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101. Sex 101

Men do whatever they have to do to have frequent and convenient access to sex. If required, they marry.

Females are in charge and dominate the unmarried sex scene, unless they yield to the male and lose their leverage for other things too.

Both change after their first intercourse together. He changes for the worse for her; she changes for the better for him. She pays the price, but he gets the reward.  

Men marry expecting to dominate the marital sex scene, unless she conquers him for marriage before he conquers her for sex.

The more intensely boys have to ‘battle’ with many girls to get sex during adolescence, the more boys respect females. They learn from girls turning them down that females generally have other things about which they value, think, feel, need, want, crave, aspire, dream, pursue.

Girls teach boys, or boys never learn. Women ‘inherit’ and must deal with whatever girls produce during the storms of adolescent hormone hurricanes.  

[Women lose in other ways too as shown in post 14, 30, and 37.]



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