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2769. The Decay of Relationships, Marriage, and Family

Definition. Society is what we all do. Culture is why we all do it; that is, the values, standards, laws, expectations, and common behaviors that guide and pressure us all in the same direction.


Traditionally and old school, men dominated the workplace and, consequently, society. Ladies, wives, and mothers guided their man’s influence through kitchen table and pillow talk. Women never stopped wanting a more female- and family-friendly society, and so men produced both for the first three centuries of American existence. Ever more female-friendly interests came to dominate the culture; e.g., men conquered the American West, but women civilized it because husbands listened to wives. The influence of singles slowed development toward female friendliness.

That was long ago to which we can’t return. I lodge my modern-day complaint here.

Nowadays, men dominate both society and culture, because women under leftist political objectives and feminist influence have successfully made enemies of men and women. They push ever harder for women to dominate society, to push men aside against their will. The effect is that women lose their influence in the social and domestic arenas. What they gain on the job, they lose at home and as couples, marrieds, and parents.

As they have for decades, society and culture continue to swing away from home and family. Each generation becomes less interested in permanent marriage. Couples breakup, separate, or divorce sooner rather than later and often after decades of marriage. The traditional and friendly battle of the sexes on the surface continues to morph into a new unnatural and unfriendly war of the sexes beneath the surface. Blame, finger pointing, and other relationship toxins generate tsunami waves of social turmoil that cause the ubiquitous breakup of couples.

Women think they know men but most of it is wrong. They often appear wrong about the female nature too, because they do contrary things. For instance, when competition is appropriate for women to protect sexual assets—what men see as admirable, respectable, and thereby lovable qualities—women instead cooperate by yielding sex. When cooperation is necessary for married couples to blend, wife competes against husband. Both situations are the reverse of what’s in a woman’s heart.

Women also mistakenly try to be more like men. It’s a role reversal. It appears to bring progress, peace, and success in the short term, but troubles lurk below the surface and later emerge or explode.

Feminists, activists, advocates, and supporters directly and indirectly blame men. The blame poison spreads through the male gender, as men commiserate behind bravado and heap disrespect and indignities on females. Men reject blame and toss it back in the form of maltreatment of female interests and values and by calling them crazies. Male resistance, resentment, and retaliation turn male dominance nasty. Castles crumble and relationships tumble or never form up.

Political correctness keeps the fires of irritation smoldering beneath the yearning and dreaming of women for long-term mating. Wives and mothers with husbands civilize society; single men and women do not and so society becomes less civilized as families crumble from PC irritants.

It worsens with each generation. Parents unable to lead by example as mature adults can’t help children self-develop into mature adults. Instead, those parents aim their children to please themselves by turning out good kids, who then turn to peer adolescents for guidance as immature adults.

After a couple lives together a short time, the devotion, likeability, and loyalty that constitute a man’s love dissipate, dissolve, or disappear. He becomes unsatisfied with who he is, what he’s doing and with whom, or both.

Feminism led women to adopt masculine-style sexual freedom. It compensated men with sex while blaming them for relationship breakup. It has backfired; men are sexually satisfied but the social and domestic arenas are crowded with men and women as enemies, an intolerable attitude for a couple to stick together.

Sex does not bond men, but women act as if they believe otherwise. Sex helps capture a man with promises of commitment, but it lacks holding power and sex-only couples suffer from too-weak connections. They either break up or live separate lives under the same roof until children grow up and depart.

Blame or no blame, his nature is such that he grows tired of what he sees and hears every day. His hunter eyes beg for fresher daily sights. Her fear of his mental, emotional, or physical abandonment is soon realized after she blames him. Also, and foreign to female thought, as paraphrased from a flick I saw recently: Behind every extremely attractive woman is a man tired of f***ing her. (Get it? She is always temporary except as she conditions his thinking to be permanent with her.)

Couples in every stage of relationships break up, separate, or divorce. Women can capture—because they use sex—but they can’t keep a man. You could say that men can’t keep a woman, since so many women initiate divorce. But it is irrelevant. However you twist the tail on that dog of a man, men will bark at crazies until women change themselves and men have to step up to new female standards and expectations that tend to make relationships permanent. Women are the only ones who can do that.

As wives go, so goes society. It doesn’t mean that wives directly lead men. It means that wives and other women indirectly and patiently present themselves attractively, set admirable examples of their best feminine qualities, and otherwise process their lives to capture and energize manly motivations that exploit the male nature. Otherwise, they can’t earn a man’s respect, which is the foundation of a man’s love, without which couples have to relate with one-way love, her for him but not the opposite.

We are moving swiftly toward women wasting their love on undeserving men because men can’t love unrespected women. Men can fake love for a while, but that just lengthens the temporariness of a relationship; it doesn’t keep him. And that’s the future American women face today.


