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2154. Compatibility Axioms #681-690

681. Modest attire signals covered boobs to be protected boobs. Cleavage drastically eases his worry about gaining access.  [235]

682. She assertively initiates unmarried sex—will she be led to church or left in the lurch? Odds favor the latter. [236]

683. New mothers that have no husband to love them indulge their children in false hope mom will be more deeply appreciated.  [236]

684. She wears her heart on her sleeve, just to be sure he understands her—mystique or mistake? Probably the latter. [236]

685. She goes for one-night stands and complains when he doesn’t call. Who’s at fault? The giver or the taker? [236]

686. Girls providing fellatio in public add dignity to the female gender, and that encourages masculine respect. Right? [236]

687. She gets in his face loudly to win an argument. Is she attractive to keep around or just another guy to ignore? [236]

688. A woman’s moral standards set boundaries for a guy’s treatment of her. Her enforcement holds him in line, earns his respect, and sends silent messages about how life will be with her. [237]

689. Except for the physical, feminine nature easily counterbalances male dominance. But modern women abandon their strengths for doing so. If he’s comfortable, he’s in control. If he’s uncomfortable, she’s in control. [237]

690. Her mystery, morality, and modesty signal ‘permission denied’ for male boldness. It checks him, before he ventures too far. His need for caution makes him uncomfortable, which adds to her ability to dominate. [237]




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2098. Compatibility Axioms #531-540

531. When he shows interest, she starts out as targeted sex object. Her yielding confirms it. Hunters stop aiming at game already put down—except for arranging booty call. [198]

532. To each man interested in her, she’s a sex object. She yields and becomes something else. She does not yield and becomes something better for him—bigger challenge, rise above himself, something he has to earn by showing more respect for their mutual interest. [198]

533. Her withholding unmarried sex is the most valuable way to shift a man’s focus to feminine interests, especially away from male dominance. [198]

534. Before conquest he keeps looking for weaknesses to get her in bed. While doing so, he learns of her other qualities and strengths that can benefit him, and which can grow into promise that she has to be his mate. [198]

535. Female dominance works indirectly, beneath conscious thought. Her insistence on chastity before marriage forces him to choose. Either depart or enlarge his interest in all the other wonderful things she has to offer and qualities she has to charm and bless his life. [198]

536. Unmarried chastity with a man enables her to orchestrate his interest gently but deliberately through this sequence: girlfriend, sweetheart, fiancée, bride, wife. It’s her path to feminine glory. [198]

537. Her yielding unmarried sex empowers him to pursue this: hook up, link up, and maybe shack up until his freedom calls, and they split up. It’s his path to masculine glory. [198]

538. Male virginity has no value to females. Moreover, unmarried boys have little future use for the girl who taps it. [199]

539. A man changes dramatically after conquering a woman. She never knows what to expect either, which is why time and delay work better for women.[199]

540. Three major roles rooted in human nature trump love. Dominance for a couple comes in three colors: Dominant mate or the head, dominant nester or the heart, and dominant family leader or the most cherished. Marriage works best when that sequence matches this: him, her, and either. [199]


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1831. Sex Difference Redux—Part 79: Feminism vs. Femininity

Theme: Feminism smacked men in the face and promised women a different and supposedly better role model than Femininity. History shows the results. (I capitalize to symbolize the terms as polarized opposites.)

History: When Feminism cut a swath across the social fabric, radical feminists claimed that patriarchy would be overwhelmed by a popular upsurge toward matriarchy. Feminism attacked male dominance and manly behavior on every front. Feminists demeaned to extinction the concept of gentlemen and gentlemanly behavior. They thrust this offending attitude in the face of men: You stink! Men fought back but their natural masculine spirit was driven underground. Subsequent generations of boys have been feminized for lack of rugged individual role models. Consequently today, women complain the pool of marriage candidates appears half empty and half contaminated against ideal courtship, marriage, and raising a family.

Feminism causes disbelief or disinterest in three natural female skills. 1) How to value and uphold morality as the primary key to condition both sexes to live compatibly. 2) How to tame males to accept feminine dominance in matters of female uniqueness and sensibility. 3) How to lure and harness individual men into domestic responsibility with a woman and children. Part of their present-day unhappiness stems from women not using those three natural skills. Instead, they mistakenly expect men to be and act as feminists expect, rather than who and what men actually and naturally are.

Femininity both empowers and enables girls and women to capture, hold, and energize a man to help fulfill female hopes and dreams. Although beneficial in legal, political, and economic venues with which I take no exception here, Feminism disrupts and even cancels the superior influence of women when they deal with men socially and domestically.

Direct comparisons best enable me to dissect the Feminism-Femininity carcass that continues to stink up society and culture after nearly half a century.

Feminism empowers men to liberally spread their seed. ♥ Femininity enables and rewards men for female-friendly discretion and sexual fidelity.

Feminism demeans the significance of men. Spurred by their greatest fear of significance, men resent, resist, and retaliate against females. ♥ Femininity adds satisfying importance to females by admiring masculine significance.

