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247. Newlywed Bonding #4 —Money as glue

Every couple has two options: Become enslaved to money, or make money their slave. Marriages fail more from financial problems than anything else.

We survived, but barely. We were broke for the first two decades of our marriage. Out of money before out of month. We tried everything. Grace managed money, and I overspent. I managed, and she overspent. We tried something else, and we both overspent. No savings, no cushion, nothing but repeated loans to consolidate debts.

Then, we hit paydirt. We developed a simple system that worked wonderfully. We prioritized our needs and wants and funded them with whatever we had.

We turned money into our slave. Overnight we went from broke to rich, meaning we had enough money for everything we needed, and some for what we wanted. We grew ever richer as we methodically eliminated credit card debt.

Details follow in future posts.

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