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616. WHAT people do, but not WHY.

This post is dedicated to Her Highness Tryin2understandurside. She asked me to explain this statement: “Men dominate society or WHAT people do. Women dominate culture or WHY people do what they do.” Her question triggers the following plus tomorrow’s post, 617.  

WWNH: Women now compete directly with men in both workplace and home. But they’re a long way from imposing matriarchy on WHAT people do.

  • Men dominate the workplace, a major foundation of what makes society operate. Women that pursue workplace success copy masculine standards and live up to manly expectations, or they never gain the organizational and personal influence needed to dominate. Few succeed, and men continue to dominate.
  • Laws, regulations, PC, and administrative fiat lower male dominance in the workplace somewhat. But such interventions go against the male nature, and they cause masculine resentment and retaliation in ways that victimize females.
  • Men default by nature to compete with each other for dominance, and this spirit dominates society. Men try to keep female influence out of sight, undetectable amidst manly interaction. If not kept beneath the radar, it makes men appear weak. Men don’t compete with women, but when they do and she wins, he’s a wuss. If he wins, she’s a victim and he’s an ass. Consequently, women have a choice: Compete and generate poor relationships, or cooperate and promote good ones.
  • Traditionally, our foremothers specialized in indirectly and cooperatively influencing husbands. She sent him to work with her ideas for improving the world around him. Wives wrote the music, and husbands played the tune. Progress he made at work improved society and brightened the future for her and her children.
  • Single men had little influence. Their numbers were small and the best wanted to get married, and so they accepted and copied husbands’ leadership and manner so strongly shaped by wives. This traditional model has faded gradually for fifty years. Numerous single men in the workplace, all less eager to marry, make husbands less numerous and competitive. This makes wives less influential. New women entering the workplace don’t change it much; they face obstacles described in the first two bullets above.
  • The taming of the American West was done by husbands. Society settled down, grew peaceful and stable, and opened opportunities for children. It happened because wives said to improve the quality of life. Women unified around this female goal, and it came to pass.
  • In the final analysis, homemaker wives more effectively influence the male gender than do women in the workforce. Her Highness Sharon quoted Tocqueville writing about 19th Century America, and I repeat part of it: “I have nowhere seen woman occupying a loftier position; and if I were asked…to what the singular prosperity and growing strength of that people ought mainly to be attributed, I should reply: To the superiority of their women.” (The full quote is in Sharon’s comment at post 615. The original can be found in Democracy in America by Alexis de Tocqueville.)  

Society operates under a masculine structure and value system. However, it is subject to change and alteration. Women dominate the values that make up the most powerful side of our civilization. That’s next at post 617. It looks at WHY people do what they do.


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304. Lifelong husbands—made, not born — Part I

Many complications muck up lifelong marriages in modern America. Five follow.

1.     The wisdom of the ages is lost. Women can’t learn from their moms, because their moms didn’t listen to their moms. It exploded four decades ago. Girls and young women rebelled and spouted slogans with revolutionary zeal: Don’t listen to anyone over thirty, Down with authority, Distrust parents, Ignore authority figures. We’re several generations deep now with women shaping their lives around these adolescent values. What one generation allows, the next practices.

2.     Men do whatever they have to do to have frequent and convenient access to sex. Because many women provide unmarried sex, men are encouraged not to swap independence for responsibility.

3.     The feminine nature presented with pride and charm appeals and turns men ON for female influence about helping fulfill a woman’s hopes and dreams. Our forefathers followed that model. But not modern men. Feminist politics, theory, and dogma turn men OFF for yielding masculine independence.  

4.     Men seek justice. Women seek equality. As women seek greater equality with men, they give up justice. The PC crowd—political correctioneers— destroy justice. PCers and feminists disconnect females from male empathy and sympathy. They reject the separate but equal roles that family life requires for mutual respect, harmony, success, and longevity.

5.     Morality serves women more than men. Women can use it, men don’t need it. Our Judeo-Christian cultural heritage serves women even better. It goes beyond morals to guide men and women into separate but equal roles in home and society. However, ideologies such as humanism, secularism, relativism, and elitism replace morality and religion with values that expand male dominance, serve males over females, and throw away what’s best for families.*

* See the Worldviews page for more about these ‘isms’.


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292. Do women know jack about Jack? —Part 17

♀?♂  The easier a man’s conquest, the less valuable to him is the conquered.

♀?♂  Sex is an emotional commodity that works like an economic one. The greater the supply, the lower the cost men pay in emotional involvement, time, effort, and courtship expense. Men obligate themselves more deeply when sex is not cheap.

♀?♂  The conqueror thinks more about ‘me’ than ‘you and me’. Denial of conquest first shifts a man’s focus seriously toward ‘us’.

♀?♂  Functionality and comfort dictate what men wear and look like except as female influence and expectations dictate otherwise.

♀?♂  Pressures of Feminism force men to change their behavior, but it does not change their nature. Men resent, resist, and retaliate one way or another. Individual women reap the consequences.

♀?♂  The hotter the man, the more victims he leaves in his trail.

♀?♂  The more a woman rejects the hunk, the harder he tries to win her. When he convinces her that he’s as special as he thinks—that is, she goes along to get along—she primes herself to be dumped.  

♀?♂  Women are the relationship experts relative to men. To men changing partners is far simpler, easier, and more inviting than so-called relationship maintenance.

♀?♂  Couples succeed primarily through her efforts, or she chose the wrong man.

[More jack about Jack appears in posts 274, 249, 232, 217, 202, 185, 172, 162, 153, 142, 135, 132, 114, 97, 91, and 7. Scroll down or search by the number with a dot and space following it.]

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