Feminism appeals to female insecurities in order to enhance momentum for criticizing and demeaning men. ♥ Femininity combines and coordinates male and female strengths in order to minimize insecurities.

Feminism destroys fairness in the name of equality and fosters unbalanced competitiveness between the sexes. ♥ Femininity generates and nurtures cooperative and compatible relationships with men.

Feminism demeans male nature. ♥ Femininity appreciates male nature, applauds it, and relies on it to provide, protect, and stabilize family safety and security.

Feminism fakes women into thinking that hook up and shack up will lead inevitably to marry up and thus put each woman in control of her future. ♥ Femininity teaches girls that only abstinence during courtship elevates her with sufficient respect and influence to overcome and compatibly live with a man’s dominant nature.

Feminism confuses men about their role in society. It drives them away from domestic obligations and discourages acceptance of responsibility for others. ♥ Femininity enlightens men about their high priority, highly valued, and highly honored role as producer, provider, protector, and problem solver.

Feminism encourages women to value themselves individually much as men self-centeredly value themselves first. ♥ Femininity encourages women to value themselves as part of a couple—just as God designs, Nature endows, and hormones energize them.

Feminism energizes women to fight against male dominance. ♥ Femininity energizes women to tame and harness male dominance into serving women and children.

Feminism turns men off from honoring the female gender. ♥ Femininity turns men on to respecting the opposite gender, honoring individual females, and loving children.

Feminism energizes women to emasculate men. ♥ Femininity welcomes, endorses, and reinforces the virtues of manliness, and it makes women feel good about themselves in return.

To the exclusion of Feminism, Femininity enables women to deal successfully with male strengths, such as the marvel of male dominance and its ability to produce, provide, protect, and problem solve. Femininity also enables success dealing with weaknesses so unfriendly to females, specifically those of men loving job more than spouse and longing continually for conquest of unconquered females.

♥ Mothers tame aggressiveness or boys express it freely for life. Femininity strengthens motherly efforts to teach the blessings of femaleness so that boys for life carry ultra-respect for the female sex. Femininity also enables moms to nullify the masculine aggression that flares from the anti-maleness of Feminism.

♥ Teen girls civilize boys into men with promise for married life—or boys never learn. A boy is never more attentive to a female than when she’s sexually attractive but unconquered by him. Boys listen and heed and feminine girls have opportunity to teach boys about domestic responsibility and marital way of life. However, boys pay attention more to her than her dreams. The more they know about her, the closer they are to find the trigger that gets her to yield sex the first time. The promise keeps them coming back to learn more about her, which enables her to teach them how to become good husbands. On the other hand, Feminism says to have sex for sake of sex; no need to teach boys how to face up to marital responsibility.  

♥ Femininity promotes chastity, morality, and holding herself for a husband. Not to avoid sex so much as to uplift the virtue and promise a female has for wifehood. Feminism preaches or condones the opposite and tends to de-civilize boys into little more than narcissistic pursuers of sex.

♥ Bachelorettes and wives domesticate men to settle down or else men avoid devoting themselves to one woman. Feminine virtues of cooperation, gratefulness, and promise for a good life as a couple generate mutual respect and domesticate men. To the extent this model breaks down under the pressures of Feminism, relationships follow suit (as they have for decades).

♥ Feminine mystique works to hold men’s attention. A man’s curiosity, interest, and desire flow more easily toward that which he finds attractive but can’t fully comprehend.

♥ Our foremothers used patience, pleasantness, kindness, gratitude, indirect and non-challenging influence, and plenty of time to mold both husband and family. They smothered their family with loyalty and support. They served gentleness and kindness with generous platters of food. Lifetime marriages were in vogue. Feminism discourages the outcome of such lifetime marriages by condemning our foremothers’ way of harmonizing family and home.

As women go, so goes society. Feminists—especially political correctioneers—cause the sexes to fight over gender values. However, in the grand scheme of a happier life, women capitalize on male strengths to compensate for male weaknesses and fulfill female hopes and dreams. It’s best done by dumping feminist values and relying on Femininity that is so natural and potentially powerful for individual females.


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1781. Sex Difference Redux—Part 35: Female Dominance

Dominance means for someone to get their way and differs greatly between men and women. Male dominance is intermittently used, because men presume it to be unnecessary in order for them to get their way. To the extent a husband doesn’t impose his dominance, his wife perceives mini-voids and opportunities to expand her influence—and it’s a primal urge.

Male dominance is instinctive, well recognized, and focused on the present. With little or no conscious thought behind it, however, femininity easily outwits it, grows its own counterpoints, and smooths the harsh edges from it. In the natural course of events, female dominance yields to male dominance in the present so women get their way in the future.

Female dominance operates in background. It is reasoned, designed, reinforced, and proved daily in reality. Strategically, female dominance relies on indirectness, patience, negotiation, and cooperation and avoids direct competition with a man. Men don’t easily recognize the subliminal influence of female dominance, except when they see it in other couples and much later in their own married lives. On the other hand, the essence of a man’s devotion is his willingness to accept her dominance of things of vital importance to her.

