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815. Virtue — Magnet for Males — Section V

This subject opened a year ago and a reminder is in order. Remember, female virtue is more than sexual purity and described in earlier articles #447-450.

Virtue among women and good character among men are the institutional foundations of respect one gender for the other. Mutual respect arrives when two people perceive each other to be respectable but by different measures.

He needs to respect her in order to love her. She needs to respect him in order for him to respect her. So, her respect MUST come first. Sorry, ladies, I know you object, but God designed it, and Nature implements it.

Actually, females benefit, so guess who God blessed first. The sex difference enables females to control both first and lasting impressions. But let’s stick here to first impressions and how females control them. Follow this mental exercise loop all the way around:

  1. She must show respect for him and that starts with showing respect for men. (He pays attention to what his competitors do and think, so their respect assists in forming his own impressions.)
  2. She shows respect for men by appearing virtuous, so she always grooms, attires, and acts as if endowed with glorious levels of virtue.
  3. Men recognize her as virtuous, because their competitors see her that way.
  4. A man’s imagination converts her attractiveness to include sexual virtue until proven or guessed otherwise.
  5. Her attractiveness enables her virtue to shine in his eyes. He responds by showing respect for her, because she showed respect for men, and he infers it for himself.
  6. The first impression ends with respect for her hidden within his thoughts but respect for him glowing in hers. (She can’t disrespect one man, when he obviously respects her so much. Right?)   
  7. Return to 1. above to close the loop and improve male-female interaction.

In a few days I’ll get to the subject of good character in men.


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505. Her Exceptionalness — I

This post has been reissued as #1534.


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464. Boob language — Part 16

       Men are not into new fashions. Except for possible conquest, they merely avoid styles older or beneath their individual standard.

       Except for heels rounded for easy conquests, female grooming and packaging works best to capture and hold a new man’s attention.

       Modest, unsexy, but classy apparel reflects self-respect. Appearance stimulates a man’s curiosity, but her self-respect makes him unsure and cautious. This ignites his imagination to discover her possible value to him.

       Habitually well-groomed, neatly attired, and highly attractive females generate more opportunities to pick and choose. They also avoid many guys’ first impression turn offs.

       The well-dressed and meticulously groomed woman makes her boyfriend or husband look good.

       When thin ain’t in. Before Feminism all females had a better chance of landing a husband. Customs dominated by Womanhood made physical features far less important than marriage. Women emphasized femininity by dressing modestly and attractively 24/7, which males just happened to view regularly. The custom deemphasized body shape and other features. Outer appearance hid or disguised distinguishing features so as to emphasize inner character. Marriage was in, divorce was not.    


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228. Female Fortitude—46 through 50

These ‘fortitudinals’ provide special themes or summaries. Numbers match the posts.

46. Some women dress erotically to capture a man and follow up with sloppy dress and grooming that turns his head toward other neat and erotically attired females. Other women know that sloppy appearance and inattentive personal grooming at home and in public spawns other women as potential trophies in their man’s eyes.

47. Dark Side Truth #3—Feminist thinking in the home inspires women to favor ingratitude for their man’s imperfections rather than gratefulness for his manliness and strengths. Eventually, a man tires of it, his respect wanes, alienation sets in, and disruption or departure follows.

49. First impressions motivate a man. Modest boobery signals she’s relatively unavailable but may be worth a chase. The man that finds her sufficiently attractive preps himself to spend a lot of time and effort with her. He figures it’s needed just to penetrate her resistance that’s reflected by her apparent modesty. Her modesty energizes his perceptiveness and imagination to her advantage. It also pressures him to learn to honor her expectations for him.

50.  Old school. When women denied sex without marriage, men didn’t take rejection personally. They blamed her hang ups, moral,  religious, or whatever. New school. As modern females provide sex with little or no commitment, males take rejection personally. Some males can’t recover one much less repeated refusals. It can spin boy or man toward awful revenge—think stalkers, school massacres, date rapists, serial rapists.

[Previous fortitudinals appear in posts 213, 203, 199, 186, 182, and 176.]


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224. Newlywed Bonding #1 —Intro

Marriages deteriorate more easily and become temporary, than they solidify and become permanent. Deterioration requires little else than inattention, sloppiness, carelessness.  

Solidifying a marriage requires a lot of shared goals and planning to sustain mutual respect. Making the process habitual in the early years produces desired results later. (Grace and I didn’t get the shortcomings of our early marriage straightened out until our third decade together.)

First impressions last, and early marriage sets the stage for whatever follows. Jointly built successes bond a couple. Failures, weaknesses, and even good intentions do not bond and can smother love to death.

Consequently, newlywed success depends on preventing relationship harm. That’s where forming good habits comes in. It requires mutual devotion—not just commitment—to build new habits that stamp out premarital bad habits that lead to deterioration.

This Newlywed Bonding series covers four beneficial habits that chase bad habits away:

1.     Virtue as relationship glue

2.     Money as relationship slave

3.     Separate but equal as teamwork

4.     Custom as dispute avoidance

The first good habit will appear in a few days. The Table of Contents at the top lists many subjects pertaining to living successfully with someone of the opposite sex.

NOTE: A nice and classy young lady, Tricia, inspired this series of posts. I pray her pending marriage matches her public pleasantness, charm, and sense of responsibility.


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221. Female malpractice — Part 6

♀ ♣ First impressions are lasting ones. First dates plant the seeds of everything from no calls to marriage. Women intuitively sense this but not how to deal with it to their advantage.  

♀ ♣ Both sexes tend to marry people like their mothers. But women take it too far. They mother their man and wilt on the vine of his resentment.

♀ ♣ If she’s after fun and excitement on first date, she’s planting seeds for anything and everything except marriage.  

♀ ♣ Trying ever harder to succeed with men, females turn sex into adventurism and free-brothel convenience strictly for males. Booty calls, public fellatio, and groupies come to mind.      

♀ ♣ Men hang with guys but date women. When women turn themselves into booty, men let them hang out too. (One Duke University senior claimed she never had a date in college and knew no one that had. Plenty of sex, but no dates? Man’s game or woman’s?)

NOTE: To see what women become hanging out with guys, try Ariel Levy’s book, Female Chauvinist Pigs — Women and the Rise of Raunch Culture.

[More about female malpractice appears in posts 206, 189, 175, 164, and 150. Scroll down or search for the number with a dot and space following it.]

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