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347. Abstinence Pays

Girlhood abstinence reduces male dominance.

As part of the sexual revolution, women abandon the lessons of their mothers and grandmothers. They exploit newly proclaimed sexual ‘rights’, and abandon the time-honored American female strategy of No Sex without Marriage.

But, they go too far. Feminism inspired greater sexual freedom for females, but women could not keep it from flowing to adolescent girls. The younger the females available to provide sex, the greater their sexual attraction to men committed to someone else. (Who says abstinence education for girls doesn’t pay off?)

If they choose, girls and younger women can easily disrupt tightly bonded marriages that appear unbreakable. Today they do choose. Many seek committed married men as already proven worthwhile for matrimony. Men separated and divorced remain unproven, and their value goes down relative to the still-married.

Girls and adolescent-minded women, such as college booty, lack maturity to undercut male domination. Mature females are fearful of losing their man. Consequently, females submit more easily to male domination in both the social and home arenas.



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330. Female Fortitude — 171 through 185

These ‘fortitudinals’ provide theme or summary of previous posts. The numbers match the source.

171.       Women abandon the greatest female strategy of the unmarried.

172.       When she chases a man for his looks, he perceives that she’s available and disposable.

173.       Our foremothers proved their system worked.

174.       Thus, she controls the battle of wits and wills.

175.       The self-fulfilling prophecy works both ways.

176.       Femininity inspires manly adoration of a woman.

177.       Loving parents can succeed at parenting, but love won’t do it.

178.       Effective parenting depends upon nurturing, leading, and coaching in three phases respectively.

179.       Women more easily live on faith, men on action.

180.       Feminists lead the way in fruitless efforts to change the male nature.

181.       Virtual virginity is all about maximizing a man’s investment in her.

182.       Women have three options for boob display.

183.       Women can compete against women of greater youth and beauty.

184.       By making herself worthy of a man, she confirms inequality and hints at inferiority.

185.       Hard-to-conquer sexual targets earn far more respect than easy, round-heeled pushovers.

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