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2663. Refresher Thoughts — 02

  1. Few things reverse a woman’s attitude more quickly than her man saying, Honey, I was wrong!
  2. Few thing reverse a man’s attitude more easily than his woman saying, Honey, you are right.
  3. The more likeable she becomes to him, the more likeable he becomes to her. True!
  4. The more likeable he becomes to her, the more likeable she becomes to him. Not true!
  5. Recovery is everything, because everything is related to this: We all make mistakes frequently. The variables available to use to make a recovery are more important than the excuse someone has for stumbling mentally.
  6. Marital success depends upon her micromanaging the core of a marriage to get her way in her domain, and NOT intruding unwanted in the periphery, his domain.
  7. It’s life’s greatest challenge. He feels responsible for marital success because he doesn’t tackle something with intent to fail. But she runs the show because she has all the ability and expertise to generate their success together. For him to succeed well, he has to bow to her and her wisdom; he doesn’t have enough.
  8. Wise husbands enable themselves to rule the roost in title and practice, while they gently, quietly, and in background encourage their wives to govern and coach the rooster into eventually getting her way. (It’s an art that women possess from birth, except it may fail her if she doesn’t team with a man who finds her totally likeable.)
  9. Men follow women they like except when the female makes three mistakes. Women give away their ultimate bargaining power, premarital sex, which costs her too much of his respect. Women continually complain and blame a man’s shortcomings. Wives try to compete with their husbands, which reduces her likeability and eventually her acceptability.
  10. A man NEEDS only one thing—a place to flop, eat, throw his things, and prepare to fight his battles tomorrow. A woman NEEDS a brighter future, which can be a lot of things into which a man’s interest can be woven by her.

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