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1921. Compatibility Axioms #151-160

151. Relationships without sex have an unrecognized benefit for girls and women, men learn to be romantic.
The most effective teachers withhold sex in order to hold manly attention long enough to change masculine habits toward more romance.[91]

152. Masculine-style sexual freedom for women nullifies the male’s conquering spirit and weakens womanly influence over male dominance and aggression. [91]

153. In addition to more freely yielding unmarried sex, feminist thinking prompts women to make more fundamental mistakes dealing with men. [92]

154. Girls and women lose out with ignorant rationalizations: Get pregnant to capture or hold a man. A married man is better than nothing. We’re great in bed, so he must love me. If we don’t shack up, I’ll lose him. [92]

155. When a woman initiates sex, it’s his luck more than her that stimulates his self-admiration. Men value a woman more highly when she confirms his self-admiration and makes him feel significant. Luck just confirms his hunting hopes and so he tries elsewhere. [93]

156. The male’s hunting nature makes easily captured sex targets also easy to release. Difficult-to-track-and-capture sex targets become manly trophies. [93]

157. Women ignore old school female virtue in favor of new school ‘anything goes’. Consequently, even the Marrying Man loses interest in marriage and focuses on easy-to-escape relationships. [93]

158. The excitement of a new boyfriend distorts a female’s thinking. She looks at today and forgets all the tomorrows. The future is the female’s arena and the present is the man’s. [93]

159. This poor strategy causes women to lose boyfriends. She thinks sex will capture a man, her romancing will convince him that she’s the one for him, and her love will hold him. [93]

160. Males live with and respect females for it: Playing hard to get thwarts a man’s conquering agenda and tames his masculine spirit, especially if she’s a mate-target rather than just a target for sex.[96]


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1801. Sex Difference Redux—Part 51: Whore in the Bedroom — I

Caution.  I describe the following in terms of the different and often opposed natures of men and women. Except as expressed, I make no judgments and leave the moral, religious, political, social, and cultural connections to the reader.

History. It happened before Feminism. Wives in small social groups with husbands joked that men only want an expert in the kitchen and a whore in the bedroom. Men smiled jokingly with either a silent or “you betcha” response. As if trying to please men for the bedroom, Feminism was sold to women. It drove women from the kitchen and promoted female sexual freedom. Females were taught to dream as men dream, expect orgasmic satisfaction, and participate
sexually in concert with the male nature.

Over the past four decades men quit smiling jokingly with women about masculine behavior. Instead, men changed their eating habits to lean less on women, lost respect for the female gender, and now accept cheap and easy sex with many women as more than enough compensation for losing the faithful and marital devotion of one.

Women quit measuring the worth of a man by his character. Women consider sexual compatibility as the prime measure of marital potential, which encourages and almost commands premarital sex. As a consequence, marriages fall apart once romantic love fades in a year or two, or the wife acts on her decision that husband needs to change to fulfill her hopes and dreams. Sexual potential and performance displace character as the worth of a man and common sense as the supreme worth of a woman. Both women and men make poorer marriage candidates and partners.

Next, what is whorish and non-whorish behavior in the bedroom? It’s posted as #1802.


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149. The high cost of cheap sex—06

Ω Women feel lonely and fear more of the same. To ease their anxiety, they provide sex without testing a new man’s interest for other than sex. They come across as desperate, and it kills manly respect.

 Ω Female libido unshackled without marriage puts females in uniform to play the male game—fast hook up, temporary link up, perhaps semi-permanent shack up, and split up. (Eighty percent fail of marriages that follow shack up.) 

Ω The Marrying Man pool shrinks as fewer women qualify for his expectations and standards.

Ω Female sexual freedom: Having the right to do it, doesn’t make it right—especially when the trickle-down effect reaches children.

Ω Cheating husbands are blamed for breaking vows. However, other women complete the hook up. As with unmarried pregnancy, males are blamed for what females control. Thus, ever enlarging disrespect for the opposite sex emerges and grows out of female sexual freedom.

Ω A woman that makes herself easy or convenient for unmarried sex tells a man subliminally that her value is minimal, she’s common. Every other woman can do what she does. So, extraordinariness doesn’t accrue to her. Men seek to marry an extraordinary woman.   


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123. Dark Side of Feminism—Part 07

Feminists begrudge men notching their bedpost as disrespectful of females. So, women initiate sex to compete and match masculine behavior. This enables more and more men to take up notching. Women thus generate disrespect for their own gender.

One biting and lingering effect of Feminism is that women envy men and dislike being female. This mindset empowers men to take greater advantage of women, especially those desperate and unhappy.

The feminist spirit in the home shows up as self-absorption, ridicule of masculine traits, and an in-your-face attitude. Men learn quickly that other choices are available elsewhere.

The feminist spirit makes women ‘stand up inside’ just thinking about a man or men. It’s toxic for a relationship.

Feminism squashed the concepts of female dignity, feminine attractiveness, and social constructs of the lady and lady-like behavior. It made sex objects popular. And now, mutual respect is diluted and unconditional respect practically non-existent between the genders.

Feminist-inspired women justify female sexual freedom, just because men enjoy the freedom. This tremendously weakens a father’s influence raising daughters and discredits him as morality teacher for teenage sons.

Feminists have it all wrong. Just a friendly touch in passing or a pat on the back sends a message of trust that earns a man’s regard if not respect. If he mistakes her friendliness for something else, she has immense powers to turn him off without offense. It’s a small price women must pay to hold onto the respect of men other than their own.



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2. The high cost of cheap sex—01

As women go, so goes society. Men do whatever is necessary to have frequent and convenient access to sex. If women require marriage, men marry. Masculine-style sexual freedom practiced by females dooms marriage, faithful husbanding, and responsible fathering as institutions.

More in this series starts at post 39.


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