Femininity counters masculinity with uniquely female logic, reason, gender influence, multiple agendas, deeper feelings, personal persuasiveness, parlaying the present for the future, and whatever else women individually and collectively use or can create to get their way.

Seldom acknowledged, women naturally rush to get their way whenever they find their man may be acquiescent. Wives almost never abandon their primal urge to brighten their future by improving their husbands. The only real obstruction is resistance in the form of male dominance, which is why women work hard to avoid their husband imposing it. She can eventually get her way if she honors his dominance today. That, incidentally, paves the road of his devotion.

The balance of dominance within a couple shifts later in life as the ratio of hormones changes for both sexes. The level of estrogen-to-testosterone falls as women pass through mid-life. They become more assertive and even aggressive, which enables them more easily to get their way. At about the same time in life, the level of estrogen-to-testosterone rises as testosterone decreases in men. It lowers masculine desire to get their way, and men acquiesce more easily to their women’s desire to lead.

Feminism set out to conquer male dominance. Men were offended and became irritated, moved out of the limelight, and privately reinforced their sub-culture insistence that males dominate females. Our foremothers knew how to make male dominance tolerable and less offensive. But modern women let feminist politics intrude their relationships, and for the past few decades male dominance has come out of the closet into which our foremothers had stuffed it—not stuffed completely but smoothly enough that devotion to wives and children became common.

The rest isn’t history so much as female misery. Men rise to leadership roles early in life, and women later. We now see many highly attractive, assertive, and even aggressive middle-age women finding that they have no man with whom to enjoy getting their way more easily, no man to lead through the fun, fulfillment, and ravages of aging. It’s slow to happen, but women have begun to realize that feminists taught women to overpower rather than use male dominance to help fulfill female hopes and dreams.


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930. THE MALE MATRIX: alpha, beta, gamma—Part VIII

This extracurricular post provides a more fundamental and broader look at male behavior than provided by alpha, beta, and gamma.

Men compete against men, and results determine which men get which women. As Her Highness Miss Dawn phrased it, the game works best for women by “…being realistic about your Sexual Market Value and finding a balance between who YOU WANT and WHO WANTS YOU.” (Emphasis by her.)

Men take it a step further: They continually seek to improve rather than balance their ‘sexual market value’. Somewhere on the male spectrum of extreme high alpha to extreme low gamma lies a dividing line that separates men into two sectors with different results: Men of the upper sector get the women they choose; men of the lower sector get the women that choose them.

Upper sector men energize themselves as necessary to capture their woman of choice. They do whatever it takes. If she’s too easy, he loses respect and chooses someone else. When she has high values, standards, and expectations, he’s forced to live up to something bigger and more important than himself. His improvement adds value to him, her, and society.

Lower sector men don’t have to work hard; they pursue sex and loaf around waiting for some woman to make a relationship attractive enough for them to go along with her wishes. The result: Lower sector men often avoid or lack incentive to live up to something or someone more important than themselves, especially not their woman. No improvement in male behavior bodes ill for society and relationship harmony.

Females determined to capture men at all cost expand the lower side and shrink upper side numbers. The result: Fewer men today work hard to charm, capture, and hold their choice, particularly a wife. More and more marriages crumble because of poor choices made by women that choose instead of being chosen.

Male dominance of cultural values and standards as exists today expands the number of men in the lower sector. Female dominance of the culture expands the upper sector to make more men choosers instead of relationship losers.

The more highly the male gender is valued in the culture, the more easily men move into the upper sector and improve the mechanisms of society as a whole. That is, the better the men, the more women accept letting themselves be captured. The more women do that, the better that marriages and society turn out.

I close this series with a personal note: This blog and especially the virtual virginity series aim to inform women how they can become the chosen rather than the choosers, the winners rather than marital losers.


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674. RANDOM THOUGHTS — Group 8

♦       The number one survey complaint of women about their man is this: Too little affection. It’s deceptive, however. Affection is but a starter to affirm a woman’s sense of value to her man, which is what she’s really after.

♦       Feminism asserts itself to conquer male dominance. Women already knew how, but they let politics intrude the bedroom and male dominance has become greater if we measure it by the increased instances of masculine independence, aggressiveness, and violence since the 1960s.

♦       Female dominance is consciously thought out, deliberately designed, proven in reality, and potentially stronger. It’s the true purpose behind femininity and relies on logic, reason, gender influence, multiple agendas, deep feelings, personal persuasiveness, parlaying the present for the future, and whatever else women individually and collectively can create to get their way.

♦       Late in life hormones make a big difference. Her ratio of female hormones to testosterone falls, and she tends toward aggressiveness and dominance. His levels of testosterone fall, and he becomes less assertive and aggressive. 

♦       To the extent she expects him to be in charge, he expects her to be submissive. Negotiated and consistent agreements about who’s most responsible for what help breathe stability into a couple’s relationship. 


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588. Dominance Prevails: His or Hers?

Reorganized, clarified, and reissued as #1781.


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