection personal. When most women are loose, they stimulate aggression and violence, because men take rejection personal.

15.      Modern men deal with females as sex consumables. Modern females advertise and provide the sexual equivalent of video games just waiting to be played. This diminishes unconditional respect for all females and reduces the size of the pool of the Marrying Man.


These ‘fortitudinals’ provide themes or summarize posts. The paragraph numbers match the posts. Others appear in post 176.










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13. Is commitment enough?

Commitment comes in words and depends on faith by the listener. Devotion can be seen in actions that make both words and faith unnecessary.

Commitment confirms one’s intentions about the future, which may only be what the listener wants to hear.

Commitments fall apart easily, but devotion is often killed by the receiver of it.

Inspired by politics, Feminism, and the popularity of harshly judging men, modern wives run a tab on husband’s inadequacies, weaknesses, and failures. She pays the price as her self-fulfilling prophecy fulfills to kill his commitment or weaken his devotion.

Women seek commitment with a man, even as they turn away another man devoted to them. In short, women want a man that turns them on early in life, but later they want something else. They marry, divorce, and finally end up with a high school chum that used to adore or even worship them.

Life 101 teaches young girls how to discriminate between the respect, value, and expectations of real life commitment and devotion. But, modern girls cut class.



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